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Chapter 18 – Unplucked Flower

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3264 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1740 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Unplucked Flower, the second level of pair training among celestial maidens, existed as a ritual that had transcended mere worldly matters. The celestial maidens possessed a different perspective on life compared to mortals. Various methods were employed by the celestial maidens to reach this level, and one such special approach was depicted on the Tsukuyomi Swordstyle monolith.

In this training method, each stance was regarded as a foundation, with its own mystical properties akin to the twilight sky.

After a rejuvenating rest, Lily and Ayaka found themselves in an invigorated state. They had now donned celestial raiments, consisting of silk tops, skirts, and ribbons.

Lily’s attire predominantly featured a white color scheme. She wore a balconette bra, revealing her slender waist, along with V-shaped panties adorned with white skirt-like attachments on either side1. Ribbons cascaded below her underarms, accentuating her bare feet adorned with beautiful anklets. Her hair was styled into a low single braid, crowned by a delicate headdress that bestowed upon her an air of priestess-like grace.

“Sister Ayaka, this outfit…” Lily couldn’t help but feel a hint of embarrassment at wearing such revealing attire, baring a significant portion of her skin, including her navel, especially when it was just the two of them alone.

Ayaka’s breath quickened slightly2, but she smiled and said, “You look beautiful.”

“Don’t tease me, Sis. You look even more alluring.”

A faint blush colored Ayaka’s cheeks upon hearing Lily’s words. “Choose your words carefully. This is a celestial raiment, you know? A garment of nobility. Celestial maidens believe that true purity stems from a pure heart. Even in revealing clothing, one must maintain composure. It is through this that the confidence and virtue of celestial maidens shine. We mustn’t taint it with vulgar language.”

“Of course, Sis…”

Ayaka’s own celestial raiment was equally remarkable. Comprised entirely of translucent silver-gray ribbons, it wrapped gracefully around her body, held together by gleaming silver ornaments.

A single ribbon tightly embraced Ayaka’s chest, but no matter its width, it couldn’t completely conceal her bosom. It squeezed and accentuated her feminine curves, proudly highlighting her womanly symbol3.

Several ribbons adorned her waist and lower abdomen, creating alluring gaps that exposed glimpses of her smooth skin, filling her with a sense of embarrassment.

A single ribbon encircled her hips and lower body, with the front barely covering her intimate area, while the back clung tightly to her round buttocks. Her long legs were left fully exposed, with no cover to conceal their beauty.

She stood barefoot, wearing an anklet and a silver bell around her ankles. Her hair flowed freely, lending her a mature and captivating aura, as if the charm within those ribbons was on the verge of bursting forth.

“Now, Lily, I will guide you step-by-step through the stances of the training method I witnessed,” Ayaka declared.

“Mm,” Lily nodded with anticipation.

Ayaka regulated her breathing and began, “The first stance is known as Connecting Palms and Hearts.”

She then assumed a cross-legged position and continued, “This fundamental stance requires us to sit facing each other, extending our hands forward and joining our palms together. We should also bring our knees together and close our eyes, taking slow and steady breaths. In this method of pair training, we must circulate a portion of our spirit power to the other person through our palms, establishing a cycle of energy flow between us. This constitutes the initial step.”

“Okay,” Lily followed Ayaka’s instructions and extended her hands forward, joining her palms with Ayaka’s warm hands.

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The pair closed their eyes and felt the gentle warmth emanating from each other’s palms as their breathing synchronized. At their level, it was relatively easy to perceive the flow of the other person’s spirit power. However, for some reason, Lily felt a peculiar sensation as Ayaka’s spirit power entered her body, causing her to feel flushed and heated from within. Ayaka experienced a similar sensation to Lily’s.

“I wonder if she feels the same way as I do. Regardless, as her elder sister, I mustn’t allow her to witness any unsightly behavior. That would be far too embarrassing,” Ayaka thought to herself.

Given the solemnity of the moment, it would be utterly embarrassing to display any odd behavior. Ayaka had no choice but to exercise restraint. Fortunately, the sensation hadn’t yet surpassed her threshold.

The pair swiftly accomplished the first step of the exercise.

Ayaka opened her eyes and glanced at the flushed Lily. “Now, for the second part of Connecting Palms and Hearts, we need to get even closer while still keeping our knees joined. Place one hand on each other’s chest to feel each other’s heartbeat and circulate spirit power once again.”

“Understood, Sis.”

In order to maintain their seated position with joined knees while getting closer, they had to stretch their legs further. Ayaka’s single ribbon covering her intimate area was slightly exposed as a result.

Ayaka didn’t seem to mind much, considering they were both women, and she had nothing to lose by revealing her private parts to Lily. However, her chest heaved uncontrollably in response.

Lily followed Ayaka’s instructions and extended her hand, gently touching Ayaka’s chest. Simultaneously, she felt the soft touch of Ayaka’s fingers against her own ample bosom.

“You can apply more pressure, Lily. Try to feel my heartbeat,” Ayaka encouraged her.


Sensing each other’s heartbeat through touch proved to be more challenging than anticipated.

“Your heart is racing too fast, Lily. You should try to calm down,” Ayaka advised, even though she could feel her own heart pounding through the delicate raiment.

This was the essence of Connecting Palms and Hearts. Eventually, the pair perfected the first stance, maintaining their composure and saving themselves from the embarrassment of losing control.

“Now, we move on to the next stance called Whispering Rise. Turn around and place your hands behind your head. Watch my movements and mimic them. Stay focused and keep your mind centered,” Ayaka instructed.

“Okay,” Lily complied, assuming the posture Ayaka had described.

Ayaka then walked behind Lily and lifted her hair, whispering in her ear, “This stance requires one of the pair to infuse their spirit power into their partner one-sidedly so that their partner can sense their existence. Training between women is not always on equal terms, as it allows them to understand how it feels to have control over their partner and appreciate the true value of a woman. The process involves exchanging roles to deepen the bond and provide mutual experience. While celestial maidens may have methods with a dominant and submissive role, it is not described in Tsukuyomi Swordstyle’s Third Path.”

“Mm…” Lily responded.

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Ayaka gently caressed Lily’s arms with her hands as she whispered into her ear. When she reached Lily’s armpits, she touched them delicately, occasionally applying pressure while sending spirit power to Lily. Simultaneously, Ayaka’s whispers helped Lily relax.

Lily was completely defenseless against Ayaka’s onslaught of spirit power, at the mercy of her actions.

“After this, you can freely infuse spirit power into your partner, choosing the location as you wish. This flexibility is what makes this method unique. I can see that you have become accustomed to it. Let’s stop here,” Ayaka said.

Lily’s cheeks were flushed, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now, it’s your turn to do it to me,” Ayaka suggested.

Ayaka turned her back to Lily and placed her hands behind her head, causing her breasts to become more prominent. This posture accentuated a woman’s charm, but Ayaka was relieved that her back was facing Lily at the moment, saving her from some embarrassment.

Lily sat upright behind Ayaka, her heart racing as she felt the warmth and caught a faint scent emanating from Ayaka’s body due to their previous actions. She couldn’t help but feel that understanding what it felt like to have control over someone was impossible. However, she took solace in the fact that she had control over the pace, tempo, and timing of their training.

Lily leaned forward, rising up on her knees, and clumsily lifted Ayaka’s hair before kissing her earlobe.

“Kyah! What are you doing, Lily?!” Ayaka squealed in a cute voice, sounding both surprised and slightly annoyed. “I told you to whisper in my ear, not kiss it! We’re training here. You need to take it seriously!”

“Ah… I’m sorry,” Lily apologized, realizing her mistake. She had become a bit confused due to their previous actions and misremembered the instructions. When she attempted to whisper in Ayaka’s ear, she became nervous and forgot what she was supposed to say. In the end, she simply let her breath stroke lightly against Ayaka’s earlobe, causing Ayaka’s eyelashes to tremble.

“I’m supposed to tease the armpits next, right?” Lily tried to reassure herself.

“Stop using that language, Lily! You’re supposed to press them, not tease them!” Ayaka furrowed her brows. She was currently at Lily’s mercy, and if it weren’t for the training method requiring it, she would never have relinquished control to Lily.

As Lily touched and pressed Ayaka’s armpits, Ayaka’s breath became rushed. Nobody else had ever touched her in this spot before.

Lily then infused her spirit power into Ayaka, causing Ayaka’s armpits to tingle with a numbing sensation. Ayaka found it difficult to suppress her emotions, but as the elder sister, she couldn’t embarrass herself in front of Lily. She bit her lips, furrowed her brows even deeper, and let out heavier breaths.

“It’s almost over. I just need to endure a little longer. Almost there…” Ayaka bolstered her determination internally.

“Hmm? What is she doing?” Ayaka suddenly trembled.

Lily had pressed her warm chest against Ayaka’s back while continuing to send spirit power through her armpits. Instead of stopping, Lily had extended her hands downward to Ayaka’s breasts, gently caressing them while still infusing spirit power.

“This girl! She has taken it a step further!” Ayaka’s breath quickened, and her face flushed.

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“Enough!” Ayaka exclaimed, turning around in anger. “It seems you haven’t remembered the process correctly. Let me teach you again!”

“Huh?” Lily didn’t say anything and obediently followed, realizing that she, too, had trouble recalling the training method. After all, only Ayaka had seen and understood it fully.

This time, Ayaka didn’t hold back. She firmly grabbed Lily’s breasts, squeezing them hard.

“Ah… Ngh… Is this also part of the training, Sister Ayaka?”

“Of course!” Ayaka responded harshly, her hands becoming bolder in their movements.


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