Chapter 47 – Lord Hiei

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2076 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1195 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Trying to ambush me with a formation?”

Lily summoned Wanyūdō. This spirit, riding on fiery wheels, screamed incessantly while rushing out of the cave.


A complicated rune formation instantly surfaced outside the cave and released a pillar of light. Wanyūdō was instantly hindered by that light, as if it entered a swamp and instantly slowed down. It even looked like they had slowed down the flow of time.

“They can actually affect time?” Lily in the cave was shocked.

“Eliminate!” Several Dharma Masters behind the ones who constructed the formation released offensive spells. These Dharma Masters were proficient in attacking. They had greater attack power than Onmyos on the same level of strength. Wanyūdō was instantly pummeled into smoke.

“Why is it this Shikigami again? Didn’t we already kill it?” Lord Honganji was also shocked.

“This female samurai is quite cunning!”

Lord Hiei remembered what happened just now. Red clothing, female samurai, cunning… Could it be Kagami Lily?

At this moment, the weather instantly changed. A storm of sakura flowers struck the place. Lily, who was close to the entrance, could naturally extend her Domain outside. Her Sakura Blizzard originated from sakura flowers. This sort of Domain would be much weaker inside a pitch black cave. But when it was outdoors, its full power would be unleashed.

As men of the cloth, these monks from Honganji Temple actually joined forces with demons and committed grave sins like **** and murder! Upon thinking of those poor women, no hint of mercy was left in Lily’s eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless sakura flowers formed into blades and struck the Dharma Masters maintaining the formation.


However, under Lord Honganji’s command, those Dharma Masters connected their spiritual powers and created golden translucent bells, which enveloped those Dharma Masters.

The sakura blades raged like a blizzard.

Stab! Stab! Stab!

Several weaker demons were instantly eviscerated. However, those blades could only create vibrations when striking those golden ancient bells and couldn’t punch through them. As bell chimes were heard under the mountain walls, the Dharma Masters within them were immune to the sakura blades.

“Indeed, these evil monks are proficient in formations!” Lily was flustered. She had no time to waste here. Yet, she hadn’t learned a thing about breaking formations.
“How about this?”

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Lily came to a decision in her heart.

She marched her slender legs and turned around after slightly crouching. The pickaxe from the Celestial Maiden’s cave, which was tougher than her grade-nine weapon, appeared in her hands.

“It’s so heavy!” It was Lily’s first time holding it by hand. It was at least 10,000 Kans heavy!

Still, even if she didn’t use Purple Lunar Force, Lily’s physical strength alone was on par with the middle-late Throned Sovereign Stage. She gathered spiritual power all across her body and violently flung the pickaxe towards Lord Honganji, who was shielded by that golden bell.

Formations were nothing.

She would break it with violence1!

She watched as that pickaxe spun circles while slowly flying past the first formation. Meanwhile, the ancient bells couldn’t be moved. After flying out of the time-affecting formation, the pickaxe’s speed increased suddenly!


An incredibly loud bell chime was heard under the mountain wall. That 10,000 Kan heavy pickaxe instantly shattered that golden ancient bell and slammed into Lord Honganji’s plump face, disfiguring it entirely and sending him flying into a tent.

Once he was sent flying, the core of the defensive formation was ruined, and those ancient bells disappeared one by one.

Countless sakura blades fell instantly!


Those evil monks had their limbs cut by the sakura blades. They couldn’t maintain the formation anymore.

Lily could have killed them all, but she couldn’t tell if some of those Dharma Masters were forced by Lord Honganji. Hence, despite having betrayed Buddha, Lily still decided to spare their lives.

The formation was broken and Lily rushed out without hesitation.

She retrieved that pickaxe with a wave of her hand.

“Kagami Lily! It is you indeed!” Lord Hiei roared angrily.

He raised his golden bronze quarterstaff, rushing towards Lily with his massive body.

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A virtual projection that looked like an evil God emerged from behind Lord Hiei. He was now filled with immense power.

If Lily hadn’t used Purple Lunar Force, her strength was actually on par with his.


Kagura, wearing a pink hunting coat, appeared behind Lily. She held Sakura Parasol while emanating a soft and dazzling light.

Several spells also started spinning around Lily.

Based on her strength and speed, any spell that amplified her strength was severely limited. But still, it was useful.

As she suppressed Lord Hiei with her Domain, she also increased her own speed. With that done, Lord Hiei’s attacks became noticeably slower.

Lily dashed sideways and dodged that heavy bronze quarterstaff. She then lunged forward and unsheathed Yasutsuna! She slashed vertically downwards!

Swish! The slash landed on his thick legs!

As expected, he had exceptionally tough skin. Even Lily felt some resistance in her attack while leaving a deep gash on his legs.

“Why! You are much stronger than when I met you last time!” Lord Hiei was shocked. He jumped backwards and activated his regenerative powers to regenerate the wounds on his legs. Yet, this had also exhausted most of his spiritual power and vitality.

Vitality was a power that was both easy and hard to explain. It was completely different from spiritual power. Although Lord Hiei had robust vitality, it could still be exhausted.

Lily didn’t reply. She stomped on the ground and charged at him.

As he swept his bronze quarterstaff horizontally, Lily jumped up. However, he had a long torso and longer arms, so Lily couldn’t reach him just yet. She slashed Yasutsuna horizontally towards him, it struck his chest and also shattered his skull necklace.

There was now a terrifying one on his chest. Yet, his eyes were only filled with madness as he hoisted his strong and heavy bronze staff upwards.

Towards Lily!

Lily instantly spun a circle in mid-air and pressed one hand on the back of her sword.

Clang! She blocked the blow but was also sent flying.

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“No way. I can’t keep on wasting time!”

Without using Purple Lunar Force, Lily won’t be able to kill Lord Hiei within a short time.

All of the sudden—

Lily’s eyes now had an alluring purple color as faint light emanated from her skin.

Whoom! Her speed suddenly increased as she dashed towards Lord Hiei. She positioned her sword in front of her body and pointed it straight towards him.

“Such speed!” Lord Hiei was shocked. He swung his bronze staff to strike Lily’s Yasutsuna.

Clang! He slammed Lily’s Yasutsuna down. Yet, Lily was already prepared for it. She switched hands and spun the falling sword, raising its tip again!

Stab—! A dazzling, glimmering, and breathtakingly beautiful Purple Lunar Force slash was executed!

Lord Hiei’s gigantic body trembled and petrified on the spot. Like a volcano eruption, blood erupted out of him.

Meanwhile, Lily landed gracefully on the side and slowly sheathed her Cursed Blade. Lord Hiei then lost balance and toppled onto the ground2.


  1. Robinxen: I honestly don’t know how literal this translation is, but it made me laugh so I’m going to leave it.
  2. Robinxen: Slash.

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