Chapter 35 – The Start of my Journey (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1442 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 982 words


So painful!

It was hurting even if I tried to move my little finger!

As I regained a bit of my consciousness, I felt pain all over my body. It felt like all the bones in my body had been shattered and reattached…

I suspected if someone had hit me with the entire combo of Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms1 after I had been knocked out.

But why would a martial art master with such a level of skills do something as despicable as that? If you have the skills, then let’s fight face-to-face! What kind of heroes would cowardly launch a preemptive strike? Just look at me, when have I ever been scared?

As a great ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my past life, and the current dragon princess, the great Artemis something-something Lilith, I will never show weakness when facing my enemies!

Even if my enemy is a ten-meter tall muscular man who looked at me with perverted intent, I won’t be scared!

This is my pride as the princess!

Please call me the Never Terrified Lilith!

“Oh, you’re awake, my dear?” Mother’s voice came from somewhere close, as though she was speaking right beside my ear…

Beside my ear? Don’t tell me mother did something shameful to me while I was asleep? Such as dressing me up in some restraining S&M outfit, then locking me in place where there’s no light so she could manipulate me within her evil clutches for all eternity…

So scary… could my body be so painful because the restraining outfit is too tight?

I immediately opened my eyes in fright…

The all-powerful dragon eyes immediately adapted to the strong light of the outside world. I could see my mother’s beautiful face right above me… she was wearing a familiar gentle smile on her face.

After taking in the surrounding scenery out of the corner of my eyes, I found myself lying on the sunny seaside, and not some secret room devoid of daylight. A sigh of relief involuntarily left my mouth, but more importantly, I could feel something soft under my head for a while now. From the texture, it didn’t feel like a pillow, but a certain part of the female body…

Don’t tell me… this is the legendary la… la… lap… pillow?

I am actually lying on the legendary lap pillow? Granted that it’s not a girlfriend’s lap pillow but my mother’s instead, but there’s no difference in the texture anyway.

This captivating sensation… this fascinating position… This pair of F-cup breasts that were visible as soon as I opened my eyes… ⓑⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓔⓟ——2

C… combat medic, bring the first aid pack immediately! The general is dying in battle!!

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Calm down! Calm down!

Just calm down, me. How can the will of the great dragon princess be destroyed by such a trifling allure and be engrossed by the big uh…3 bountiful gift?

Deep breath… deep slow breath… call upon my indomitable willpower, there’s nothing that can entice me…

“Dear daughter, are you alright? You seemed like you were in pain just now,” mother tilted her body slightly forward. The bountiful gift on her chest shook along with it, seemingly to produce a “boing-boing” sound effect.

Ah……… At this very moment, I felt as though time had stopped. As if the pain in my body never existed. My spirit had risen to a higher level and reached a never before seen height…

If it’s going to be in this position, I wouldn’t mind being locked up for an eternity…

“I’m fine… heh-heh…” I answered while panting a bit.

“Really?” Mother placed her palm on my forehead, “then do you remember what happened earlier?”

Earlier? Earlier huh… I seem to be attending a class, then mother found me a sparring partner and…

It seemed to be a creature called a deep-sea giant, and it looked quite powerful at that.

That’s right… what happened to that sparring partner? How did my real combat turn out? Damn it, why does it feel like there’s a blank in my memory?

At this time, something entered the corner of my eyes. That was the corpse of a giant figure who died tragically…

Oh, that’s right, it seemed like I killed the deep-sea giant with two punches…

Killed? With two punches?

Much to my mother’s surprise, I suddenly sat up and turned my head to look at the corpse. The right hand twisted at a strange angle; the lower jaw completely turned into rotten flesh like those of zombies and its face was still filled with fear…

Did I… do this?

I killed the giant?

With only two punches?

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How is that possible? I’m not even the size of his toe. I bet he ran too fast and fell to his death, then placing all the blame on me.

However, the memories in my head is making it clear that all of these are real… not only did I beat the opponent I never thought I could defeat, I even killed it very ruthlessly.

At that very moment, my mind felt as complicated as that of a dead drunk person who was waking up the next morning to find herself sleeping next to the sixty-year-old female landlord.

This is bad…

I miss Qinqin…

Don’t ask me who is Qinqin, nor why I miss her. Even if she was my ex-girlfriend, it would be weird to think about her at times like this. Besides, how can someone as ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— as I have something like a girlfriend?

How naive, I am the type to propose marriage directly and skip the girlfriend stage. Though I have yet to succeed at least once……


  2. Silva: Lilith.exe has stopped working.
    Lilith.exe is now rebooting
  3. She’s about to say breasts but corrected herself

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