Chapter 12 – Hayabusa

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3063 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1713 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The extended night was long and the torches held by the marching army formed a long snake penetrating deep into the dark forests between the mountains.

The fog was concentrated near the grounds of the forest.

As the army marched, seven days had passed and only once had the sun appeared.

Lily was wearing a red short skirted kimono, this kimono was an order she had Shiu arrange from the best kimono weaver in Heian-kyo.

Not only was the kimono beautiful, it was also as tough as a seventh grade leather armor. Naturally it was not cheap, but the price wasn’t anything she would worry about.

The long sleeved kimono had a vest styled top, the cleavage exposed was generous, yet embroidered with beautiful flowers. The two long sleeves were uniquely styled with gold silk on the upper arms and designed to be cool and airy in this hot humid mountain forest. As for the skirt, it was naturally very short, from the back it barely covered her buttocks1.

Naturally with Lily’s temperament, this was one of her most favorite clothing styles, though to be honest, there were many styles that Lily liked.

In front of her, the army had stopped marching and was already setting up camp. Though it was still an extended night, Lily somewhat felt that the army had only marched for half a day since they departed the last campground.

Looking up front, she could see Ashikaga Kiyoshi commanding troops to transport supplies from a muddy slope.

Walking forward, she asked, “Lord Kiyoshi, why are we camping so early today?”

Kiyoshi wiped the sweat off his forehead, it was as if throwing himself into this sort of mindless military exercises would fill him with vigor and satisfaction. Seeing Lily talk to him also made him happy, “Miss Kagami, we’re close to port Ayabe, the great general has ordered the army to set up formations here.”

“Has port Ayabe been captured?”

“There’s been no news from the Izumi Genji Army, Miss Kagami should go to the main formation.”

Nodding, she quickly walked through the chaotic army and arrived at the just complete main formation. The generals had all gathered in a tent and were discussing within.

“It’s been seven days, why has there been no news from the advanced units or the Izumi Genji army?”
“Even if they encounter resistance, they should at least send a report.”

Several generals debated anxiously.

Lily didn’t walk up to ask, nor did she greet them, she stood silently in the corner watching them. She felt these generals were far more serious, none of them were staring at her cleavage or legs.

Suddenly, she felt a wicked gaze from the side.

Minamoto no Tsukawa’s savage voice came from the side, teeth grinding in anger.

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Lily’s eyes chilled at that voice.

Tsukawa stared at her fiercely as he walked over.

Lily knew that Tsukawa was not a good or generous person and must be holding a grudge from the tournament. Lily was focused on the crusade against Shuten Doji and the greater picture, though she would not play little tricks, it was not guaranteed that others would not.

But she wasn’t afraid.

Suddenly a fat and smelly young samurai stood in front of Lily, blocking her sight.

This was Minamoto Jujiro Takamune.

“Kagami Lily, how dare you disobey the general’s order. If you become my subordinate I can give you a chance to reform, otherwise, after the battle, I’ll report you to my dad! Those who offend my Genji clan, won’t have a good time at court!”

Lily scoffed, “Go and report, it’s not like you’re the only son of Lord Kamakura I’ve offended.”

“You!!!” He grabbed Lily’s collar, “B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, you dare be so arrogant!?”

Lily looked down at that hand grabbing her collar, “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, I’m doing nothing, I know you’re strong and I’m incapable of beating you, but I advise you to be obedient, or on that day you fall into my hands, I’ll make you thoroughly understand the power of a man!”

“Ehh? You want me to be obedient? But so many men have already threatened me and want me to be obedient to them. Why don’t you have a match with Shuten Doji, Sugawara no Michizane, and Taira no Masakado to see who I should be obedient to?” Lily riposted nonchalantly2.

“You won’t scare me! Hmph, take good care of yourself!” Takamune shoved Lily away, but unexpectedly, the sharp icy power of the moon smashed into his fat hand as he failed to move Lily and was knocked back himself.

“You b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ woman! Just wait!” Takamune knew if he faced off against her, he would be the one to suffer so he walked away cursing.

The other generals arrived one by one.

Ashikaga Makoto also arrived at the gathering of the generals, she was still dressed in that white armor and black stockings, a heroic figure without lacking the charm of a mature woman, only this time she had a solemn look.

“There has been no contact from the advance troops for the past few days, we do not know what the situation in front of us is like.” Ashikaga Makoto announced.

Taira no Shigemori added, “This army’s main formation is less than a dozen miles away from port Ayabe, it is very unusual that there is no news.”

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Shiina Airi, wearing her usual conservative top3 and small panty bottom, stood up, “As ordered, I have sent my ninjas out to investigate, a report should be delivered soon.”

Ashikaga Makoto interjected, “Today, this army must take down port Ayabe, if the Izumi Genji Army is being obstructed, then we must send reinforcements.”

All the generals nodded in agreement.

In truth, at the moment, all they could do was wait with a grim expression.

An hour later, a puff of white smoke announced the arrival of a ninja. He was flustered and rushed into the tent with a blood stained cloth bag tied to his belt.

As the ninja ran in, all the general’s hearts beat with suspension.

The ninja knelt down and reported “General…my unit discovered…discovered…”

The reporting ninja was covered in sweat, trembling and could only stutter.

“Speak! What did you discover?” Minamoto no Hirohikari who was wearing a hunting jacket and a tall hat urged.

“We discovered…thousands of corpses belonging to the Izumi Genji Army.” The ninja finally reported.


“Several thousand!?? What about Lord Minamoto no Muneshige!?? Where is he?” Minamoto no Yoshitada was also anxious.

“Ten miles ahead of the camp…the corpses are everywhere, all of them are from the Izumi Genji army, and none of the corpses are whole.”

“What did you say!??”

Even Ashikaga Makoto turned pale white.

“Lord Minamoto no Muneshige’s head was… was hung on a branch in the middle of the road…we risked our lives to bring his head back.”

The ninja untied the cloth bag and opened it on the ground.

The head of a samurai rolled out, his dim eyes still open and frozen in an expression of panic.

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The generals in the area were all familiar and resolute when it came to killing enemies, but they were still all shocked at seeing a Genji general being beheaded like that.

“B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! Who! Who killed Lord Muneshige!” Minamoto no Yoshitada roared in fury, the handle of his blade rattled from the heavy grip.

“This…this subordinate only saw the corpses littered all over and brought back Lord Muneshige’s head back first, the rest of my unit is still investigating.”

Before he finished speaking, another ninja panicky rushed in. “Reporting to the generals, the Izumi Genji army was annihilated!”

“We already know! What else is there!?” Minamoto no Hirohikari asked.

“In front of the corpses, a group of demons are blocking the mouth of the valley leading to port Ayabe! The leading demon carries a huge machete and calls himself Hayabusa of the Ten Demon Enforcers! He, he’s the one who beheaded Lord Muneshige!”

“Ten Demon Enforcers, Hayabusa?” When the group of generals heard the name, they felt a sense of fear. A monster capable of annihilating the brave and ferocious Izumi Genji army and beheaded the peak-stage permanence realmed great general Minamoto no Muneshige was here?

Hirohikari waved his hand ordering the two ninja to retreat, for a while, the group fell silent.

“Three thousand Genji elites… all gone!” Hirohikari couldn’t help but feel panic, “How are we supposed to fight this war?”

Makoto’s chest was also heaving and her aura was unsteady, but she retained the composure of a commander and asked “Who can battle that Ten Demon Enforcers Hayabusa and avenge Lord Minamoto no Muneshige?”

Though the generals all held a grudge in their hearts, none of them responded to Makoto’s question.

“Hmph! You Genjis are all cowards, weaklings! Since you lot will not avenge him, I shall avenge Minamoto no Muneshige!” A tall sturdy man with chest hair boasted. This man was Taien Ryuji, “My ancestors enjoyed the favor of the Ashikaga clan, Madam Ashikaga, allow me Taien Ryuji to conquer port Ayabe!”

“Lord Taien!” Makoto’s chest heaved4, but was a bit moved. “That Hayabusa is an entity capable of beheading the peak-stage permanence realmed Minamoto no Muneshige!”

“Ahahahaha! Peak-staged permanence whatever! This demon dares behead a Genji commander, I shall bring that Hayabusa’s head and dedicate it to Madam Ashikaga!”

An incomparably heavy ghost headed copper hammer appeared in his hand as he walked out of the tent with great momentum.

Minamoto no Yoshitada stood up and shouted “Genji Army, bring the torches and light up the road to the battlefield and cheer for Lord Taien!”

An unending line of Genji warriors ran out, illuminating the mountain road with torches held high roaring, “Ey! Ey! Oh! ——Ey! Ey! Oh!”

Taien Ryuji led his wild army and rushed to the entrance of the valley.

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The outside was noisy with shouts and cheers, but the inside of the tent was silent as they waited for the result of the Taien army.

Half an hour…

“Reporting to the commander—” A samurai with a face covered in blood and a broken flag on his back ran in.

“Lord Taien was… was beheaded by that Hayabusa!” He hoarsely shouted.

“What!???” The generals stood up in shock5.


  1. Yuki: Why are their skirts so short? The femoral artery is a very lethal spot, it should be covered with armor.. seriously.
  2. Robinxen: To be fair she has a point with this.
  3. Yuki: What is this author smoking? Any woman wearing pantys as armor isn’t wearing ‘conservative’ anything.
  4. Yuki: Does anyone really care if her chest is heaving or not?
  5. Yuki: Really? Why so shocked, Muneshige was beheaded too…

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