Chapter 88 – Trust

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3273 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1994 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Please don’t do this, Lady Kimiko, please…forgive me!” Lily’s physical strength gradually recovered from the effects of the charm technique and she forcefully pushed Kimiko away, feeling a little embarrassed. She turned around and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

She probably didn’t know that, for a powerhouse like Kimiko, this kind of resistance only increased her enticement.

It’s just that Kimiko didn’t want to rely on her strength to conquer Lily. She preferred to take her time to tease Lily as even seeing her serious and anxious expression was also a kind of pleasure.

However, at this moment, tears welled up in Lily’s eyes.

“Yoruko she…she was brutally killed. Lady Kimiko, can’t you understand my feelings?” Lily weakly lied on the small table and shook her head, “I want to find the real killer and avenge Yoruko, but Lily doubly realizes her own powerlessness at this moment. Why did such a kind woman have to go like that…and I can’t do anything.”

Kimiko also sighed helplessly, “You are too affectionate to women. Well, I can help you, but how can you ask for my help if you won’t tell me anything.”

Lily got up and a glimmer of hope flashed in her eyes, but she was put in a dilemma, “However, I promised Lady Ayaka not to reveal anything.”

Kimiko looked at Lily seriously, “Although I have only met Yoruko a few times, I also think she is a kind and good woman. Lily, I really want to help you, but the information I currently know is fragmented. If I lack key information, I can’t do anything. Lily, don’t you believe your Sister Kimiko1? Don’t you believe that Sister Kimiko cares for your well-being and doesn’t want you to be sad?”

“Sister Kimiko…”

Lily was moved by Kimiko’s sincerity and tenderness, and remembered the times she selflessly helped her in the past.

Lily was not stupid. Although Kimiko just denied it, Lily felt that if her words were true, that Tamamo-no-Mae was a nine-tailed demon fox who took on the appearance of a bewitching woman, it wasn’t easy to rule out the possibility that Kimiko was Tamamo-no-Mae. Kimiko’s unpredictable personality, which was sometimes playful or serious, often made Lily confused, and she couldn’t tell whether her words were true or not.

However, in her heart, Lily didn’t want to believe that Kimiko was Tamamo-no-Mae because she absolutely refused to believe that Kimiko was the one who killed Yoruko.

Just then, Kagura’s voice came from the mirror space, “Master, in my time, there was already a legend about the nine-tailed demon fox, but it wasn’t related to my former master’s travels and adventures so I don’t know much. However, Yuki-Onna seems to have something to say to you.”

Yuki-Onna also transmitted her voice from the mirror space using the Art of No-Thought, “Lily, what Kimiko said is true. I have heard some legends about the three archdemons. That terrifying nine-tailed demon fox, Tamamo-no-Mae, it is said that her fox fire is powerful enough to burn all the countries of Kansai. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that she is a legend who stands at the pinnacle of the demon world. There are indeed rumors that she has appeared in various eras of history as a beautiful woman, and also as a princess and wife of some hegemonic figures in order to stir up the political situation. However, since the era of Yoshitsune’s rise, there seems to be no major movements from Tamamo-no-Mae. Some people say that she has returned to Suno, and some people say that she is still hiding in Heian-kyō. In short, the news is uncertain, after all, I am a demon from Kanto so I don’t know much.”

Kagura said, “Master, according to what Yuki-Onna said as well as the current situation, there is still a possibility that Kimiko is Tamamo-no-Mae or maybe one of her subordinates. After all, for such an archdemon, she may not show her face in person. In any case, Master, you must be careful. If there is really any danger, I will use the Blood Spirit Magatama, but if she is really Tamamo-no-Mae, I may not be able to kill her even if I use it. After all, that is the nine-tailed demon fox that has been around since ancient times. Only an existence like my former master, Suzuhiko-hime, can subdue her, but I should have no problems keeping you safe.”

After hearing this, Lily’s determination strengthened even more. Did it matter whether Kimiko was Tamamo-no-Mae or not? It didn’t matter! Kimiko treated her well and she could absolutely trust her. Kimiko could have harmed her countless times up until now if she wanted. To Lily, Kimiko was Kimiko!

“Kagura, you and Yuki-Onna should continue to practice. No matter what the situation is, at least here in Kimiko’s place, there is absolutely no need to use the Blood Spirit Magatama.” Lily said firmly through voice transmission.

She raised her head and breathed deeply before bowing to Kimiko, “Lady Kimiko, Lily shouldn’t have doubted you. Although Lady Ayaka told Lily to keep this a secret, she trusted Lily to make decisions when faced with certain situations. Whether it is about Lily herself or the world, Lily chooses to believe Lady Kimiko!”

“Lily…” Kimiko felt a little touched and even a woman like her had a sour nose, “For thousands of years2, there has never been such a human woman who trusted me so wholeheartedly. Lily, except for the things that might put you in danger, I will tell you everything I know.”

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Lily nodded solemnly.

“Then, drink this juice3 first.”


Lily told Kimiko everything that had transpired in the past few days, including the heavenly oracle, in full.

“The ones causing chaos in the world are the three archdemons?” Kimiko’s face revealed an arrogance that spanned thousands of years, defying heaven and earth, “Hmph, if heaven doesn’t take what it wants, what can man do?”

“Eh? Lady Kimiko? Lily doesn’t quite understand.”
“It’s fine if you don’t understand. There are some things that you don’t need to know at your current level so you shouldn’t ask.”

Kimiko nodded, took a sip of tea, looked out the window, and continued, “Lily, I’m very touched that you can tell me, a demon, about such a heavenly oracle which concerns the survival of humanity. However, I didn’t expect that you would trust me, a demon, to this extent.”

“In Lily’s eyes, there are only those who are good to Lily and those who try to plot against Lily and her sisters. There is no difference between demons and humans.” As Lily was from another world, she spoke straightforwardly.

When faced with suspicion, misunderstanding, or uncertainty, Lily did not choose to lie or play tricks to cover up the truth, but chose to be sincere and forthright in order to make the originally complicated situation simpler to understand.

“Well said, Lily! I truly admire your character which is broader than a big man, but more delicate than a small woman inside.” Kimiko said while holding Lily’s hand.
“Eh? This…” Lily twisted her wrist and drew back her hand, not knowing if this was a compliment or a mockery.
“I have a clearer grasp of this matter and I can understand why you doubt the three archdemons, especially Tamamo-no-Mae,” Kimiko said, “But Lily, I also want to raise a few doubts you might want to think about.”

“Lady Kimiko, please speak.”

“Firstly, everyone knows that the extended night is a disaster for humans, but for us demons, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If the gods are really angry with the demons, why would they send a disaster that is clearly more conducive to the growth of demons and catastrophic to human civilization?”

Lily nodded, “Lady Kimiko, in fact, this is exactly what I was puzzled about from the beginning.”

“Secondly, as you said, those sword marks on the scene which exude both masculinity and femininity, even with my knowledge, I do not recall anyone who would use such sword techniques. If it was really the three archdemons who attacked to kill Yoruko, they wouldn’t necessarily need to stir up such a large commotion. You also said that the demons came after you to cover up the matter of the heavenly way, but if Tamamo-no-Mae really made a move, Lily, it would be impossible for you to escape. So, although I think this murderer is indeed really strong when compared to the late Throne Stage Yoruko, it was still an intense fight, otherwise, why would there be so many traces of the fight left? You can ask Ayaka when you go back about the strength of Tamamo-no-Mae compared to her. Assuming that Ayaka uses her full strength to kill Yoruko, would there be so many traces?”

Lily nodded. Yes, if it was really one of the three archdemons who wanted to cover up the matter of heavenly way, then she would’ve been forced to use the Blood Spirit Magatama. Taking a step back, if Kimiko was really Tamamo-no-Mae, then it would be even stranger. Kimiko knew Lily’s strength very well, and if she wanted to make a move, how would Lily be able to escape?

Of course, these were just assumptions. From an objective point of view, the fact that Kimiko didn’t make a move on Lily now didn’t mean anything as Ayaka already knew the contents of the heavenly oracle, making it pointless to attack Lily.

Kimiko continued, “Thirdly, the jade character left on the inside of Yoruko’s sleeve may not necessarily represent Tamamo-no-Mae. Tamamo-no-Mae, the nine-tailed demon fox, is not only powerful, but also extremely clever. How could she let Yoruko leave such an obvious clue? Plus, Yoruko is by no means an ordinary woman, and as the leader of the sword mikos, she is very careful. Assuming that it was really Tamamo-no-Mae who killed Yoruko, would she have left a clue that could have been seen through by her at a glance? Lily, don’t you think that if Yoruko left the bloody jade character, and you immediately infer that it was Tamamo-no-Mae, you would be looking down on this lady who was dedicated to the heavenly way and did not care about this life?”

Lily took a deep breath and a sudden understanding dawned in her heart.

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“Yes! I have talked with Madam Yoruko and even read some of the poems she wrote. With her wisdom, it is unlikely that she would leave such a simple clue!”

“Maybe this jade character has a deeper meaning, and even the unfinished stroke contains some kind of message rather than her dying before finishing it. Of course, there is also a possibility that the murderer imitated Yoruko’s handwriting and left this character to pin the blame on the three archdemons.” Kimiko said with a deep gaze.

“In this regard, Lily will go back and compare it in detail.” Lily said.

“Hmm,” Kimiko nodded, “Lily, you have already been involved in the turmoil that affects the future of the world. Compared to this case, I am more worried about you. Lily, you must be careful while you investigate. At this time, not only can’t you take impulsive risks, you cannot stop practicing. After all, only your own strength is enough to protect yourself and avenge Yoruko. In addition, the token I gave you is still valid and I will immediately come to rescue you.”

“Thank you, Lady Kimiko. Lily will remember your guidance.”
“By the way, Lily, since you are here, don’t go back tonight.”
“Eh?” Lily’s face flushed.

“Hehehe, look at you in a hurry. I mean you can go and gain enlightenment from my Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting for a night.”
“Hehe, you want to ask about the fee?” Kimiko stretched out her hand and imitated the gesture of holding a soft large sphere. She said with a charming smile, “Haven’t you already paid it4?”


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