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Chapter 23 – My Intelligent Teacher (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1707 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1166 words

“Go away!” I spoke out my true feeling at that dragon who was begging for punishment.

“Ooooh! As expected of the princess, even her angry voice sounded so sweet and touching. Ahn~ I can’t stand it anymore, this feels just like that time I, Aisha, had transformed into a human and walked on the street butt-naked. It feels just as stimulating as being pointed out by others under their watchful gaze~” The huge dragon squirmed its body and let out excited voices like its G-spot had been hit during ⓑⓔⓔⓟ ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—.1

Oi oi, don’t tell me you really went and did that? Running around naked on the street is against the law y’know? You will be detained by the police officer and criticized by those aunties on the street y’know?

Okay, never mind, that’ll only make you more excited I suppose…

“Come! Abuse me with your words again Your Highness! Use your most malicious words to spite me, it would be even better if you can step on my head while calling me a swine~”2

Aisha squirmed her body more intensely.

Who would do something like that! There’s no way I’m going to step on your perverted head and do something that perverted! I would be infected by your perverted behavior!

I profoundly understood at this moment, to handle a weirdo like this, you couldn’t do it the normal way, you had to go against their expectations…

“Cough, cough,” I cleared my throat and said with the loftiness of a princess, “As a princess, how can I do that sort of thing? You are my lovely kin, no matter how perverted you are, I will not criticize you at all.”

Upon hearing my words, Aisha stopped squirming and became as stiff as a deep-fried prawn in the frying pan. The flush on her face also gradually vanished (Don’t ask me how I can tell, I just can).

After that, she made a tearful expression and said, “How cruel, how can you be this cruel to me, princess? Boo hoo hoo… how am I supposed to live from now on~”

As she finished speaking, Aisha turned around and flew away without even looking back.

I looked at Aisha disappearing into the flock of dragons and secretly wondered if I was really that cruel.

… As if! To be that broken-hearted just from hearing kind words being spoken to you, I bet you have a mental disorder.

If this keeps up, I wonder what would happen when you meet your true love in the future? Will you die from shock just from hearing the three words, “I love you”?

Nay, only an S would fall in love with an M, I wonder if there are any among this group of weirdo.

At this time, mother patted my head and said, “Don’t be scared, Aisha is like that. Next time, just hang her over the Skyfire Lava for a hundred years and she’ll be pacified.”

“……” The biggest S of the dragons is just right beside me!!

So… so scary, would she also be that merciless against me? ……but now that I thought about those one hundred ten thousand clothes… it felt like the deed had already been done……

“Oh right, you looked a little odd just now, did something happen?” Mother suddenly asked.

“R- really?” I answered with a forced smile.

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“Of course,” Mother narrowed her eyes as she approached. She pointed at the broken sword in my hand, “You didn’t have this just now.”


After thinking for a bit, I felt that it would be better to let her know everything. After all, the one before me was my mother, the person whom I trust the most after coming to this world. She definitely wouldn’t do harm to me.

That’s what my intuition told me, and my intuition had never been wrong.

Besides, I bet mother had a solution regarding my lack of knowledge in dragon language.

As such, I told mother everything, from how my soul was sucked into the Dragon Monument, how I met the great ancestor, and how the great ancestor had gifted me the broken sword as well as a drop of blood.

After hearing my stories, mother opened her eyes wide and asked in surprise, “You are saying you met the will left behind by the Origin Dragon, and that he has gifted you a divine weapon and a drop of blood essence containing the progenitor’s magical foundation?”

I nodded my head and pointed at the true name that was just engraved on the dragon monument, “That name is granted to me by the great ancestor.”

Only now did mother turn her head to look at my true name, “Chaos Dragon, Artemis Niger Lilith… Artemis Niger… Even I didn’t manage to receive the full family name, and yet you did…”

Mother turned around and suddenly executed her ultimate killing move again, trapping me in between the soft and suffocating hell.

“I really am so happy. When I found that you couldn’t transform into a dragon, I was so worried if there’s a problem with your bloodline and fear that you might be rejected by the Dragon Monument. But now, not only have you been acknowledged by the Dragon Monument, you have even received the favor of the great ancestor… I’m really so glad…” Mother’s voice carried a sobbing tone.

I see… so it was a lie when you told me there wouldn’t be any problem… I even went up there so full of confidence, wouldn’t that have been very embarrassing if I failed?

“How admirable of the princess, not only have you received a true name, you even received the great ancestor’s inheritance and divine weapon! Looks like your rise to power is already unstoppable!”

“C- Chaos Dragon… what a mighty title. Looks like the princess’ name will resound through the End of the World…”

“All hail the princess!”

“Princess, I want to give birth to your monkey!”

“Ⓕⓤⓒⓚ off! Aren’t you male to begin with?!”

“Heh-heh, you speak as though only females like you can give birth to the princess’ child.”

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Let’s just ignore those idiots. I struggled to get free from mother’s hug and said, “It’s true that I have received the great ancestor’s blood essence, but I have run into a problem?”

“What problem?” Mother looked at me with a smile. Her face said it all, that she would solve my problem, no matter what it was.

“That’s, um…” I scratched my head and after hesitating for a long time, I finally summoned my courage and said, “I don’t understand dragon language, is there still any hope for me?”

“Pfff… and here I wondered what is it, it’s just a mere dragon lan…” Mother’s smile froze little by little.

The noisy dragons in the surroundings suddenly stopped making noise, as though they had just heard something shocking…

It was as if they received a shock much greater than the time they found that I couldn’t transform.


  1. …why do I feel a sense of deja vu…. this dragon is just like Tio, or maybe even worse…

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