Chapter 67 – Chrysanths Ice Crystal

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3109 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1641 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

All the products that followed were all mysterious treasures or rare and valuable artworks. Lily felt that she had broadened her horizons.

In the meantime, Lily had bid another twelve magatamas to purchase three calligraphy paintings. She didn’t own any but she felt that these would aid her on her spiritual path, so she just bid on them.

The elder and middle-aged merchant looked foolishly at her, in their hearts they were wondering where this rich young lady came from? She had already spent over thirty magatamas, this was more than the elder and merchant’s net worth combined.

The more the auction progressed, the more valuable the treasures and the more intense the competition became.

In the alcoves in the auction room, there were several private booths covered by blinds. In one of those booths sat a blue haired small eyed young man, beside him knelt a small cat girl with bruises on her face, she served the young man with fear.

“Kagami Lily… isn’t she from the barren eastern countries? To think that she can afford so much, what exactly is her background?” Juzaburo’s eyes lingered on Lily, his feelings complicated. On one hand he wanted to dominate and possess this woman, on the other hand just looking at her made him upset.

He had not made a single bid, he had come to the Fuyutsuki for one particular treasure.

“Soon, it will appear…” Juzaburo muttered, “That woman really caught my interest, but that will appear…It must be mine! I hope the others in the private booths will not challenge me for it.”

“Please do not worry Lord, when the shogun’s young master makes a bid, who will not give you face? Who would dare compete with you?” One of Juzaburo’s samurai attendants said.

“Nn.” Juzaburo also had confidence, nodding in satisfaction. After venting his humiliation on the cat girl and thinking of the treasure he was about to buy, all of his dissatisfaction had disappeared.

“Ten, twenty magatamas, hmph, nothing but small change. When that comes out, I’ll let Kagami Lily know what real money is!”

Finally, the second last treasure was auctioned off, a pinnacle eighth grade naginata was purchased by a female samurai.

“This treasure will be the finale of the auction! An extremely rare, true treasure! This will be its first appearance in this Heian-kyo.” The host announced as the surrounding lights dimmed.

“In this Heian-kyo, it will be difficult to find a second, in fact you can say it is impossible! It is unique! It is said this treasure was discovered by Martial Saint Lord Sakanoue no Tamuramaro on his expedition through Ezo!”

“Ezo?” Lily was interested in the final treasure, but only as a method to broaden her horizons. She didn’t think she would want to bid for it, but hearing Ezo, her interest was increased.

A glamorous fox lady with her big breasts almost exposed came out. She brought out a pitch black lacquered wooden box under the escort of four enormous blue, red, brown and blue demons. The goze carefully opened the box with a jade pick, instantly, the entire auction room was filled with a chilling poignant aura, it affected the crowd, making them remember sad painful memories.

Lily took notice of what was within the wooden box, it was a jade stone emanating a beautiful cyan aura.

The goze closed the box and turned to the blue demon in a depressed state, “Brother blue demon, this little girl knows her sins are grievous, please tie me up and fiercely beat me up…” The blue demon was taken aback, the entire crowd watched speechlessly.

The fox lady had a deeper training and softly whispered into goze’s ears. Shaking herself, she recovered, apologizing “Oh my! Sorry, I was affected by the poignant aura of the treasure! You…you should all know the power of this treasure more than I, so I will skip the introduction.”

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“Lord and Ladies, this is the final treasure of this auction, and even though it’s still in a raw material form, it still has such power! You can imagine what power it would bring if it’s forged into a mystic treasure, or embedded onto a weapon or mechanism!”

“This treasured material is called——Chrysanths Ice Crystal, it’s a peak ninth grade… no, it’s rumored that it’s a treasured material surpassing the ninth grade!” The goze excitedly shouted. Lily noticed that the scroll the goze was sitting on was dripping water for some reason.

“Surpassing the ninth grade!??”

The crowd burst with noise.

Up until this point, the auction had only auctioned off grade eight treasures, but to think a treasure surpassing the ninth grade would appear! Most of the crowd could only excitedly discuss and appreciate the treasure, as for bidding for it? Even the starting price was out of their reach.

“Even though it’s surpassing the ninth grade, the owner has also encountered some trouble. Otherwise how could this appear on the auction? This is a once in a lifetime chance! If you don’t bid, you won’t get another chance even if a century passes!” the goze bragged.

Juzaburo stood up, “As expected! The intel was not wrong, the Chrysanths Ice Crystal really exists!”

Lily also grew excited. The Chrysanths Ice Crystal, in the ancient blueprint Lily gained, the ice crystal was the main material to craft the rare domain treasure ‘Unmelted Snow’. The Unmelted Snow was a jade bracelet, besides a few consumable auxiliary materials, the entire bracelet was entirely made of the Ice Crystal!

“To think that I would encounter the Chrysanths Ice Crystal here.”

Domain users were already very rare, and those domains provided great advantages. If the power of this domain treasure was added to her domain, then her advantage would increase greatly. Lily was really excited.

“AHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHA!” A young man’s laughter ran out of a private room as he stood up behind the blinds.

The crowd couldn’t help but turn and look behind them.

“Such a rare treasure! This treasure, I, Minamoto no Juzaburo must get! I think we can ignore the starting price, I will win this treasure! AHAHAHA!”

In truth, there weren’t many people who could compete for this treasure. Minamoto no Juzaburo was a name most powerful people knew. It was rumored that most would prefer to anger the father then provoke the son. The crowd was silent, waiting for the Goze to announce the starting price. They weren’t planning on challenging Juzaburo.

“Hmph, this guy…” Even Shizuru dared not utter a sound. Even though the Taira did not fear the Minamoto clan, she was still of the fairer sex, how could she compete with the shogun’s son.

The auctioneer waited a bit to spark anticipation, and finally announced, “The rare treasured material——Chrysanths Ice Crystal, starting price is 200 magatamas!”

Everyone sighed.

Two hundred magatamas! What an amount. Greater countries like the Yamato country or Kawachi countries did not have that many magatamas in their royal treasuries. As for regular adepts? Two to three magatamas was already a fortune. Two hundred magatamas? Nothing more than a dream.

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“Hah! If you say two hundred, then two hundred! I want it!” Juzaburo confidently declared.

The crowd could only silently admit defeat, even Shizuru could say nothing. Though she wasn’t afraid of offending the shogun’s son, the problem was she didn’t have enough magatamas.

“Then this Chrysanths Ice Crystal shall go to …” The goze had assumed no one else could afford this treasure and skipped the three counts.

“Two hundred and ten magatamas.” Suddenly, an elegant female voice sounded out.
“Wha——” Juzaburo’s proud anticipating expression stiffened.
“This lady, you… are you saying…” the goze had thought her ears had heard wrong.

Lily did not hesitate to raise the jade plate, calmly declaring “The Chrysanths Ice Crystal, I bid two hundred ten magatamas.”

On the side, the elder and middle-aged merchant stared at Lily dumbfounded, their jaws dropped to the table.

Though the goze could not see Lily, her demon senses could perceive everything around her. She got excited “This rich lady bids two hundred ten magatamas! Then…” She looked at Juzaburo’s direction.

Juzaburo’s face was flushed with fury, “You again Kagami Lily! You dare!”

“This b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ can’t have that many magatamas! She must be deliberately raising the price!” Juzaburo considered, “But what if… I really abandon this… but the Ice Crystal is something big brother asked me to get, no mistakes are allowed…”
“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” Juzaburo grit his teeth, “Two hundred twenty magatamas!”
“Two hundred thirty.” Lily’s voice rang out as soon as he bid.
“You——!!!” Veins on Juzaburo’s forehead popped out, “You b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲…you won’t be able to take ten steps off this ship!”
“Two……two hundred forty magatamas!” Sounds of Juzaburo’s teeth grinding could be heard over his bid.

Lily stood up, turned and looked at him smiling softly, “It’s too much trouble to increase the bid bit by bit, so… I bid three hundred magatamas.”

Three hundred magatamas! This had already surpassed what Juzaburo could pay!

“Though this is big brother’s request, if the price goes too high, big brother will blame me and have me pay the difference! This b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲…”
“I’ll go all out! Three, three hundred twenty magatamas!!!” Juzaburo’s voice was hoarse with pain.
“Four hundred.” Lily instantly returned.

Crash… Juzaburo collapsed into his seat. Four hundred magatamas, even if he added what his big brother had entrusted to him, four hundred magatamas was beyond what he was capable of. Just listening to this number made the shogun’s son fall over.

“You…” Juzaburo’s face twisted as he looked at Lily. “You’re cheating me! You b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! You must be cheating me! You don’t have that many magatamas! Fine! Your grandpa won’t fall for your trick! You take it! Four hundred your mother! Just wait for Fuyutsuki to catch you and sell you to a brothel!”


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