Chapter 62 – Lily tours the Fuyutsuki (Part 1)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3080 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1533 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The handsome heterochromatic eyed1 man elegantly bowed, “I am Nishiya Riku, I do miscellaneous work here, could I know the name of the young lady?”

“Work!?” Lily looked the man over again, handsome, very handsome. She couldn’t help but shiver, “Thank you, but no need!” She turned and left.

“Lady!” Riku chased her, standing far away in case she got more offended. “I think you’re misunderstanding something, I’m only trying to answer questions?”

“Eh?” Hearing the man’s tone, it was now calm where it used to be frivolous, Lily could feel he was sincere so she turned back and apologized, “Sorry…this is my first visit, the place is very unfamiliar to me…”

“Ahaha, I understand what the young lady means, this Fuyutsuki has such a variety of entertainments, naturally that means those who visit are just as varied. What exactly does the young lady want to buy? Is it a normal item? Or a precious treasure?”

“Since I’m visiting the Fuyutsuki, I’d like to see the treasures.” Lily was unable to say to a man that she wanted to buy treasure classed female undergarments.

Riku pointed at the tall pavilions and the many floors saying, “This is the Fuyutsuki, culinary delicacies, toys, treasures, it has it all. However, Fuyutsuki’s auction is where you can find the most valuable and rare treasures.”

“Auction?” Lily was interested, afterall the real treasures would never be placed in a storefront, they would be auctioned.

“That’s right, the top floor of the Fuyutsuki is where the auction is held. The entrance fee is cheap though, 50g of magatama fragments, gold is not accepted.”

Lily nodded, “I understand, thank you.”

“Young lady, today is the first night of this voyage, the auction house will only open tomorrow. If the young lady has nothing to do, you can explore the Fuyutsuki, or perhaps you would prefer to rent a room to rest in? Only be aware the rooms here are expensive.”

Lily was a bit disappointed, to think she would have to wait a night.

Riku continued, “A noble lady like you can go up to the third or fourth floors to play. The third floor is the casino, the fourth floor are high grade medicinal stores, though their product quality can’t match the auction house, they’re still wondrous treasures.”

Lily looked upwards at the floors and nodded.

“Young lady, the ground floor is the passenger hub and holds the storage facilities and kitchens, the first floor has mostly lower grade shops, second floor, third floor, and fourth floors all have food and baths. The higher the floor, the higher the quality and price. However, if you visit the third floor, the casino, you should take notice of the signs. The third floor also has brothels and kabuki theaters.”

Lily nodded, though it was a demon’s treasure ship, if they desired to earn money, those shops were understandable.

“Out of the way!” Suddenly, out of a dark passageway, an octa-legged black monster rushed out, it was pitch black that nothing but black could be seen. It was carrying a massive gigantic pot with a whole cow in it. A 7-8 foot long 5 foot wide pot with boiling hot soup in it. The black demon rushed through the crowd, the soup inside sloshing around, just looking at it made her nervous. It was really too dangerous.

That black demon continued to dash forward, though everyone else dodged away, a group of samurai didn’t move.

“Out of the way!” A large mouth showed on the pitch black monster as it continued to shout.

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In that group of samurai, a blue short haired samurai swayed a bit, his legs blurred carrying a brutal force.

“Bang!” That humongous black demon received a kick, knocking it over. The surrounding guests fled watching that gigantic pot tip over, the boiling soup about to spill on a spot where a young girl with a big leaf-like umbrella stood, her face white in fright.

“Not good!” Lily blurred into a phantom beside Riku as she dashed towards the little girl, the only thing between her and the girl was that group of samurai.

“Out of the way!”

“Bam!” Several samurai were blown back from the impact of Lily’s speed, however even knowing she was trying to rescue the girl, the blue haired samurai still sent a kick at Lily’s leg. Instinctively responding, Lily slapped the ground with a hand sending herself into the air and used the blue haired samurai’s shoulder as a launch board flipping over him.

She arrived too late, the soup had almost been poured on the girl. Lily flicked her fingers. “Boom!” Three ice pillars rushed up under the cauldron sending the pot and the cow into the air. This was an ice technique Lily had learned recently.

Lily arrived beside the girl and grabbed her. The little girl laid in Lily’s arm, face shocked white but unharmed. The crowd sighed in relief, but the following image made their faces turn white again. That large cow pot started falling down at Lily’s head.

Lily’s scabbard emitted vengeful energy and a large white dog appeared behind Lily, with a leap it rose into the air.

“What!???” The crowd was shocked.
“Where…where did that big dog come from!???”

The demon hound jumped to the side of the pot and smashed the pot aside with a fluffy tail. The pot went flying toward two dragons delivering meals. The two dragons were taken aback but responded, their claws caught the pot, their large bodies absorbing the impact.

“Ahahaha!” Riku applauded “Lady, good techniques!”

Lily looked down in concern, “Are you ok?”

The little girl looked up with big wet eyes and buried her face into Lily’s bosom. “I’m ok, thank you big sister.”Lily smiled warmly and put the little girl down, feeling a chill on the chest. She looked down seeing a large wet patch on her clothes revealing her perfect curves.

“Sorry, big sister, I’m an ame-onna2, anyone who touches me will get wet…” The little girl apologized guiltily.

“Ahaha, there’s no problem. As long as you’re fine, you need to be more careful in the future. Don’t play in such a chaotic place in the future.”

“Yes, I’ll listen to big sister.”

The surrounding crowd celebrated, but the samurai who Lily had stepped on was dazed in shock, his face turned green.

“That woman… is really fast! Faster than me? Impossible!”

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He approached Lily shouting, “Hey! You presumptuous woman, how dare you step on my shoulder!”

Several of the samurai rushed to surround Lily.

Lily looked down at the short man and lightly replied, “Ah, sorry3.”

Seeing Lily apologize in such an insincere manner, he grew more angry, “In this Heian-kyo there aren’t many who dare be arrogant in front of me! Name yourself! Don’t dream about leaving in one piece!”

“My, isn’t this young lord Minamoto no Juzaburo!” Riku immediately responded “Young lord Juzaburo, this young lady was rescuing someone, give me some face, let this pass.”

“Your face? Where did a sprout like you pop out of?” Juzaburo stared at Riku coldly.

The samurai behind Juzaburo whispered into his ear, “Young master, this is…”

The voice was too soft, Lily couldn’t clearly hear.

“Hmph! Only a clown playing tricks under the eyes of my Minamoto clan!” Juzaburo still held Riku in disdain.

“Hahahahaha, that’s true, I was originally a gangster in this Heian-kyo. Anyways, young lord Juzaburo, this incident was started by one of the ship’s demons being reckless and running into you. We shall compensate you with a free stay with the fifth floor’s top beauty, how about it?” Riku didn’t take offense and smiled.

“Hmph, that’s more like it! You demons watch yourself carefully!” Juzaburo looked down on the crowd, “In the future when you see my Minamoto clan, make way! That ame-onna was just lucky, being burned to death is just deserved!”

Hearing this, Riku’s face turned cold.

“Let’s go!” Juzaburo led his entourage past Riku, stopping beside Lily, “Woman, no one can step on my shoulder and get away, if father hadn’t ordered me not to cause trouble before Yoshitsune Memorial I’d have you on the ground when you debarked!”

“Ah, to think that the Minamoto clan has such barbaric strays!” Lily was no longer polite, his remarks had also infuriated her, “Why don’t you stay silent more, don’t bring such shame to us samurais.”

“Ptui!” Juzaburo scrutinized Lily. “Don’t think you’re a samurai just by carrying a blade and having a few tricks. To think that there’d be a stray dog who dares be arrogant in front of this young master!”

Even in this Fuyutsuki, Juzaburo was just as arrogant and domineering, “B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, do you know who my father is?”

“No, I don’t know4.” Lily calmly responded.

“YOU——” Juzaburo wanted to go wild and beat people but resisted. “Then pay attention, and you demons also pay attention, in Heian-kyo people may lower their heads to you, but I will step on your heads to get on and off this broken ship! My father is the number one expert! Even the emperor, or cloistered emperor has to give him some face! He is the Shogun of this Heian-kyo!”

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  1. Robinxen: This trait is only moe on girls.
  3. Robinxen: I actually laughed.
  4. Robinxen: This is the best response.

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