Chapter 37 – Techniques for Female Physique Refining

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2654 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1388 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Then Lily will retire for today.”
“Eh? Wait, since you’ve come, why don’t you study the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting then go?” Kimiko asked.
“This…since Lady Kimiko has offered, then Lily will spend the magatamas to buy one hour.” Kimiko knew that Lily had money now so she couldn’t be too frugal.
“Nn? I’m not asking you to spend money, makes it sound like I’m forcing you to spend. We can talk about the price next time, this time let’s make a deal, you can have two free hours.”

“Free?” Just like the majority of females, Lily’s eyes lit up at the words. Though the spirit was male, the female body reacted automatically1.
“I’ve been studying a method of massaging, if you let me practice on you I’ll let you study the painting, deal?” Kimiko bargained with a smirk.

“Eh?” In truth, Lily already knew, how could such a good thing such as studying a sacred relic be free, something like that would definitely have a price. She nervously asked, “What…what sort of massage?”

“It’s only a regular full body massage, don’t be so worried.”

“Full, full body!?” Lily’s face flushed red, a full body massage. Wouldn’t that mean those places would be massaged? “No, no.” Lily rapidly shook her head.

Kimiko leisurely took a sip of tea, “I say, aren’t you misunderstanding something? My massage skills are extremely beneficial toward female physique refining. Did you not read the notes I gave you? A woman’s body needs regular massages to relieve the stress and fatigue of growth and refinement, only then will the body become more flexible and boost the physique. Did you not know, refining the body is different from cultivating the spirit, strengthening and refining the physique will cause a burden on the body, and if that burden accumulates over time it will interfere with the physique refinement and even cause harm. You must use various methods to relieve the burden and invigorate the body. You have only just started refining your physique so you don’t feel it yet, but in the future, if you’re a bit careless, you could suffer irreparable damage! You must take care, unless you want to hit an early bottleneck on your physique refinement?”

Kimiko’s tone, posture, and scent all contained a natural charm, and with her rapid arguments, Lily was captivated and confused. It seemed as if Kimiko’s arguments had logic, she was also an adept, and she was talented at that, this logic she also understood. Perhaps Kimiko really had her best interests in mind. If she continued being suspicious, then she would be too ungrateful.

“Then, then only the back please?” Truthfully, these few days that Lily had refined her physique had caused her to feel she had accumulated something, the feeling was foreign and she could not describe the feeling. Though unable to refuse Kimiko, she still cautiously put out a request.

“Ok, I knew you liked it from behind2. Though it’s effective, it’s still not as effective as a full body massage.”
“Ah, I’m not that tired, s-so my back is fine……”
Kimiko nodded, “Follow me.”

She led Lily to a small room and handed over a white bathrobe, “Wear this.” The bathrobe had something glittering on it.

“What, what is this?” Lily asked hesitantly.

Kimiko had a mysterious smile, “You don’t recognize it right? Well, can’t give you this stuff, when it’s time to go, you have to return it to me.” Kimiko lifted up the glittering item and shook it in front of Lily, and suddenly it transformed into a beautiful breast wrap with floral embroidery.

And this breast wrap was unlike those Lily had seen in Heian-kyo, it looked more like the bras of Lily’s previous world! “Eh? Heian-kyo has bras?” Lily wondered.

“Surprised right? This is not something available in the Heian-kyo secular markets. This is something I copied from the fairy celestials up in Takamagahara. I had to find a particularly skilled female demon to make breast wraps and panties from treasured Izumo Mountain cotton. Hehe, it’s your first time hearing the word panties right? This is also something from Takamagahara, the ladies of Heian-kyo haven’t worn panties.” Kimiko boasted, stroking the bra as if it were a treasure.

Lily complained in her heart. Sister, I know of panties, and though you call that a breastband, it’s actually a bra. Sister Kimiko, can you stop stroking that? I’m going to be wearing that in a moment3.

“Lady Kimiko, a bathrobe for a massage I can understand, but why those undergarments?”
“What? You don’t want to wear anything underneath? That’s fine too.”
“Ah, that wasn’t what I meant.”

“Hehe, these breastbands and panties come in a pair. Over the years, I’ve discovered that these are much better at maintaining the body than normal undergarments, especially when they’re made out of treasured materials. Towards a female adept they also provide special benefits and enhanced defense, the treasured material may also add resistances towards curses, poison, fire, and water. For example, if you plan on descending down Mount Fuji’s volcanic crater, you should be wearing anti-fire undergarments made of ice silk.” Kimiko patiently explained.

Lily suddenly understood that undergarments were also something she had to seriously consider and prepare. She previously thought a female samurai only needed a good blade, unlike male samurai who had to prepare all sorts of armor. It looks like at higher levels, female samurai had to consider and prepare much more than men.

“Then, then I’ll try it on.” Lily shyly answered.

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“Ah, yes yes, you’re shy, sister will wait in the next room. When you’re finished changing, come out for the massage.”

“Mm.” Lily wanted to try on the high-grade undergarments, if it was as great as described, perhaps in the future she would seek out a pair4.

Though Lily was male in the original world, she was a modern person. Though having never worn a bra, she still knew how to wear one. Her hands reached behind, connecting the ice-cool hooks together and it’s on.

“? It seems to be my size……” Lily walked toward the next room after slipping on the bathrobe. This room was filled with the scent of incense, it smelled good but made Lily dizzy.

“Come, lie down on this futon.” Kimiko knelt beside and at the moment, it seemed that there was only one big golden furry tail. Lily had already come this far, she could only lie down on the futon and give up.

Her back facing Kimiko, Lily couldn’t help but be nervous, though her important parts were all underneath her, but not only could she not see Kimiko’s actions, her back was also undefended, a very disadvantageous position.

Kimiko’s fingers were long and soft, but the power in those digits was immeasurable. The fingers started massaging her neck and shoulders, the strength was right in between pain and pleasure making Lily start panting…

“Yo? No way, I only massaged your shoulder and you’re already gasping?” Kimiko commented on purpose.

Lily frowned slightly, her face resting on her arms. Though she said nothing, she muttered in her heart, “An ordinary massage? Like I’d believe that, but if I say anything now, will Lady Kimiko think I’m overanalyzing?”

Kimiko’s hands pressed heavily down on Lily’s shoulders, then back and slowly slid down.

“Ug, it’s this order……”

This was the first time Lily had been held down like this and massaged. Kimiko’s hands weren’t large, but her fingers were long. Her two hands could completely cover Lily’s waist.

A phenomenal force was traveling through and cleaning Lily’s meridians, helping her spirit power circulation. There was also foreign charm energy, several times stronger than her own, sinking into her body. It was different from her own, and sank far deeper than her power could travel, nourishing those untouched parts. Lily had no idea this massage would bring such great benefits to her.

Kimiko’s technique was indeed skillful. After her waist, her legs, her back, she was flipped over and all the points good for conditioning and relaxation were all pressed, and not briefly at that5.

…… …….

When the massage was finally over, Lily leaned on Kimiko’s shoulder on the walk to the painting.

Unexpectedly, Lily felt that she was refreshed and clear-headed, though she only had two hours, her gains were much greater than last time!


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