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Chapter 4 – Blood

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3135 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1793 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“The greatest Archdemon in the world, Tamamo-no-Mae?”
“She… Is she the legendary nine-tailed Fox demon?”

The vast majority of people had never seen Tamamo in the flesh. They had their own preconceptions and ideas of what Tamamo would look like. However, despite having several fox tails, the Army still refused to believe that this woman who seemed weak and frail was the greatest Archdemon!

However, that horrifying event had unfolded before their eyes. They were in disbelief and fear.

At this moment, the lesser Tengu’s leader, Tarobo Tengu, unfolded his white wings and flew towards somewhere close to Red Demon Mamukuro, who was floating around thirty meters high in the air. Momiji also stood on top of his shoulders to command the Army.

Tarobo asked, “is this really Tamamo-no-Mae? Her aura is definitely terrifying, but it’s still much weaker compared to my Lord, Daitengu! And it’s unstable even… Granted she is the greatest Archdemon in the world, she wouldn’t abandon the demons and defensive formations in Suno to fight the Army alone, right? Madam Momiji, you are knowledgeable. Can you tell me if there’s any trickery here?”

“Hehehe, don’t worry, Lord Tarobo. In order to save Kagami Lily, Tamamo-no-Mae barged into Mount Ooe and fell into Lord Shuten’s ancient formation. She is critically injured and is now much weaker than before!” Momiji said.

“Kagami Lily?” Tarobo’s fake bulging eyes on top of his black mask were instantly filled with spite. “That woman killed my best friend, Lord Hiei! I can’t believe that Tamamo would walk into her own death today. When I enter Suno, I’ll definitely seek revenge from Kagami Lily!”

At this moment, among the demons, an ominous man with purple hair flew over while stepping on a ghost hand. “Lord Tarobo, if you wish to seek revenge, I’m afraid it will be hard this time.”

“Ibaraki? You’re here at last.” Momiji looked at him.

“Why?” Tarobo asked.

“Tamamo-no-Mae abandoned the defenses in Suno and is facing the enemy alone. I’m afraid she knew that she was about to die and hence, she came here to risk her life so that she could buy some time for Kagami Lily and the demons in Suno to escape.” Ibaraki said.

“Hmph, although it’s dishonorable to fight with a dying enemy, this is still Daitengu’s order! I can’t believe that the world’s greatest Archdemon would die like this! After killing Tamamo-no-Mae, Kagami Lily won’t have anyone to depend on. Let’s see how long she can escape!”

At this moment, in the middle of the Army, Kato unsheathed a long sword with an engraved green snake and pointed at Tamamo who was a kilometer away. “Unleash the arrows and spells!”

Black-armored soldiers that occupied most of the land pulled out their bows and launched a volley of arrows!

Tens of thousands of Onmyojis and Dharma Masters also mounted platforms manifested from talismans. Taking the high ground, they started reciting spells against Tamamo.

Tens of thousands of people recited spells at the same time. Even the sky itself seemed to be trembling slightly.

Countless black arrows shrouded the skies and surged towards Tamamo!

Two circling fox flames appeared beside her, forming a light protective barrier.

Arrows rained like a thunderstorm! The dense numbers of arrows impacting the ground made it quake! Many of these arrows landed on the light orange barrier and were either deflected or shattered.

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However, many of these arrows were also shot by individuals on the Permanence Stage or above. They carried incredible power and struck her with great accuracy. Each of these arrows would make the protective barrier shudder.

Suddenly, Tamamo’s body trembled and went down on one knee, vomiting blood nonstop!

“She can’t even handle such an attack? This fox demon is really about to die.” Tarobo said.

“We attack too!” At this moment, not only the center formation. The demons in the northern formation and the noble’s soldiers in the southern formation also started attacking.

The demons unleashed various kinds of spells, while strength-based demons like Blue Demons tossed massive boulders and javelins towards Tamamo.

Meanwhile, Onmyojis and Dharma Masters who recited spells from behind also unleashed countless magical attacks that illuminated the gloomy skies with various bright colors!

This unending wave of attacks all struck Tamamo’s barrier.

With both hands on the ground, Tamamofaced downwards while coughing up blood continuously. Her barrier was already cracked and deeply unstable. However, the barrage seemed unending and even became stronger!

“Kill her!”
“Kill Tamamo-no-Mae!”
“Kill her while she’s weakened! Greatest Archdemon in the world, accept the punishment of justice and die here!” A thin Dharma Master with white robes ordered.
“Lady Kimiko!”


Crimson red energy exploded on top of the mountain slopes. Lily could no longer endure it. She became a flash of light and rushed towards Tamamo. Seeing that Lily had run out, Rei also followed behind at great speeds!

“Stop!” While enduring the overwhelming wave of attacks, Tamamo screamed while kneeling on the ground.

This scream carried unimaginable determination that impacted Lily’s soul. She actually stopped subconsciously.

“Lady Kimiko!”

“Who told you to come, Lily? You… And Rei, go back now! Leave this place immediately! Go now!” Tamamo laid on the trembling ground, the unending attacks would occasionally hide her entire frail body from view.

Wham! The barrier was shattered.

The endless attacks directly struck Tamamo’s body.

“Lady Kimiko!” Lily went mad. She rushed towards Tamamo who was covered by all kinds of explosions and smoke without a care.

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“Lady Kimiko! Lady Kimiko!” Lily rushed into the smoke.

“Get lost! Suddenly, an incredibly ancient and violent power slammed Lily. She failed to resist and was tossed far away backwards.

“Lily!” Rei, who rushed over, held Lily.

By now, Tamamo had been facing attacks head-on for a long time! Kato waved his hands and gestured for the attacks to stop.

A black-armored soldier screamed while performing flag signals, gesturing for the attack to stop. The demons also stopped attacking. The residual smoke was gradually blown into all directions by the powerful winds…

On the ancient battlefield, the aftermath of the battle shrouded the entire sky. The entire world was covered in gray, sparks and ash floated everywhere.

Within the epicenter of the attack, the land itself was shaved off. Many places were still burning and the entire place was littered with arrows. Arrows that landed earlier were already ruined by all sorts of spells. The ground was filled with black ash.

Tamamo had tattered clothing and wounds all over her body. Her tied up hair was also half scattered.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha! The so-called Supreme Archdemon is still nothing against the retribution of justice!” The white-robed Dharma Master dude on a tall platform at the rear laughed maniacally while fondling his prayer beads.

Kato solemnly stared at Tamamo, who was attacked by countless soldiers, laying on the ground, filled with wounds, and not moving.

Chief Commander Ueotsune also rode his mount onto a tall platform and gestured for the Army to advance. Half a million soldiers marched forward. Their footsteps like thunder, trembling the earth.

When the vanguard was tens of meters in front of Tamamo, Ueotsune brought the Army to a halt.
Kato, Ueotsune, and the Archdemons were all staring at Tamamo with caution. Was the greatest Archdemon in the world dead already?

“My Lord! That fox demon is still breathing!” A brave black-armored soldier who approached spoke cautiously.

Everyone in the Army stifled their breaths and paid attention to Tamamo.

“Seems like Tamamo-no-Mae is really critically injured. She can’t even handle a volley attack from half a million soldiers.” Ibaraki said, “His Majesty’s ancient formation probably caused her lethal damage.”

“How unfortunate… Has the millennia-old Archdemon fallen just like this?” Tarobo also exclaimed.

After repeated examinations, Kato was sure that Tamamo was already close to death and couldn’t offer resistance. He raised his hand. “Executioner squad. By the Commander’s orders, execute this fox demon right here!”

More than ten tall samurai with incredibly long glaives and wore helmets that were as tall as towers, and rode on black demonic warhorses with extremely thin legs marched out of the formation, approaching Tamamo. There were also several black armored-soldiers approaching and inspecting her carefully.

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Those long glaives each had a nine foot long blade. They were specifically made to execute demons and emanated a terrifying aura. These executioners slowly approached Tamamo. The Army became silent, as if waiting for this millennia-old legend to be slain.

At this moment, the sun was setting and the ground was stained in red!

Such a dazzling red sunset had not been seen for a long time. The entire battlefield seemed to be stained red by a sky of blood, forming an indescribable but ominous atmosphere.

Ueotsune stared at Tamamo who was on the ground from far away. Yet, his expression became more solemn.

“It’s you…”
Tamamo, who was on the ground in critical condition, let out a whimper.

“What?” The samurai in front exclaimed, “My Lord, she… seems to still be speaking?”

“It’s you…”

Despite standing very far away, Kato, Ueotsune, Tarobo, Momiji, and the rest still heard this obviously hushed sound. Without reason, all of them suddenly felt chills down their spine.

“It’s you people…”

This voice seemed to become louder until it echoed throughout the entire ancient battlefield. Even Ueotsune, on the Big Dipper stage, couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable terror.

Suddenly, the earth trembled. The tremors became more and more intense until the ground itself quaked!

“It’s you people… Who forced me to do this!”

An intense smell of blood suddenly pervaded the air!

Ueotsune’s body trembled and his eyes became wide, shouting uncontrollably, “Quickly! Get away from her! Get away from this woman now!”


An intense tsunami of blood erupted in a split second and consumed everything within the radius of a kilometer. All the black-armored soldiers and demons caught within it were instantly rendered into blood puddles!

Heaven and earth itself was submerged by an endless sea of blood!

As the ground shook, that ocean of blood gradually condensed into shape…

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A thousand-meter long nine-tailed fox demon with tails that could cover the sky itself appeared before the Army. Compared to this fox demon, the massive army was nothing but a swarm of ants!

“Hahaha…” The fox demon’s head was as big as a mountain. Each of its teeth was bigger than a giant tree. It opened its eerie white eyes with bloody slits as pupils and grimly stared at the Army. Its gaping mouth seemed to be laughing as rivers of blood poured down from the gaps of its teeth1.

“How many years has it been… Since I’ve shown this form to anyone… I’m so hungry… I’m really… Really hungry…”

The fox demon’s voice trembled the sky itself.


  1. Robinxen: Well… I guess that explains the path of seduction… yeah I’d want this under control too.
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