Chapter 82 – Grief In The Night Rain

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3646 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2162 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The sedan chair was spacious enough for two people to sit down, but Ayaka insisted on holding Lily in her arms and making her sit on her lap1.

“I’m sorry for putting you in danger, Lily…” Ayaka looked at Lily with some heartache as her hands gently brushed Lily’s waist and thighs. She pinched the red fabric between the pleats of Lily’s skirt and gently lifted it up, “They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“Eh? No, no, you arrived before I got beaten. Lady Ayaka, I’m really fine.” Lily hurriedly grabbed her skirt with her small hands. She was not beaten, so naturally, there was no reason to let Ayaka look at her body with the pretext of checking for injuries.

“I don’t believe it,” Ayaka said with a hint of distress, “The prince’s messenger informed me too late, otherwise I would have rescued you earlier. I heard that they locked you in the male prisoner’s cell and interrogated you for a long time, yet you say you weren’t tortured? How can I believe it?”

“Eh? But, there really isn’t any.”

“If you have suffered a loss, you have to tell me. I will never relent when my female vassals are bullied!”

It was uncertain why Ayaka believed that Lily was beaten or taken advantage of, even though Lily denied anything of the sort.

She pressed down on the back of Lily’s neck and smoothly rolled her body over, forcing Lily to lie on her lap.

Lily looked very aggrieved as she asked, “Lady Ayaka, what are you doing?”

“Don’t move!” Ayaka grabbed Lily’s two hands and pressed them on her waist. Just from this grab alone, Lily could sense Ayaka’s unfathomable realm and strength. It wasn’t a power that she could resist so she could only lie obediently in her lap.

Big Sister Ayaka is so powerful, Lily shyly said in her heart, She can easily subdue me with just one hand, but what exactly is she going to do?

“Lily,” Ayaka said with some reproach, “I know that girls want to save face and even prefer to swallow their anger when they suffer a loss, but I absolutely cannot let go of those who dare to bully you. Even if you refuse to admit it, I have to find the evidence myself!”

“Eh? What evidence? I don’t understand.”

But Lily immediately understood. Ayaka’s fingers lightly caressed Lily’s buttocks before slowly tracing downwards, all the way to the edge of her skirt which covered her soft curves.

Flutter— With a decisive and powerful pull, she lifted Lily’s skirt directly up to her waist.

Lily only felt a sudden chill behind her, causing her to twist her wide hips and swing her legs to struggle. She didn’t know that such a struggle only made her more tempting.

“Don’t move! I’m checking your body for you.” Ayaka firmly held Lily’s waist with one hand while using the other to continuously stroke her snowy buttocks and thighs. She reached between Lily’s thighs and carefully prodded with her fingers, but found no scars or injuries near or around her inner thighs.

“What…you really didn’t suffer any injuries? They didn’t do anything to you?”

Lily’s face was burning red as she thought, They did not do anything to me, but Lady Ayaka, you treated me like this and still dare to ask if I have suffered. I, Lily, am no longer that cowardly little girl from the past! I am also a female samurai who can stand proudly among the warriors of the Heian Dynasty. I am a master and a strong person. How can I allow myself to lie on your lap and let you lift up my skirt to examine my body…

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Lily was also a little upset. After all, she expressed her cooperation and obedience because Ayaka had saved her before. However, that didn’t mean Ayaka could freely perform such a casual examination as if she was her lover, right? Lily didn’t ask for a check-up, and besides, she hadn’t suffered a loss in the first place!

At most, it could be considered a close shave…

For the first time, Lily activated her spiritual energy in front of Ayaka.


The sturdy sedan chair bumped for a while, causing the eight fairly strong attendants to stumble. They looked at the sedan chair in surprise, not knowing what was going on inside.

Ayaka was also surprised. She didn’t expect that Lily would actually make a move and break free from her.

Lily sat near the corner of the sedan chair and hurriedly arranged her skirt, “Lady Ayaka, I said I’m fine. Why should I lie to you?!”

Lily’s face looked a bit fierce, but her tone sounded more like an angry woman who was throwing a tantrum rather than the usually formal way one would speak to the chief advisor.

Ayaka was surprised again. She had never met a woman who dared to treat her like this. After being stunned for a moment, she revealed a slightly refreshing smile. It seemed that Lily’s resistance had aroused an even stronger desire to conquer her.

“What? Are you angry? Do you know who you are angry with?” Ayaka asked teasingly.

“Lily thanks Lady Ayaka for saving me, but although I am loyal to you, it is only for the sake of the world and my appreciation of your aspirations, and of course, for Lily’s own selfishness. However, I have my own dignity as a vassal. Do I get to do whatever I want just because I am a woman? Even if you are concerned, My Lady, consider this question: If it were between male masters and their servants, wouldn’t it be absurd for those Lords to treat their vassals like that?”

“Hehe, Little Lily, you’re right. How can there be such delicate and gentle care between us women and other men? I was only concerned about you, why are you so angry? However, the lack of respect towards your superior still deserves punishment.”

When Lily heard about punishment, her heart palpitated. She wasn’t afraid of Lady Ayaka’s punishment, but afraid of her own inability to resist.

But…in order to wake up Senior Sister, I have trained and practiced to the point where I can even defeat a thousand troops. I am no longer the little woman from the past who could only be bullied by my big sisters.

If she gave in here, she wouldn’t be able to raise her head under Ayaka’s command in the future. Did she have to agree to everything just because she was chief advisor, even if it meant sleeping with her? Did she have to lie down obediently and open her legs for her? She was Ayaka’s retainer, not a mistress!

There was only one woman who could make her act like a lover, and that was her senior sister! That was the only woman who could make her absolutely obedient!

Although I once had an unclear history with Sister Uesugi…I was weak and confused at that time. If I want to become strong and suppress my weakness and infatuation, how can I continue to make mistakes again and again?

This is not like the past where I had to submit and get taken advantage of when I meet a beautiful woman who is stronger than myself. If I stay like that, what kind of woman will I become?

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“Lily apologizes for offending My Lady, but please respect Lily. Lily is not that kind of weak woman who would keep silent to save face when bullied. I was indeed locked in the male prisoner’s cell and they tried to harm me, but Lily’s strength is not like a little bird which is easily swayed by the wind. I taught them a hard lesson so please rest assured.” Lily said seriously.

“Oh?” Ayaka smiled gently, “So, you are still pure?”
“Yes, of course!” Lily retorted with a red face.
“What if I don’t believe you?” Ayaka suddenly stood up, grabbed Lily’s arm with one hand, and pressed her against the corner of the sedan chair with the other. Her face was very close to Lily’s.

Ayaka’s hands felt cold but also slightly warm. Although Lily tried her best to push her away, she found that Ayaka’s grip was tight but strangely gentle at the same time, and she couldn’t push her away at all.

Even if she resisted with all her might, she could not push her away.

Ayaka’s breath fell on Lily’s face, causing her sensitive body to shiver. She inadvertently saw Ayaka’s slightly parted red lips which looked full and moist, emitting a flowery fragrance. Lily was under the oppression of both violence and passion from this woman at the same time, making her feel a little overwhelmed.

Lily failed every time she tried to push back and wanted to use her foot to kick Ayaka away, but her legs were pressed by Ayaka and couldn’t be lifted. Ayaka suddenly squeezed harder.

“Ouch, it hurts…” Lily’s hand was hurt by Ayaka’s squeezing.
“Ah, did it hurt you? I’m sorry, my lovely little retainer.”

Ayaka’s tone sounded like she was talking to one of her retainers, but she was clearly flirting with Lily.

“Don’t, don’t do that…” Lily felt that her strength was no match for her and could only mumble in shame.
“Don’t do what?” Ayaka came even closer, and her body was directly pressed onto Lily’s. The indescribable softness of both their chests squeezed together, making Lily feel as if her chest was weightless. That feeling was too wonderful.
“Too, too close…don’t…”

Ayaka’s warm lips neared, and because Lily was speaking, their lips nearly touched. Lily turned her head away, but Ayaka took the chance to blow into her ear, making it even more difficult for her to resist.

“You are the master and I am the servant. You can’t…”
“Can’t what?” Ayaka breathed softly into Lily’s ear, causing her earlobe to turn a deep shade of red.
Lily didn’t want to say it, but if she didn’t make it clear, she wouldn’t be able to pass this test, “You can’t…you can’t kiss me… Isn’t it very weird? Plus, I, I already have someone I like.”

Lily couldn’t help but blush when she thought of the person she liked. When Ayaka saw Lily’s emotional expression, a strong jealousy welled up in her heart. This woman actually had someone she liked more than herself?

She pushed Lily against the wall and they fell to the floor together while sliding against the wall. Ayaka inadvertently straddled Lily’s body and her hands pressed against Lily’s shoulders.

“Kagami Lily, who said I wanted to kiss you? I’m just caring for my vassal as a master, but since you call me master so obediently, do you still have the face to say that you have a sweetheart? Isn’t that a betrayal of your master?” Ayaka looked down at Lily and said forcefully.

“Lady Ayaka, I call you master only because I am your vassal and you are my lord, not in the sense that you are thinking. Don’t play word games with me!” Although Lily was being straddled, she stubbornly argued.

Ayaka looked at Lily’s serious and blushing face as she argued, but her gaze revealed a bewitching charm that radiated dominance. Her red lips opened leisurely, “Now, I want to kiss you.”

“Eh?” Lily was startled. At this moment, Ayaka was sitting on her and holding her down. It would be hard to resist if she forced a kiss… “Don’t do this!”

There was dissatisfaction and sadness in Lily’s eyes, “Madam Yoruku, she… Madam Yoruko was killed! At this time, as chief advisor, you are molesting your vassal instead of pursuing this matter and avenging her? Don’t you think that this is inappropriate?”

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These words were like frost that solidified the surrounding air and stopped Ayaka’s movements. However, as sensitive as she was, Lily instantly regretted saying those words.


Soulful tears fell on Lily’s face… Ayaka’s eyes became wet and blurry, seemingly filled with indescribable sorrow.

“Yoruko…Yoruko she…she was brutally killed by someone, yet I, the number one onmyoji in the world, am here molesting my own vassal. I really…”

Ayaka did not sob, but her tears couldn’t stop flowing. She felt discomfited and let go of Lily before turning around.

Looking at Ayaka’s despondent back, Lily suddenly felt that her seemingly flirtatious attitude was all just a pretense. At this time, she was more saddened by Yoruko’s death than herself.

Could it be that there was some kind of unimaginable bond between them…

“I’m sorry, Lady Ayaka… I, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know…” Lily went over to Ayaka’s side, full of guilt. She inadvertently got close to her and gently pulled her sleeve, “I’m sorry, Lady Ayaka… Lily really didn’t know…”

Suddenly, Ayaka turned her head, held Lily’s face, and initiated a deep and powerful kiss2.

“Umph…” The unexpected kiss caught Lily off guard and her eyes widened.


  1. Robinxen: AYAKA PLEASE!
  2. Robinxen: This woman seriously.

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