Chapter 31 – Drunken Princess

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2818 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1437 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Nariaki… what happened to her……” If only she were still awake, she could help distract Kimiko… but right now she’s dead drunk… what to do? Lady Kimiko keeps on giving me wine, what to do? Lily dizzily wondered.

“Come, finish this wine flask, give sister some face.”
“Only a flask?”

It was only a small flask, and so many cups had already been poured. It shouldn’t be a problem, only… Lily felt like that flask should have been emptied already.

“Is that flask a treasure? Why do I feel like the wine is unending?”
“You must be imagining things, just a tiny bit left. Here, say ahhh, you don’t want the wine to spill do you?

Lily felt like she had no strength, she didn’t want to lie in Kimiko’s embrace but was so dizzy she couldn’t sit straight. Kimiko’s other hand was wrapped around her soft slender waist and slowly groped downwards. Lily’s hands were empty, she felt that instead of just pushing against the flask, it would be better to block Kimiko’s hand.

“This can’t go on…why… why is this baffling fox demoness doing this to me……”

Lily felt that Kimiko’s hand wasn’t using too much force, but even though she had grasped her wrist, she was unable to pull the hand away.

Lily was a bit frustrated, “Don’t be like this!”

She circulated her spirit power adding more strength to her hand, but she felt a reflective force completely dispersing her spirit power. Kimiko acted as if nothing had happened while Lily’s body swayed from the backlash, the wine flask on her lips slipped, spilling wine down Lily’s chin, dripping all over her neck and bust.

“Ahh, look at you, so messy. I’ll go get a cloth.”

Kimiko’s voice was mature and assuring, as if she was in complete control of the situation.

As Kimiko left, Lily lost all strength and fell down onto the tatami. For some reason, she felt a sense of emptiness. With hair splayed messily out around her, eyes misted over in confusion, Lily could only lay there on the tatami mat, she could not dredge up the willpower to wipe off the lines of wine trickling down the corners of her lips.

“Not good, I have to get out of here… I feel… so strange, body…… I can’t control my body……”

Lily could no longer see clearly, though she wanted to stand up, her legs no longer listened to her, she could only continue to try. Slowly she managed to get her legs curled up underneath her, perhaps she could crawl to the balcony, the cold wind outside should help.

Kimiko returned, holding a warmed towel. She shook her head helplessly looking at Lily, “Ahh, what are you doing? Do you like that sort of posture?”

“Ah?” Lily hadn’t crawled too far when Kimiko returned, her current state was extremely embarrassing and she didn’t know how to explain it.

“Ohh?” Kimiko looked at the spot where Lily was sitting at the table, “Looks like this spot has been soaked with wine, do you want sister to help you wipe it? Kimiko knelt down beside Lily and looked at her

Lily’s back stiffened, she nervously grabbed the hem of her skirt, “No, no need!” However, with only one hand supporting her body she was unstable and fell down, her voluptuous breasts now squeezed on the tatami mat.

“No need? But what I’m seeing……”
“Really no need! Don’t look!” Lily was really in a panic.
“Ahh, tell me, where?” Kimiko was implacable.

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She should take the lesser of the two evils, Lily felt surprised she could still be logical at the moment. “Chest……”

“You want me to help you wipe? You should’ve said so earlier, how strange you are.”

Lily grimaced as her cheeks filled with heat, “Help me up……sister Kimiko…”

“Hm? You only call me sister now? Do you only call someone sister when you ask for help? You’re usually quite haughty, could it be that you’re really…” Kimiko continued whispering into Lily’s ear, “that kind of woman, showing off your eroticness and begging for help, right?”

“No! Sister Kimiko, we’ve only just met, how can you be so rude? You might be my senior but you can’t bully me like this.” Lily knew that saying such words was unwise, if Kimiko really wanted to bully her, then the words would only incite her, but she didn’t have any other way of pleading.

“Ahh, when sister left, you were fine, now I’m back and you’re in such a sultry posture and saying I’m bullying you. I say, aren’t you a bit naughty?” Kimiko stroked Lily’s hair and gently blew into her ear.

Lily could only helplessly shiver. “Please help me up…don’t blow, don’t speak so close to my ear, help me upp!” Lily trembled uncontrollably, as if she was angry.

“Ah, a young lady’s temper? Fine, sister will help you up.” Lifting Lily up by the arms, Kimiko supported Lily in her embrace. “I say, you sweat easily Lily, you do have a noticeable scent…”

Lily blushed harder, “Lady Kimiko has such a strong perfume, how could I compare?” She wanted to slap herself, how was that an upright answer? It sounded more like a flirty protest. It seemed that her speech ability wasn’t too high. No… it was more her current demeanor, tone, and soft sultry appearance that made anything she said feel flirty. Not good, she needed to be resolute, more serious, stricter……

“The wine really soaked through.” Kimiko pulled open Lily’s neckline revealing a large amount of pale creamy skin.

“No!” Lily panicked, “I just changed clothes, and didn’t think there’d be any combat so I took off my Celestial Maiden Garment.”

Kimiko started wiping Lily down with a warm white cloth, she treated the task indifferently as if Lily’s bosom wasn’t an intimate part of her. This indifference gave Lily an embarrassed sensation, stealing away the last bits of her strength. She completely collapsed into Kimiko’s embrace.

“How hopeless,” Kimiko softly said, “A woman like you, how did you get to Heian-kyo unharmed? You didn’t get bullied by a monster on the road did you?”

“Don’t, don’t talk nonsense!” Lily grabbed Kimiko’s hand, but Kimiko ignored any resistance and continued to wipe Lily down, “Don’t…”

After the wiping, Lily let out a breath of relief, panting on Kimiko’s shoulder.

“Look at you, you’re completely soaked with sweat. There’s a hot spring here, I’ll take you to go wash up.”

“Ah? No… no, I need to go back.”

“Go back?” Kimiko murmured into Lily’s ear, “You can’t walk straight, and look at yourself. Aren’t you afraid some monster will smell your sweet scent and capture you?”

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“Lady Kimiko, don’t, don’t make things up……”
“You still deny? Don’t protest, sister will help you wash up.”

Lily was ashamed and helpless, this Kimiko… taking advantage of her intoxication to toy and bully her. If she wasn’t drunk, even if she wasn’t a match, she’d still fight a battle for her dignity. But she was drunk… what could she do?

Kimiko held onto Lily and left the room, past the walkway to the rear of the flower garden. A beautiful jade-like hot spring was there, surrounded by sakura and pear blossoms, the trees and rocks forming an elegant scenery.

Lily suddenly felt that her messy appearance and her unsteady gait were very out of place in this beautiful and elegant hot spring. Washing up didn’t sound too bad.

“Ah… wait… let me wrap up in a bath towel……”
“Tsk, you’re a really troublesome little girl, what, afraid sister will see everything? We’re all women here. Ehehehe.” Kimiko hid her smile, “Fine, fine, you can have your bath towel.” She conjured a long fluffy white fox-furred bath towel.

Lily had never seen a bath towel like this before. She examined it and wondered why it really looked like a fox tail. She gave it a tug.

“Ah…” Kimiko gave a seductive cry, “Don’t, don’t use that much force.”

“What!?” Confused, Lily wondered if perhaps this was Lady Kimiko’s fox tail? But Lily felt that Kimiko still had a tail behind her? Perhaps not only one tail? Or was she already this drunk?

The tail-like bath towel started moving as if it had life, wrapping around Lily’s body, it fluttered a bit and also wrapped around Kimiko. Their kimonos slipped down to their feet and then Kimiko supported Lily down into the water.

…… ……

“Meow~” Nariaki woozily climbed up and looked around, “Ehh? Where is everyone1?”

Afterward, her ears drooped and she fell over asleep once again.


  1. Robinxen: I don’t know where they are… maybe they left along with my last surviving brain cells reading this chapter?

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