Chapter 7 – Ceremony Eve

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2051 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily looked at the onmyōji students lying on the ground and said to Kiyoko with her crimson lips, “Can you help me keep watch on them, Ms. Kiyoko? I have other work to deal with after this. I don’t mind accompanying someone deep into the woods as long as they manage to stand up by nightfall, by the way.”

She sauntered off once she said this.

“Ms. Lily…”

The delinquent onmyōji students tried to stand up valiantly the moment they heard this. Although the energy wave had been quite powerful, it had not given them any substantial injuries for some reason, which left them in a pretty good condition. However, they still felt weak in the knees and struggled to stand up no matter how hard they tried.

A lot of them just ended up sitting down on the ground again after attempting to stand up multiple times and began to despair after that.

Two middle-aged priests descended the mountain a while later and asked when they saw the students lying on the ground, “What are you all doing?”

“Well…” Kiyoko struggled to come up with an answer.

“W-We’re training!” Inanoji said grudgingly.

“Hah? You too, Ms. Kiyoko. How could you make them do such training when the succession ceremony is coming up soon? Can you stop worrying the shrine master so much?” One of the elder priests chided her.

“I’m sorry. Actually, I—” Kiyoko really did not know how to explain the situation.
“Forget it. We’ll just leave you to your business. Did you see the Miko administrator, by the way?”
“Miko administrator?” Kiyoko asked in doubt.
“Yeah! Ms. Kagami is the Miko administrator sent by the court to supervise the succession ceremony! We heard that she descended the mountain just now.”
“What?!” Kiyoko was stunned when she heard this. “M-Ms. Kagami’s is the Miko administrator dispatched by the court?”
“Hah?!” The onmyōji students lying on the ground were also shocked.

Kiyoko felt like laughing internally when she saw the shocked expressions of the delinquent onmyōji students for some reason1.

Lily had long returned to the mountain top through another route by now and saw an elegant log cabin that stood out on one of the cliffs, and this cabin gave her a sense of longing and familiarity.

She pondered for a while and made a subconscious decision to walk towards the cliff since she did not want to deal with the group of snobbish old fellows again after returning to the shrine hall.

A single-log bridge loomed over the chasm that the waterfall disappeared into and led to the cliff which had towering hills with old trees as its backdrop. It was also possible to see the clouds traveling across the sky in the distance and the whole scenery painted a unique picture.

Lily felt that this spot was perfect for training and that she would have chosen it for training as well.

The cabin’s locked door and desolate yard were signs that it had been vacant for years. However Lily could still sense the elegant taste of its former owner through its design. Lily lost track of time and ended up remaining here until nightfall.

She felt melancholic when she saw the sun disappear into the horizon as it was a rare sight these days because of the extended nights.

“Ms. Lily…” Kiyoko called out to her from behind.

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Lily turned her head back while stroking the cabin’s fence lightly.

“Do you also like it here?” Although Kiyoko’s eyes appeared calm, they seemed to contain worry in them.

“I was just strolling alone on the mountain and ended up coming here by chance,” Lily looked at the scenery here and said, “Walking in this yard reminds me of someone.”

“I see. I’ve lived in the shrine for many years now and come here whenever I’m in a bad mood since it makes me recall someone as well. Although coming here just makes me sadder, it still makes me forget all the worries of the secular world.” Kiyoko’s voice sounded downcast.

“Do you have any worries, Ms. Kiyoko?” Lily asked her.

“The succession ceremony will begin in two days, so how could I not have any worries?” Kiyoko leaned against the fence and looked at the gradually darkening skies.

“Aren’t you happy about becoming the next shrine master?” Lily asked.

Kiyoko turned to look at her and said, “I’m not as beautiful as you are and neither do I have the chief advisor’s support like you, Ms. Lily. I’m just someone with average strength, looks and backing. Even if I manage to become the next shrine master successfully, I would still be walking on thin ice.”

“The court has already made a decision. Are you still worried that something might happen?”

“Haha. I wonder why you didn’t tell me that you were the Miko administrator dispatched by the court when you first met me, Ms. Lily? Was it to check whether I was really qualified for the position?” Kiyoko asked in a bitter voice.

“Umm… I’m sorry. I just…” Although Lily did not have any ill-intentions behind hiding her identity, she felt embarrassed because she really intended to get acquainted with her in advance.

“Hahaha…” Kiyoko chuckled when she saw this and said, “You’re really cute, Ms. Lily.”

A complicated look flashed through Kiyoko’s eyes as she gazed at Lily. “I’m sure you’re one of the top-ranked experts in the Heian Empire since I’m unable to see through your strength, Ms. Lily. However, I find it pretty surprising that you blush just like a little girl when someone praises your beauty.”

“You also have such sexy curves…” Kiyoko’s intellectual and mature eyes checked out Lily’s body and filled with resentment the more she looked at it.

“I-I don’t have sexy curves…” Lily blushed as she said this and looked down before she concealed her irresistible cleavage with her hand.

“Hahaha… There you go blushing again. “ Kiyoko walked towards Lily after that and stopped a foot away from her before she continued with a lucid expression, “You possess a deceptive charm, Ms. Lily, which, in my opinion, is one of the most wonderful qualities that a woman can have. It’s so wonderful that you’ve managed to charm me even though we’ve just met a while ago. It’s no wonder that she likes you.”

“Hah?” Lily’s heart skipped a beat as she asked with a stunned look, “Who are you referring to, Ms. Kiyoko?”

“Who else?” Kiyoko stepped forward and grabbed Lily’s slender hand, which seemed to induce some kind of warm signal from their palms. The duo did not need to name the person in question as both knew who they were talking about.

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“I’m referring to your beloved chief advisor, Ayaka,” Kiyoko revealed a kind yet jealous expression in her eyes.

Lily shuddered and withdrew her hand in embarrassment when she heard this and touched her lips as she blushed hard2. “W-Why do you know that?”


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  2. Robinxen: Wow so subtle.

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