Chapter 53 – Return The Biwa For A Tour In The Spring Garden

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3354 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2088 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

In the pavilion by the lake, cherry blossom petals would drift along with the wind from time to time. Ayaka looked at Lily with icy-clear eyes and said, “Mirror Girl, no need to feel nervous. In fact, this name makes me very nostalgic; it reminds me of those carefree times…”

Ayaka stroked the arcane biwa with her slender jade fingers before returning it to Lily. Lily was still on edge, thinking of how to apologize to Ayaka for her rude words. Just then, the treasure was returned to her hands and she could only accept it without question.

“Lady Ayaka, this biwa…”

Ayaka turned around, walked two steps forward, and leaned on the railings to look at the tranquil beauty of the lake in early spring, “I miss those days in the Bureau of Divination where we would fight against demons, dispel evil spirits, and gaze at the night sky… Although it was not without danger, even the evil spirits disguised as humans in the night city are simpler to deal with than the matters of the imperial court…”

“My Lady, the arcane biwa…” Lily felt that Ayaka seemed to pay little attention to this treasured biwa and looked a little absent-minded. However, as the chief advisor who was only under one person in the dynasty, she must have a lot of things on her mind. This reasoning wasn’t implausible, especially for a tall and talented young woman like Ayaka.

Because of Ayaka’s extraordinary attainments in training, she looked younger than her actual age1. She should be around the same age as Lady Kotoka, but she only looked to be in her early twenties.

“Ah, that biwa…it doesn’t suit me. As for you, Mirror Girl, you look perfect holding it. I will give it back to you.” Ayaka still spoke in a light-hearted manner.

“Eh?” Lily was taken aback, “Lord Chief Advisor, this biwa is said to be a treasure lost by the imperial court hundreds of years ago. Lily gave it to Lord Chief Advisor so it could be returned; how can Lily dare to take it?”

“The imperial court has plenty of treasures that are just as old. Just consider this as a reward from the Lord Chief Advisor.” Ayaka said impatiently. She spoke as if the biwa was a trivial matter and couldn’t bother to explain more to Lily.

The Lord Chief Advisor herself ordered her to accept this treasure. Did Lily have any reason to refuse?

The biwa was very good. Lily had long desired to have it, but this thing belonged to the court and she didn’t want to cause any more trouble with the authorities. Moreover, she needed it as an excuse to meet Ayaka.

“Then, Lily gives her thanks to Lord Chief Advisor.” After expressing her gratitude, Lily directly stored the big biwa into the mirror space. She was quite happy in her heart.

Storage treasures were expensive and rare things in Heian-kyō, but in the eyes of an existence like Ayaka, it was nothing much. Naturally, she didn’t pay much attention to it.

Ayaka turned around and once again held Lily’s arm to help her up. This action shortened the distance between the two and they became very close again.

Ayaka was very tall. Because of the difference in height, Lily could feel Ayaka’s breath every time she exhaled which caused her to blush. On the other hand, Ayaka could smell the fragrance of Lily’s hair.

“So fragrant…” The Lord Chief Advisor actually uttered these words2.

“Eh?” Lily’s body trembled. She turned her face sideways to hide her embarrassment and stroked one side of her hair while thinking, How could Lord Chief Advisor smell other people’s hair?

“Kagami Lily, the world’s number one beauty. I have heard a bit about your legend in Eastern land. It is said that you have an intoxicating body fragrance. I don’t know if it’s just a rumor?”

“Lady Ayaka, those are only silly topics spread among the public that aren’t worthy of your attention. As for being the world’s number one beauty, Lily can’t be considered as such, especially in front of Lady Ayaka…”

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“Women like you should be petite and cute, right?” Only a goddess like Ayaka who was 1.9 meters tall would find Lily ‘petite’. After all, Lily was more than 1.7 meters tall, which was taller than most men in the Heian Dynasty…

But this height gap made Lily a little difficult to deal with for other people.

Ayaka caressed Lily’s head, causing Lily to feel as if her body was going soft3. A warm feeling surged in her heart and she felt like she was drifting above the clouds. She had never experienced such a gentle harbor before.

It wasn’t that Lily was aroused, but her body really had such a feeling. What could she do? She could endure it, but she couldn’t deny how she was currently feeling inside.

“The world’s number one beauty, consider this title another reward from me.” Since Ayaka, who was known as the number one beauty in Heian-kyō, said so herself, no one could dispute it.

“In that case, Ayaka is the goddess who captivates the country…” Lily naturally returned the compliment.
“Lily, since you call me by my name, then I will also do the same.”
“Please do as you wish, My Lady4.”
“Lily, the number one beauty. As a woman and the chief advisor who stands on top of the court, this title is only a burden for me. I would rather this title belong to the person in front of me. Say, who in the world doesn’t want to conquer and take possession of the prettiest beauty?” Ayaka said as she gently ruffled Lily’s hair.

Lady Ayaka’s words were a bit subtle. What did she mean? Did it imply that she wanted to conquer herself? Possess herself?

This, how can this be?! I have senior sister.

However, it was hard for Lily to refuse when she didn’t make her intentions clear. Besides, even if she really explained, could Lily directly refuse the Lord Chief Advisor?

“Lily is just an ordinary little woman who is obsessed and dedicated to training. I ask Lady Ayaka not to hold Lily in such high regard. If word gets out, it will attract the envy of many hegemonic powers. Such an outcome terrifies Lily.” Lily hinted euphemistically and wondered if Ayaka understood her meaning.

“Perhaps you will become the ideal lover in the dreams of many. Even I as chief advisor cannot control this. However, no one would dare to really be rude to you. Lily, from now on, just tell me if anyone bullies you. I will definitely support you.” Ayaka said and touched Lily’s shoulder with one hand, but the other hand slipped down to her waist.

Lady Ayaka, if you are just supporting me, you really don’t have to touch my waist, Lily bitterly said in her heart. Ayaka was such a great beauty herself and had an extremely high status, yet she couldn’t resist her body. Moreover, it wasn’t easy for Lily to reject her…

For the second time, Lily plucked up the courage to defy her own desires and gently pushed Ayaka away. That gesture, that charm— perhaps outsiders would confuse Lily’s refusal as an invitation, but deep inside, Lily really wanted to push her away. She couldn’t allow Ayaka to hug her waist casually, maybe5

“Lady Ayaka,” Lily kneeled down again, “In addition to offering the biwa, Lily also came here for an important matter. I need to seek advice from Lady Ayaka about that…”

“Lily, you just arrived, why are you so anxious? Let’s talk slowly if you have something to say. I still haven’t apologized to you yet.” Ayaka interrupted Lily.
“Eh? Apologize?” Lily was stunned.
“The first few times you wanted to see me, I was either busy with official duties or had my own considerations. I would like to apologize for not being able to see you.” Ayaka smiled beautifully.
“Whether Lord Chief Advisor chooses to meet me or not, Lily has no complaints. How dare I accept Lord Chief Advisor’s apology.” Lily was a little apprehensive.
“You have already called me by my name, why are you being distant again? Come, I’ll show you around the courtyard.”

Ayaka stepped forward. Lily thought that she would be able to stand by herself the third time, but she couldn’t. Her disobedient feet went soft again. It seemed that, under Ayaka’s smile, her strength was reduced to a tame little bird with broken wings.

Seeing that Lily moved unsteadily, Ayaka swiftly stepped forward with outstretched arms and surprisingly scooped her up6.


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Lily only felt that the sky was spinning. After everything stabilized, she realized that she was being princess carried by Ayaka. Lily’s delicate shoulder involuntarily pressed up against Ayaka’s towering chest. The soft sensation proved that the Miss Chief Advisor was full of feminine charm.

That being the case, why was she still hugging her so freely…?

“Look, it’s only early spring, but the cherry blossoms are already blooming. Isn’t the lake view beautiful?” The raining cherry blossoms slightly obscured the view so Ayaka went over to the lakeside while holding Lily.

Why…she shouldn’t have to hold her to admire the garden scenery, right?

Lily didn’t like being held, but it would be difficult to get down if she didn’t forcibly struggle. However, it would be too rude if she did that.

I can only blame my long, powerful legs. They could clearly jump several floors before so why are they so useless today?

“What kind of status does Lady Ayaka have? Please put down this ordinary girl…otherwise, Lily’s heart won’t be at ease.” Lily blushed, her small face leaning against Ayaka’s shoulder. Even though she said that, her eyes hid a deep desire. Lily didn’t realize it, but her saliva had wet Ayaka’s white clothes because her mouth was pressed against it.

“Haha, ordinary girl. Miss Lyn-hime of Eastern land, what kind of ordinary girl are you?” Ayaka mocked.

“This…” She didn’t expect Ayaka to know about this, “Although Lily was made the lord of a small territory, I am still a samurai of humble status, after all. How can I let the chief advisor personally go out of her way to hold me? I’m afraid that this would cause a lot of public gossips if it gets out.”

“You’re the number one beauty in the world, yet you still want to act inferior in my arms? If you say that again, today I will carry you and walk all over Suzaku Avenue, how about that?” Ayaka’s words sounded absurd, but they seemed to carry an unquestionable tone. This woman may actually do it.

Lily could only blush and keep quiet, “Lady Ayaka is tall and proud, yet has to watch Lily’s silly behavior. Lily can only obey.”
“Little lady, you should’ve been this obedient from the start, right?” The hand supporting Lily’s leg patted her plump buttocks.

Lily was in the home of another person so as long as their actions weren’t too overboard, Lily could only endure it.

I think that Lady Ayaka is elegant and virtuous. She shouldn’t be like Lady Kimiko, right…?

In this way, Ayaka walked along the corridor with Lily and crossed the bridge over to the garden. The aroma of the surrounding flowers and falling cherry blossoms made Lily feel as if she was in a fairyland.

Ayaka’s attainments in training were extraordinary and her body more or less exuded a fairy-like aura.

“Lily, today I carried you through the garden. In the future, will you accompany me on a walk along the avenue of the Heian Dynasty?”
“Lady Ayaka, what you mean is…?”

“Lily, although I am the chief advisor, there are almost no people in the imperial court that I can trust. I feel…very lonely, but perhaps with my position, I will be able to reverse the situation of this world. Such a person is bound to be lonely, right? You are from Eastern land and have no disputes with the forces of Heian-kyō. I wonder if you are willing to help me?” Ayaka’s frivolous and teasing aura changed to become slightly helpless and yearning.

“Who said that Ayaka is a lonely person? Isn’t there Lily? This is not Lily’s first time carrying out the orders of the Lord.” Lily rested her blushing face against Ayaka’s soft shoulders and obediently said. Of course, this obedience was only due to government affairs and official matters7.

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  1. LazyButAmbitious: Foreshadowing of a time when a grandma will hit on Lily.
  2. LazyButAmbitious: They just met and Lily is getting hit on already. Somebody give me a count of how many Sugar Mommas Lily currently has.
  4. Robinxen: I love how immediately after this she doesn’t refer to her by name.
  5. LazyButAmbitious: MAYBE?!
  6. Robinxen: WHAT IS GOING ON?!
  7. LazyButAmbitious: Couldn’t even convince a 4-year-old with that, author.

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