Chapter 18 – Emergency Order

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2054 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1114 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Uehara no Shenzu was not in a good situation, all she had on now were torn cloth strips that barely covered her chest and thighs. She was currently hung on a cross by chains and locked in the dungeon of the Bureau of Justice.

This night, light was brought deep into the tunnel as a group of people went to the deepest part of the dungeon. In this deepest part of the dungeon, the chains and torture racks were all inscribed with runes and the cage was made of grade seven stone and grade eight wood. This place was made to imprison criminals of the permanence realm and even those of the early stages of the throne realm.

Clank— The cell door swung open.

Shenzu raised her head, her face pale yet flushed. She gave a cold grin, “Heh, you don’t have to waste your time, I won’t say anything.”

In the lead was Fujiwara no Arima and a huge samurai wearing exquisite samurai armor. This man had his eyes covered by a black cloth yet radiated an aura that made even Shenzu tremble.

Fujiwara no Arima who served as the minister of justice spoke up, “Not bad miss Shenzu. Today we aren’t here to question you, but a certain lord admires your perseverance. Men, let her down!”

Although Shenzu had been imprisoned for so long, there was no weakness in her attitude, “What games are you playing?”

“No questions, just follow us. Though, you should abandon any thoughts of escape, Lord Minamoto Ichiro Genshin is more than enough to subdue you.”

“Genshin?” Shenzu’s heart shook as she lowered her head to hide her sneer. She knew exactly who wanted to see her now.

If that man wanted her to die, then she would definitely be unable to live. But why would he want her brought before him, what did that man want1?


Ayabe port was dark and filled with ruined houses. This civilian quarter was filled with just a few ruined houses, a weedy wasteland filled with a few farm tools.

Here, many female cavalry soldiers rested around a few bonfires.

“Look, that woman, how did she dress up like that?”
“So what? We’re all women here, and isn’t Lord Shiina wearing the same thing?”
“Hmph, who knows if she wanted to wear that.”
“Though, she’s really tall and her style is amazing…”
“Go up and chat?”
“Eh? I- I don’t dare…though that sister looks very ashamed, she also feels very strong…”

A group of female cavalry soldiers chattered about Lily.

To maintain their combat effectiveness, Uesugi female cavalry soldiers are forbidden from intercourse with men, as a result, the relationship between the women turned ambiguous…

Lily walked around the house, with her abilities, she could naturally hear the gossip. But she didn’t have the heart to care or pay attention.

Currently, she was wearing a short black strapless armor, the buckle in the middle of her chest fastened the armor. It squeezed her chest tight, emphasizing and drawing attention to the size of her snow white globes2.

The short breastplate revealed Lily’s tight slender waist, belly button and navel…as for her bottom, it was just like Airi, a small inverted triangle held up by two thin suspenders.

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After that, it was nothing, making Lily’s lower half look especially white3.

Though there were only women, being dressed like this made Lily feel especially ashamed, but it was difficult to stay within the hut in her current state. She had no guards, but to step out of this block dressed like this…she couldn’t do it.

Lily didn’t know what to do, the ninjas had already informed her of what they had discovered. At least the possibility of sister Uesugi being alive was greater, but the possibility of her being captured and sent to Shuten Doji wasn’t low either. Lily knew that Uesugi Rei was strong, but the methods that Shuten Doji had were unimaginable. Shuten was afterall one of the three great arch-demons and one who enjoyed assaulting and mutilating women!

Taking short breaths, she felt that this breastplate was far too small and her chest too swollen. Pacing around, the night breeze blowing on her skin was unable to calm her down.

“Tonight, I’ll go ask mother again. If she still doesn’t allow me to go, I’ll go anyways! Hmph, what military law, can it stop me4?”

“Sister Kagami?”

Looking back, Lily saw Shizuru behind her, apparently from behind her current outfit was far more daring.

Shizuru’s face blushed as her eyes fell onto Lily’s perky snowy rear, even as a fellow woman, seeing such a sexy and perfect figure made her feel unbearable.

“Shi, Shizuru?” Lily was most afraid of her acquaintances seeing her in this outfit. Turning around, one hand covered her bottom while she unconsciously bit her own lip.

“Sister Kagami…what, what are you, why are you wearing that? We may all be women here, but it’s still…too bold…or does sister Lily like this feeling?” Shizuru had no special feelings for other women, but Lily was different, she was her benefactor.

“How, how could that be possible…I…I was feeling fretful, so…I came out to feel the wind…”

“There’s no need to wear that though?”

“You, you think I’m willing to wear this?” Lily’s face was burning up.

From afar, Shiina Airi walked up with a few female calvary soldiers, “Ehh, hooked up so easily?”


“To think Miss Kagami really wore that out, looks like Miss Kagami is a really incredible woman.” Shiina Airi’s outfit wasn’t anywhere better than what Lily was wearing, yet she still laughed at her.

“Isn’t this outfit what you the prison guard ordered me to wear? You think I like wearing this? Being all shameless like you?”

Shiina didn’t mind Lily’s accusation at all, “Then I’ll tell you now, your detention is lifted.”

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“Eh?” Lily was overjoyed.

“Immediately report to the commander.”

To look for her right now, they must be preparing to send her off to find sister Uesugi.”

Impatiently she ran off, she didn’t even bother changing clothes. All Lily did was grab a silken scarf from her mirror space and wrap it around her waist as she ran towards the main formation.

“Sister Kagami…” Shizuru whispered as she looked at Lily’s back.

“Commander!” Within a few moments, Lily had skidded in front of Makoto.

“Lily? You, what are you wearing5?”

“Ah!” Embarrassment rushed into her heart as she wondered if the pink-purple scarf made her look even more alluring, but the situation was urgent, she had no time to care about such things.

“That… no, Lily, I…under the orders of the Cloistered Emperor, you are given an emergency military order!”


  1. Robinxen: The plot thickens.
  2. Robinxen: Snow globes! Christmas!
  3. Robinxen: What is this… some kind of strange code written on her thigh? B5EWQ-DG7YC-B9T3I
  4. Yuki: Can it stop you? Probably not… but you’ll get so many penalties in the future you’ll wonder if it was worth it…. This called being too overconfident?
  5. Robinxen: Really what is anyone wearing?

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