Chapter 73 – Demon Pursuit

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3234 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1715 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Looking through the ox cart walls, she could see flashes as if the sky was being torn apart. Lily almost couldn’t resist rushing out, but she remembered the old man’s warning, she had agreed to stay inside.

She believed in the old man and Lady Ayaka’s preparations.

The ox cart jolted violently, sometimes forwards, sometimes sideways. Lily was tossed around inside. Gradually, the ox cart stopped, but the sounds of a thunderous battle outside echoed around. Though she couldn’t feel the eldritch aura, the reverberations of battle outside sent tremors through Lily.

Boom——! Lily was flipped over, the ox cart had been overturned! The impact sent her tumbling onto the ceiling of the ox cart. Deafening impacts continued to echo from the outside, the shockwaves seemed to be destroying the ox cart.

Tszz! A long claw ripped right through the sturdy cart wall. The sudden appearance shocking Lily. Lily couldn’t remain any longer, if she stayed then she would die.

Lily drew her blade, but the space was too small, she could not completely draw her blade.

Boom——! Lily ignited her aura. The blade was violently drawn and a crimson blade beam ripped the cart canopy into pieces.

Under the night sky, light burst out from the broken ox cart, Lily steadied her waist, flexed her legs, and with a burst of strength, leapt high out of the ox cart, from up in the sky, she saw a shocking scene. Countless hideous, strange monsters surrounded the cart, the crossroads of Heian-kyo were filled with a sea of monsters! The ox had been eaten and she couldn’t see the black clad old man.

An enormous blue demon brandished gigantic claws and slashed toward Lily’s landing point. Lily’s eyes glowed as she twisted and slashed Yasutsuna into a crimson moonwheel. She sheared off half the blue demon’s arm and claws with one slash.

Before landing, Lily raised her beautiful snowy white legs high1, her leg muscles tensed to the limit and gathered crimson spirit power into them.

Bang——! The ninth grade wooden sandals slammed down, disintegrating the ox cart and creating a powerful area explosion of aura.

Rumble! The surrounding monsters were all thrown back!

Though Lily was only an early stage spirit jade adept, not only was she accomplished with charming intent, strengthening her body, she also understood lunar power. Her powers had increased far beyond what she had been arriving in Heian-kyo.

Her actions were powerful, full of femininity, and had a decisiveness few women had!

Lily had no idea where she was, though it was obvious she had been ambushed and surrounded by demon hounds. She needed to slaughter a path out!

Following her instincts, she ran toward Suzaku Avenue, the center of Heian-kyo. From there she would find her way back to the Chief Advisor’s mansion. Afterall, it was the Suzaku Avenue. As long as she didn’t run in the opposite direction, she was sure to find her way. When she had jumped into the air, she had seen the Heian Palace shrouded in fog, she could estimate her general location.

With a decision made, she did not hesitate. Rushing in that direction, several monsters rose in opposition. They were all powerful, hideous and filled with killing intent. It seemed that their only goal was to kill her.

Lily was merciless, with one slash she beheaded three demons and stepped on the corpses and pointed towards the monsters in front of her.


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Streaks of bright orange fireballs, purple spirit missiles and golden electric strikes flew through the night sky. Through her arcane artes, she turned the sea of monsters into a hell of flaming electricity.

Lily only knew how to use lower ranked arcane artes, but with her strength of heart, her realm, and her understanding of spirit power, her lower ranked arcane artes were more powerful than an average onmyoji’s upper ranked arcane artes. In addition, Lily had abundant spirit power, she could release these high powered low consumption arcane artes all day, the casting was instantaneous and continuous.

In the dark night, her arcane artes filled the sky with colors. The weak monsters were slaughtered enmasse and the strong were held back.

Facing an onslaught on all sides, Lily activated her domain. Countless sakura blades fell like rain, the sea of monsters had no way of dodging. Most of the monsters facing her domain were either killed or injured.

Under her domain, her arcane artes increased in power. They now equaled the full power, precious material consuming, ultimate arcane artes of grade 6 and 7 onmyouji.

She had never thought that her experiences, and her unwavering love and obsession for her senior sister would bring her to this point, that her low ranked arcane artes would have such incredible destructive power.

For senior sister, Lily could give up everything. To rescue her and give her a blissful future, she was willing to sacrifice her soul. Such obsession that transcends time and space, an unyielding unwavering heart, Lily’s heart, how could the people of this world compare! The heart determines the power of the arcane artes, the destructive power!

It was like samurais comparing their muscle power!

With a leap, Lily traveled to the roof tops. She didn’t want to get entangled in the monster horde, fighting in that mass would make getting lost easy. Lily’s arcane artes and domain easily slaughtered early stage spirit jade monsters and below, but when facing middle stage or later stage spirit jade or permanence stage archdemons, all she could do was wound or hamper them. She noticed, after her rampage, there were still plenty of demons chasing her.

“Where did this big demon army come from? And why are they chasing me? Is it for that heavenly oracle…?”

Lily didn’t know where she could find an answer, but she planned on leaving first then asking. But a few streets away she saw a shocking scene.

An incomparably large crimson red centipede stood there with half its body stiffly raised skywards, its ghastly jaws were deeply pierced into the black clad old man’s chest, and the old man’s hand held a terrifying chain scythe, the blade embedded deeply into the core of the centipede’s head.

That centipede, even after death, released a heart stopping aura. This was not a pressure a permanence stage demon could have. A throne stage archdemon!

The old man and the centipede had destroyed each other’s spirit jade core, both died in the exchange, crimson and black blood dripping from the two.

“Old man…” Lily’s heart felt sour, the old man had protected her with a samurai’s resolve, life and soul, following through his promise to Lady Ayaka. Only after destroying the greatest threat had he allowed his life to end.

If the old man had not destroyed the crimson centipede, then Lily would not have any chance at escape. Only after sealing the ox cart had the old man been able to lure the centipede away, but in a life and death battle, nothing was certain…

Lily sadly looked at the old man one last time, a poignant and sorrowful mood permeated her body, raising her blade up high, her lunar power sharpened further!

Bang! Several climbing spirit jade demons were beheaded, but the demons surrounding her were too numerous. And in the distance, Lily could feel multiple throne auras swiftly closing in.

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Lily held back her tears, turned and quickly left.

She swiftly jumped from roof to roof chased by a demonic wind, the monsters and demons joining with the wind to chase her. It formed a chilling picture under the backdrop of the hazy moon.

The demonic wind was fast, Lily didn’t know what arte this was, but the black demonic wind was everywhere.

It allowed the monsters to ride on it, allowed them to fly, allowed them to swiftly chase her. Lily turned and turned, taking a zig zag path through the roofs. Occasionally, turning and swinging her sword, the blade energy infiltrating the demonic wind killing several demons, but she was ultimately unable to eradicate the monster army.

The front and sides also had bursts of black demonic wind, bringing demons to block Lily’s path.

Lily was unable to follow her original path towards Suzaku Avenue, she could only dodge while fleeing. The energy consumption was enormous as she fought and fled.

A powerful eldritch aura appeared from an ancient dark house, a demon girl with no eyebrows and no mouth appeared in the doorway, her aura was monstrous and her eyes were filled with killing intent and jealousy towards Lily.

Lily could only shudder, “This mouthless demon girl is too scary! That power exceeds that of an early stage throne! Is she a mid stage throne archdemon!?”

Lily immediately released a huge carp towards the mouthless demon girl. Though she knew she wasn’t a match, at least the carp would attract the mouthless demon girl’s attention, Lily took the opportunity to flee. But from all sides, from all those dilapidated and ancient houses, demons with unfathomable strengths appeared. She felt as if she was being chased by all the demons in Heian-kyo!

She was surrounded on all sides, and the encirclement was getting smaller and smaller. Front, sides, and rear were all covered by demonic black wind, the black wind obscured her surroundings.

“Not good!” Lily felt that she had entered an inescapable situation, and the monsters blocking her path were all ferocious archdemons.

“Am I really trapped?” Lily’s breasts were covered with glistening sweat, as she panted, her generous breasts heaved up and down as her thighs trembled with powerlessness and nervousness. Lily was really anxious.

“Nn?” Lily felt that the eldritch aura on one side had weakened.

Lily made a dash in that direction, running directly into the dark smoke and relied on killing intent and perception to kill her way through. Exiting the black smoke, Lily ran into a high wall, and from behind a gigantic demonic-clawed-hand reached out of the dark clouds, covering the moon as it grabbed at her.

With a leap, Lily jumped over the wall. Behind the wall was a peaceful, elegant courtyard. Unexpectedly, though the wall was only a few meters tall, the horde of demons didn’t chase her in.

“Where is this?” Lily looked around asking2.


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  2. Robinxen: Probably about to get arrested for trespassing, or she was just herded into that douche guys property.

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