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Chapter 4 – Character Creation (Part 1)

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Kou decided to focus on creating his character as a way to get his mind away from everything, but he quickly ran into another issue.

“By the way, these options on my avatar…”
“Those entries have already been filled. They can’t be modified anymore.”
“Ummm… but I’ve never even seen any of the detailed settings of my avatar…”
“I’m sorry. The changes can’t be undone.”

…Is this really happening?

Usually it was possible to modify an avatar’s appearance more than once to make adjustments, but the AI guide remained obstinate and would not budge.

He also felt her curt tone of voice was strange, but he had no choice but to give up.

Sigh… Alright, I guess I’ll just go look for a mirror and see how I look later.”

Giving up, he moved on to allocating his starting stats.

“All of your base Skills get 10 points by default. You can allocate the remaining points to whichever Skills you prefer.”

As the AI guide spoke, a small window popped up in front of Kou, with 100 written on it.

“So these are the points I can allocate however I want?”
“Yes. It’s not required that you spend all of them, but any unused points will be lost, so it’s recommended you use all of them.”

Meanwhile Kou decided to open the list of Skills available to him, skimming through them.

Base Skills dictate the stats of a character.

Common Skills help with recovering from status effects, accelerate health regeneration, and various other similar benefits.

Mastery Skills allow the proficient use of weapons or other gear.

Weapon/Magic Skills are related to learning how to cast magic spells, or weapon arts.

Support Skills provide the ability to grant various buffs to aid in combat.

And then Crafting Skills allow one to combine items and materials found in the wild to create new ones.

Skills were largely split into those six categories.

And there was something very important to think about when allocating points to them.

All Skills were governed by certain rules. For example if one lifted something heavy, or attacked a strong enemy, the Physical Strength Skill had a set chance of increasing by 1 point, up to a max limit of 100.

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On top of that, there was a different cap that tallied up the combined points of all Skills, stopping a player from gaining more once it reached 1200.

Only Crafting Skills were an exception to that rule, where Skills with less than 30 points would be counted to a separate limit of 100 total across Crafting Skills.

That was a mechanic put in place so that even if a player focused on something very specific like fighting with a bow or gun, they could still craft at least some basic arrows or bullets, or so frontliners could create simple healing potions or food.

Players did not have a character level in this game, which was a common trend in modern MMORPGs, usually referred to as skill-based games.

“Hmm… and what happens if one day I no longer want the Skills I’m investing points on right now?”
“In that case just open your Skill menu and press the [↓ Degrade] button next to the undesired Skill. The next time a different Skill gains a point, it’ll be taken from the marked undesired one.”
“I see, so it’s possible to respec my Skills, though it might take some time.”
“Yes, that is correct.”

That being the case, Kou had little reason to think too hard about how to spend his current points. He could always change them once he hit the cap.

Not to mention that everyone was new to the game, so all players would need time to learn how to properly distribute their Skill Points.

“Also, Mitsuki Kou, let me remind you that you selected a Unique Species, so don’t forget to check your species’ properties as well.”
“I don’t really remember making that choice…”

Kou grumbled to himself as he looked through the menus.

Noble Red:

Ancestors of Vampires, coming from a royal and pure-blooded lineage.

A family of blood-feeding creatures, with white hair, skin with no pigmentation, and intense blood-red eyes.

They possess a unique type of magic called Hemomancy, performed with the blood they consume.

Their pure lineage is aligned with the spirits of night, while vampires are the offspring from a union of a Noble Red and a human.

Vampires gain various benefits from their part-human ancestry, which remain as weaknesses for Noble Red. Their resistance to fire and light is exceptionally low, so Noble Red need to be wary at all times of sunlight.

In rare cases, someone born of mixed ancestry that displays Noble Red features can end up maturing into a pure-blood Noble Red, losing the other half with age.

“Blood-feeding creatures…”

Kou’s eyes were fixated on those words, his expression complicated.

“But… I’m a vegetarian.”

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As he muttered that, the goddess that had acted brazenly so far seemed to avert her gaze.

Vegetarian was not quite right though, he was simply repulsed by the smell of blood or anything that resembled it.

He would cook various types of meat for his father, but he seldom ate any of it.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if I never use that special magic thingy… Anyway, let’s keep going.”

Kou decided to be optimistic and continued reading the other data entries available.

The next entry was more closely related to his own character, and it gave him the freedom to choose what he preferred.

The choice was largely on whether he wanted to be Pure-Blooded, or Mixed-Blooded. It was also possible to not pick either of them.


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