Chapter 38 – Ugly

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3087 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2037 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s eyes became cold. So, he wanted to take this body? This body not only belonged to her, but it was also senior Rinne’s body. When everything was lost, it was senior Rinne who gave up her body and last hope to allow Lily to survive!

With just you?

Lily looked at Tsubiro with a bone-chilling gaze that he had never seen before, giving the majestic old man a shock. If Lily had Kagura and the Blood Spirit Magatama at this time, she wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter this group of people, leaving no one behind!

Unfortunately, she didn’t have that kind of strength right now, and even if she called Tamamo-no-Mae for help, it would already be too late! However, Lily’s eyes seemed to declare an unwillingness to forgive this matter!

“Get her into the formation!” Tsubiro ordered.

At this time, the two old men nearest to Lily started to chant some spells, conjuring huge ghost hands that coiled around their hands and feet before stretching outwards!

The two ghost hands grabbed at Lily with the strength of an early-stage Throned General.

Currently, Lily seemed to have difficulty even standing up, so how could she dodge? However, just as the two ghost hands were about to grab Lily—

Whoosh! There was a flash of white light, and a demon hound appeared out of thin air, biting the arm of one of the old men.

“Ahh!” The old man howled.

At the same time, Lily’s body moved swiftly and rolled to the side. When she got to the edge of the cave, she stood up and pointed her fingers behind her, firing four streams of red hot flames. She didn’t even look back to see if the spells did any damage and rushed towards the entrance of the cave.

At this point in time, Lily naturally wouldn’t allow herself to be blocked by the invisible barrier. She took a step in front of the cave’s entrance and dispelled the invisible spiritual energy barrier with a slash from her sword, directly slipping out of the cave.

Lily really wanted to kill those shameless and sinful old coots, especially Tsubiro, but her strength was lacking.

He was a Throned Saint. What kind of strength was that? It was a power only one step away from the Big Dipper Stage. Even if Lily used her purple lunar force, she had no chance of winning!

However, Lily would never forget this hatred!

Her expression was sharp and calm as she ran at her maximum speed. After rushing out of the cavern for a few meters, she performed a quick turn and slashed out a blade light towards the entrance of the cave. The surrounding rocks were smashed and blocked the entrance of the cave, giving her time to flee.

Lily was bubbling with anger, but she was unusually calm. If she fought with Tsubiro right now, wouldn’t she just be delivering herself to him? Her first priority was to protect the body that senior Rinne gave her, and even if she wanted to fight, she had to have some certainty of victory!

Boom! The cave behind Lily trembled. Tsubiro and the three old men with the strength of Throned Generals rushed out of the cave’s entrance that was previously blocked by Lily. Tsubiro held his ancient golden cudgel and chased after her!

“Kagami Lily, you can’t run away! You cunning woman! You were only pretending to be under my control all this time! No wonder even Shuten Doji wants to get you1! But, you are mine!” Although Tsubiro was big and tall, he was extremely fast. His Throned Saint-level strength far exceeded Lily’s.

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He rushed out of the entrance of the cave and utilized his full speed to chase after Lily. If it wasn’t for the long and narrow cave, he would have caught up with her long ago. Although he could forcibly smash through the cave walls, it would only lower his speed.

Even so, Tsubiro’s speed was much faster than Lily’s.

“Hahahaha! Kagami Lily, although I have to thank Shuten Doji for providing me with your movements, I originally just wanted to capture you and hand you over to him at the mountain road block. But when I saw you, my mind changed! Your physique gives me an extraordinary feeling! Unexpectedly, the results of your test were far beyond my expectations! That magic tool wasn’t something to test people’s minds, it was a screening device for me to find the best person to seize!” Tsubiro chased after Lily while shouting terrifyingly loud words to disturb her mind and put pressure on her.

When Lily reached the entrance of the main cave, Tsubiro caught up with her and swung his old and heavy golden cudgel to hit her in the back!

“Not good!” Lily realized that she couldn’t escape, so she could only leap and turn around to defend herself with Crescent Moon!

Clang—!!! The sound of an incomparably strong impact echoed. That terrifying force drained nearly 70% of Lily’s spiritual energy at the moment of impact, and she even had to use purple lunar force to aid her defense.

Pffft— Lily spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward before hitting the rock wall at the entrance of the cave, scraping against it and leaving a long crack in the mountainside. The aftermath of her flight even smashed some parts of the shrine that was built on the mountain!

Many of the disciples in the shrine who were unaware of the situation outside were blown off the cliff during the violent impact, if not directly killed or seriously injured.

It was terrible!

Lily didn’t choose to retaliate against him in anger. It could be said that her life was temporarily saved. If Lily had taken the initiative to attack even once, she would most likely be dead by now, or maybe her body would have been taken away and her soul destroyed.

There was already a big gap between ordinary Throne Stage experts and experts at the Throned Saint level. It was even bigger than the difference between the early Throne Stage and the Permanence Stage!

Lily felt like her whole body was falling apart, and she fell down at the entrance of the shrine’s valley, unable to stand up for a while.

However, Lily was not so simple.

She was using Crescent Moon and had already imbued the blade with phantom soul power. The might of that slash just now was far greater than what she had exerted in Ryu Island back then. All the power of the phantom soul blade was exhausted in that slash.

“Ah…ah…” Tsubiro was about to catch up with Lily again and launch a follow-up attack to subdue her when he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his soul, causing his heavy body to collapse on both knees and create two deep pits in the ground.

Tsubiro clutched his chest as cold sweat broke out on his forehead. For a while, the stabbing pain in his soul made him unable to exert any strength. He looked at Lily with extreme ire, “Kagami Lily…you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! How dare you use such underhanded means to injure this old man, cough…”

However, even though the energy of the phantom soul sword was completely exhausted, as a Throne Saint expert, his soul was only slightly injured. But it was too sudden, which incapacitated him for a while.

“Master!” The three old men at the back eventually caught up and anxiously rushed over to Tsubiro, who was actually beaten down to his knees.

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Lily took this opportunity to barely stand up. She felt that one of her legs was still numb, so she had to limp back to the mountain road that led to the shrine on the edge of the cliff.

Soon, Tsubiro managed to recover, “Soul attack! Kagami Lily, you really have unimaginable means. This old man opened this shrine in order to find a better body to seize and prolong my life. However, these disciples of mine are really useless. They are far worse than you foreign adepts! If it wasn’t for the fact that your body has an excellent aptitude and it would be difficult to find a more suitable one in the entire Heian Dynasty, I would really prefer to kill you with my own hands! You dare to hurt the precious soul of this old man?!”

Boom! Tsubiro’s terrifying Throned Saint-level spiritual energy erupted, causing raging winds to whistle across the mountain and rubble on the shaking mountainside to fall into the abyss under the sea of clouds.

“But, Kagami Lily, do you think you can escape? You are also seriously injured. This old man’s speed is also much faster than yours! Hahahaha!” Tsubiro, who was holding his terrifyingly large rod, walked towards Lily with heavy steps.

On the other hand, Lily’s eyes revealed a bit of coldness.

She briefly glanced at the ten-thousand-foot abyss beneath her feet, which emitted ancient and frightening fluctuations.

It reminded Lily of the terrifying abyss she faced at Mount Yoshino. Even with her current strength, the aura in this abyss was still terrifying.

That time, Lily was lucky enough to fall in the middle of the fissure in the valley, but this time, obviously, there would be no such luck. Even if there was, it wouldn’t be enough to save her.

“Tsubiro, you shameless old man, you won’t get anything.” Lily leaned back, and her gaze soon fell into the darkness of the deep abyss.

“What??!” Seeing Lily jumping down into the abyss without hesitation, Tsubiro panicked, “My, my best training body! My ascension to Takamagahara…no! I can’t let you die like this!”

Tsubiro rushed to the edge of the cliff. His heart lurched, but he swung his rod and also jumped down!


Lily was falling rapidly, and the terrifying aura below her was getting stronger and stronger. Ancient, long, deep, desolate, and vicious hissing sounds could be faintly heard.

But Lily’s eyes were calm.

Dying by jumping off the cliff? What a joke! For someone as strong as a Throne Stage expert, even if they fell into the ten-thousand-foot abyss without taking any precautions, they wouldn’t die and, at most, suffer some fall injuries.

The real danger was the existence below the abyss that exuded those terrifying fluctuations. Lily had no idea what it was, but she had a hunch that neither she nor Tsubiro could deal with it.

As for perishing together? Lily didn’t even think about it.

Amidst the fog, Lily heard Tsubiro’s howl. She had guessed that the old coot would also jump down.

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Lily’s hair flew about wildly, but a cold smile appeared on her white face.

Swish! Lily opened the sakura parasol.

After a while, Lily passed through the clouds and mist and saw the darkness below.

The ground was approaching fast.

Lily adjusted her body, and with a ‘boom,’ she landed with one knee on the ground!

A deep, cold, dark, and wide valley was revealed in front of her eyes. Lily couldn’t estimate how high the mountains on both sides of the valley were, nor did she know how long the valley was.

There was black, lingering smog in the valley, accompanied by soul-stirring fluctuations. Within the smog, one by one, incomparably huge and bizarre-looking figures seemed to be moving in the direction where there was movement.

However, these ancient archdemons, who hardly ever saw any humans, only saw a puff of smog and dust. This place was as empty as a wilderness, and there was no maiden with a parasol2.

Lily, who had long been holding the sakura parasol instinctively3, was hiding behind a boulder. Here, the demonic aura was so terrifying that her spiritual detection ability was almost ineffective. Even if it was effective, Lily wouldn’t dare to use it. Wouldn’t she just expose her existence?

At this moment, hundreds of meters away from the place where Lily was hiding, a sturdy figure passed through the cloud and mist, landing on the valley floor with a resounding ‘boom’ and causing a slight tremor! However, from Lily’s perspective in her hiding place, this tall and sturdy man was much smaller than the incomparably gigantic shadows around him.


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