Chapter 55 – Ayaka’s Ambition (Part 2)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3029 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1849 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Seeing Lily’s worried look, Ayaka said, “But you don’t have to worry too much. The missions of the mirror girls come with chance. I have learned that the ways for mirror girls to obtain their missions vary from one to another. Some have dreams, some visit shrines, and some are guided by mysterious people, among other unusual things. Maybe you just lack a little chance.”

“A chance…?”

“When a mirror girl receives their mission, heaven and earth are often affected by some bizarre phenomenon called the heavenly oracle. However, no mirror girl knows the real source of the heavenly oracle or when it will occur.”

Lily recalled what she had experienced over the past few days. She thought of the mirror girls who confronted the Rashomon spirit and the information Lady Kimiko had obtained about the mission of the mirror girls. Perhaps, those mirror girls had received a heavenly oracle.

However, who would’ve known that the biwa conveyed by the heavenly oracle would fall into Lily’s hands. However, it seemed that this biwa was just an ordinary treasure in Ayaka’s eyes and it was even given to her as a gift.

“What is a heavenly oracle…?” Lily felt a bit perplexed. Would she have to stay here and wait for a heavenly oracle to occur? Lady Ayaka must know the truth about her mission and was hiding a big secret!

Since Ayaka had accepted her as a subordinate, she would have more opportunities to approach her and explore this secret.

Lady Ayaka, the dark dream you are concealing and the way you dressed inside the dream…what exactly is going on…? Lily looked at Ayaka and thought in her mind.

“Lily, whether you can get the heavenly oracle or not, you are with me now so you are inseparable from the mission of the mirror girls,” Ayaka said.
“Why do you say that?”
“Although the mission of the mirror girls is diverse, I have always had a feeling for many years.”

Ayaka walked over to her fancy desk and looked at the gloomy sky exposed under the dim eaves, “I have a deep feeling that the mission of the mirror girls is related to the chaos in the heavenly order.”

“The mission of the mirror girls is related to the heavenly order?” Lily was startled and got up to walk over to Ayaka’s side. She had never thought about why the mirror girls were persecuted since ancient times and why their clan was said to be the bringer of misfortune. However, Ayaka’s words may be close to the truth.

“I can’t be sure, but according to the records, the mirror girl clan appeared shortly after the heavenly order became unstable. Of course, the heavenly order was not so chaotic at that time… As the chief advisor of the Heian Dynasty, I cannot sit back and watch the heavenly order continue to change in this way. One day, darkness will completely swallow the world and this is what I am worried about the most.”

Lily looked at the side profile of Ayaka’s quiet face. She completely understood her current feelings. At Ayaka’s level of position, she didn’t need to seek a political agenda or worry about personal wealth, honor, or reputation. She was already in a high position that garnered respect from everyone and the Fujiwara Clan’s wealth was unmatched in the Heian Dynasty. What she really cared about was this world!

“Did Lady Ayaka implement the new policy for the sake of the world?”

“Of course,” Ayaka replied, “Cruelty towards innocent women violates the laws of nature. You may wonder why I speak so confidently. I have exhausted my power but still cannot find the cause of the extended night. Perhaps, only the most miserable and mysterious mirror girls in the world can restore the order of heaven! Although I don’t have any specific clues so far, why do demons hate the mirror girls so much? The magnates who hunted the mirror girls were largely compelled by demons, but of course, there were also those corrupt nobles who captured the women solely for perverted purposes. However, the demon’s hatred for the mirror girls is beyond normal reasoning as they had no prior grudges. But, let’s say you were a demon, wouldn’t you hope for the extended night to befall the Heian Dynasty forever? If the mirror girls are the key to turning the tide, then it is completely understandable why the demons hate them and want to kill them so much!”

Although Lily didn’t quite understand the mission of the mirror girls, she comprehended a lot of things after listening to Ayaka’s words. However, there was still no way to prove this conjecture even if it sounded reasonable.

“But, Lady Ayaka, not all demons hate the mirror girls, right?”
“Yes, this has puzzled me for some time… I can’t even find a pattern to it.”
“Lady Ayaka is capable and will try to find a pattern in everything.” Lily praised.
“Capable, huh? Lily, you may believe what I’m saying, but how many people are there in the world who will listen to me?” Ayaka sighed helplessly.
“My Lady…doesn’t the emperor and the cloistered emperor want to fix the imbalance in the heavenly order?”

“Hehe, can the imbalance in the heavenly order be fixed by humans? Most of the imperial family and officials hold this view. They are blinded by the relative peace and stability of Heian-kyō, even while knowing that many places have been completely invaded by demons and people are being devoured or enslaved by them. For example, Tanba Province has completely fallen into the hands of Shuten Doji!” Ayaka helplessly shook her head, “However, the court is still caught up in the struggles between the major clans for profit and power!”

“Lily, in the court, black can be said to be white and vice versa. What I said to you is one thing, but there is an old view in the court that is shared by the majority. That is, the mirror girls are the root of this disaster and their existence makes the gods angry, thereby causing the heavenly disorder to punish the world! In order to preserve the heavenly order, the mirror girl clan must be completely eradicated and served as sacrifices to the gods!

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“What?! How absurd!” Lily’s chest heaved violently and she anxiously said, “Lily is a mirror girl, but I am innocent and have done absolutely nothing to anger or harm the gods. I would like to ask how Lily has offended the heavens? Like me, many mirror girls were born how they were, so are we going to be held responsible for this natural disaster? It would be fine if our sacrifice can really save the world, but is that truly the case? If such a cruel method can only be exchanged for false peace, then it is better for the heavenly order to fall into chaos!”

Ayaka was shocked and looked at Lily dumbfoundedly. Lily felt that she might have been a little impulsive and couldn’t help but blush as she looked at Ayaka.

Ayaka suddenly grabbed Lily’s arm, pulled her closer, and delivered a slap to her plump buttocks1, “You little girl, what are you talking about? The fault doesn’t lie with the people of the world, but with the deluded imperial family. How dare you question the way of heaven2!”

“I’m sorry, it was a slip of Lily’s tongue. My Lady should understand that Lily didn’t mean it like that. Lily…knows she was wrong.” Although Lily got slapped, she honestly admitted her mistake with a red face, though she looked somewhat wronged.

“Forget it. Lily, just remember that you will be performing tasks for me in the court. Don’t say such arrogant things in front of everyone, otherwise, I won’t forgive you.”

“Yes, Lily will pay attention in the future…”

However, a bit of helplessness flashed through Ayaka’s eyes, “The world is more willing to blame the disaster on things they can control. The hatred and killing intent are especially rooted among those educated public officials… Many people do not really do it for the sake of the heavens, but to vent the discontent in their hearts caused by this dark world.”

Ayaka gently stroked Lily’s hair, “Lily, by now, you can probably understand how difficult it is for me to be in the court, even though I am the chief advisor, right? Although I relied on my strength and status to force the new policy, there is much dissatisfaction among the old powers in the court. On the other hand, there are very few who really stand on my side. Even my own family, the Fujiwara Clan, and most of the older nobles have become quite a nuisance. They don’t dare to speak out openly, but they secretly created a lot of forces behind my back. For example, not only didn’t the chancellor support me, but he became the Fujiwara Clan’s cage to contain me. Why would I even bother with these things if not for the sake of the world? Don’t those old guys know that once the heavenly order falls into complete chaos, they won’t be able to protect themselves even if they are strong?”

Lily could feel how hard it was for Ayaka who selflessly cared so much for the world, yet got repeatedly criticized.

How could such an upright, kind and powerful woman not be admired by Lily?

Lily looked up at Ayaka, grabbed her arm, and placed it on her soft chest, “Lady Ayaka, no matter what the world, the officials, or even His Majesty thinks, Lily is always on your side! It is absolutely impossible for Lily to agree with the absurd and cruel saying that the mirror girls must be slaughtered to appease the heavens!”

“Lily…” Ayaka’s towering breasts visibly undulated and she looked touched.

Because she was powerful, she could recognize things that normal people couldn’t see or understand, resulting in repeated criticism.

Lady Ayaka…it must be lonely for her. Lily looked up at this tall and strong woman, feeling sad.

“Lily, tomorrow when I go to the court, I will expound on your contributions of resolving the Bureau of Divination theft case, severing the Rashomon spirit’s arm, and rescuing Miss Amako. I will also let the emperor give you an official position. With such publicly recognized achievements, I don’t think anyone dares to object. When the time comes, you will serve under my authority and go to the court to assist me during the great assembly, okay?” Ayaka looked at Lily with affection, but of course, this affection was more out of trust for the responsibility of the world.

Lily nodded, “Uhm… of course, Lily is willing to help Lady Ayaka, and this is for Lily’s own sake as well. It’s just… Lady Ayaka, can you not mention the theft case of the Bureau of Divination?”

“Huh? Why is that? That is also a great achievement.”

Lily lowered her head and suddenly became hesitant. She blushed and said, “Lady Ayaka, Lily has something she wants to confess to you…3

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