Chapter 64 – Lily tours the Fuyutsuki (Part 3)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3090 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1672 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

That haggard wolf had a hoarse voice. “The rules are simple. Three dice, a total of 18 points, 11 and above is big, 10 and below is small. If you win you get what you bet in profit, lose and it goes to the house. If three 1s, then the house loses, if three 6s, the house wins. You can also buy special bets, you can buy three 1s, or three 6s. In those two cases the payout is 10 times. You can also purchase other combinations, in those cases, you win everything gambled that round.

Lily nodded, “Sounds simple, let’s play1.”

“Good!” The wolf placed three dice on the table for the players to see. Afterwards he threw them into a dice cup and tossed the cup into the air. The wolf fox hybrid snatched the cup out of the air and shook the cup vigorously, finishing by throwing it back to the wolf who slammed it facedown on the table. It was like a game of juggling.

“Place your bets! Place your bets! Hurry Hurry! Hands off the table!” The wolf shouted, urging the players to bet.

Lily understood that this game was rigged. If this was fair, then the house and the players would both have equal chance of winning, but that would be impossible. The house would definitely have a method of tipping the favours, who would do business that was not profitable.

It was all rigged, even the special bets. It may seem profitable to buy the special bets, but they were massive traps using the gambler’s greed. They did nothing but put the gambler at a disadvantage.

That was just how gambling was. Extremely exciting and greed-inducing for the gamblers, but nothing but a game of numbers and mathematics for the house. Of the eight gamblers, six were humans and two were demons. It seemed that humans liked gambling more.

The rest had put down their bets, but Lily had not made a move.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to make a bet?” That wolf asked.

Lily shook her head “Not this round.”

The wolf shook his head contemptuously. “Hands off! Opening!” With a loud shout, the wolf revealed the dice.

What came out was ‘Large’.

Afterwards, Lily continued to watch for the second and the third rounds.

“I say, Lady, are you betting or not? It can’t be that you didn’t bring money, did you?” That wolf asked.
“Ahahaha! If the lady didn’t bring money, that’s fine. You can just bet yourself!”
“Nono, start by betting your clothes!”
“Won’t she lose all her clothes real fast?”

Several middle-aged human gamblers looked down upon a female newcomer like Lily and made lewd jokes at her but Lily ignored it all and didn’t bet. After ten rounds, the hybrid couldn’t resist anymore and spoke up, “Woman, are you going to bet or not bet? If not, then get out! Otherwise strip and the other customers might not mind you staying.”

Lily looked at the dice cup below the wolf’s claws, “I’ll place a bet, large.” She placed a bet of three golds on large.
“Oh! Not a small bet!” Several gamblers sighed.
“Opening——!” The result was large.
“Yo! This woman’s luck isn’t bad! Ahaha!”

Lily’s bet was large, she had instantly won 3 gold.

The wolf didn’t react, thinking “Tsk, this woman sure looks good, but women aren’t good at gambling2, she’ll go bankrupt when her luck is used up.” Flipping the dice cup he started another round.

Lily still gambled large with three gold and the dice cup opening revealed large again.

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“Wow! This woman’s luck is pretty good!”
“Tsk!” The wolf was a bit upset. “Let’s see how long your luck lasts.”

The third round, Lily bet small.

“What!?” The wolf was a bit stunned, winning three times in a row? Could luck do that?

By the fifth round, Lily had won five in a row. The wolf felt something wasn’t right, even if it was blind luck, it couldn’t explain this. If this continued, all the earnings the house had made would be lost.

This round, the hybrid smiled wickedly. “Place your bets!”

The gamblers all placed their bets.

“So, lady, your luck isn’t bad. Are you going to bet this time?” The wolf asked.

“Bet.” Lily took the big pile of gold she had just won, and bet it all on ‘large’.

“Hands off——” The hybrid started hollering.

“Wait.” Lily smiled, she moved her pile of gold from ‘large’ onto ‘three ones.” The wolf’s haggard face turned putrid green on seeing Lily’s move.
Trembling the wolf cautioned, “Lady, are you sure? You’re betting so much on three ones? If you lose, everything will be gone!”
“That’s right, woman, don’t you understand? This isn’t large or small, three ones are very rare roll!” A middle aged gambler kindly reminded her.
“No problem, I’m betting on three ones.” Lily firmly responded.
“Don’t regret it!” The wolf gritted out, “Opening!”

Under the dice cup, three red dots showed up.

“No way! Three ones really showed up!??”
“18 gold, on a ten times payout!”
“Lady, are you a gambling god??”
Lily faintly smiled, “Nothing like that, my luck is just good.”

Both wolf and hybrid were soaked in sweat, they communicated telepathically.

“That’s not right? Did that woman really guess what would come out?”
“Not possible! The dice cup is shielded from aura detection, even if she’s an expert she can’t guess it!”
“But this sort of luck is too good!”
“I don’t believe this! Again!”

Afterwards, Lily won another ten rounds in a row, and the other gamblers followed Lily’s bets, also winning a large amount of money.

The wolf and hybrid were completely shocked silly. “This…”

“Woman!” The wolf roared, “This is the Fuyutsuki, there’s no such good luck! You dare play tricks here? Even if you’re a woman, we won’t be polite!”
“What tricks are you talking about? The dice cup is in your hands, how am I supposed to play tricks?”
“You just wait! Again!” Wolf and hybrid bit their teeth and started fiercely juggling the dice cup around and slammed it into the table.


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Lily looked at the duo, floating out a smile and pulled out a small bag. Pouring out ten crystal clear magatamas, she placed them all on three sixes.

“Oh my god! These…these aren’t magatama fragments, they’re magatamas!”
“Just one will let you advance to Awakened stage five!”
“And she bet on three sixes? This payout…how ruinous will it be?”
“Lady, calm down, don’t be blinded by your wins, lots of people go bankrupt like that!”

The wolf’s face was green and soaked with sweat. Ten magatamas, that sum was no joke. Even this gambling parlour on the Fuyutsuki’s 3rd floor would not earn 10 magatamas a year.

The problem was that this big breasted woman was really horrid. Using ten magatamas and the ten time payout to pressure them. If she won, then even if the Fuyutsuki didn’t go bankrupt their losses would be crippling.

However the hybrid let out a cold smirk telepathically contacting the wolf, “Don’t worry and open.”

“Hm? You didn’t roll three sixes?” Lily had won every time, the wolf couldn’t help but believe Lily had guessed correctly.
“Unfortunately, it’s three sixes3.”
“Ahh? Unfortunately your head! You… you’re going to get us killed. If we lose so much the boss will murder us.”
“You think I’m a fool? I don’t know what that woman did, but she can guess whatever I throw. So I played a trick on purpose.”
“You mean, you let her believe she would always be correct and purposely threw three sixes to make her bet big?”
“That’s right, we’ve lost so many rounds, we’ll have her pay this round!”

The hybrid hollered, “Hands off the table!”

Lily’s bet was finalized as ten magatamas on three sixes.

“Brother, are you sure? If we win, then we’re set for life, we can quit and buy a couple of beauties to go back to the mountains. But if we lose… we’ll definitely get skinned and turned into a couple of Fuyutsuki’s rugs.”

“Just open! Open!”

“So be it!” The wolf steeled his heart and eyed Lily coldly, “This time, you’re going to lose everything! Ahaha—— Open!”

The wolf raised the cup showing everyone the dice beneath.

A bunch of black dots, all three dice had six black dots on them.


Not only did the wolf gape, even the hybrid on top was shocked.

“How could this be??” The wolf went into a frenzy.
“No, no, impossible!!” The hybrid was also in a frenzy.
“Guards!! Capture this woman! Take her down and beat her! She’s a cheater! Cheater!” The hybrid howled. A group of tattooed blue demons in kimono marched in.

Lily clearly enunciated, “Don’t carelessly accuse others. Where’d I cheat?”

“Ptui! You’re clearly a cheater, you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” That hybrid shouted, “I clearly changed one of the sixes to a one after you bet4! How could it still be a six?”

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Three big clunkhead blue demons looked at each other. Something sounded wrong in that sentence.

“Bang!” Several gamblers slammed the table, “You’re really capable huh you cheating pair! So you could secretly change the dice! No wonder I lost so much that I had to sell my treasured blade!”

“That’s right! You admitted to changing the number and you dare accuse the lady? I’ve lost so much this year I’ve almost gone bankrupt. That was all your doing wasn’t it?”
“Return our money!”
“We’re gonna beat you dogs to death!”

The group of gamblers were all samurai or officials with strength. They swarmed over and ended up tumbling down into a brawl.

Three blue demons stepped forward to separate them, but the area was a mess already.

“Cease!” A cold grim man’s voice sounded out. Lily looked around, seeing Riku walk in, his eyes cruel and cold.
“Brother Riku…”
“Boss!!” The beaten wolf and hybrid cried out in panic.
“What!??” Lily looked at the handsome heterochromatic man in surprise5.


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