Chapter 80 – The Great Onmyoji Under The Rain

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3062 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2012 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Patter— Rain poured and thunder roared.

A group of attendants carried a big sedan chair directly into the heavenly prison compound.

The sedan chair was lowered and the curtain was shifted aside. Ayaka, who was dressed in a white court dress with red lining, stretched out her long legs and alighted from the sedan chair.

An attendant hurried over with a large parasol to cover Ayaka from the rain.

Ayaka strode in the rain and flung her big sleeve at the paper parasol in the attendant’s hand, slapping it away. The paper parasol flew a certain distance while spinning in the air before landing on the stone floor with a ‘splash’.

Ayaka’s long, jet-black hair was drenched in the rain and small crystal water droplets fell down her hair. Her brows were sharp and the afterglow of the night was reflected in her eyes, but there was no trace of a smile on her beautiful face.

The group of attendants watched as Ayaka strode into the rain, but no one dared to utter a word lest they face her bone-chilling anger. They could only silently kneel down on both sides.

“Lady Ayaka…” Lily, who was being held down by the burly men, was also a little stunned when she saw this scene. The noble Lord Chief Advisor, who was dressed in her white, spotlessly clean court dress, directly stepped into the muddy rain without caring about her soaked appearance.

“Lord Chief Advisor…” The Middle Counselor, Minamoto no Yoshitada, Kimura, and the others all looked at each other in dismay. For a moment, they did not know how to respond as Ayaka’s arrival wasn’t within their expectations at all.

Ayaka entered the interrogation hall without saying a word and walked over to Lily who was pinned in the middle and about to be tortured. Several of those burly men were frozen in their previous actions, most of whom were holding Lily down and were about to rip off her clothes. Two men behind her were also holding large boards, ready to swing and beat her with them.

Ayaka’s eyes didn’t even look at these big men, instead falling on Lily who was humiliated and pressed onto the ground. Her expression couldn’t help but reveal a trace of heartache.

“Great…Lord…” One of the burly men stammered while holding the board, hesitating whether to swing it or not.

Ayaka’s wet dress and hair suddenly fluttered as an incomparable strong spiritual energy storm surged out of her body!

Boom! The spiritual energy storm directly blasted five or six strong men into random directions. Some smashed through the wall and flew out of the room, some crashed through the roof and fell onto the tiles, while others tumbled across the ground and smashed onto a big pillar.

At this time, the surrounding atmosphere became solemn. No one expected that Lady Ayaka would be so angry.

“Lady Ayaka…” The spiritual energy storm did not affect Lily and she tried to stand up.

Ayaka grabbed Lily’s underarm and helped her up. Her actions were slightly rough compared to her usual elegance as a public minister, but she promptly pulled Lily into a protective hug1.

A swirl of emotions appeared on Lily’s face as her head rested on Ayaka’s soft and wet, yet pleasantly warm breasts2. The fragrance of a mature woman mixed with the smell of rain assaulted her nose, causing her usually strong body to experience a sudden weakness. An unimaginable sense of security overcame Lily and soothed her aggrieved heart.

Ayaka protected Lily in her arms just like that, standing tall and proud in the hall.

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“This… Lord Chief Advisor…” The Middle Counselor put away his perverted eyes and walked towards Ayaka with a slight smile, “I didn’t expect your sudden visit. We are currently interrogating Kagami Lily, a murder suspect. I wonder what Lord Chief Advisor is here for…”


Ayaka swung her arm and a white silk flew out from her big sleeve. That white silk resembled a stream of water and covered the few meters of distance in an instant. Disregarding the fact that he was one of the three important officials of the imperial court, the white silk directly distorted the Middle Counselor’s face halfway through his words and knocked out a few teeth3. With a resounding ‘bam’, his body was knocked into the air and slammed into the screen in front of the lobby before falling to the ground.

“Lord Chief Advisor—” Minamoto no Yoshitada was left dumbfounded. After all, a senior official of the Genji Clan was just beaten in front of his eyes. Even though the chief advisor was the one who did it, he couldn’t sit back and ignore it. He strode forward and wanted to argue.

Ayaka hugged Lily tightly with one hand to protect her while she formed the other hand into a palm shape. As her palm pushed forward, several ribbons of white silk flew out from her sleeves while twisting around each other, resembling a beautiful snow lotus. Like the blooming of a snow lotus, the silk ribbons turned into a strong white light that struck Minamoto no Yoshitada’s body with a ‘bang’! Upon impact, his miracle treasure armor was directly shattered into pieces and his originally tied up hair was swept away by the powerful airflow. A beam of light erupted from the flowerlike silk ribbons and slammed into Minamoto no Yoshitada’s abdomen, throwing him into an ancient statue in the corner and knocking it down.

“Cough—” The middle of Minamoto no Yoshitada’s head was bald and his remaining hair was disheveled. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth as he clutched his abdomen and forced himself to kneel upright. He knew that Ayaka was really angry so he could only bow his head and kneel down, not daring to say anything more.

Kimura saw how both of the three main interrogators were beaten by Ayaka, who was usually gentle and elegant in the court. He had never seen her so angry, but right now, he didn’t care about the reason. He took the initiative to kneel down and kowtow before pleading, “Lord Chief Advisor, I beg for leniency—”

Lily, who was in Ayaka’s arms, was stunned by what happened. She didn’t expect that the normally easy-going chief advisor, who even helped to tidy her neckline, would be so terrifying when angry.

Lily, however, couldn’t help but blush. She lowered her head and buried her face in Ayaka’s bosom, breathing in the reassuring fragrance of her body and ignoring the chaos in the interrogation hall.

Ayaka didn’t ask Lily much. She wrapped Lily in a strong hug and walked to the high platform where the three interrogators were originally sitting. Several white silks shot out of her sleeve and twisted into a flying flower according to her will. They swept the broken screen and the Middle Counselor down the hall like garbage, while she turned around and sat on the high platform with Lily still in her arms.

“Eh, Lady Ayaka…”

“Shush.” Ayaka gently ordered. She put her hand on the back of Lily’s neck and pressed her into her lap, forcing Lily to kneel in a side sitting position like a little lover who was serving her master4.

Although it looked somewhat humiliating, it was very reassuring. Lily blushed, but she didn’t resist and obeyed Ayaka’s wishes.

The Middle Counselor soon stood up and shouted, “Lord, Lord Chief Advisor, even if you are the chief advisor, how can you beat people in the hall? We are under the order of the cloistered emperor…”

Ayaka’s eyes that were enough to freeze the world and the stunningly beautiful snow lotus that exuded killing intent gradually choked the Middle Counselor’s voice until he finally shut his mouth.

Seeing this, Minamoto no Yoshitada and Kimura also came to the bottom of the hall. All three of them kneeled down side by side and bowed to Ayaka.

“We ask Lord Chief Advisor to give us instructions.” The three said in unison.

“Aren’t you going to investigate the case?” Ayaka spoke in a beautiful but cold tone of voice, “Continue the trial.”

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“Ah, this…” The three of them looked at each other before looking at Lily who was kneeling on Ayaka’s lap, “This prisoner…”

“Trial!” Ayaka shouted loudly, causing the entire hall to tremble. It felt as if it was about to collapse at any time.

The three people were very scared and confused. Although the Right Imperial Guards’ Commander was also a true Genji powerhouse and wasn’t much weaker than Fayumi no Yoruko, this woman was one of the three pillars of the Heian Dynasty and the world’s number one Onmyoji. He couldn’t afford to provoke her ire.

“Trial, trial—” The Middle Counselor’s jaw was dislocated so every word caused him a lot of misery and pain.

“That…” Kimura said, “May I ask Lord Chief Advisor who will be tried first?”

At this time, the old woman saw that things weren’t looking good. The sudden chaos displaced the several warriors who were watching her and the other three men were prostrating in front of Ayaka. She took the opportunity to sneak into the darkness and escape.

Suddenly, the snow lotus floating above the hall spun rapidly and released several ribbons of light that entangled the old woman tightly. The light ribbons pulsed with power and suddenly constricted.

“Aah, forgive me,” The old woman howled in pain, “Lord Chief Advisor is…Lord Chief Advisor is going to kill this poor old lady!”

“Demon, how dare you deceive everyone here?!” Ayaka coldly said. The snow lotus emitted a holy white light that shone onto the old woman, causing her to twitch and scream. Gradually, her body turned into a dark reddish brown color and started to twist and swell, bursting through her clothes. Her body became hunched and morbidly fat, but also strangely old and emaciated with sparse hair. It was an extremely ugly evil spirit.

The evil spirit was entangled in pure white ribbons and revealed an indignant and fierce look, but was unable to break free. It bared its teeth at everyone, which looked especially vicious.


The Middle Counselor, Minamoto no Yoshitada, Kimura, and everyone else were shocked.

“Did you use this evil demon’s testimony to frame my female vassal?”

The three men bowed their heads in a panic.

“My subordinates didn’t know, my subordinates didn’t know!” The Middle Counselor hurriedly said with his forehead almost touching the floor.

“Lord Chief Advisor, this servant has no eyes…to be deceived by a demon… I am aware of my sin!” Minamoto no Yoshitada was also extremely ashamed.
“Enough!” Ayaka said, “Take down those three imperial guards who gave false testimonies.”
The three imperial guards cried out in injustice, “Lord Chief Advisor, that old witch has nothing to do with us. We are telling the truth. This Kagami Lily really broke into the palace and tried to kidnap the prince.”

Ayaka glanced at the three of them contemptuously. That terrifying cold and arrogant gaze made the three men kneel involuntarily. Ayaka didn’t bother to talk to them and looked at Kimura.

Kimura didn’t have any bad will towards Lily in his heart. After all, she had helped a lot in the battle against the Rashomon spirit and saved the lives of at least hundreds of officers and soldiers belonging to the Bureau of Justice.

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As a minister of the Bureau of Justice, Kimura felt that this case was very suspicious. He asked, “You said that Kagami…Miss Kagami tried to kidnap the prince. Which prince was that?”

“This…” The three men looked at each other and the onmyoji said, “Yes, it was Prince Narinaga.”

After all, the prince was so noble. It was impossible for him to come to the interrogation hall and give a statement.

Ayaka smiled coldly, “Prince Narinaga, please5.”
“What???!” The faces of the three men changed.
After a while, an announcement came from outside the heavenly prison, “Prince Narinaga has arrived.”

The Middle Counselor, Minamoto no Yoshitada, and Kimura were also dumbfounded. So even Prince Narinaga came?


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