Chapter 13 – The Man From The Teleportation Formation

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3328 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2005 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Eh? Why, why should I…punish…you?” Lily was a little surprised, but seeing Kiyoko’s expression, it didn’t seem like she was joking.

Although Kiyoko was currently wearing a plain white shrine dress, it was still difficult to conceal her feminine charm.

But she said somewhat despondently, “Since Miss Lily has been kissed by Lady Ayaka before, I guess she must like you very much, right?”

“I don’t know what Lady Ayaka thinks. But why does it matter?”

“Miss Lily is so young and attractive; Lady Ayaka must love you a lot, but I have never experienced such feelings. Facing Miss Lily, I feel like a loser.” Kiyoko lowered her head, looking glum.

“Miss Kiyoko, please don’t say that.”

“I think I may not have the chance to see Ayaka again, but since you are liked by Lady Ayaka, if…I can be punished by you, it would be like getting punished by Lady Ayaka indirectly. And…in front of you, I have a strong sense of frustration to the point that…I want to be punished by the lover of the person I like1…”

“Miss Kiyoko…your statement is a bit strange… Besides, why should I punish you for no reason?”

“How can it be for no reason? Because of my selfish thoughts, I didn’t immediately deny the unfounded rumors, causing damage to Lady Ayaka’s reputation. Shouldn’t a woman like me be punished? You are Ayaka’s lover, right? Wouldn’t it be appropriate for you to punish me?” Kiyoko lowered her head, blushing and trembling all over.

“Miss Kiyoko, it’s not your fault. You’ve been thinking about her a lot for so many years, it’s understandable that you would have such thoughts… Lady Ayaka will definitely not blame you, besides, isn’t it too humiliating to let the lover of the person you like punish you? Plus, I’m not Ayaka’s lover at all. Miss Kiyoko, I hope you can cheer up.” Lily gently held Kiyoko’s shoulder and said.

“Although I am the Shrine Master, I may face a more difficult environment than before. Those of the older generation do not support me. I can’t imagine what means they will use to deal with me, and the students are not even very respectful… Miss Lily, I don’t have overwhelming strength like you, and I feel overwhelmed when I think about facing this heavy, difficult future. I, my thoughts are in disarray and I feel stressed. Miss Lily, please punish me so that I can…feel more at ease.”

Lily looked at Kiyoko’s trembling body and those dazzling eyes, falling into deep thought. What should she do?

Of course, Lily didn’t want to punish Miss Kiyoko. She wasn’t at fault, and even if she was, she shouldn’t be punished by herself. Besides, this kind of punishment between girls was probably very ambiguous.

Then, what should she do?

Righteously encourage Kiyoko that, as long as she worked hard and kept a sunny smile, everything would be fine?

If it was in Lily’s previous world, perhaps it might work. But here, in the Heian world, the future of the heavens and the human race were uncertain, especially in these dark times.

People who didn’t have enough strength were so insignificant and pathetic.

She could preach some grand words and absolve herself from further responsibility, but was that really good for Miss Kiyoko?

Although Lily didn’t want to punish Kiyoko at all, if this could really cheer her up, so what if she was reluctant to do it? Even if it wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do, as long as it could comfort Kiyoko’s lonely soul, shouldn’t she help her?

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I have so many sisters, and I have talent that is far beyond the reach of ordinary people. If I just offer some false comfort to Kiyoko without being confident in my heart that she’ll really get better, wouldn’t that be too heartless and cruel?

Lily was a kind girl. She was willing to make sacrifices for a woman she acknowledged, even if it meant doing something she was reluctant to do.

Lily’s voice became calm and indifferent, “Okay, Miss Kiyoko, then I will punish you.”

“Eh?” Kiyoko saw that Lily was silent for a long time, but suddenly spoke to her in such an indifferent tone, which made her feel even more humiliated.

Was this the victor— the girl who had everything? A woman like herself should be punished by a girl as good as her.

“But,” Lily added, “I don’t want you to be punished in those shrine clothes, because that would be disrespectful to the shrine where Ayaka grew up.”

“Ah…that’s a reasonable statement,” Kiyoko blushed, her warm lips quivering, “I, I’ll take it off now, but I don’t wear anything inside… I’m sorry to make you go through with this, Miss Lily.”

“Eh? No, no!” Lily hurriedly stopped her, “I don’t mean for you to strip, don’t misunderstand. I, I just want you to wear normal clothes. I can’t do something so disrespectful to a daughter of the shrine.”

Kiyoko’s breathing grew rapid, “Miss Lily is indeed really amazing. Do you like my usual instructor type attire? Obviously, Miss Lily is still at the age of a student. Do you want to punish me as a female teacher…”

Lily blushed like crazy and hastily rejected, “Miss Kiyoko, what are you talking about?! It’s not like I have a strange hobby! If you keep talking nonsense like this, your punishment will be doubled!”

“Eh??!” Kiyoko covered her chest and looked fearful yet happy after being despised by her dream lover’s girlfriend, who had the demeanor of a victor. Humiliation turned out to be such a delightful thing2.

This was a kind of joy for a loser like Kiyoko, otherwise, wouldn’t it be too cruel for the loser? This kind of punishment was nothing to a talented and peerless woman like Lily. She was just helping Kiyoko.

“Okay, Kiyoko, go and change your clothes. When you’re done, come to my place. You must be here tonight, understand?” Lily didn’t want Kiyoko to have any more strange thoughts, so she ordered her in a very direct tone without using honorifics.

Kiyoko, on the other hand, chose to obey.

She knelt down and bowed to Lily, and for some reason, she showed a rare happy yet pitiful smile. After leaving the hut, she went back to the mountain to change her clothes.

After all, Kiyoko had no storage treasures. Although Lily was carrying a lot of clothes, there was obviously no need to give her beautiful clothes to wear. Would it still be called a punishment?

It was uncertain how long it would take for Kiyoko to return. In addition to changing her clothes, she would probably take a bath and take her time to get ready, but Lily didn’t plan to bathe or deliberately dress up.

Lily meditated and started to practice in the hut. She hadn’t practiced much in the past few days, so she began to comprehend her seductive intent…

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At this time, in the valley at the back mountain, under the darkness of night, the ancient, moss-covered Divine Moon Formation suddenly flashed. Three very distinct figures appeared in the center of the grand formation.

All three of them exuded terrifying auras.

The person in the lead was tall, with dark red hair and long braids that fell behind his back like thorns, dragging all the way to his heels. He wore a long gray hakama and a loose, light red dojo uniform that slanted to reveal his unusually muscular shoulders. This person’s shoulders were twice as wide as his waist and his arms were thick and strong, but very muscular and beautiful!

His head, however, was relatively small in comparison, barely as thick as his neck. He also had a pair of grim, small eyes that carried a mix of anger and contempt for the world.

In this man’s hand, he held a heavy uchigatana without a scabbard that radiated a frightening aura.

Beside him, there was an onmyoji with an old face and gray hair, who was wearing gray-purple hunting clothes, as well as a middle-aged, burly samurai with a resolute face and sideburns extending to his jaw, who was wearing a brown robe.

“Lord Yaiba, it’s here.” The burly, middle-aged samurai said.

“Lord Fujiwara no Takesaku,” The tall, extremely muscular and strong samurai called Shikibu Yaiba, looked at the calm and peaceful night valley, “This place doesn’t look dangerous. Why did your Fujiwara Clan pay a huge price to invite me here?”

This man’s voice was low and grim.

“Yeah, it’s just a visit to a miko shrine to get a scroll, right? Is it worth the trouble? You even invited this old man to come as well.” The old onmyoji was also puzzled.

“Lord Yaiba, Mister Hiroto, although this is a simple matter, there mustn’t be any mistakes. If we’re not successful or the news gets leaked, the impact will be significant. Lord Renbo is also particularly concerned! That’s why we spent a lot of money to invite you, one of Yamato’s Eight Legions, to come here! Of course, there is also you, Elder Fujiwara no Hiroto.” The brown-robed middle-aged samurai, Fujiwara no Takesaku, said.

“Well, I was originally the Chancellor’s uncle. You don’t have to pay any price. I will naturally take care of our Fujiwara Clan’s affairs, but isn’t Renbo being too heavy-handed? Hehehe, most of the people at Izumo Shrine are our own. We are just taking a scroll, what can go wrong?!” The old onmyoji said disapprovingly.

“All right, no need to say more. I have a battle with Tenba Goro in the Sinless Domain next month, so lead the way.” Yaiba said.

The two walked up the mountain3 under the leadership of Fujiwara no Takesaku.

“Teacher Kiyoko, ah no, it’s time to call you shrine master. You’re back.” A short, hunchbacked granny was at the entrance of the shrine. She seemed to have been waiting for Kiyoko for a long time.

“Ah, Granny Mido, I’m sorry for making you wait for a long time. There are still many things about the shrine that I don’t understand, so please enlighten me.” Kiyoko said respectfully.

“Hehe, the shrine master is too polite. This is what this old slave should do,” The granny took out a set of keys, “These are the most important keys in the shrine that can only be used by the shrine master to enter several temples and treasuries. Of course, there is also a key to the shrine master’s own residence. This old slave will show you they way.”

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“Hmm, thank you, Granny.”

The old woman took Kiyoko and walked into several enclosed temple houses behind the main hall of the shrine. This was a forbidden area that only the shrine master and certain servants could enter.

“Shrine master, the back is where you will live in the future. On the left is the treasury of the shrine, and the temple on the right is the scroll room which contains the various scrolls of the mikos, onmyoji students, as well as the various dossiers of priests and shrine masters over the centuries, both of which can only be opened by you. The scroll room, because it contains the past records of many generations of lords of the Fujiwara Clan, is also a very important place.” The old woman pointed at the quaint temple on the right and said.

“Oh, I see. I will keep these keys safe.”

“Shrine master, your luggage and utensils have been packed up properly and moved to the main residence.”
“Hmm, thanks a lot, old lady. Go and rest.”
“Yes, this old slave will take her leave. Call me again if you need anything.”

The old woman retreated, and Kiyoko looked at her brand new, spacious, and enclosed inner courtyard of the shrine master’s residence. Her towering chest was heaving up and down, and white mist was repeatedly exhaled from her lips, “First, first I need to change into casual clothes as requested by Miss Kagami4…”


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