Chapter 35 – Lily’s Obsession

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3164 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2042 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily sat alone on the stone bed, feeling that there was a strange smell in the cave. However, it was normal to have some smells in this deep cave since the air circulation was not good.

Lily opened the scroll on which the method of converting one’s spiritual energy into celestial power was recorded.

At this time, Kagura was not here, and Lily was a little hesitant for some reason. Did this conversion method match the Lunar Blossom Manual she practiced?

But, I think Lady Ayaka can also use celestial arts. It should be fine as long as I’m careful and try to practice it first, right?

Lily then started to circulate her energy according to what was written in the scroll.

Sure enough, her spiritual energy flowed according to the scroll, and it seemed to make her body more comfortable… Gradually, Lily’s breathing became rapid and her complexion became flushed as she grew fascinated with the feeling of circulating spiritual energy.

This practice session lasted one day and night.

Lily didn’t have a single drop of sweat on her face and she still looked pretty. But when she stopped, she felt very tired and a little deflated.

Lily touched her forehead, “Hm…somehow, my head is so dizzy.”

She felt that her vision was also a little hazy.

Is it because I’m practicing this conversion method?

However, even after Lily stopped for a while, her dizziness only got worse.

“Miss Kagami.” Tsubiro’s tall and old figure stood at the door.

“Master.” When Lily saw Tsubiro enter, she adjusted her breathing and got up to make herself look more natural.

“How do you feel after practicing for more than a day?”

“I have mastered some parts of the conversion method, but it may take some time to complete the conversion of celestial power…” Lily said while swaying a little.

“What’s the matter with you? Miss Kagami?”

“I…I don’t know,” Lily’s face was flushed and even her vision was blurry as she looked at Tsubiro, “Maybe it’s because I’m a little tired from going deep into Izumo Mountain, and I feel a bit dizzy.”

“Hehe, I’m afraid it’s not because of fatigue, but because of practicing this conversion method.” Tsubiro said1.

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“Eh?” Lily also had such a concern, but she was too embarrassed to say it outright. After all, it would seem that she didn’t trust this practice method. Fortunately, Tsubiro took the initiative to say this, which made Lily trust him somewhat.

Of course, Lily was not stupid, and she had already conisdered many questions.

She and Tsubiro met by chance, and he was far stronger than her. If he wanted to take advantage of her, why would he need to go through such lengths? He just needed to directly make his move.

It was also based on this judgment that Lily believed that Tsubiro was indeed a highly respected immortal who could be trusted. As for risks, there would always be some. In order to learn celestial arts, this little risk was still necessary. Although it couldn’t be said that Tsubiro was absolutely trustworthy, Lily judged that the possibility of him having bad intentions towards her was very small. When doing things, there must be a motive. Lily couldn’t think of any motive for Tsubiro to harm her.

Lily had experienced a lot of adventures and knew when people had bad intentions towards her, such as greed or lust. Although Tsubiro glanced at her from time to time, unlike those lustful people, he did not look at her sexy places, but admired her whole person. His gaze contained an indescribable desire, but it was not lust.

This man could be said to be very upright if he didn’t have lust for a girl like Lily. As for ******* after her treasures, he could have acted directly. Obviously, from his words and actions, he didn’t seem to have such intentions.

This was the holy land of mankind, Izumo Mountain. If one wanted to learn, they had to be sincere.

Since Master Tsubiro was strong and didn’t lust after her body or covet her treasures, she should be able to trust him. Besides, so many adepts were learning here, and Ayaka had also practiced on this mountain!

So Lily asked, “Master, could it be that Lily isn’t practicing it correctly?”

Tsubiro’s eyes flashed with an indescribable luster. At this time, Lily had an open neckline, a delicate face, and her whole body exuded a seductive feeling, but Tsubiro only looked at Lily with the seriousness and earnestness of an elder, which made Lily even more gratified.

“Miss Kagami, if it’s only a slight dizziness, you don’t need to worry about it. After all, you are a mortal. If you want to practice celestial power, it could be said to be an action that defies the heavenly way. There are some side effects, which is normal. After you cultivate this method thoroughly, it will be better.” Tsubiro said.

“I see.” Lily nodded.

“Miss Kagami, practice hard and take a rest when you’re tired. I’ll order someone to prepare your daily living needs outside. Make yourself comfortable; this old man still has to practice.” Tsubiro said before leaving, his expression not betraying any desire for Lily’s beauty.

“My master is really an upright old man, but…” Wasn’t this Tsubiro old man a little too upright? With her beautiful appearance, even if he was an extremely upright person in his heart, it should more or less affect him2. How could he help her without any evil thoughts at all? Wasn’t it a little too weird?

Lily shook her head. Maybe such men existed. They were immortals, and she was being too paranoid.

However, Lily looked at the scroll in her hand and hesitated in her heart. Should she continue to practice it?

But she had already practiced to this point, so she couldn’t just give up, right?

Besides, if I give up like this, how will I explain it to my master? Won’t I make him lose face?

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Lily got up and walked out of the cave. No one stopped her along the way. It seemed that if Lily wanted to leave, she was free to come and go. She came to the pavilion opposite the cave, which had a faint light inside.

Lily walked up the corridor of the pavilion, but instead of going in, she listened to the movements inside through the wooden window.

“Senior Brother, this is the spirit herb picked from the cliff yesterday. It has been boiled into soup and drinking it is very good for the body.”

“Hehe, Junior Brother has been versed in herbal medicines over the years and has achieved a lot. Come on, let’s enjoy this medicinal soup together!”

The sound of slurping came from several people who were drinking the green medicinal soup inside.

“Alas, with our talent, if we were in the outside world, it would be difficult to even break through to the fifth level of the Awakened Stage. But this place is so rich in spiritual energy and there are so many treasured medicinal materials to assist us in reaching Spirit Jade or above. Master’s great kindness really makes us feel grateful at times.”

“It’s just a pity, I don’t know when we will be able to practice celestial power.”

“Difficult. We only have the opportunity to test our qualifications once every year. However, even the best of us here, Senior Brother Hirohito, only managed to pass the green ghost face’s test. We are too far away from the black ghost face.”

“Ah, I really want to practice celestial power…”

“The future is long, take your time.”

“Senior Brother, have you heard? Yesterday, a foreign girl passed the black ghost face’s test. This is something I have never encountered since coming here to practice!”

“Yes! Yes! Master also ordered us to serve her well as if her status is higher than ours3!”

“Tch4! How can an outsider be so highly regarded?!”

“Alas, you can’t say that. The outsiders who can come here are the one in a million geniuses of the Heian Dynasty. They are strong. It’s not surprising that their qualifications are much higher than ours, but no matter how strong they are, they can only learn one celestial art here, while we can practice here for a long time and partake in annual challenges. Don’t envy others. If we work hard, our future achievements will definitely not be small.”

“Senior Brother’s words are reasonable. Come on, let’s drink up this medicinal soup.”

After listening to the conversation, although some of their words were obviously a bit narrow-minded, it was understandable. At least, it seemed to be a very normal conversation that lower-level adepts should have.

Though some of these people are a little narrow-minded, they should all be decent people at heart, Lily thought. For now, it wasn’t a good idea to go in after they just talked about her behind her back.

“Forget it, let’s go back to practice.” Lily returned to the cave. Regarding this shrine, Lily still felt that, so far, it was still credible, and she didn’t need to be suspicious.

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Otherwise, it would be a waste of time. Besides, practicing celestial art would definitely help her reach the top.

Lily drank some water from the pond in the cave and wiped herself with a towel. She sat down again in the cave, her skin glowing with a bewitching luster under the purple magic flame. Lily continued to practice the method of converting celestial power.

As soon as she started practicing this conversion method, Lily immediately felt comfortable all over her body. Although her body was hot, she was not dizzy at all.

The spiritual energy of her body flowed according to the secret method, forming some purple energy that dispersed throughout her entire body, making her look even more beautiful.

Could this purple energy be celestial power?

Lily felt a little confused in her heart. Wasn’t celestial power supposed to be pure and ethereal, putting one above worldly needs? Why did this purple energy fill her with seduction and desire during this period?

However, practicing this conversion method was really comfortable…

The more she practiced, the more addicted she became5. It felt like she was unable to stop.

Tanba Province, Mount Ooe, inside the demon cave.

Shuten Doji placed the empty wine gourd on a tree next to the throne and said, “Take out some more good wine!”

After a while, several majestic green ghosts carrying barrels of fine wine came in, and they put them all in the cave.

Shuten Doji lifted the huge gourd, opened the stopper, and the fine wine actually flowed out of the wooden barrels by itself before converging into a stream and sinking into the wine gourd.

After a while, more than a dozen large barrels were sucked dry. No one knew how much wine the huge wine gourd could actually hold.

“Hahahaha! For some reason, today’s wine is extraordinarily delicious!” Shuten Doji tossed back his long red hair, his charming and attractive eyes gleaming with light as he laughed.

At this time, the sound transmission jade ball on the throne plate lit up, and it was Ibaraki Doji.

“Your Highness, Izumo Mountain reported that the Lord of Mount Hiei failed to stop Kagami Lily…”

“Hehe, it is of no matter, Ibaraki. The Lord of Mount Hiei, I originally did not have much hope for a reckless man like him. If Lily could be caught by him, then I would really be disappointed. She wouldn’t be a woman worthy of my attention at all. Kagami Lily’s natural talent is not only as outstanding as her beauty, but she is also a woman of wisdom and courage. There is no other such perfect woman in the world. How could the Lord of Mount Hiei be able to deal with her?”

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“Your Highness, that being said, how should we deal with her?”

“Ibaraki, no need to worry. You just need to help me stabilize the Fujiwara Clan and let them provide support for us when necessary. How could I only have one or two tricks up my sleeve to deal with Kagami Lily?” Shuten Doji’s eyes shone with a devilish light.


  1. Robinxen: Oh no! Betrayal?!
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