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Chapter 23 – Infiltrating Mount Ooe

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3078 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1758 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The demon bird soared through the boundless mountain range on its way to Suno.

“Lily, Settsu Province is just ahead. To the north lies Tanba, and Suno is in the east,” Ayaka explained. “Why don’t we visit Tanba and Mount Ooe first? We can return to Suno after obtaining the antidote, avoiding unnecessary detours and saving a few days.”

As Lily gazed at the vast mountain range, she swayed in contemplation. “Sister Ayaka, you make a valid point. However, I must ensure your safety first before venturing to Mount Ooe alone.”

“Lily, are you disrespecting me?”

“Oh, no…”

“If you insist on going alone, I understand. You must have your reasons. But remember, you have put in so much effort training at the Ise Heavenly Gate. We can’t afford to waste any time here. What if it hinders your primary objective? Although my wounds haven’t fully healed, I possess some treasures you gave me that grant flight. With my current strength, there should be little that poses a threat to me unless I encounter Shuten or Minamoto no Yoritomo themselves.”

Ayaka’s reasoning was sound.

Lily’s decision to confront Shuten Doji alone on Mount Ooe was undeniably dangerous. On the other hand, Ayaka had regained the power of a triple-soul Big Dipper, making her journey back to Suno relatively safe.

“Then… are you returning to Suno alone?”

“Yes, you should be the one to stay vigilant.”

A triple-soul Big Dipper was an incredibly formidable force. If they encountered any danger while traveling between provinces, it would be highly unlikely for even Throned Sovereigns to travel freely.

As she pondered, Lily reached a realization. Though she had arrived a few days ahead of schedule, there was no guarantee that their actions would proceed without any deviations. It was crucial to obtain the antidote as soon as possible.

Lily couldn’t afford to waste another three days.

She nodded in agreement.

Ayaka smiled with confidence. Standing atop the bird’s back, she summoned an ogre-faced shield beneath her feet, which levitated and pointed westward, resembling a miniature spacecraft.

Gracefully, she leaped onto the shield.

“Lily, be careful. Don’t worry about Miss Uesugi. I’ll take care of her when I return,” Ayaka assured.

“Yes! I’ll rely on you, Sister Ayaka. Please tell Sister Uesugi to wait for my return, no matter what happens! I will definitely bring back the antidote,” Lily declared with unwavering determination.

Ayaka nodded solemnly, glancing at Lily.

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“Sister Ayaka?”
“When you come back, there’s something… I need to tell you.”
“Take care!”

With those parting words, Ayaka turned away. Her hair billowed in the wind as she stepped onto the shield and soared westward.


Watching as Ayaka gradually vanished into the endless clouds, Lily adjusted the bird’s course and headed north toward Tanba and Mount Ooe.

By now, Lily had a clear understanding of where Mount Ooe was located.


As she sat on the bird, a thought crossed her mind: How could she acquire the antidote from Shuten? Could she pretend to serve him like Uesugi and then deceive him? It seemed impossible. Any other woman might have a chance, given Shuten’s notorious lustfulness, which was also his greatest weakness. A powerful individual whose desires could be manipulated would become an easy target. But Lily couldn’t rely on that strategy.

She and Shuten were already mortal enemies. Furthermore, their clash at the ritual site and her subsequent ascension through the Heavenly Gate had granted Lily immense power. It was only natural that Shuten would be wary of her. No one would believe her sudden change of heart to serve him.

Shuten was far from foolish; his strategic and deceptive skills surpassed Lily’s by leagues. She couldn’t hope to outwit him in that regard, especially considering the additional risk she faced as a woman.

Robbing him of the antidote was also out of the question, as she wasn’t strong enough to defeat him yet. Negotiating was equally futile since Shuten had close ties with Minamoto no Yoritomo and the Cloistered Emperor. What leverage did Lily have to compel him?

The items she possessed were not what he desired, and she couldn’t afford to give away what he truly wanted. Furthermore, there was no guarantee Shuten would honor any agreement they made.

Lily was certain of one thing: what Shuten truly desired was her. Negotiation would never lead to obtaining the antidote. Then, an idea flashed in her mind—ambush.

While she knew she couldn’t defeat him in a direct confrontation, she could strike when he least expected it. Though killing a Big Dipper was an arduous task, her plan was to injure Shuten and seize the antidote from his Storage Pouch. It was a common practice for powerful individuals to store important items there.

If she could acquire the pouch, she could make her escape from Mount Ooe before Shuten even had a chance to recover. Who else could stop her aside from Shuten himself? The only caution she needed was to navigate through any ancient formations that might hinder her progress.

With determination, Lily decided to ambush Shuten and seize the antidote. This was her plan!

Mount Ooe was heavily fortified, so Lily had to carefully consider her approach to infiltrate the location undetected. If she were to engage in a direct confrontation, she would face little resistance apart from Shuten himself. However, this would also alert him to her presence and jeopardize the success of her mission.

“How can I get in?” Lily pondered, mulling over her options.

A day later, she decided to take a cautious approach. To avoid detection upon entering Tanba, she stopped near the border and commanded her demon bird to land in a hidden canyon. Disembarking from the bird, she continued on foot, mindful of demon patrols and moving swiftly but stealthily.

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“I estimate another day of sprinting through the wilderness, and I should reach Mount Ooe,” she thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Ayaka arrived safely at Suno, landing in the courtyard. Shimizu, dressed in a long black gown, awaited her at the entrance.

“Lady Ayaka, you’re back. Where is Sister Lily?” Shimizu inquired.

“Miss Shimizu,” Ayaka began, recounting the events that had transpired during her journey with Lily.

Shimizu nodded, taking in the information. “Indeed, it would save time. However, if I were in your place, I would accompany Lily regardless of her decision.”

Ayaka maintained a composed expression but felt a pang of displeasure in her heart. “Miss Shimizu, it’s not that I don’t wish to go with her. For Lily’s sake, I no longer prioritize my own safety. However, we mustn’t let our emotions cloud our judgment. Lily infiltrating alone will afford her greater stealth. More people won’t make her stronger but rather hinder her. I believe she has her own plans. Furthermore, even if I were at the height of my powers and managed to defeat Shuten alongside her, what then? We can’t kill him, so how would we make him surrender the antidote? If he escapes, where do we find him? In such a scenario, wouldn’t Miss Uesugi be adversely affected?”

“Hehehe, as expected of the former Chief Advisor. You’re quite calculated. I must admit my own shortcomings in remaining calm for the sake of a loved one. It’s something I should learn from you,” Shimizu remarked, a hint of amusement in her voice.

Ayaka gently lifted Shimizu’s chin with her slender finger. “The Empire may have dismissed me due to the pressure exerted by the traitor Minamoto no Yoritomo, even with the Cloistered Emperor disguised as a puppet. The imperial decree holds no true meaning. I am still the Empire’s Chief Advisor, not an ex-Chief Advisor.”

“Indeed, my apologies, Sister Chief Advisor. I misspoke,” Shimizu replied, her voice tinged with contrition.

Ayaka brushed the topic aside and inquired about Rei’s well-being, “How is Miss Uesugi?”

“She’s training in the backyard. She appears to be in good health,” Shimizu answered.

Ayaka gracefully departed, leaving Shimizu behind, and made her way to the backyard.

Shimizu discreetly concealed her amusement behind her sleeves and let out a soft chuckle. “Hmph, you clearly emanate an air of a harlot. Why bother putting on such a self-righteous façade?”

Ayaka made her way to the backyard, where she found Rei engrossed in her sword training. Rei had tied her hair back, revealing a portion of her shoulder. She wore green training attire adorned with delicate flower embroidery. Despite wearing a white bra wrap underneath, her figure, similar to Ayaka and Lily’s, couldn’t be entirely concealed.

“Hah!” Rei’s powerful swings demonstrated her formidable strength and determination.

“Miss Uesugi, you appear to be in good health,” Ayaka remarked.

Hearing Ayaka’s voice, Rei halted her movements, blushing slightly. She firmly planted her sword into the ground and bowed. “Chief Advisor.”

Ayaka observed Rei with a sense of relief, thinking to herself, “The Uesugi Family upholds traditional samurai values, and Uesugi Rei, being a governor, understands the significance of etiquette. She is certainly much more refined than a certain someone.”

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“Miss Uesugi, there’s no need for such formality. Since we are all in hiding here in Suno, why don’t we address each other as sisters from now on?”

“I am aware of your situation, Chief Advisor. I am willing to assist you in your return to the Empire, depending on Lily’s decision. But where is Lil’ Lily? Where is she?”

Ayaka approached Rei and held her gently. “Miss Uesugi, let us not dwell on that for now. How are you faring?”

“After I woke up, I was informed about your journey with Lily. I have been worried all this time. My health has improved, perhaps even better than before. I feel incredibly energetic, as if I can endure any physical exertion. I have also made considerable progress in my training. Where is Lil’ Lily? I want to see her immediately!” Rei’s chest heaved as she spoke, filled with a sense of longing.

It was evident that Rei had been suppressing an intense desire, eager for Lily’s return so she could embrace her wholeheartedly.

Previously, Rei had hesitated to confront Lily due to the widening gap in their strengths. However, she had now discovered her own destiny and forged her own path. Concealed within her ancient sword were ancient battle tactics of the Celestial Maiden, passed down through her lineage from Bishamonten’s clan. These techniques, along with other sword skills and mystical abilities, were just as ancient and powerful as the Tsukuyomi Swordstyle.

By honing her abilities, Rei aspired to stand by Lily’s side, protecting her always.


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