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Chapter 21 – Thousand Sakura Path, Complete

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3096 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1065 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s heart raced as she abruptly stopped and turned her worried gaze towards Ayaka, “Sister Ayaka, what’s happening to you?”

Ignoring Lily’s concerns, Ayaka pressed her against the wall, her voice a low moan beside Lily’s ear. “Keep going…”


“Keep going!” As Ayaka spoke, her hand began to caress Lily’s face, tracing down her neck and settling on her chest.

“Huh?” Meanwhile, Ayaka’s other hand grazed Lily’s skin just outside her Spirit Palace before gradually descending…

“Sister Ayaka? Ugh…” Confusion and alarm filled Lily’s mind, and before she could voice her questions, Ayaka’s lips forcefully sealed her own. The skill and technique of the kiss left Lily dazed and unable to resist.

But Ayaka didn’t stop there, undeterred by Lily’s dazed state.

Slowly… over time… little by little… Lily felt a wave of ecstasy surge from the area beneath her Spirit Palace, and her mind went blank in the overwhelming moment.

When Lily regained her senses, she found herself in an abyss of darkness, stretching endlessly in every direction. She tried to comprehend her surroundings and noticed a faint glimmer of light in the distance. As she approached, she discerned a young girl barely conscious and writhing in agony—Ayaka, during her younger years.

Hovering above Ayaka was the immense shadow of a monstrous creature, its size rivaling that of a mountain. Its voice resonated with a deep, malevolent tone.

“Do you accept? Do you accept this bargain?”

It was Dream Eater Baku, an embodiment of darkness and nightmares.

“I… I want to live,” Ayaka replied, her voice filled with desperation.

“Very well,” Baku responded, its tone laced with an insidious delight. “I will rid you of your curse. As a woman who dared to defy her destined path to escape, you are insignificant to me. However, your dreams… They are such delectable treats. From now on, your dreams will be my sustenance when I grow weary. Hehehe…”

With a slow and menacing smile, the monster opened its mouth wide, and the boundless darkness engulfed the young Ayaka, swallowing her whole.

Lily gradually regained consciousness, finding herself and Ayaka inside a cave. However, Ayaka’s behavior was deeply troubled, her eyes vacant as she hysterically shouted, “I didn’t! I didn’t betray you! I didn’t betray anyone! Please don’t force me! You’ve already destroyed my dreams! What more do you want? I won’t reveal everything! Don’t force me!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know the Mirror Girl’s destiny. I really don’t—” There was no apparent threat present in the cave, yet Ayaka was gripped by overwhelming panic, haunted by the horrors she had witnessed in her dreams.

Despite Ayaka’s formidable strength in the waking world, she seemed helpless against the dangers that lurked in the dark recesses of her slumber. Petrified and defenseless, she was at the mercy of the malevolent forces that plagued her dreams.

Rushing to her side, Lily held Ayaka up and grasped her hand tightly. “Sister Ayaka, what’s happening? Sister Ayaka?”

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Ayaka, resembling a tormented witch, continued to insist, “Lily, I never lied to you. I didn’t betray you!”

Observing Ayaka’s restless sleep and her futile struggles to wake up, Lily grew concerned for her sister’s mental well-being. She knew Ayaka’s recent injuries had left her vulnerable, making her more susceptible to harm.

Feeling desperate and unsure of what to do, Lily followed her instincts. She leaned in and kissed Ayaka forcefully, placing her hand above Ayaka’s Spirit Palace, gently tracing circles while infusing it with her spirit power.

“Mm… Uh…”

Gradually, Ayaka’s breathing steadied, and her eyes fluttered open. “Lily? What… What happened to me?”

“Sister Ayaka, please tell me, what was that giant tapir in the darkness?”

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Despite her words, Ayaka couldn’t hide the fear evident in her eyes, as if the colossal demonic figure stood before her.

“Sister Ayaka…”

“Lily, maybe… I just had a nightmare. You… shouldn’t worry.” Ayaka averted her gaze, attempting to evade the topic.

“Sister Ayaka, if you’re going through something difficult, don’t face it alone. Please, confide in me, okay?”

“I’m the elder sister… There’s nothing that frightens me. Nightmares don’t count, of course. Thank you, Lily. I’m fine… I’m fine…” Ayaka embraced Lily tightly while uttering those words, “Let’s continue training, Lily.”

“Sister, let’s take a break.”

“No, it’s urgent. Let’s continue…”

Lily sensed that this dark presence haunting Ayaka was the result of a terrible evil. Who was the giant tapir1 that plagued her dreams? Was it a mere figment of her imagination, or a demon capable of devouring dreams in their world?

In the following days, Ayaka appeared somewhat preoccupied, yet her attempts to suppress these emotions only made her more alluring and feminine. As she danced alongside Lily, her charm reached new heights2.

It had been two months since their departure from Suno, and Lily and Ayaka continued their rigorous training within the cool confines of the cave, despite the scorching summer sun outside.

In a pivotal moment during their practice, the intricate silver chart within Lily’s mind suddenly crystallized, becoming flawless, clear, and vividly visible.

“Success!” Lily’s gaze sharpened, and with a powerful thrust, she aimed her sword towards the ocean beyond the cave.

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Whoom! A surge of water welled forth, traversing the endless expanse and disappearing beyond the horizon.

“Sister Ayaka, I’ve mastered the third form of the Tsukuyomi Swordstyle!” Lily exclaimed.

“Lily!” Ayaka, drenched in sweat and exhausted, leaned against the cave wall, her disheveled appearance matching her elated expression. “Really? That’s… incredible.”

Meanwhile, within Lily’s Mirror Dimension, the engravings on the third monolith shimmered in the moonlit glow before dissipating. They coalesced, transforming into a passionate dancing Celestial Maiden. Beneath her, an ancient seal emerged, bearing the name: Thousand Sakura Path.

Upon acquiring the third form, Lily had initially felt uncertain. Since they were unaware of a location brimming with celestial aura, they sought refuge at the Ise Heavenly Gate, training diligently under Yoshitsune’s guidance for nearly two months. It was undoubtedly one of the best places they could find in their world.

But now, she had done it.
Finally, she had succeeded.

With the transition from the Celestial Maiden Path to the Thousand Sakura Path, Lily’s strength had skyrocketed from twentyfold to thirtyfold. And along with her newfound power came the mastery of a special sword technique.

This technique was known as Thousand Sakura Linger.

By channeling her spirit power according to the chart, Lily could unleash the technique through her sword strikes. Countless silver threads would materialize, infused with the potent essence of Lunar True Intent and Charm True Intent. They would ensnare and immobilize any malevolent beings harboring even the slightest desire for Lily, regardless of their gender. The threads were particularly effective during the night, exhibiting remarkable resilience against conventional abilities or skills.

Only brute force or overwhelming strength could forcibly sever these threads, yet even then, it would take considerable time, hindering the assailant’s movements.

The potency of Thousand Sakura Linger grew in tandem with Lily’s progress. It was intricately tied to her spirit power and comprehension of the world. In addition to its primary function, the technique held another advantage—it possessed a natural affinity against evil creatures and Yomi demons, making it slightly more effective against them.

Curiously, the entanglement of the threads would elicit a certain level of arousal in any woman caught in their grasp. However, to Lily, this aspect held no practical value. She had become aware of it through the inherited knowledge, but it held no relevance to her goals. Among the memories she received, there was a peculiar suggestion: that binding herself with the Thousand Sakura Linger had benefits for her own body. Yet, the exact nature of these benefits remained a mystery to her.

In summary, Lily had successfully completed the Thousand Sakura Path, resulting in a substantial increase in her strength. Moreover, she had gained a new ability to hinder her opponents, which would prove invaluable as she journeyed to Mount Ooe. At the same time, both Lily and Ayaka carried two Sacred Relics with them, further deepening their understanding of Lunar True Intent and Charm True Intent, thus bolstering their overall power.

At her peak, Lily had become capable of vanquishing any triple-soul Big Dipper and could hold her own against a quadruple-soul Big Dipper. Even if she were to face powerhouses like Taira no Masakado and Tomoe Gozen, who possessed quadruple-soul strength, she could stand her ground. Masakado himself could exchange hundreds of blows with the Cloistered Emperor before losing his advantage.

Admittedly, Lily would still be overmatched against quintuple-soul Big Dippers like Shuten Doji and the Cloistered Emperor. However, she now possessed the means to momentarily defend herself, hinder their movements, and make a swift escape. The enhanced survivability offered by the Thousand Sakura Linger greatly improved her odds.

With her current strength, it seemed likely that Lily could venture into Mount Ooe and emerge unscathed. The completion of the Thousand Sakura Path was not the sole reason for her confidence. The fortuitous acquisition of the Lunar Crystal had effectively doubled her power, contributing significantly to her newfound capabilities.

No longer gripped by fear, Lily exclaimed, “Sister Ayaka, I have completed the Thousand Sakura Path. Let us return to Suno with all haste.”

“Yes!” Ayaka understood Lily’s deep concern for Rei and shared the same sentiment.

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They walked along the winding road between the mountains and the Heavenly Gate, eventually arriving back at the Ascending Road. Yoshitsune, adorned in red armor, remained steadfast in his position, diligently guarding them. He had faithfully maintained his vigil for nearly two months, exemplifying his honorable character.


  1. Robinxen: It just occurred to me that either this is a mistranslation or the big bad evil guy is an elephant pig. Which is completely possible I suppose if you see sculptures of deities and stuff from around the world.
  2. Robinxen: They really just continued training after that? Knowing that some sort of link is causing bleed over between them?
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