Chapter 30 – Oyashirazu, village among the mountains

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3158 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1845 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The rain poured and came down like a shower!

Deep within the forests of the Tanba province, pillars of rain poured down the towering trees, mixing with the lines of rain splashing off the leaves. It was like a despairing soundtrack mixed in with the chilling winds of the mountains.

Avoiding the muddy grounds, Uesugi Rei took steps on the edge of the hills, in front of her, between the mountains within the green valleys was a town. Several hundred ruined buildings clung to the mountainside, looking as if they would be washed away by a flash flood. The sight did not bring much comfort to Rei.

Minamoto no Kenki and Hatano put down the stretcher and walked forward to look, “Great! There really is a village here!”

Toyama only had a single arm left and couldn’t carry the stretcher, since Uesugi Rei was in charge of the fighting, only Hatano was left to carry the stretcher with Kenki. Her firearm had been destroyed anyway, and her combat power was now the weakest among them all.

“Nakajou, endure a bit, as soon as we arrive in the village we can heal your wounds.” Hatano’s encouraged, her eyes filled with hope.

However Nakajou was half-unconscious, his pale bloodless lips moved without any sound.

But that was unimportant, what was important was reaching the village as soon as possible and exchanging money and treasures for food, rest and a doctor’s services.

A half dead camel was still bigger than a horse. They were all real noble disciples of the Heian Dynasty.

They travelled across the hills and arrived at the mountain village called Oyashirazu.

The rain was very heavy, and the entire mountain and valley was covered by a layer of fog. Nothing could be seen clearly, it was as if no one was outdoors and a feeling of silence.

Uesugi Rei scouted using a spirit probe.

“The village has people.” She reported.

They carried Nakajou in and observed that all houses had their windows and doors shut tight. There were no pedestrians walking the roads and it seemed there was no such thing as a lodging house in this desolate mountain village.

“There’s no lodging…no medical center…what do we do?” Under the torrential rain, Uesugi Rei’s silver hair was soaked through, dripping with rain and plastered to her cheeks, she seemed at a loss at what to do.

Toyama replied, “As long as there are people, then it’s fine. Just look for a civilian and pay some money for some lodging and hire them to cook, afterwards just ask about the situation.”

Toyama was different from the rest of the group, he often traveled alone outside and was very experienced in these sorts of things.

They found a wooden house looking relatively large and intact. Toyama walked up to knock on the door, but it didn’t open.

“Is there anyone inside?” Rei stepped forward to use brute force to open the door, but was stopped by Hatano.

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“Sister Uesugi, these people are all civilians, not demons, we can’t use power against them.”

“Is that so?” A wanton smile spread over her face, “Since Tanba has already fallen to the demon and is out of the control of the Imperial court, we can occupy this place and control these people as a self-proclaimed feudal lords.”

“Miss Uesugi, are you planning on becoming a mountain king…” Toyama helplessly asked, “Our first priority is to get medical aid for Nakajou, then ask about how to leave this place. The earlier we return to our territory the better, I would also like to return to the temple. Since this house is no good, then I’ll go ask another.”

On their third try, the door opened.

A hunchbacked, emaciated and sickly old man opened the door.

“You all are…”

“Old man, we come from the east and got lost here. Could you allow us to take shelter from the rain here and something to eat? We have money.” Toyama took out a piece of silver.

Seeing the silver, the old man replied, “Come in.”

The group entered the worn down wooden house where instead of heavy rain, there was ‘little rain’ and put down Nakajou.

Minamoto no Kenki asked, “Old man, our companion suffered serious injuries, is there a doctor in this town?”

The old man moved slowly, hunched over and poured a cup of tea for the group, “This village has an onmyouji, if you’re willing to pay, I can invite him over.”

“We have money, please invite him, our comrade is in serious danger.” Kenki replied.

“Okay, please wait here.” The old man put on a hat and limped out.

Hatano sat down, her feet on the mud floor and leaned back stretching, “Ah…at last, somewhere we can rest at.”

Uesugi Rei sat down against a pillar facing the door, one hand holding her nameless ancient sword.

Toyama drank his tea before asking, “Does anyone feel that things went too smoothly today?”

Kenki retorted, “That’s because previously things were going far too horribly, that isn’t normal at all. This place is a human village, it’s naturally more convenient.”

The rain resounded loudly as it hit the wooden roof…

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“But even if that’s an old man living in Tanba, why wasn’t he afraid at all when he saw us? We’re all holding weapons.” Toyama protested.

“Perhaps he feels some kinship because we are outsiders.” Hatano said as she remained lying down and looking at the leaking ceiling.

Toyama pondered, “Speaking of outsiders, there are demons nearby and when I explored the village, I didn’t see any experts nor fortifications. How are they able to defend themselves?”

“Tanba is such a big province and the forests are like mazes. We only managed to find this village by relying on the map, perhaps this place hasn’t been discovered by the more powerful demons.”

Toyama nodded, “Hm, that is indeed possible.”

Only Uesugi Rei sat there, her face cold and grim, a puddle of water pooling beneath motionless, she hadn’t even drank any water.

The skies darkened, and the old man still hadn’t returned.

“What’s going on?” Toyama was feeling uneasy, “Why hasn’t the old man returned after so long?”

“Hm?” Rei’s eyes flickered and warned softly, “Everyone, be careful.”

The group started to feel that something wasn’t right and involuntarily looked at Uesugi.

“My domain was sealed a moment ago.” She said.


“I don’t know what method they used, but right now I can’t tell what’s going on outside this small house.” She said with a grim face.

At this moment, a knock sounded on the door.

Hatano walked toward the door, “I’ll open the door, perhaps it’s the old man.”

“Hold!” Uesugi warned in a low voice, “Is there anyone who knocks on their own door when returning? Nor is the door locked.”

Hatano took a few steps back in panic.

Another knock on the door sounded, then silence.

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“Avoid!” Uesugi shouted.

Boom—! With a loud explosion, the wooden door was turned into debris flying into the house, and behind it flew in two gleaming steel knives.

Fortunately Hatano had been warned and rolled to the side in advance.


A huge green blur rushed in, the green blur looked like some crawling type of monster, as big as a cow.

It was extremely fast, and waved its tail as it charged at the rolling Hatano.

Uesugi Rei also instantly moved, in a silver flash, she arrived beside the blur, her long tachi lashed out, slicing through the pillars of the house towards the blur.

Whizz—! The blur swiftly changed directions and ran up the walls and crouched on the ceiling avoiding Uesugi’s blade.

The blur revealed itself to be a monster with paws attached to six machete-like claws, an ugly green bald head and a long tail.

This monster had the aura of a late-staged permanence beast!

“Arch-demon!” Both Kenki and Toyama went pale.

Late-staged permanence! They had never dealt with such a strong monster!

They were in a bad situation, though Uesugi Rei’s realm was at the mid-staged permanence, but her cursed blade had been sealed and her spirit power was exhausted.

Dropping from the roof the arch-demon fell towards Uesugi Rei and six clawed paws filled with the powerful permanence energy slashed towards her.

With how narrow the house was, Uesugi Rei was more worried about her companions being harmed and was forced to intercept with her blade!


The immense shockwave created by the collision between two permanence experts directly destroyed the small wooden house.

Instantly, the dark night skies and heavy rain engulfed the battlefield.

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Uesugi Rei’s long silver hair flew within the storm of spirit energy, her slender thighs drenched in rain, and she held her tachi up high and the ground beneath her feet had cratered. She had directly caught the powerful blow of a peak-staged permanence monster!

Under the rain and wind, Toyama staggered about as he hurriedly dragged the stretcher to the side as he stared at the battle. “Uesugi Rei, so powerful…that monster is already beyond my ability to detect and she can match it!”

At this moment, Uesugi Rei was surprised to find that on the four sides of where the house had been was strawmen, and on the faces of each strawman was a talisman.

“Is this strange formation blocking my domain? But I didn’t detect this monster entering the village, just who set up this formation?” Uesugi Rei wondered in her heart.

Pushing hard on her blade, she flung the monster away and slashed out at the same time sending out a piercing silver blade light.

Pfft! It actually left a slash wound on the body of the monster.

The monster was flung back into another house, smashing through it. As it layed in the ruin, its long tongue flicked out, “What a powerful woman! Looks like the master’s dinner will be very rich tonight!”

Uesugi Rei sneered, facing the threat of this late-staged permanence monster, “What a coincidence, I haven’t eaten yet, only roasted lizards are disgusting!”

“I’m the noble archdemon—Azure bat tiger! A lowly human dares laugh at me?”


The azure bat tiger blurred into an afterimage, circling around before leaping through sheets of rain biting at Uesugi Rei!

Circulating her ice powers, Rei slashed down but was blocked by a six clawed paw.

Continuing its charge, the azure bat tiger bit towards Uesugi Rei’s slender waist.

Bam! Instantly behind her back, Nioh’s phantom appeared and augmented her.

Her strength boosted and her blade pressed down, smashing the azure bat tiger down. The ground cratered as rocks, dirt and water exploded out.

Crash—! The azure bat tiger’s eyes went wide, as it let out a pained hiss. Its body quickly bent, sending a long tail whipping at Uesugi Rei!

However, Rei reacted immediately, bending back and avoiding the tail sweep before sweeping her tachi up in an upward slash.


A burst of dark green evil blood flew into the air as the long thick tail of the azure bat tiger was chopped off!


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