Chapter 28 – The Strength Of The Imperial Army Increases

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3146 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1913 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Lord Iemori, Lord Hiromasa.” Lily bowed respectfully.

“Lady Kagami!” Iemori suddenly bowed deeply to Lily. “Thank you for avenging my uncle!”

Shigemori led elite soldiers from the Taira Clan to fight Hayabusa. However, he was killed by the latter after failing to deploy the formations. Since Lily killed Hayabusa, this meant she had avenged Shigemori.

“Fighting in battles is my natural duty. You don’t need to do this, Lord Iemori.”

“Our Taira Clan had treated you poorly before, Lady Kagami. Especially in the Kanto Region, I heard our clan’s Hachiro tried to kill you. I’m really really really—sorry!”

“Lord Iemori, It’s all in the past. Please don’t mind it.” Lily helped Iemori to his feet.

“Lady Kagami, the strategic meeting will soon begin. Let’s go there quickly!” Hiromasa said.

Igarashi stood in front of Lily. “Kagami Lily, I won’t let go of what happened on that day this easily!”

“Madam Igarashi, This is a military camp. Please settle your personal grudges elsewhere. Besides, Lady Kagami has avenged a senior from my clan. So, nobody can hurt her as long as she’s in my clan’s territory!” Iemori spoke without restraint.

“Huh? Taira Clan? People might be scared if it were a decade ago. But now, it’s better if you don’t mention this name.” Igarashi didn’t seem to be afraid of the Taira Clan.

“Leave it be, Madam Igarashi.” A thick and magnetic male voice was heard.

Lily had never heard of such an attractive but unmanly voice.

She saw a man with long blue hair standing by the port. He was tall and handsome, wearing loose white and beige robes, and held a straight sword. For some reason, this man’s eyes were always closed.

“Amami Manya?” Iemori was shocked. “I can’t believe he’s here too.”

The man approached and told Igarashi, “Madam Igarashi, I’m here with the orders to assist the Imperial Army and subjugate Shuten. It’s best if we focus on the enemy and work together. If infighting begins before we even strike out, wouldn’t it be shameful?”

Igarashi seemed to be a little wary of this man. “Hmph, Kagami Lily, I’ll leave you be for now since brother Amami said so!”

Igarashi left with her people. Meanwhile, Amami only bowed at Lily and the rest before walking towards a deserted spot.

“Lord Iemori. This Amami Manya is…”

“Hehe, Lady Kagami, don’t you know him?” Hiromasa explained enthusiastically, “Amami Manya is considered to be the strongest within Yamato’s Eight Legions. He’s famous within the Heian Dynasty but rarely shows himself. He’s a super swordsman that couldn’t be tracked nor found!”

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“The strongest within Yamato’s Eight Legions?” Lily couldn’t help but be shocked. “Could this handsome and tall man be stronger than senior brother Tenba?”

Lily and the rest reached the Chief Commander’s residence.

The rest of the generals also arrived one after another.

Lily and the rest entered the room and noticed Igarashi sitting behind the group of commanders while staring at her in hostility.

Lily couldn’t help but feel chills down her spine inside the room. Igarashi Kaede, Minamoto no Hirohikari, Minamoto no Tsukawa, Takamune… There were a lot of people in this room who were hostile to her…

Ashikaga Makoto, Minamoto no Yoshitada, and Shiina Airi approached her.

After sitting down, she glanced at Lily and spoke reassuringly, “Everyone, it is unquestionable that my goddaughter, Kagami Lily, has done the greatest deed today. Almost all by herself, she saved Prince Narinaga and several hundred female soldiers from the demon’s great encirclement. She has done a monumental deed to the Empire!”

The commanders also nodded in approval about it. Most of them didn’t object. Although Tsukawa was displeased, he still couldn’t say anything about it.

“Hmph! Although the rescue was successful, I heard the Sword Mikos suffered huge casualties! How is that capable? If all those Mikos were killed on the way and only a few were rescued, is this considered to be an accomplishment as well?” Takamune spoke in dissatisfaction.

Lily couldn’t help but feel baffled.

“Many of the killed Sword Mikos were all noble ladies in the capital who had high standings. Lady, most of these casualties happened because Kagami Lily decided to force her way out of the encirclement at all costs! So, although Kagami Lily had made a great accomplishment, she also made mistakes. You can’t just only praise her, no?” Hirohikari said.

“Lord Hirohikari! Isn’t this too much? Who can make several hundred Sword Mikos break out of an encirclement composed of several thousand demons without causing a single casualty? Can you? Lily has already done a great job! Aren’t you just nitpicking?” Yoshitada couldn’t help but growl.

“I’m only speaking the truth. What’s wrong with that?”

“Everyone, Lily has rescued Prince Narinaga, who’s important in stabilizing the Empire!” Makoto said, “His Majesty the Emperor had nothing but praise for Lily’s outstanding performance. The Empire will reward her soon after. When it comes to the casualties inflicted during the act, it was only a relatively small number when compared to the Sword Mikos’ previous losses. You cannot doubt that.”

Lily said, “Chief Commander, seniors, I just can’t bear to see His Highness the Prince and all the Tsunaga Sisters being harmed by the demons. As for rewards, I don’t care about them. Anyone who wants it can have it. I really don’t mind.”

“Lady Kagami, please don’t be mad. You can just assume those snide remarks as dog barks!” Iemori said.

“Who are you referring to?” Hirohikari got angry.

“That’s enough!” Yoshitada screamed angrily, “everyone shut up! Our army is here to subjugate Shuten. We were initially unable but now we have all these reinforcements. Instead of discussing our future strategies, we’re arguing here. Won’t the demons laugh at us? Why can’t we just stick together?”

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Everyone was rendered speechless after listening.

Makoto said, “You’re right, Lord Yoshitada. We’ve occupied Port Ayabe today. Which means we’ve claimed Tanba’s throat. With this as the gathering point and the strong reinforcements sent by the Emperor, we are no longer at a loss. No longer afraid. Now, we have enough military power to suppress Shuten. Today, we will talk about our future military strategy here!”

“First of all, I have good news for everyone. His Majesty the Emperor has come to an agreement with Tamamo-no-Mae. They will band together to attack Shuten Doji! According to the news from the capital, Tamamo-no-Mae’s army that was dispatched from Suno has now invaded Tanba’s Southwest! I’m sure Shuten was deeply surprised. He must be in great panic now. This is the perfect opportunity for our army to strike!”

Everyone engaged in discussion after listening to Makoto’s words. Nobody would ever expect Tamamo-no-Mae to cooperate with the Empire. The three Archdemons were holed up in the Kansai Region. The Imperial Army alone wouldn’t pose a threat to them. However, the situation was completely different if they worked with one of them to attack the other.

“Hmph. The mighty Heian Dynasty is relying on demons. I have no idea why you are happy about it!” Takamune snorted.

Many military commanders glared at Takamune in disdain. But since he was Minamoto no Yoritomo’s son, no one dared to antagonize him.

Makoto completely ignored Takamune’s complaint and continued speaking, “Our army should strike out as soon as possible and form a pincer attack along with Tamamo-no-Mae’s vanguard army in order to gain the most advantageous position. I think no one will object to this decision, right?”

“The Chief Commander is correct. This is basic military strategy. A pincer attack will make everything easier.” Taira no Iemori nodded.

Minamoto no Yoshitada also agreed. “We must act as soon as possible and strike decisively! We can’t miss this opportunity!”

Most of the commanders also nodded in approval.

“Chief Commander, I’m sure it makes sense. As the counselor, I naturally want the army to march as soon as possible. However, until now, we don’t even know where Mount Ooe is… Even if we march, where should we go?” Hirohikari asked.

Makoto stood up and went to the map of Tanba.

She pointed her cavalry whip towards an ancient castle on the center of the map. “This is the main city when the Hatano Clan was in control of Tanba, Kameyama Castle. Although we don’t know where Mount Ooe is… But Kameyama Castle is a strategic area in the middle of Tanba. Since ancient times, all empires have ruled over Tanba by occupying Kameyama Castle. Although it’s in between deep mountains, there were several paths that were connected to it. This is a key military strategic point that allows us to control the entirety of Tanba! Perhaps it isn’t as important when used against the demons. But to us regular armies of the Empire, we must claim this castle. Our army is great at fighting as a unit, and great with formations. Once we occupy Kameyama Castle and restore it, the demons might be great at wilderness fighting, but they aren’t proficient in sieging. So, it will be virtually impossible for them to reclaim Kameyama Castle. Once we claim the castle, we’d be controlling half of Tanba.”

“However, Chief Commander, the ancient path that leads to Kameyama Castle has been reclaimed by the forests. Which route should we take?” A military commander asked.

Makoto smiled. “Let me introduce you to someone.”

Before long, a young girl with magenta-colored short hair entered the room.

She knelt in front of the hall and bowed at Makoto.

“Please introduce yourself to the commanders.” She said.

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“My lords, my name is Hatano Kana. I am a descendant of Hatano Clan, which once ruled over Tanba. My father, grandfather, and ancestors were once the Lord of Kameyama Castle.” Hatano Kana said quietly and solemnly.

“What? Hatano Clan’s descendant?”

“They actually exist?”

“Hehehehe!” Taira no Iemori said with a smile, “Even the daughter of Kameyama Castle’s Lord is here with us. Are you all still worried about finding the path to Kameyama Castle now?”

The commanders nodded in satisfaction.

Only Lily glanced at Lady Hatano with some confusion. Based on what she said, she had lost all direction the moment she entered Tanba along with Uesugi Rei. If Lady Hatano knew the path to Kameyama Castle, why would she lose her directions back then?

At this moment, Hatano had an expressionless face as everyone talked about her.

In truth, her family had fled the war-torn Kameyama Castle when she was still young, to the point that she had no memories of it. She knew well that she had zero clue about the path to Kameyama Castle. However, if she didn’t act confidently and lie to Ashikaga Makoto like this, when would the army ever march and when would they ever rescue sister Uesugi Rei?

As for the path, she didn’t know where Mount Ooe was. But since Kameyama Castle wouldn’t grow legs and run away, she knew it would be fine as long as she studied the map and looked for a path to the castle on the fly. That’s what she planned anyway1.

Makoto said, “With Lady Hatano guiding the army, I’m sure the problem about making our way to Kameyama Castle is no longer an issue. So, once the army is prepared, we shall march and occupy Kameyama Castle. What do you think?”

“Lady Hatano’s appearance might just be destiny!” Yoshitada stood up and said, “our army shall claim Kameyama Castle!”

“Kameyama Castle will soon be ours!”

The rest of the commanders also cried out.


  1. Robinxen: Oh my gods, this person literally just figured she’d wing it while leading the entire army?

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