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Chapter 92 – Lily Training The Physical Body

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3042 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1980 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Brother Yuuta!”

While Lily and Seimei were talking, a young female racoon rushed over, her face blackened with smoke and dust.

“Mayo.” Yuuta called out the young female racoon’s name.

“Brother Yuuta, the situation isn’t good. The demons, human onmyoji, samurai, and other merchants who are rushing to board the ship are about to fight! Although it is the Fuyutsuki, many people are still worried that they won’t be able to get on the ship!”

Lily, who was by the side, said, “The sword mikos are mainly slaughtering demons. What trouble are those human merchants causing?!”

The female racoon took Yuuta’s hand and looked Lily up and down with some displeasure, “Are you the sister samurai that Brother Yuuta often talks about?”


“Hmph! What does a woman like you know? The scene is so chaotic, isn’t it natural for many merchants and customers to escape together if they don’t understand the situation? You obviously don’t understand anything…and you always rely on Brother Yuuta to help you with everything, exposing him to danger! I hate you!” The female racoon seemed to be very dissatisfied with Lily and stomped her feet.

“Mayo! What nonsense are you speaking?! You are not allowed to talk to sister samurai like that!” Yuuta raised his furry paw and scolded Mayo.

“You, Brother Yuuta…you’re being mean to me for this woman? What’s so great about this woman? She’s not round and her waist is so thin; she’s not even cute! Brother Yuuta’s tastes are so strange! Uuuu— I’m ignoring you!” The female racoon pushed Yuuta away and ran off in the direction of the Fuyutsuki.

“This…” Yuuta looked guilty as he turned to face Lily, “Sister samurai, I, my brothers and sisters are all from the countryside and have no insight. Please don’t mind.”

“Yuuta, let’s not talk about that. If we let the human merchants and the night market demons trample and clash with each other when the Fuyutsuki arrives, our rescues will be in vain!” Lily said anxiously.

“Miss Kagami, leave this place to me. Quickly go to where the Fuyutsuki is docked and see what’s going on.” Seimei suggested.

“Hm!” Lily nodded, turned around and pulled Yuuta as she departed in a hurry. The Eight Hundred Bhikkhuni bowed slightly to send Lily off.

At this time, where the Fuyutsuki would soon arrive, many kinds of demons as well as some merchants and customers were scrambling for a frontmost position. It was so bad that there were a few demons and humans in the front row who were squeezed down a deep ditch. Some human warriors and demons even started to fight each other.

“Stop, all of you!” Lily saw what was going on and shouted in a delicate voice.

The crowd of demons and humans froze momentarily and looked at Lily.

Many demons suddenly screamed, “It’s a female samurai! The female samurai came to kill us!”

The situation became even more chaotic for a while, and consequently, more people and demons were squeezed down the deep ditch.

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“Everyone, don’t be afraid! Have you forgotten her?! She is my sister who has been living here for a month! She is here to help us!” Yuuta shouted.

Finally, the frog who sold goldfish recognized Lily, “It’s Miss Kagami, that lady with a lot of money! She’s someone from our night market.”

Only then did some of the unrest among the crowd gradually ease.

Lily said, “Those female warriors are targeting the demons. You people will only get implicated if you mix with the demons!”

“Ah?!” The human samurai, onmyojis, and merchants looked at each other.

“Moreover, the Fuyutsuki is coming to pick up the demons and bring them to the monster-populated back mountains. Are you people going together as well? As long as you leave this night market street, you will be safe.”

When the people heard this, they all left through the two side alleys.

“Thank you, Miss Kagami, for saving us!” Many of the demons who were saved by Lily knelt down and bowed to her in gratitude.

“The owner of this night market also saved me. This is what I should do.” Lily replied honestly.

“Look! The Fuyutsuki, it’s coming!” A one-eyed demon with good eyesight pointed to the distance while jumping and shouting.

The Fuyutsuki slowly approached, and before it stopped, many demons swarmed towards it, nearly stepping off the platform.

“Everyone, don’t rush! The Fuyutsuki is here and will definitely ensure everyone’s safety.” A fox girl shouted, but was squeezed into the cabin by the tide of demons with a “Yah~”!

“Miss Lily, it’s been a long time.” Riku, with his long gray hair and handsome bearing, appeared next to Lily in an elegant yukata and his arms crossed.

“Brother Riku,” Lily looked towards the smoking night market and asked, “Brother Riku, do you know what happened?”
“You humans attacked us demons, but ask me instead? I myself want to know.” Riku smiled helplessly.
“Eh? Brother Riku, you, you are a demon?” Lily was surprised.
“Hehehe, the situation is urgent and I accidentally let my tongue slip.”
“No, it was Lily who was rude.”

“Why? Can’t a handsome male demon talk with Miss Lily?” Riku said in a mellifluous voice.
“Brother Riku, what time is this? Stop making such jokes!” Lily was displeased.
“Sorry, I was also depressed so I teased Miss Lily to lighten the mood.”

Lily remembered something and asked, “Brother Riku, isn’t Lady Kimiko the patron saint of this night market? Does she know what happened here?”
“To tell you the truth, it was Kimiko who asked me to come. It’s just that, for some reason, it’s inconvenient for her to appear herself.”

Lily wanted to ask more, but she hesitated. It must be that Kimiko also didn’t want to take action against these innocent sword mikos who were blinded by others1

“Brother Riku, do you know Shenzu?” Lily asked.

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“Shenzu?” A stern look flashed through Riku’s eyes, “Although I don’t pay much attention to human affairs, I have heard about the new leader of the Heian-kyō Jade Maidens, Uehara no Shenzu.”

“What kind of person is she? Where is she now?”

Riku shook his head, “The organization of the sword mikos, jade maidens, and mirror girls is very strict and secretive. Although the chief advisor’s new policy has vindicated the mirror girls, the world’s stubborn opposition and the powerful demons who desire their destruction still have lingering fears. Nowadays, although I often see a lot of mirror girls in Heian-kyō, they are mostly seen appearing and participating in various crusades, missions and adventures. Without joining these organizations, it is difficult to know who their high-level officials are. That Shenzu is mysterious and it is rumored that she possesses great strength and wisdom, but few outsiders have seen her true face.”

Lily nodded as she mulled over his words. If it wasn’t for the descent of the heavenly oracle, how would Lily have known that Yoruko was the leader of the sword mikos? However, now that Yoruko was murdered, the forces of the sword mikos and jade maidens were all likely under the command of Shenzu.

“Brother Riku, then, do you know who the leader of the mirror girls is?”

“Mirror girls? That’s even more unknown. The mirror girl clan has been persecuted for a long time so even if their leader really exists, they must be deeply hidden. Even I myself have no clue.”

“I understand. Thank you, Brother Riku, for telling me. By the way, Lily has one more thing to ask.”
“Miss Lily, there is no need to be polite. Your matters are partly my matters as well.”

“Haha…” Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She didn’t recall having such a deep friendship with Riku, nor did he seem like a chivalrous person? Was it really easy to do things as long as one had a beautiful and sexy body?

“Brother Riku, do you still have the blood spirit magatama from last time? Lily is willing to buy it from you at the market price.”
“Oh? What does Miss Lily need the blood spirit magatama for?”

“It’s nothing. One of my sisters, who needs it for her practice, asked me to inquire about it.” Lily didn’t want to show how eager she was to get the blood spirit magatama, lest the other party take the opportunity to raise the price.

“Hehe, Miss Lily, the blood spirit magatama is an extremely rare thing. With its rarity, it should cost more than one hundred magatama, but at present, there are few uses for this rare thing in the world and there are also alternatives, so the price is not too high. This thing is really hard to come by and I only have one. Since there is no use carrying it around, I’ll repay the debt by giving it to Miss Lily. I’m not sure if I’ve taken advantage of Miss Lily.” Riku said.

“Not at all, Lily doesn’t think she has suffered a loss. After all, it’s such a rare thing and I am not short on money so I’m the one benefiting. Then, Brother Riku, if you find it in the future, please keep an eye out for me.”

“Okay, if I see it, I will collect it on your behalf and transfer it to you at the original price without making any profit.”
“Thank you, Brother Riku.”
“Hehe, Miss Lily, since I’m already treating you so well, why don’t we go up to the Fuyutsuki for a drink?”
“This… Lily has urgent matters so let’s do it another day…”

That night, the night market suffered heavy casualties and almost all the items in the stores were burned and blown up. It was unimaginable that such a heartless thing was done by a group of righteous girls who only sought to save the heavenly way. It was truly unimaginable.

It was not until the second day of the extended night that the officials and soldiers came, obviously late. By that time, the swords maidens and other sisters had already left and there were almost no survivors in the night market. The soldiers hastily extinguished the fire and sealed off the night market with ropes and wooden fences. That was it, that was all they did— it seemed extremely perfunctory.

“The imperial court must have known about this in advance. From cruelty and suppression to connivance, there must be articles in between.” Lily stood on a roof, her long hair fluttering as she surveyed the street full of smog and embers before turning to leave.

Lily returned to the chief advisor’s manor, but Ayaka had gone to the court so she could only go back to the study and wait.

At this time, Lily finally got to take a good bath and changed into the celestial maiden lingerie she bought from the auction house. She then started to practice.

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Sure enough, wearing lingerie gave a different feeling. Such beautiful and sexy lingerie made Lily more sensitive and gave her a bit of confidence. After all, no matter how beautiful she was, perhaps one day her senior sister would get tired of it. She needed to change things up occasionally to please her senior sister.

Lily blushed at the thought.

“How obscene! What am I thinking?! I can’t believe I’m fantasizing about sexual affairs with Senior Sister2.”

“It’s just that…even if I have a thousand charms and all kinds of amorous feelings, when will Senior Sister see it?” Thinking of this, Lily couldn’t help feeling sentimental.

It’s better to meditate and practice first while waiting for Ayaka to come back.

Lily integrated her seductive charm intent into her body so that her mind and body could continue to improve under the nourishment of her new insights and perceptions. While wearing this lingerie, the effect of physical training was better than wearing nothing at all3.


  1. Robinxen: That’s a leap of logic.
  2. Robinxen: This is hardly new.
  3. Robinxen: You heard it hear confirmed, sometimes clothing has more eroticism than none.
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