Chapter 27 – Soul-Devouring Cursed Sword

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3099 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1826 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s blade vibration1 alone made Naito feel like his bones and flesh were somewhat damaged. Although he was pretty strong himself, he was too old. His physical resilience was his weakness.

“This young and energetic girl is actually this strong! Looks like I have underestimated her. I’m afraid I can’t defeat her in swordsmanship alone!” Naito had been training for several hundred years. He was involved in all kinds of battles and had a wealth of experience.

At the same time, the Tsunaga Sisters were clashing with the vagabonds.

Many of these vagabonds were powerful fighters. That big man clad in red armor swung his massive axe and sent many Sisters flying.

“I must end the battle as soon as possible!” Lily accelerated once again and charged at Naito.

“Woman!” Do you know why Shuten Doji wouldn’t challenge me even though I’m staying in his territory?” Naito’s body suddenly let out a bone-chilling Spiritual Flame. Ominous vibrations appeared on his blade, causing people to feel deep terror.

“Hahaha! Although it’s a pity to kill a beauty like you, I can’t control my strength anyway— Cursed Sword – Soul Devour!”


A horrifying wave of sword energy shot out of Naito’s blade and rushed towards Lily’s stomach!

This guy was directly targeting a female adept’s deadliest weak point—the Spirit Palace. It was very cruel.

However, this ominous wave of sword energy was moderately powerful. Hence, Lily blocked it effortlessly with the wave of her sword!

“Huff!” Unexpectedly, that sword energy seemed to be ethereal as it went through Lily’s slash without pause. It completely ignored her spiritual defenses and went straight into her exposed navel.

That ominous energy entered Lily’s Spirit Palace and directly struck her Purple Lunar Force Permanence Spirit.

A soul attack! This sword energy attacked her soul!

“Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha!” Naito laughed maniacally after seeing Lily defending herself with her sword instead of dodging. Based on her agility, she had a chance of dodging it. But since she tried to block it, this meant that her soul was fated to be killed. If she was deeply hurt instead, she would still become a mindless doll that he could do whatever he pleased!

“Woman. Pray to the heavens that you won’t die! But even if you did, all your loot will be mine. I must say, your sword is pretty good!” Naito revealed his overwhelming greed and lust!


Bright radiance appeared on Lily’s Purple Lunar Force Permanence Spirit, forming into strands of thin golden patterns. When that sword energy approached the Purple Lunar Force, it was blocked by a faint golden shield that would remain undetected in usual circumstances.


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The sword energy that attacked souls dissipated Like a wisp of smoke. It couldn’t even cause the slightest impact in Lily’s soul.

What a joke! Lily’s soul was defended by bottomless golden light! It came from the Mirror Dimension’s fifth room! Even the combined attack of millions of spiritual demons from Izumi Mountain wouldn’t leave a nick on it. So, what could Naito, someone who used a cursed sword with third-rate soul-damaging techniques do?

“Hmph. Is this your so-called trump card?” Lily asked without emotion.

“What?” Naito was terrified. “You… You… How could this be?”

“Huff!” Lily dashed towards him like a flash of light. “That’s why I said that you’re just a tortoise hiding inside its shell. You know nothing!”

Lily swung her sword heavily. Since Naito was not as quick, he could only block it with his sword instead of dodging.

Bang!!! Naito was struck. As he knelt on the ground, there was also a massive crater being formed around him. The bones on both of his arms were all cracked!

“Agh… Blegh…” He vomited a mouthful of black blood. “You little… b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

Wham! Lily’s long and slender leg struck his chest and sent him flying2. He crashed into the cliff.

Lily didn’t hesitate and accelerated. With a leap, she jumped into the ruins below!

“Cough cough…” A scary indent was seen on his chest. He failed to get back on his feet as he laid on the rubble.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! His eyes suddenly turned grim as he unleashed many cursed swords. These cursed swords were capable of tracking and it was difficult to dodge their attacks.

However, just like before, the cursed swords struck Lily but did absolutely nothing.

Naito raised his sword and lunged at Lily. Clang—! Lily’s sword clashed into Naito’s and scraped downwards, creating sparks of spiritual energy.

Swish! Her Tachi cut off one of his arms.

Her knee also slammed into his chest heavily.

“Pfft—” Naito vomited another mouthful of blood. “This… Isn’t possible… Why… Why didn’t my cursed sword’s soul attack work on you! No one can resist my cursed swords!”

Lily placed her sword in front of his neck and lowered her body, speaking in a gentle and provocative voice, “perhaps… I’m not human, but a goddess?”

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“What…? You… Are you really a God?” Naito’s eyes were wide open3.

“How is that possible? You… Are really killed by your own ignorance!”

Lily flicked her wrist forcefully and lopped off his head.

Although Naito was a middle-stage Throned Sovereign, he was still a human adept, no matter how ugly he seemed. Lily was unwilling to absorb his Anima. Otherwise, it was possible that even someone like herself would be controlled by her Cursed Blade and eventually turn into a demon.

However, Lily didn’t share the same opinion on his possessions. After scrounging, she took his sword and Storage Pouch.

“Lord Shogun!” The red-armored samurai approached Lily in large strides.

Swish—! However, his upper body was severed with a flash.

Once Naito died, all the vagabonds were in disarray. They were either killed by the Tsunaga Sisters or fled into the woods.

The Tsunaga Sisters looted their corpses without hesitation. They were mainly looking for treasures like Magatama.

After fighting bloody battles for months, these noble ladies were no longer as elegant and reserved as they used to be. Now, they were in desperate need of Magatama and valuable medical ingredients.

Women, like Lily, who could retain their elegance as beautiful ladies in all aspects of their lives no matter how many trials and tribulations they faced were actually rare to find.

To Lily, her senior sister had sacrificed everything to grant her this body she had. So, how could she slack off? No matter when and where.

“Everybody, let’s go. Since Naito’s dead, the demons might come after us soon!” Lily informed all the Sisters using her Domain.

They hurried along and left while carrying their wounded allies.

Although it was relatively easy to win this battle, there were still 5 Tsunaga Sisters who were slain in this valley. There were also more than 20 injured people.

Fortunately, Kagura had now relearned several healing spells after recuperation. Despite not being a Shikigami that specialized in healing, she could still do something to mend their wounds.

After that, the Tsunaga Sisters were pursued and attacked by demons many times along the way. However, the scale of these attacks grew increasingly weaker. Lily and the rest always defeated them.

Eventually, the Tsunaga Sisters reached Tange River. They could already see Port Ayabe with their eyes.

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In this place, both Lily’s and Ijuin’s Voice Transmission Orbs could easily communicate with the stationed army in Port Ayabe. Although the place was filled with Eldritch Energy, they were still very close.

Before long, several boats were dispatched and they all returned to Port Ayabe.

After reaching Port Ayabe and seeing the Empire’s army and formations being set up in many places across the entire port, only then did the Sisters heave a sigh of relief. They crumpled onto the ground without a care.

Lily also felt very relieved after bringing most of her allies home.

“Kagami Lily!” A mature woman shouted.

Just as she had relaxed, a blade was instantly slashed towards her. Lily reacted quickly and unsheathed her sword instantly.

Clang! She blocked the edge of the blade.

Only to see Igarashi Kaede, who wore a traditional orange Japanese hip-length jacket over a red formal dress staring at her resentfully, with her naginata pressed into Lily’s Yasutsuna.

“It’s you?” Lily also frowned.

Igarashi had humiliated Haihime in Heian-kyo and before. She was then punished by Lily’s clever use of her tools and was humiliated in public. The reputation of Yamato’s Eight Legions and her reputation as a mature woman were all ruined. She became the national laughingstock for a while.

She even felt the urge to commit suicide. She was more resentful at this than she was being hurt physically!

Lily completely understood why Igarashi would hate her. However, why was this woman here now?

Lily looked around. Igarashi’s subordinates, Young Gunner Kuwashi, Giant Monk Toyamaji, and Gloomy Samurai Inoue were all present.

“Kagami Lily! The humiliation you inflicted upon me is worse than taking my life! How dare you show yourself here? Today, I will return the favor a hundred times!” Immense spiritual wind rose within Igarashi’s body.

“Stop!” Ashikaga Makoto, Minamoto no Yoshitada, and the rest of his samurai came over.

She approached. “Madam Igarashi. What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Chief Commander, This is none of your business. I have some personal grudges with this little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

“Madam Igarashi!” Makoto’s face became grim. “We are at the frontlines. We are all Imperial soldiers who are here to subjugate Shuten Doji under the Emperor’s orders. Even if you have personal grudges, this isn’t the place to settle them! So please stop it! Otherwise, don’t blame me when I charge you with disobeying military orders and treason!”

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“Madam Igarashi, please stop!” Golden spiritual energy also emerged on Minamoto no Yoshitada’s body.

Igarashi trembled all over while resentfully glaring at Lily. Although she was deeply unwilling, she knew that it wasn’t good to go against the officials in this place.

“Hmph! Consider yourself lucky, Kagami Lily! Why don’t you stay in this military camp forever? If you dare!” Igarashi shoved forcefully and Lily took a few steps back. She waved her naginata in protest several times before backing off.

Lily also sheathed Yasutsuna as a response.

Igarashi’s group were sent here under the Emperor’s orders as allies. They only arrived recently.

“Lady Kagami!” Not far away, two warriors approached. One was tall and scrawny, but radiated a horrifying aura; the others seemed average in strength but had a handsome face.

They were Taira no Iemori, the Left Imperial Guards’ Commander, and Minamoto no Hiromasa.

Lily was also surprised. She didn’t expect the Commanders of both the Left and Right Imperial Guards to be here. Could it be that Lady Ayaka was wrong? Was the Empire actually determined to win this battle?

However, with that, wouldn’t Heian-kyo’s defenses be weakened?

But thinking from her perspective, Lily believed Lady Kimiko wouldn’t take the opportunity to invade the Empire. However, thinking in the officials’ shoes, she knew they wouldn’t be so trusting of Lady Kimiko4.


  1. Robinxen: Vibration blades are such a cool weapon concept honestly.
  2. Robinxen: Author are you trying to make her sexy or powerful, pick a side.
  3. Robinxen: This dude is so weak… why the hell was he being left alive? There’s no way the demons feared him.
  4. Robinxen: Ah… now it falls into place. The real plan behind this is to have the two demons weaken each other so that it forms a deadlock.

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