Chapter 10 – The Conflict Of The Shrine Master Succession

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3115 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily felt that perhaps she shouldn’t pursue this matter anymore, especially since Kiyoko remained silent at this time. But if so, what should be done about the succession of the Shrine Master?

As the Miko Administrator, she had the right to veto, but she couldn’t just do as she pleased, right?

However, at this moment, a young martial arts teacher in a dojo uniform rushed out from below and pointed at the dissenter, angrily saying, “You say that Teacher Kiyoko had a taboo relationship with another miko when she was a miko, who was that person? How can you prove it? I don’t believe that Teacher Kiyoko, who is so pure, so skillful, and so intellectual, would do something that goes against the rules of etiquette! Tell me then, who is that woman?! Cat got your tongue? Then you’re making a false accusation! Because that woman doesn’t exist, right? Huh? Hahahahaha—”

Seeing the young man who was laughing foolishly and feeling broken, Lily really wanted to slash him with a cherry blossom blade! This person should be Kiyoko’s secret admirer, right? He’s so clueless! However, who could remain calm when deeply in love?

Otomo Michikawa rebutted loudly and confidently, “Of course she exists! Speaking of her, no one knew about this shrine back then! She was the most gifted girl since the establishment of the Izumo Shrine; that miko was—”

“That’s enough! Stop talking! Please stop!” Kiyoko shouted with a crying voice, “I’ll give up on the succession, okay? Stop talking!”

However, Otomo Michikawa had no intention of shutting his mouth, but instead shouted in an even louder voice, “That woman is the current dynasty’s chief advisor— Lady Fujiwara no Ayaka!”

The crowd clamored in shock and began to scream and issue all kinds of howls.

“What…is it really Lady Ayaka…?” Although Lily had a guess in her heart, she didn’t dare to believe this kind of thing easily, nor did she want to believe it easily.

What was even more important than Kiyoko’s own status and reputation was the reputation of the Lord Chief Advisor! At this time, Lily felt that this memorial ceremony may not only be aimed at Kiyoko’s ascension to Shrine Master, but also a conspiracy to discredit Lady Ayaka!

Otherwise, the news would have been reported to the imperial court earlier, right?

They probably wanted to release this explosive news in public under the sacred altar to create a huge impact! If it was reported directly, the imperial court would have definitely blocked the news.

This time, there was a conspiracy against Lady Ayaka!

“But…” Lily didn’t think that such a scandal would be much of a blow to Ayaka. It was true that if such a thing happened in the miko stage, it would be a more serious incident than when Ayaka kissed Lily in public, but after all, a long time had passed. The most important thing was that Ayaka’s power and strength were still there. To put it bluntly, which official dignitaries and overlords were not domineering and unscrupulous at times?

What was this little problem to someone like Lady Ayaka?

It may be a major blow for someone who was about to succeed the Shrine Master position, but for Lord Chief Advisor, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. With Sister Ayaka’s mentality and means, she wouldn’t care about such things.

Besides, the extent of their relationship was still unknown, and Lily was more concerned about this. However, at this time, Lily felt a chill in her heart.

It just so happened that Ayaka entrusted this mission to her, which was obviously outside the expectations of the people in Izumo Shrine. Even the circulation of news was restricted here, and they had no understanding of Lily’s strength, identity, and relationship with Ayaka.

Then, she coincidentally met someone who was trying to slander Lady Ayaka?

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Perhaps not only here, but in many places, there was a big conspiracy targeting Lady Ayaka, and what Lily saw was just a glimpse of the tiger’s tail! But who wanted to target Ayaka?

Lady Ayaka was so powerful and was the cornerstone of the human dynasty. What good would it do for humanity to really trip her up? Who exactly is manipulating this conspiracy?

Everyone looked at Lily and Shigeyuki, while Shigeyuki looked at Lily, “Administrator Kagami, how do you want to deal with the current matter?”

Lily looked at Kiyoko, who was kneeling with tear stains on her face, before turning her attention to the dissenter, Otomo Michikawa, who had a disgusting grin.

Lily took a step down the stairs and looked down at the kneeling Otomo Michikawa before saying coldly, “So, you saw with your own eyes what happened?”

“Exactly! I saw it with my own eyes!” Otomo Michikawa couldn’t help but nod his head and said, “I saw the two of them with my own eyes; she and the current Lord Chief Advisor—”

Bam! Without hesitation, Lily sent the man flying with a heavy kick!

If Lily had been completely sure about what this person was going to say from the beginning, she would have killed him directly before he could open his mouth, but since the matter had already come to this, there was little point in killing him now. This incident would only affect Ayaka’s reputation, so Lily controlled her force and only kicked him half dead.

Everyone was shocked, “Administrator Kagami, you are…”

“Audacious madman, how dare you brazenly fabricate rumors and slander the current Lord Chief Advisor!” Lily loudly said in an agitated and righteous voice.

This kick also kicked everyone back from their doubtful and tumultuous state. All the mikos and young priests looked at Lily noncommittally.

“Administrator Kagami!” Shigeyuki stepped down from the altar and walked up to Lily, questioning in a stern tone, “Otomo Michikawa was indeed a teacher back then, and besides, there have been rumors about this matter in the Izumo Shrine for a long time. It’s not a fabrication, why are you doing this?”

“Silence!” Lily said forcefully and unequivocally, “Shigeyuki, as the Shrine Master of the Fujiwara Clan, how dare you defend a malicious person who slandered the Lord Chief Advisor! What are your intentions? Do you also want to share his sin?”

“Administrator Kagami! I’m afraid that your words are unfair! Otomo Michikawa is telling the truth for the sake of the shrine, to expose Kiyoko who is not qualified to inherit the position of Shrine Master. It is definitely not to target Lord Chief Advisor, why are you trying to confuse right and wrong and cover up the truth??!” Shigeyuki also raised his voice and exclaimed in anger!

The clergy, the chief priest, and other people from the upper echelons of the shrine all gathered around, each reprimanding Lily with a fierce attitude.

“That’s right! Can the miko administrator be so unreasonable?!”
“Can a miko administrator hurt people at will?”
“This is the Fujiwara Clan’s top shrine! How can a miko administrator sent by the imperial court reverse right and wrong here and injure people from my shrine? What’s the reason?!”

A group of people surrounded Lily with imposing momentum!

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“Kagura!” Lily bellowed.

Whoosh A crimson brilliance flashed in front of Lily, and a young girl with double ponytails in a pink kimono and a short skirt appeared in front of Lily, one knee bent in a kneeling posture.

As soon as Kagura came out, a golden light flashed through her eyes and she sent a flying kick towards an old grand chief priest who was approaching Lily and trying to push her amidst the chaos. With a ‘bang’, he was kicked in the stomach and flew out!

Before the others could react, Kagura’s figure moved like an illusion. Multiple figures of her seemed to appear in an instant, all of whom attacked with fists, kicks, and palms, stirring up pink spiritual winds.

Boom! Boom! Bam! Bang! Boom! Regardless of how many there were, all the upper echelons of the shrine who surrounded and pressured Lily were blasted out.

In a flash, seven or eight upper echelons of the shrine fell on the ceremonial ground, each wailing and unable to get up.

Kagura gently patted her pink little hands and stood beside Lily. How powerful was Kagura? She was comparable to a half step Throne Stage expert, much stronger than the average peak Permanence Stage powerhouse! Of course, she had to control her strength, otherwise these people would have definitely been beaten to death by her.

“That, who is that person?”
“A very powerful girl suddenly appeared!”
“That…that’s her shikigami! It’s the Miko Administrator’s shikigami!” An onmyoji teacher said in astonishment.

Among the group of upper-level clerics who had gathered to persecute Lily just now, only Shigeyuki remained, and the others couldn’t get up.

Shigeyuki was also extremely stunned. It seemed that things had developed beyond his expectations and he had started a conflict with the Miko Administrator. Although it was the last resort, he was prepared to use force if needed!

However, he didn’t expect that such a petite female shikigami would suddenly appear and be so powerful!

The upper echelons of the shrine were not ordinary people and they were all above the Spirit Jade stage, and even the strongest reached the peak Spirit Jade stage. But they were all beaten down by this little girl in an instant and couldn’t get up! Their spirit jades and bodies were also injured to varying degrees.

“Why is this shikigami so powerful?!” Although Shigeyuki was an expert at the early Permanence Stage, he knew that he was by no means a match for this shikigami. At this moment, he began to worry in his heart. Even he had no idea if the back-ups he had arranged could deal with this little girl while ensuring his own safety.

Looking at Shigeyuki’s stunned face that had lost all traces of arrogance, Lily coldly said, “I am the Miko Administrator sent by Lady Ayaka who represents her authority! Kagura, listen, whoever dares to make trouble here again, kill them without mercy!”

“What—?!” Everyone was shocked again.

Although the sentence ‘kill without mercy’ was spoken in a beautiful voice, it hid the coldness of the battlefield!

It seemed to make everyone feel that, if they dared to provoke Lily’s authority, that scary little girl would really kill them!

“Yes.” Kagura replied indifferently, placing her hand on the Brocade-Patterned Koi tachi that exuded an extraordinary aura.

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For a time, everyone was left speechless. In an instant, so many upper-level leaders of the shrine, whose strength was regarded highly, were beaten and unable to get up. Who wouldn’t be afraid?!

“Administrator Kagami, this is the origin of the Fujiwara Clan’s priesthood. You are actually using shikigami here to deal with those highly respected priests. I will definitely report this matter to the Chancellor!” Shigeyuki was really afraid of Kagura, so he could only rely on verbal intimidation.

“Whether I am right or wrong will be judged by Lady Ayaka. If you are not satisfied, you can report it.” Lily replied nonchalantly.

She looked at Shigeyuki and the crowd, her eyes glowing with a palpitating, watery light, and said, “Now, as the Miko Administrator, I order that the succession ceremony will continue1.”


The whole crowd was once again in shock, and even Kiyoko, who had long since lost hope while kneeling at the altar, raised her head and looked at Lily in disbelief.


  1. Robinxen: They really can’t seem to understand why someone appointed by Ayaka would fly into a fit of rage over Ayaka being accused of improper acts?

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