Chapter 58 – Igarashi Kaede

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3135 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1926 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Hmph, righteousness? Don’t you feel ashamed to spout such words from your mouth?” Although Haihime’s back was being trampled, she still turned her face and retorted.

“Female devil, it’s only right to punish you for the sins you have committed!” Igarashi said arrogantly.

“Just because your men wanted to snatch the rare and exotic herb I found first, you want to take revenge on me like this?”

“Shut up, you lowly female devil! Shameless thing, you bootlicked and kneeled to demons, yet you dare to argue? I don’t think you will cry until you’ve seen your coffin!”

Igarashi suddenly waved her hand.

Bang— A cloud of white smoke then spread over the trial platform.

Several screens with paintings of flowers and birds enclosed her and Haihime in the middle, blocking the view from outside.

“You, what do you want to do?” Haihime became nervous. As a member of the Yamato Legion of Eight, Igarashi regarded herself as a samurai of the righteous path, so she might have some scruples when acting in full view of everyone. Although the erected screen blocked whatever treatment Haihime would be subjected to, Igarashi could also do anything she wanted.

“Do you know what this is?” Igarashi’s eyes rippled like cold autumn water, looking around the enclosed space that resembled a Japanese-style room from the inside and said, “It’s my ninth-grade disciplining treasure— Faceless Workroom. Do you know why it’s called Faceless Workroom? Because it will make you suffer humiliating punishment, to the point where you’ll no longer have any dignity to face the world! From now on, your dignity as a woman will be lost under my feet.”

“Hmph, what a righteous samurai of the Yamato Legion of Eight you are, to play with such demonic and evil tools!” Haihime’s face turned red with anger as she shouted.

“Hmph, aren’t you called Haihime? Then you should already know the taste of defeat. Is this the attitude a loser should have?” Igarashi suddenly waved her hand and a ceiling quickly emerged, completely blocking the view from above. That way, no matter what she did, no one outside could see anything.

A section of the ceiling flipped and a light red jade belt flew out from it, dancing back and forth around the room. Not long after, a screen was also flipped over and an ancient Yamatai miko statue appeared. The jade belt flew through the hands of the miko before heading towards Haihime. Suddenly, a screen on the other side was flipped, but instead of revealing the outside world, another statue of a Yamatai miko appeared with a jade plate containing strange objects in her hand.

Those strange things seemed long and short; thick and thin, but Haihime couldn’t see them from the angle she was lying. Not knowing what was on the plate was even more nerve-racking.

At this moment, a big jade ball flew out from the plate and went straight towards Haihime. It surprisingly hit against her lips and tried to forcibly squeeze into her mouth.

“Hmm…!” Haihime naturally frowned and kept her mouth tightly shut to prevent the big jade ball’s intrusion. Based on the size of the jade ball, if it entered, her mouth would be completely stuffed.

But even so, she couldn’t speak to rebuke Igarashi.

Igarashi was not in a hurry at all. She stepped on Haihime’s soft back to make it hard for her to breath and grabbed her hair with one hand to forcibly lift her head. She then used the other hand to pinch Haihime’s nose with two of her fingers.

Haihime showed an angry look of defiance and managed to persist for a while. However, her face soon flushed red and she couldn’t help opening her mouth to gasp for breath, giving the jade ball the opportunity to forcibly enter.

“Woo…woo…woo…” Haihime looked at Igarashi with resentment and indignation, but she was unable to speak since the jade ball completely stuffed her mouth.

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The red jade belt passed through the hole in the jade ball before wrapping around Haihime repeatedly. It forced her hands to be tied behind her back and entangled with the original chain.

With a wave of Igarashi’s hand, the jade belt tightened and pulled Haihime back firmly against the wall.

Igarashi walked over and gently lifted Haihime’s chin, “What’s wrong? What else do you have to say? You have a very good mouth, don’t you? Won’t speak? How come you won’t say anything?”

Haihime’s mouth was stuffed by the jade ball, so she could only whimper when trying to speak, causing saliva to dribble uncontrollably from the corner of her mouth.

“The title of the queen of the Land of Hundred Demons really doesn’t fit you. Are you the queen of service for the hundred demons to play with? Hahahaha!” Igarashi laughed loudly.

Haihime frowned, but could only stare at her with resentment

“What an unpleasant look!”

Following Igarashi’s will, a black blindfold flew out from the jade plate being held by the miko statue and directly covered Haihime’s eyes.

In this way, Haihime couldn’t see anything.

A spell talisman appeared in Igarashi’s hand. She loosened Haihime’s waistband and ripped open her clothes. After groping around Haihime’s warm abdomen for a while, she stuck the talisman directly onto her belly.

“This way, you can’t use spiritual detection.”

Haihime could only keep wriggling her body, but the more she struggled, the tighter the jade belt became. After a while, she could barely struggle anymore and could only let out a whimper.

Igarashi then whispered in her ear, “Do you still want to fight for the herb with my subordinates? To be honest, although the herb is precious, it is nothing to me. I just wanted to teach you a lesson before leaving, but I didn’t expect you to be the famous queen of the hundred demons in Eastern land. How could I let you go? You have brought hundreds of demons to plague the world for many years, but did you ever think that this day would come? To deal with a female devil like you, I think it’s necessary to use a punishment that is fiercer than your hundred demons!”

Igarashi grabbed the clothes on Haihime’s chest and ripped it open.

“Woo—” Hahime’s face turned crimson and she twisted her shoulders desperately, but she couldn’t speak.

“Stop wriggling! B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” Igarashi waved her hand and the red jade belt wrapped around the waist of the miko statue in front of her, pulling Haihime to the middle of the room. It then tightly jerked at Haihime’s legs, forcing her to kneel down.

A layer of tatami mats appeared under Haihime’s body, covering the entire floor of the Faceless Workroom. One of the tatami mats flipped over, revealing a wooden pillow with a concave middle.

It appeared right against Haihime’s waist.

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Two paper figurines flew out of Igarashi’s hands, transforming into two little girls. One had a red head while the other had a blue head, and they were wearing long kimonos that trailed the floor. They also had dark eyes and two dots for eyebrows.

“This is my pair of zashiki-warashi. Haihime, you are usually so proud and arrogant, but now you are going to be punished by two little demon girls of low status. It must feel different, right?”

Haihime kept twisting her body and trying to break free, but it was to no avail.

The two zashiki-warashi took out a jade slab and a jade ruler from the jade plate of the statue and came behind Haihime.

Haihime shook her head desperately and tried to shout, but couldn’t.

The two zashiki-warashi didn’t seem to treat her as a mature elder sister, but as a puppet who was about to be punished. They casually lifted her skirt and beat her with the polished jade slabs according to routine: Slap! Slap!

Their indifference towards her punishment made Haihime feel even more humiliated. But she couldn’t see, couldn’t move, and couldn’t scream. She could only moan. She couldn’t even open her mouth to curse Igarashi.

“Hmph, can’t take it anymore? Drenched in fragrant sweat? You women who submitted to demons are really cheap! What a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! Let me see what other places are sweating.”

Haihime squirmed helplessly, but couldn’t stop Igarashi from observing her.

“Female devil, when you colluded with demons and submitted to the hundred demons, did you ever think that this day would come? Why are you reacting like this? This is already so exciting, so imagine what will happen to you after the real punishment starts later.”

Igarashi took something from the jade plate of the statue and walked behind Haihime.

Haihime couldn’t see, but only heard Igarashi take something seemingly coarse and heavy from the jade plate. She became nervous and shook her head uncontrollably.

However, that couldn’t stop Igarashi from coming behind her, grabbing the skirt that was lifted up around her waist, and leaning down.

“Accept the punishment of justice, humble yourself under the onslaught of justice, cry out and repent! For a lowly female devil like you who colluded with demons, this is how you must be punished!”

“Woo— woo— woo!!!” Haihime’s waist was being stepped on by Igarashi and couldn’t move, so she could only desperately shake her head.

Outside the trial platform, everyone could only make out a blurred figure in an evocative posture, Haihime’s humiliated whimpering, as well as Igarashi’s high-pitched scolding.

At this moment, a part of the crowd of onlookers was suddenly swept away like a tidal wave, and many people tumbled about without knowing what was going on.

“Hey, hey! Stop pushing and squeezing, ah!
“I didn’t squeeze, you were the one who pushed me!”

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Several onlookers started to quarrel with each other.

Whoosh! A white light suddenly flashed in front of the crowd.

Fragrant wind dispersed in all directions. It was a girl taller than most men in Heian-kyō with waist-long, jet black hair and a fluttering white dress.

With Lily’s skills, she immediately detected Haihime who was enclosed in the screens on the trial platform.

There seemed to be someone else inside the screen.

“They’re very strong!” Lily sensed the other party’s aura and also immediately recognized Haihime’s vague figure through the screens. She seemed to be in a very embarrassing situation of waiting to be punished.

At this moment, Lily’s long hair fluttered without wind and a burst of anger surged in her chest. She walked towards the trial platform step by step.

“Halt! Who are you? This is the trial platform, don’t come any closer!” Several soldiers with spears came over to block her path, but Lily continued to walk forward as if she didn’t see them.

“Stop—” The several soldiers were suddenly suppressed by an invisible force and suddenly lost consciousness, collapsing to the ground one by one.

“What??!” At this moment, the Fujiwara Clan ministers were immensely shocked as they looked at the young girl approaching the platform.

“No, this is impossible…” Fujiwara no Arima covered his face with a trembling fan.

At this time, a vagrant samurai among the crowd of onlookers suddenly pointed at Lily and shouted, “Kagami Lily! She’s Kagami Lily! It’s her, she returned!”

“What? Kagami Lily?! She’s not dead?” An onmyoji not far away asked in surprise. Many of the present onlookers had watched the Yoshitsune Memorial Competition and, of course, recognized Kagami Lily.

“Kagami Lily, the number one genius girl of the Heian Dynasty, didn’t perish in that natural disaster!”

“She— is back!”

Loud cheers erupted from the crowd who were watching the trial1!


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