Chapter 44 – Mirror Girl Sisters

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3207 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2069 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The two women also noticed Lily, and perhaps because they saw her carrying a sword, they turned and approached her.

The taller woman wore a dark green kimono with a short skirt and had a long sword behind her back. She had short black hair, a thin waist, and round buttocks. Although her open lapel revealed much of her chest, her eyes were cold.

The other girl was shorter and had pink-purple, curly hair. She had voluptuous breasts, but she appeared cute and naive.

“Girl, why are you walking alone so late at night?” The tall girl with the sword asked.

“I’m from the Bureau of Divination and I’m here on patrol. You two, why are you wandering here late at night? Haven’t you heard about the sound of the biwa that causes young girls to go missing often around the area?” Lily looked at them calmly and spoke the words she prepared earlier.

The curly-haired girl was holding the arm of the tall girl, hinting at a rather unusual relationship.

The tall girl said, “So it turns out to be a female warrior from the Bureau of Divination. My name is Kasuga and this is my sister, Keiko. We are from the Land of Yamato. I wonder what the name of this female warrior might be?”

“My name is Lily.”

“So it’s Miss Lily. Since you are a samurai of the imperial court, we will not conceal our intentions. We are here to find the biwa demon. I wonder if you have any news about this demon?” Kasuga inquired.

That Keiko seemed very introverted as she only held Kasuga’s arm while keeping her head lowered.

“Hm?” When Lily looked at Keiko, a familiar feeling swam in her heart. She wasn’t really sure why she had such a feeling.

“I was ordered to investigate this matter, but there is no trace of the demon as of yet,” Lily replied.

“In that case, let’s search separately.” Kasuga proposed.

“Well, it is said that this demon is very cruel; you two should be careful,” Lily advised.

“Yeah, you too.” Kasuga was tall, about the same height as Lily. Her eyes softened a bit as she gave Lily a smile.

For some reason, Lily thought that Kasuga’s smile was somewhat handsome1.

This was a very strange feeling. Lily didn’t have any special feelings for Kasuga as a woman, but she felt that Kasuga naturally exuded a certain charm that attracted her, just like how men and women were naturally attracted to each other. Of course, this couldn’t be the case since Kasuga was a female, and even if she was a man, Lily wouldn’t be attracted. It was a natural attraction similar to the attraction between the opposite sexes, but different at the same time.

They soon parted ways and Lily continued her investigation along the dark avenue. After walking for a long time, she unknowingly approached the night market but found nothing.

“Did I miss it, or did I only hear the sound of an ordinary biwa which has no relationship with the mysterious biwa?”

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Lily wasn’t someone who gave up easily so she decided to return and search the same area a little more.

“Lady Kimiko said that only lonely and wistful girls will hear the sound of the biwa. So if one isn’t depressed, they won’t be able to hear the sound of the biwa, right? Then, it’s going to be difficult to find the location of that demon.”

However, just as these thoughts floated in Lily’s head, the ancient and entrancing music of a biwa resounded in the dark neighborhood.

“Eh? This…” Lily felt an indescribable shame.

However, the sound of the biwa was so appealing that Lily quickly forgot what she was thinking about just now and followed the direction of the sound, a bit dazed.

Lily twisted her waist and walked with delicate steps along the narrow streets and alleys, the sound of the biwa continuously tugging at her heartstrings.

As she walked, her surroundings became increasingly desolate and dilapidated. Gradually, Lily came before a broken, ruined temple.

The ruined temple had a dark and eerie presence, accompanied by a strong demonic aura. Even so, Lily felt that the demonic aura was attracting her with the allure of the biwa’s music.

“Master, be careful. I sense an extraordinary amount of danger ahead.” Kagura’s voice transmission broke the haze clouding Lily’s mind.

It suddenly dawned on her that she got captivated by the sound of the biwa and came here unknowingly.

Although she had a powerful celestial undergarment, the sound of the biwa ignored physical defenses and affected her soul. There weren’t only demonic arts that could directly injure the soul, but those that could compel and lure others as well. Lily felt that her soul training was still very lacking. At first, she was cautious and alert, but after a while, she inwardly desired to hear the sound of the biwa which resulted in her being unconsciously whisked onto this path.

Fortunately, Kagura’s realm was extraordinary and she managed to alert Lily.

“Master, look.”

Lily saw that the two sisters she met not too long ago were coming this way from another street.

She didn’t approach them immediately, but continued to hide in the dark and observe.

Although the effects of the biwa were apparent in the eyes of the two sisters, they didn’t lose their concentration.

“Sister, I, I can’t do it…we should just go back. Sure enough, we can’t completely resist this demonic technique without the fairy maiden joining us…” Keiko’s face was flushed and her eyes grew misty. Her body was also visibly trembling.

Kasuga’s situation was not much better, but she was obviously stronger than Keiko. She was the elder sister, after all.

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“Don’t talk nonsense, we don’t need any fairy maiden! Your sister is enough to protect you; just the two of us are enough! Sister will kill that demon and help you get the biwa. Then, we can go to that lord, complete the mission of the mirror girls, and also evolve your mirror2. After that, we can go to more distant and more dangerous places together.3” Kasuga hugged Keiko tightly.

“Elder Sister…”

The two surprisingly kissed right in front of the desolate and dilapidated temple.

Watching this scene, Lily’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster, “Their kiss was so intense. I’m afraid that their relationship has already crossed that taboo line, right?”

Lily couldn’t bear to watch any further, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to support herself. She promptly turned her head away.

Not long after, the two sisters grew more enthralled by the sound of the biwa and ambled towards the ruined temple.

Lily wanted to warn them, but an incredibly strong resentment appeared from the broken door under the eaves of the ruined temple. It was accompanied by creepy and faint cries.

A white band of cloth stretched out from under the wide eaves supported by the tall pillars in front of the door.

“What?!” Lily felt that, perhaps, the place where the demonic aura was most concentrated was not in the broken temple hall, but in the middle of the roof.

Kasuga and Keiko seemed disorientated by the stifling demonic aura. They hugged each other with blurred faces while Kasuga tied the white cloth around herself and Keiko, allowing it to pull them up.

“Not good!” Lily saw that the two women were in danger and was about to rush forward to help them.

“Don’t be stupid.” Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind.

Lily was startled; she didn’t sense anyone around her at all.

“Who?” Lily turned around and put her hand on Yasutsuna’s hilt, just in case.

Behind the ruined wall, a slim and slender woman with dark green hair cascaded into a high ponytail came out.

The woman’s unusually cold eyes rippled with a kind of scorching, ruby-red light.

“You woman, did all the nutrients needed for intellectual development flow into your chest? They obviously pretended to be bewitched by the sound of the biwa and sneaked into the roof to save people. Are you going to spoil their plan?” A ray of moonlight shone through the cracks of the broken wall and accented the woman’s thin lips.

“Who are you? What makes you think that?” Lily asked vigilantly.

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The woman stepped out of the shadows and her attire really surprised Lily

She was not tall or short, about 1.6 meters tall, with a very slender figure. Both of her shoulders were fitted with red and black bamboo armor, and her hands and feet wore firm, dark gold wrist guards and leg guards. However, apart from that, she was only wearing a set of red underwear!

The top was a red sling bra that stretched across her neck and covered her small breasts, while the bottom was just a small pair of red panties strapped with suspender belts4.

Her smooth legs were wrapped in black knee-high5 stockings6.

The woman’s face was exceptionally cold and beautiful, but she had ruby-red eyes that gave Lily an unapproachable feeling.

When the woman properly saw Lily’s appearance, she was also surprised. Her gaze soon trailed down to Lily’s chest and sparked with a bit of hatred for some reason.

“Can’t you see?” The woman said, “They are the mirror girl sisters who came to Heian-kyō. It is their mission to defeat the demon and obtain the biwa. They have long been aware and prepared. You big-breasted, stupid woman almost spoiled everything, you know7?”

Lily was usually amiable to everyone, but this woman with two small bowls for breasts spoke to her so harshly, making her a little displeased, “Thank you for the reminder. I was rash just now, but please refrain from commenting on the chest of a person completely unfamiliar with you, okay?”

The woman, however, seemed to ignore Lily and stepped forward to push her away, “Get out of the way, big ***** and big a̲s̲s̲. What a nuisance.”

“Ah, you…”

Although Lily was upset, the casual push she received just now actually forced her butt onto a slanted broken beam. She was startled in her heart as she looked at the woman who stood behind some white flowers. Only a few red straps ran across her back, but she couldn’t help feeling that the strength of this woman far surpassed her own!

Lily could only swallow her anger and stand up silently, coming next to the woman. At least Lily was a lot taller than her, not to mention her figure. This helped to restore a bit of her self-esteem.

At this time, the two mirror girl sisters were fished up by the band of cloth and the strong resentment inside the building began to stir.

“Are…are they okay?”

“Hmph, the other party is a Throne Stage archdemon. Of that pair of mirror girl sisters, the sword miko is only in the middle Spirit Jade stage while the mirror girl is only in the early Spirit Jade stage. It would be strange to be able to win, even if the mirror girl and the sword miko cooperate and have multiplied evil-slaying power.” The woman commented with a sneer.

“You…!” For the first time, Lily had such a strong dislike for a beautiful woman, “If you knew this, why didn’t you let me stop them?!”

“If you stopped them, wouldn’t that spoil the plans for my great battle against this demon? Since the formation of the mirror girls, they have long been ready to die in order to complete their mission. What’s strange about that?”

“What’s the use of dying without accomplishing anything?!” Lily was really angry with this woman.
“I wonder, is it true that women with big breasts are full of maternal love?”

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The young girl wearing underwear and armor folded her hands across her chest and said, “I know that even if I try to stop you, you will disregard everything and rush into the trap of the Throne Stage archdemon, right? I don’t care, but I am afraid that you will spoil my business like this. If you want to save them, just cooperate with me. What’s your name?”

“Lily!” Lily replied grimly.

“Hoshi Murasaki.” The woman looked at the ruined temple without glancing at Lily and said, “Let’s also pretend to be mirror girl sisters who got lured over by the sound of the biwa.”


  1. LazyButAmbitious: oh my, here we go again
  2. Robinxen: Oh wow there’s an entire power tree based on mirrors now, Lily just unlocked a method of getting more OP?
  3. LazyButAmbitious: who gonna tell them?
  4. Robinxen: I had a serious internal debate between using garter or suspender here.
  5. Robinxen: THIGHDEOLOGY
  6. LazyButAmbitious: do knee-high stockings use suspenders though?
  7. Robinxen: To be fair there was no way Lily could tell that, nor does she know anything about how mirror girls actually operate so why would she consider that?

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