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Chapter 25 – Player Killer

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

It was the early afternoon in real life, but the refreshing morning breeze could still be felt in-game. The weather was clear and pristine, something Crim could not appreciate properly anymore.

Crim had met up with Frey and Freya at a highway in Evergreen, where there were not many other players around, and now they were taking a leisurely walk. There was one big difference from the day before though, there was one more member in their group: The young fox girl.

“Hmm, and so you became her master?”
“Yeah… I didn’t have it in me to refuse.”
“Ahahah, that does sound like you.”

Crim scratched her head awkwardly as she replied to Freya’s question. The girl had actually insisted in referring to Crim as master at first, but that got embarrassing rather quickly, so Crim had to dissuade her from that.

“Miss, hurry hurry!”

She walked ahead, her triangular ears twitching while her tail wagged with excitement, calling out to Crim to hurry. That endearing sight melted the hearts of Crim and Freya. Crim replied by waving happily at the girl while recounting the events of that morning to the twins.

“So you were hanging out with a girl. I was wondering what had happened for there to be an unknown girl with you when we found you.”
“Why do you sound like you were worried?”
“Well… I was worried I’d have to say ‘I always thought it was a matter of time before that happened’ if I got questioned.”
“Why would you even think of that?!”

Frey chuckled at his joke, while Crim began pummeling his arm in a playful manner, being soft enough that it did not trigger any damage.

“Anyway, umm…she’s…”
“She’s Hinagiku, she’s a Silver Fox, something like a rare type of War Beast.”

From what Hinagiku had explained, the Silver Fox’s main traits were the ability to sacrifice HP for a boost in attack power, and the Blue Fire Skill that allowed them to damage opponents in astral or spectral form.

Meanwhile Crim was weak to fire, holy, and general magic attacks, making Hinagiku essentially her natural enemy, and she was afraid of what would happen if Hinagiku used her Blue Fire against her in battle.

“Anyway, do you think she has potential?”
“Yeah, she’s actually really good. It’s a bit surprising considering her age, you know? Apparently she tried out this game thanks to her mom’s influence, and that’s who taught her how to use a sword too.”

Crim praised Hinagiku, still wondering just who her mother could be.

Before the twins logged in, Crim had accompanied Hinagiku with a bit of training, lending her a single edged two handed sword. Surprisingly enough, she already knew how to hold and use it, and quickly absorbed new knowledge like a sponge.

She had also been adventuring solo for a bit, so she also had a decent amount of Skill Points.

That being the case, Crim felt confident that she could come along with her and the twins to the nearby area of the Caurelum High Plateau, and continue honing her Skills there.

They continued chatting happily until they approached the bridge where Crim had fought a duel the day before, which led out of Evergreen.

Right after crossing the bridge, when their peripheral vision seemed to darken slightly and the scenery went from a hill to a meadow, Crim felt a strange chill and she instantly drew her weapon.


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Driven by instinct, Crim leapt to stand between Hinagiku and the player that had been lurking in the shadows, right at the edge where the new area started, and blocking the attack with her dagger.

Hinagiku instinctively grasped her two handed sword, but luckily she was not hurt, which was a relief for Crim.

“Tsk…so you noticed.”
“So you’re a Player Killer? I can’t say that I approve too much of attacking someone who just came out from an area with PK prohibited though.”

Not to mention that he had targeted the youngest member of the group, Hinagiku.

Crim glared at the assailant with scorn.

Also, those who engaged in PK in this game could not steal any items or equipment through it. PK was simply something they could do, but gave no rewards. It was literally just to grief other players.

Still, there were some deviants who relished in PK, usually lying in wait in places like that and attacking their unsuspecting prey, somehow deriving joy from the torment of others.

Considering the target had been Hinagiku, clearly a young girl, Crim had no respect whatsoever for him.

“Look here, PK is allowed by the game systems, why are you getting so pissy about a proper playstyle? Loosen up a little.”
“You may have a point…but that doesn’t stop me from loathing guys like you either, does it?”
“You little..!”
“That’s my playstyle, loosen up a little.”
“That’s it you b**ch, I’ll f***ing kill you!!”

There seemed to be some improper language there, so the system automatically blocked it.

The man was getting riled up, a vein clearly swollen on his forehead. At the same time, his companions stepped out from nearby shadows. Including one of them who had a crossbow.

Geh, this looks bad.

Noticing they had ranged weapons made Crim speak to her backline as soon as she could.

“Frey, take out their crossbow! Freya, focus on keeping Frey safe!”
“…! G-Got it!”
“Be careful, Crim!”

Crim quickly swatted off the crossbow bolt that whistled at her, still giving orders to the twins that had just arrived there and stood behind her.

They instantly understood the situation and took formation, letting Crim relax and be able to focus fully on her opponents.

Really the best option would be to find some object to use as cover, but they were in a vast grassy plateau with no such protrusion in sight. Their opponents were also fully aware of that, making things slightly more annoying.

“So those are…Player Killers…”
“Hinagiku, stand-”

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Crim also looked next to her, to Hinagiku’s stiff and nervous figure.

The sun was still high in the sky, and unlike the PvP arena where both contestants were on equal footing, here her traits were weighing down her abilities, making her nervous about having to fight like that.

But her desire to protect a child from evil was stronger and made her stand in front of Hinagiku, until…

“Player Killers…must die…”

Somehow Crim could not believe she had just heard those words from the mouth of someone with such polite manners as Hinagiku. Crim had been ready to lunge out at the PKers, but those unexpected words made her feet freeze in their tracks, her brain struggling to process the words.

That gave time for the young girl to step forth and stand in front of Crim, holding her two handed sword ready. Somehow her blade seemed to have a certain glint to it already…or rather, she had already activated Blue Fire, which lit up her sword.

“Mother made sure to tell me… Kill all PKers, they deserve no mercy, and should be exterminated with more prejudice than fleas.”

Crim was completely taken aback by what Hinagiku said, seeing her body shrouded by blue flames, her eyes devoid of any light, and her lips twisted into a cold smile.

What kind of things are you teaching your daughter?!!

Crim had no sympathy for PKers either, but she still recognized they were well within their rights when playing the game. She was nowhere near as radical as Hinagiku. All Crim could do was reprimand the girl’s mysterious mother, who had instilled such extreme ideals on her daughter.


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