Chapter 24 – Night Escape

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3142 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2107 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The sword mikos dressed in revealing sets of armor stepped forward to battle the swarm of spiders while the mirror girls and the jade maidens used magic to aid them. Although many of the jade maidens carried bows on them, they had no choice but to use magic since they had run out of arrows in their quivers.

“Don’t get too engrossed in the battle, girls! Break out of the encirclement as soon as possible!” Ijuin shouted.

It was impossible to ignore the spiders swarming at them, though.

Even Ijuin had gotten caught up in a battle with the devil that had emerged from the woods suddenly to bar her path.


Lily summoned the Four-Tailed Demon Cat and Soultaker before joining the girls in killing the spiders.

“Damn it! There are too many of them!” Lily was forced to a stop and leaped onto a tall branch so that she could unleash a series of spells on the spider swarm.

“Sakura Blizzard!”

A storm of sakura petals filled the woods and surrounded the vicinity of the Tsunaga sisters, turning into sharp blades that decimated all the spiders and monsters in their way.

The runes on the gigantic spiders glowed at this moment, though, and linked with each other to form a barrier which blocked the sakura blades. This forced Lily to gather the sakura blades on a single point to break through the barrier and kill the spider inside it.

“What formation is this?! I never thought the runes on the spiders were for this!” It was Lily’s first time experiencing the effects of a formation in real combat. The formation these spiders had used was something that they knew how to use on an instinctual level and had not acquired it post-birth like how humans did.

The formation prevented Lily from decimating the monsters.

“Rush out, everyone!” Ijuin yelled.

Although the spiders had used the formation to manifest a barrier, it had also slowed them down by a lot.

The girls seized this chance to break through the encirclement, but the spiders followed after them incessantly.

“Hmph!” Kagura raised the Sakura Parasol up high behind the Tsunaga sisters and spun it.

Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!

A bunch of green specks of light fell on each of the Tsunaga sisters the next moment, and they felt their bodies become lighter the moment these light specks touched them.

“Go!” Kagura swung her blade, releasing several pink sword beams at the spiders pursuing them. However, even more spiders crawled over the corpses of the spiders and chased after them.

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The spiders would use the formation to produce a barrier whenever Lily used her domain to unleash an area attack.

A strange howl, as well as powerful vibrations, came from the front of the file at this moment, and an Ōkubi, a giant head that was at least a dozen meters tall, showed its malevolent face out of the woods.


It pushed through the samurai women who had broken out of the encirclement.

The samurai women scattered immediately but one of the jade women failed to dodge in time and got swallowed by the gigantic Ōkubi immediately.

It was a really disastrous sight for the Tsunaga sisters.

“Lil’ Sis!” “Sis!’ A sword miko and mirror girl went mad upon seeing this and went to kill the Ōkubi.

“No! Don’t go there!” Ijuin yelled at them, but it was too late.


A red-face, green-skinned mountain demon jumped down the tree and smashed its barbed mace on the sword miko’s shoulders, forcing her to kneel on the ground. It then smashed at her flank, sending her crashing into a tree, her neck snapping off in the process.

“Sis!” The remaining mirror girl went mad and began chanting a spell, forgetting that she was completely out in the open.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two arrows shot out from above the trees and pierced through the mirror girl’s chest.

“Let’s meet again in the afterworld, sisters…” The mirror girl collapsed in a pool of blood.

“Oh, no!” Lily waved her hand after suppressing the spiders behind them and said, “Help me, Yuki-Onna!”

A silver mist passed through the woods as Yuki-Onna flew towards the front of the Tsunaga sisters.

“A monster!” The sisters panicked and prepared to attack Yuki-Onna.

“Don’t panic, girls! She’s my familiar!” Lily used her domain to make sure her voice reached the ears of all the Tsunaga sisters.

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“Who are you calling your familiar now, huh? Never mind. We’re reaching the one-year time limit anyway1. You’ll become mine when the times come. Heh.” Yuki-Onna swung her sleeves to produce a powerful hailstorm and created icicles that were infused with the powerful ice true intent.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The icicles shot towards the Ōkubi and pierced through it, freezing it up gradually before it shattered into pieces.

Yuki-Onna swung her sleeve again and sent an ice tornado towards the trees.

“Argh!” The demon archers hiding on the trees fell down because of the ice tornado. The sword mikos swarmed around these demons the moment they fell down and killed them swiftly.

The Tsunaga sisters did not dare to fight too zealously after that and rushed forward immediately.

The flanks of the file got attacked by monsters occasionally, creating chaos on the battlefield.

“Aaargh!” A crude rope coiled around a mirror girl’s neck and pulled her into the mist-covered woods. The other girls had no choice but to give up on her when they sensed the rising aura within the mist and could only continue moving forward with gritted teeth.

The monsters were everywhere and many of them even created barriers to defend against domain and magic attacks.

The situation was so bad that even Lily could not deal with all of them and was forced to just deal with the spiders pursuing them before moving on.

“Run a little further to the left, Tsunaga sisters! We’re heading in the wrong direction now!” Lily used her domain to make her voice reach everyone again. As she was not leading them at the front, it was easy for them to mistake the direction they were heading in.

Very few girls among the Tsunaga sisters had a good sense of direction like Lily.

“Blossom-Clad Moon!” Lily felt that she was wasting her energy by using the domain to kill the monsters and switched to using her ultimate attack to kill them instead. She had no difficulty using it in succession with her current power reserves.

Lily also collected the anima of the Permanence level monsters simultaneously.

“I never thought there were so many Permanence level archdemons here! My strength has actually increased faintly ever since the battle began!”

“Screech!” A primal cry echoed throughout the woods as a house-sized, gigantic spider with several runes on its body caught up with them from behind. This spider possessed the aura of a middle-stage Throned General and was quite fast in spite of having such a massive figure. It uprooted the trees as it caught up with the Tsunaga sisters at a speed several times faster than them.

“Lead the sisters in that direction, Kagura! I’ll block the spider2!”
“Yes, Master!”

Lily dodged aside and rushed towards the spider. However, the spider actually shot spider silk at her at the same moment. These transparent, spider silks of the gigantic spider were almost as thick as vines and as fast as lightning.

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“What?!” Even Lily had not expected the spider to shoot spider silks at her and got entangled in them as a result.

The spider silks tightened up the next moment, making Lily feel out of breath.

The spider actually spoke human words in the next moment. “I’m going to eat you slowly on my spider web for killing so many of my children!”

The spider turned Lily upside down, making it so that her a̲s̲s̲ was facing her. However, the spider seemed to be female, so it did not have any interest in violating Lily and just wanted to tear the sexy woman in front of her into shreds.

Although Lily was much stronger than the spider, even she could not harness her full strength when entangled in the spider silks and it was also difficult for her to sever them with her domain’s sakura blades.

Lily strengthened her grip on Yasutsuna, making it buzz and glow with a purple light.

Her strength increased sharply as she raised her arm forcefully and severed the flexible spider silk with her blade’s edge, falling onto the spider’s head with a flip in the air.

The spider raised her body high and brandished her legs wildly to throw Lily off, but she raised Yasutsuna and infused it with the power of the purple moon before stabbing its blade deep into the spider’s head.

A purple sword beam shot3 out of Yasutsuna and shot through the spider’s spirit jade, killing it in one go.

Lily absorbed the Throne level anima immediately.

She would not have had to use the purple moon force to handle the spider if she had not gotten entangled in the spider silk. After all, her current strength was already comparable to the late-stage Throned Sovereign level even without using the purple moon. Lily could even kill a late-stage Throned Sovereign as long as she used the purple moon’s power.

Fortunately, the sisters were far from her within the dark woods, so no one had seen her use it.

Lily sped up her sprint and caught up with the Tsunaga sisters soon after.

Although Lily, Kagura, Yuki-Onna, and the demon hound guided the Tsunaga sisters out of the encirclement of the monsters, killing several monsters in the process, the Tsunaga sisters had still suffered from considerable casualties.

The sisters knew that death was all that awaited them if they insisted on staying behind in the temple, though. The sisters displayed an unprecedented level of power to survive this ordeal and avoid the fate of being captured and violated by the monsters. They did their best to follow along with Lily.

“Attack!” Ijuin was covered in blood right now and did not even know whether the blood was her own or the monsters that she had killed. Her skirt had also become utterly tattered and did little to hide her green garters and underwear, making it seem like she was going commando when seen from behind. However, she did not give a damn about it during this deadly struggle and only focused on killing the enemies in front of her so that she and her sisters could break out of encirclement.

“Protect Prince Narinaga!” Kasuga surrounded the prince with a few elites and pulled him forward while deflecting the attacks of the monsters.

The prince was undoubtedly the weakest among the Tsunaga sisters. He had long run out of breath and felt as if his lungs were on fire. He simply could not run anymore and allowed Kasuga to drag him forward.

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He was at the back of the file, though, so his slow speed placed everyone else in further danger, making them the target of attacks from the monsters.

Lily furrowed her brows when she saw this.

Prince Narinaga could not even keep standing anymore when he saw Kasuga go ahead to deal with the demon wolf in front of them. He lied face-down on the ground while still cross-dressed.

Lily rushed to the back of the file and took off her sandal before she turned him over with her foot.

Her spotless foot stepped on Prince Narinaga’s face, her toes pressing against his lips.

“Stand up and run if you still consider yourself a man, Prince Narinaga! Don’t disappoint me now.” Lily said icily.

Her eyes were filled with contempt for the cowardly boy, yet also filled with the expectation that an admonishing sister had for a little brother.

“S-Sis…” Prince Narinaga’s face flushed red. “I… Mmf…” He could not even speak coherently because of Lily’s foot.

Lily lifted her foot a little and stepped on his cheek instead, pressing his face against the dead leaves on the ground, making tears flow out of his reddened eyes. “I-I… Even if the entire world laughs at me for being unmanly and calls me a coward… I don’t want you to look at me with contempt, Sister Lily! I… I will run! Run as if my life depends on it!”

Prince Narinaga summoned his strength somehow and pushed Lily’s foot aside staunchly in spite of feeling a bit reluctant. He then got up and ran forward while crying.

“Prince…” Lily showed an admiring smile on her face and put on her sandal before killing the monsters around her4.


  1. Robinxen: Wow it’s really been that long.
  2. Robinxen: Recently I’ve seen a bunch of youtube videos about giant or intelligent spiders spreading around.
  4. Robinxen: I have… so many confused feelings about this dynamic.

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