Chapter 76 – Lily’s Crime

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3085 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1646 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily didn’t know how to react to what she was hearing.
“How bout it? You scared now?”
“Hurry up and kneel for eldest brother!”

The group of prisoners had surrounded her and tried to scare her.

The eldest brother casually waved his hand, “Little girl, I see you’re from a good family so I won’t trouble you much, but the prison has its own rules. As a newcomer, you must kneel and give me three kowtows and recognize me as eldest brother. Whatever I order, you must obey. Although you are a woman, since you’ve come here, you will be treated the same.

“Kneel! Kowtow!”

The group of prisoners continued to put pressure on her. As if she couldn’t hear a thing, she stood there indifferently.

“Boss! This s̲l̲u̲t̲ doesn’t listen! What do we do?” Baldy asked.

“I say…you piece of trash, can’t you even control a s̲l̲u̲t̲?” the eldest brother scoffed, “If a woman is disobedient, then take care of her, strip her and give her a few slaps!”

Seeing that words would not intimidate Lily, they revealed their violent true visages, some of them had murdered innocent helpless women. Two strongmen approached to grab her arms, they wanted to press her down onto the ground and strip her.

Before their hands touched her wrists, she moved. Her red sleeves fluttered as her tiny hands caught their wrists, her slender fingers squeezed and twisted.


The two men had their wrists twisted into a mess, screaming in pain they couldn’t move at all, Lily still had a tight grip on their wrists.

“Ah?” The scarred bearded man couldn’t help but be surprised.
“This b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, she has some capabilities?” Baldy asked.
“Release us——Let us go!”
“It hurts!!”

The two men screamed in tears.

The scarred bearded man growled, his face gloomy, “What are you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ doing? Don’t tell me so many of you can’t even take a single b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ down?”

“I’m gonna beat you to death!” Seeing that Lily had both hands occupied, the baldy smashed a hand toward the back of her head. A regular woman taking this blow would die.

Lily tilted her body forward a bit, and kicked out toward her rear, Bang!

She had controlled the strength in her long slender legs, but her kick still sent the 250 pound baldy flying into the air like a sandbag.

The horse-faced man swiftly arrived in front of Lily, taking advantage of her tilted body, he attempted to slam his tree stump thick knee into her delicate chin.

All sent down here were bullies; strong, ferocious, and good at brawling. Horse-face may look silly, but when it came to sneak strikes, he was skilled.

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But up against a true expert? What good was brawling? This sort of gangster style fighting was meaningless in front of Lily.

She smoothly dragged one of the wrists she was holding and set the man’s big head on a collision course with horse-face’s leg. Though the horse-face was close, Lily’s reactions were much faster.


To pull the man’s face over fast enough, Lily had used too much force, his wrist bones were shattered, and his cheekbone was caved in by horse-face’s knees.

Straightening up, Lily twisted the other man into an off balance position and pushed. With a burst of energy the other man flew like a ragdoll and crashed into a group of other prisoners.

Setting one hand on the back of the man with the broken cheekbone, she flipped her svelte body over him leading with her feet. Bang! Her feet sunk straight into horse-face’s chest, caving in his chest and sending him brutally flying into the wall.

The scarred bearded man was shocked, he was experienced with murder and merciless. He grabbed an iron chain he had hidden and swung it at Lily’s neck. He wanted to strangle her neck and subdue her.

However to Lily, moves from this level of opponent was nothing more than trivial play. Tapping the ground with a finger, she flipped herself around and twisted past the iron chain. With her long beautiful legs raised straight into the air, one could only see a white patch of silk beneath her fluttering red skirt, an unmistakable view of spring.

Her speed was too fast, the men didn’t have any time to appreciate the view before her feet slammed toward the ground with force.


Her feet caught the scarred bearded man in the head, and slammed his face into the ground. That chin smashed straight into the stone ground, shattering several front teeth.

In a few seconds, the entire room of criminals was disabled, not one could get up.

Lily pressed one of her clogs to the boss’s neck and pinned him against the wall.

“Cough…spa-spare me goddess…” he could only beg, he knew the woman in front of him was a female martial goddess.

Lily added force to her foot, her eyes chilly, “You just asked what my crime is? I, Lily, have truly committed some crimes. I merely destroyed the Hojos of the east, exterminated Mount Fuji’s Amanojaku, and defeated Furinkazan!”

“What……???” There were some in the cell who had heard of the Hojo clan, the Furinkazan, and that Mount Fuji’s heavenly evil spirit Amanojaku was the leader of Kanto’s demons; how could the scarred bearded man be unaware of them? Those were all legendary existences.

His eyes bled red, he could only regret with every fiber of his being.

Lily placed a finger on her lips and pretended to remember, “Oh yes, on my way to Heian-kyo I also killed Kyūbōzu, the Carp Spirit, duelled and killed Sakanoue no Tamurakonoe on the Ryu Island. As for others… some mid ranked, upper ranked, and Spirit Jade demons, added up… I must have killed several ten thousand already, I really can’t remember how many.”
“Several, several ten thousand…”

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Some were unaware of who those names represented, but several ten thousand demons… they were dumbfounded and speechless. They had worshipped their boss who had killed one mid ranked demon as a hero.

“Sakanoue? Sakanoue no Tamurakonoe!?? Isn’t that the famous genius of Kansai’s Killing Dojo? Kansai’s fastest sword, the Swallow Counter? And his uncle is a super expert who can destroy a castle by himself? That guy got killed by this woman… ah no, this lady goddess!??”

The prisoners could only shiver in fright, this was scarier than execution.

“Ah, right, a few days ago I trapped that Rashomon for a dozen rounds, and let the Bureau of Divination proudly cast that spell to repel it. But that Rashomon was really strong, I alone am not it’s opponent.” Lily said with a bit of embarrassment.


The criminals could only slowly crawl away in panic, “Ra, Rashomon. That Rashomon who massacred hundreds of powerful samurai and onmyoji. The Rashomon who beat Great Onmyoji Kamo Tadayuki to death, that legendary Rashomon!???”

“Th-this fairy celestial can fight Rashomon for a dozen rounds and be fine???”


Those who could still get up knelt in front of Lily one after the other.

“Sister goddess! Spare us!”
“Sister goddess, we had dog eyes, spare us!”
“Sister goddess, punish me! I’m willing to get kicked by you!”
“Shut up you fools!”
“Sister goddess mercy——mercy——”

The prisoner’s kowtows really made Lily feel good, she wondered, if one day she climbed to Takamagahara and was worshipped by all living beings, what sort of scenery would that be?

Although these guys were all vicious criminals, they were still regular people. Having the law punish them was enough, she didn’t want to bother with them too much.

She removed her foot letting the scarred bearded man go. He ignored his injured throat, and knelt down at her feet bowing, “Thank you for your mercy! I’m a blinded dog eyed waste, to not know how high the heavens are. I deserve to die, I thank the great goddess for not killing us! For your mercy, I’m willing to follow you for the rest of my life!”

“That’s right——! We are all willing to follow the goddess as death-row disciplines!”
“Sister goddess boss!”

The prisoners all followed their boss and kept kowtowing to Lily.
Lily was speechless.

“Enough, the racket you’re making is enough to wake the dead. Just don’t bully the newcomers in the future and it’s all fine, and just get up.”
“Thank you goddess——”

Only then did the group crawl to their feet. Lily sat on a wood fence facing the outside, she didn’t want to get too close to the prisoners.

“That…” Horse-face didn’t care about the chest pain and ran up smiling, “Sister goddess, do you want some massage? Or shoulder rubs? It must have been difficult for you.”
“Get lost, don’t bother me.” Lily coldly replied.

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Horse-face could only retreat under jeering gazes. Massage? Letting such a man massage herself, how was that service? That was clearly him taking advantage of her, how could she agree.

Lily spent the entire night in the dungeon, deep in the dungeons she didn’t know how long had passed.

A group of guards arrived at the prison.
“Under Lord Kimura’s orders, Kagami Lily shall be questioned.” The guards reported.
They were led into the dungeon, talking the entire way.

“The chief guard was sure vicious, he actually locked a female in with the most vicious prisoners and left them alone the entire night. Is there still a need for questioning?”
“Ah, it was said that she’s a very dainty and beautiful woman.”
“Isn’t that worse? She’s probably been wrecked throughout the night. If she isn’t dead, then she’s insane.”
“Infiltrating the palace is a death penalty, so what if she’s wrecked? She’ll get beheaded sooner or later. Wouldn’t it be a waste if she’s still a maiden?”
“Look at your words, would you still have that attitude if it was your family’s daughter suffering such misfortune?”


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