Chapter 70 – Head of the Sword Mikos

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3177 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1685 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

On the road, Lily would flip open the curtains to look outside. The skies were dark and she felt that those ordinary courtyards and buildings emanated powerful vengeful energy, almost as if each building had its own unspeakable story. It was as if this extended night was releasing all that hidden resentment.

“Nn?” Lily felt a source of eldritch energy following the ox-cart

Since the other party seemed to not have the intention to attack or get closer, Lily pretended as if she had not noticed. Given the black-clad elder’s power, he should have noticed long ago, but he also acted as if nothing was happening and continued to drive the cart forward.

Not long after, the ox cart stopped. Lily heard the elder get off the cart, there was no knock on the door, but she heard the creak of the door opening. The black-clad elder opened the door.

“We have arrived.”

Stepping on the elder’s offered hand to get down, Lily saw that they were at the gate of an old mansion.

“Lady, please enter. This old servant shall wait for you here.”

An old granny came out and welcomed them, she was tiny and carrying a lantern. Lily gracefully stepped through the small wooden door and followed the old granny into the residence.

The yard was rife with weeds, and the pond would naturally splash out with waves from time to time. The place seemed desolate, yet with a natural wild taste. Since it seemed that the old granny and elder knew each other, nothing was spoken as she was led to a quaint old wooden house. Lily noticed that the house was surrounded by purple alfalfa herbs, it was wild and messy but really beautiful.

A beautiful purple-haired woman with a revealing charming figure in a darkly colored kimono came out to greet her. This woman’s skin was smooth and white, eyes like water, showing off a mature adult woman’s allure. Around 165 cm tall, charming with a thin waist, this figure was very alluring to men.

“Please come inside.” The woman’s voice gave a feeling of warmth.

Lily followed her into the house. The house was furnished in a simple yet elegant manner. Lily was served some tea as they sat down, looking at the tea cup, Lily’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“This is…”

With one look, Lily could tell that the tea cups were extraordinary. The entire set should be at minimum grade eight.

“Hm? Are you perhaps familiar with tea sets?”
“I only have a passing familiarity with tea sets. My name is Kagami Lily, obeying my lord’s orders, I have come to request a meeting with the madam.” Lily courteously saluted the lady.
“I am Fayumi no Yoruko.” The lady returned the coureousies, “Please call me Yoruko.”
“Lily does not dare.”
“Hehe, you really follow the rules of etiquette. Why don’t you show me your most precious things?” Yoruko suddenly asked, looking at Lily’s abdomen.
“Eh?” Lily’s face flushed red, “Did I mishear? Could the madam please elaborate?”
“Hehehe,” Yoruko smiled slightly, “Kagami Lily, a mirror girl from the eastern land. The world’s demons are powerful and capable, to prevent you from travelling west, they used all sorts of methods. But you still arrived in Heian-kyo just fine, right?”

Lily understood. What madam Fayumi wanted to see was her ancient mirror, and not some embarrassing place. Should she show it? Lily was unsure.

But this woman was the current leader of the sword mikos. She might know some secrets about the destiny of mirror girls. Since Ayaka had sent her here, she should be trustworthy. Lily decided to take a risk.

Twisting around, Lily pulled out the ancient mirror from her sash, presenting it to Yoruko with both hands. Sensing that Lily was willing to trust her, Fayumi seriously received the mirror with both hands.


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When she received the mirror, her body swayed and involuntarily trembled in awe. Cradling the mirror in her hands, she looked at Lily,

“Madam?” Lily inquired.
“It’s a real ancient mirror, but it’s unlike other mirrors I’ve seen. I can’t feel any of the mirror’s power… I don’t know anything about this ancient mirror1.”
“Does the madam mean that you can sense and understand other mirrors?”

Yoruko felt reluctant to part with the mirror but controlled herself and returned the mirror to Lily.

“The ancient mirror is a mirror girl’s life treasure. It is also the reason sword mikos guard the mirror girls. It is a fickle yet hard to resist fate. Completing a mirror girl’s fate allows one to gain heavenly energy, it can raise a mirror’s grade.

“Raise a grade?” Lily was astounded, such an unfathomable mirror could have its grade raised?

“Only…” Yoruko helplessly looked at Lily, “Your mirror radiates an ancient and unusual aura, but it cannot have its grade raised. Sigh… it’s a pity, I’ve long heard of lady Lily’s rumours, I had thought that out of all the chosen daughters of heaven, you would be the one who received the true knowledge, but…”

“Madam Yoruko?”

Lily was anxious, the mirror was everything to her, but was her mirror the stepping stone of another daughter of heaven? Did it really not have the capability of reaching the pinnacle?

“Ah, sorry sorry, you don’t have to worry. It’s probably that my experience is shallow, I should not have… said such things to you. What is with me, why did I not think before speaking.” Yoruko’s face showed guilt.

This made Lily feel the shock even keenly, but Lily’s obsessions with the mirror was not just ordinarily strong. Even if her mirror was not the precious and qualified mirror, so what? In her mirror slept her senior sister’s soul, nothing else mattered to her.

“Madam, I care not about competing with other mirrors. Even if I cannot improve the mirror’s grade, this mirror is my precious companion.”

Yoruko nodded, “Lady Kagami’s determination is admirable. You must have experienced troubles I could not imagine. Lady Kagami, please enjoy the tea.”

Drinking the green tea, Lily felt her body relax. Just seeing Yoruko’s tea brewing methods let her know how extraordinary her tea skills were.

“Madam, I have come today in the lady’s name to ask what you know about this extended night and the natural phenomenon. The lady is very worried, and asks for advice.” Lily formally requested.

Yoruko’s expression showed her feelings, “Even I have never seen an extended night accompanied by a phenomenon. I have been worried these past few days and have prayed to the gods to protect the heavenly path and this country. But I didn’t think I would receive a heavenly oracle moments before you arrived.”

“A heavenly oracle!” Lily didn’t know how to respond.

“That’s right. Lady Kagami’s journey from the east has attracted the pursuit of many major forces, I believe you are trustworthy. Only, you must remember, what I am about to say you can only tell your lord. Even if you get captured and tortured in the future, not a single word may be revealed. If you cannot do that, then please return.” Yoruko stared Lily in the eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Lily responded, “I, Kagami Lily, swear that I will not reveal a single word no matter what I go through.”

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Just a few words would not be able to earn Yoruko’s trust, but the intent radiating from her words shocked Yoruko with its intensity and firmness.

“What a strange girl, I’ve never encountered a girl with such a firm will. If only her mirror’s grade could increase, she would be able to attract other mirror girls, sword mikos, jade girls to follow her, such a pity. She still has the backing of Ayaka, she should still be of great help in this mess.” Yoruko considered.

“Lady Kagami, the heavenly oracle told me the cause of the heavenly path’s collapse, and why the monsters are running rampant.”

“The root cause of the heavenly path’s collapse and monster rampages?” Lily’s eyes filled with fear and surprise.

The root cause of the heavenly path’s collapse… was that something someone at her realm could know about? She was representing Ayaka, though her powers were insignificant at that realm, just telling big sister Ayaka would be enough. Ayaka would be able to mobilise the factions of Heian-kyo to resolve the problem.

Yoruko’s blue purple eyes filled with worry for the world, she nodded and continued, “Those who rebel against the way of heaven are the three archdemons.”
“Three great archdemons?” Lily couldn’t help but repeat.
“Lady Kagami, those words I have spoken, were the entirety of the heavenly oracle.” Yoruko continued sadly, “The way I interpret it, the three great archdemons run amok in the human realm and yet the imperial court is helpless to stop them, repeatedly yielding. Even more so, some factions have even colluded with them for gain or protection. The dynasty is increasingly infested with eldritch energy causing the heaven’s dissatisfaction, thus bringing calamities.”

Lily couldn’t breath, Yoruko’s words were too heavy and implied too much. For a moment she, who had always been calm and steady, felt it to be unbearable.

“The three great archdemons are entrenched in Heian-kyo and covet the world. They stand at the peak of demon hierarchy. They are Tamamo-no-mae2, Shuten-Doji, and the Daitengu whose whereabouts are unknown.

Even Lily had long heard of the names and prestige of the three great archdemons, she had even been lucky enough to witness the earth shattering battle between Shugen-Doji and Sugawara no Michizane! Only, where were the other two archdemons and what did they look like?

“Lady Kagami, having you pass this news to your lord is a heavy responsibility and a dangerous risk. This is a matter concerning the heavenly secrets and the safety of this dynasty. Lady Kagami, you must promise me, you must convey this news to that lord3, no matter what!”

Yoruko’s eyes filled with an intense obsession, as if the heavenly oracle was more important than her own life.


  1. Robinxen: Isekai powers.
  2. Robinxen: Is this like the cute Fate version, the evil Fate version or something else entirely?
  3. Robinxen: Not that one I hope.

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