Chapter 30 – Kimiko

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3369 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1719 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

That pointy-eared enchanting woman’s face was absolutely beautiful and snowy white, her skin was paler and more delicate than most fair-skinned women. As she walked in front of Lily, she gave the impression of being a bit taller than Lily. Her eyes were seductive and misty outlined by purple spring flower eyeshadow. Her scent, a mesmerizing feminine scent. The closer she walked, the more Lily felt her soul get charmed.

Not good!

Lily reminded herself that she had the soul of a man1, but this woman, no, this female demoness, seemed to have the ability to charm souls.

This woman, under the nose of humanity’s greatest power, Heian-kyo, under the eyes of the emperor, created a safe haven where monsters and humans could coexist. On top of that, she lived in the mountains of the imperial flower garden, and she disliked the nobility and royalty. What sort of methods was available to her?

Peerless Archdemon!

Lily was feeling a bit frightened, how did she end up accompanying Nariaki into this woman’s territory. Though she could not detect any enormous eldritch energy, Lily knew this woman was a peak existence.

Kimiko walked in front of Lily, her eyes flashed with interest as she looked over Lily. “Yo… a beauty.”

Kimiko’s voice held a natural mesmerizing intent, it spiraled around spreading through the air. A simple ordinary compliment had Lily’s body reacting. Though Lily liked compliments, she hadn’t gotten to the point where she’d lose composure over a little praise.

“This situation…… not good.” Lily thought, “I don’t know who this woman is, but I should hide her effect on me, it feels a bit dangerous.”

It was strange, Lily could clearly feel that she was being influenced and that her attraction was not natural, but Lily felt that her body was reacting uncontrollably.

“Lady Kimiko, this sister is Kagami Lily. She’s from the eastern land, I didn’t imagine that the tea set I’ve been looking for would be in her hands. She traveled far to fulfill my brother’s last wishes and delivered Fuji-san to me… though there were a few misunderstandings, she’s just like Lady Kimiko, one of my benefactors!” Nariaki introduced Lily.

“Lily meets…… greets Lady Kimiko.” What in the world was wrong with her, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“Kagami Lily?” Kimiko looked at Lily and gave a seductive smile, “My oh my, so you’re the rumored, eastern number one beauty Lyn-hime.”

“Ah?” Lily was taken aback, why does Kimiko know about her, others in Heian-kyo had not heard of her name.

“Eh? Sister Lily is the number one beauty in the east?” Nariaki looked at Lily with an idolizing gaze.

“Just rumors, I don’t know who spread those whimsical rumors, my apologies for letting Lady Kimiko hear the joke.” Lily apologized embarrassedly.

“Hehehe, Lady Lyn-hime’s words are a bit strange. A regular person would not deliberately label themselves as a pervert.”

“Ah? This…… “ Lily didn’t know what was going on, her words were a bit messy, was it because of Kimiko’s seductive interference?

“Oh my, let’s stop standing on ceremony here, it’s an honor to meet you lady Lyn-hime, let’s talk inside, please enter.” Sweeping a hand Kimiko motioned to enter the building. There seemed to be no reason to refuse such an invitation, but Lily held wariness toward that beautiful golden pavilion.

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“Sister Lily, let’s go in, Lady Kimiko’s plum wine is so delicious.” Nariaki intimately tugged on Lily’s arm, pulling her into the building.

Kimiko softly walked to Lily’s side, held Lily’s arm, and grasped her hand, and rubbed her long fingers onto the back of Lily’s hand, “What a beautiful hand, so soft, I really can’t imagine this hand wielding a blade.” Saying this, Kimiko tugged while Nariaki pushed, in addition to the shock of getting her hand rubbed, Lily was brought into the yellow pavilion.

The insides of the pavilion, while may not be grandiose, could be referred to as elegant and gorgeous. The walls were made up of various paintings of flowers and birds. Kimiko led Lily and Nariaki to a room with a view of the pear blossom tree and mirror lake. The room was decorated with various purple and white curtains all embroidered with flowers. Under the dim yellow light, the room had an ambiguous mood. A small table rested upon the beautifully decorated terrace.

“Please take a seat, I’ll go prepare desserts.” Kimiko laughed.

Lily turned her head to look at Kimiko’s retreating back.


Under the skirt that wrapped around Kimiko’s sexy rear2, a light golden large furry tail could be seen. As if Kimiko could feel her gaze, she looked back with a smile. Lily ducked her head, cheeks burning red, it felt impolite to peek at another person’s tail.

“Sharp furry ears and a tail… could it be that Lady Kimiko is a fox demon?” Lily silently wondered. The bakeneko’s master is a fox demon, this felt reasonable.

Kimiko soon returned with a pitcher of plum wine and dumpling skewers, both served on elegant plates. Nariaki’s eyes shone with anticipation, reaching out to grab the wine, Kimiko lightly admonished her “Wait.”

Kimiko tilted her head cutely, her creamy soft white complexion and sultry eyes staring at Lily. As if she could see Lily’s discomfort, she deliberately drew Lily’s attention to a red-polished fingernail and sucked on it. Then she tapped her now wet fingernail at the cups and created ice cubes.

Lily was a bit surprised. Though it wasn’t a high-ranked eldritch technique, it was still quite incredible.

“Chilled plum wine! That tastes the best! Meow——” Nariaki snatched up the cup and drank happily. Her face flushed red and swayed as if drunk, then muttered “Though it’s not summer yet.”

Kimiko treated Nariaki as a child and smiled indulgently before turning to Lily, though her eyes were still seductive, sharpness was hidden within. “What, lady Lyn-hime won’t drink?”

“I… I…… I’ll taste it in a bit.” Lily was still hesitant, she didn’t believe the wine was poisoned, but she felt that if she drank the wine something bad would happen.

“Hehe, don’t worry, my plum wine will benefit your advancement.” Kimiko smiled slyly.

Lily felt that visiting another person’s house and not accepting the hospitality would be a bit rude. Debating with herself, she ended up taking a small sip. “Mmm……” Refreshing and sweet, a delicious taste. Lily felt her body and mind become relaxed and joyful, that sensation even affected her Spirit Palace slightly increasing her strength. To think that this plum wine would increase one’s powers, Lady Kimiko really had amazing means.

Seeing Lily drink the wine, Kimiko showed a joyful expression, taking a drink she asked, “Lady Lyn-hime, I’ve heard a bit of your fame in the eastern lands, but to think you’d travel ten thousand miles to Heian-kyo. There must’ve been many issues and twists and turns, right?”

“Lady Kimiko, I do have a purpose traveling here, but it is as you have surmised, I have encountered some small troubles.”

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“Hehehehe, Lady Lyn-hime sure is courageous and daring. You killed the last two relatives of the martial saint Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, one of which was his son. You would call that small trouble?”

Lily was startled, to think that Kimiko had such detailed information of her situation.

“Lady Kimiko, the martial saint you speak of …… “

“The father of the Sakanoue no Tamurakonoe, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, one of the four saints. The man who in his youth, led troops into Ezo and conquered that barbaric savage northern land. His skill is said to have reached the pinnacle of human swordsmanship. If Minamoto no Yoshitsune dueled him without using his Arcane True Blade Law, a victory was not guaranteed.” Kimiko deliberately mentioned while watching Lily’s face. Lily’s complexion turned from flushed red to pale white.

“That… that Tamuramaro’s swordsmanship is that amazing?” Hearing that Tamuramaro could match Yoshitsune made Lily panic a bit.

Yoshitsune, that’s the guardian god she worshiped! She had actually killed the son of a man who matched Yoshitsune.

“Eheheh, I also heard that Tamuramaro is a well known unreasonable overbearing father. To him, his son is more important than anything in the world. He’s an old man you know? Though he has plenty of power, that part is most likely incapable, to father another child… probably impossible.”

Kimiko scratched her cheek staring at Lily, to think she talked about such a shameful topic so easily without hesitation. But then again, Kimiko spoke about extreme topics such as the Heavenly Gates as if they were ordinary household conversations. Lily who listened was half blushing half pale, she didn’t know how to react.

She sighed helplessly, “It’s not as if I wanted to start a feud with the Sakanoues, it’s just that Tamurakonoe relentlessly hunted me and cornered me, my only option was to have a one on one duel against him. That was a fair fight many witnessed. If Lord Tamuramaro still wants to seek revenge against me, then I have nothing to say. If I didn’t slay Tamurakonoe, I would have long died under his blade. Whatever comes, I can only deal with it.”

“Ahahahaha, Miss Lily, how bold! You were born with such femininity, but to think you have bits of masculinity in your character. Come, big sister will toast you a cup of wine.”

Lily’s heart was a bit overwhelmed and toasted Kimiko, drinking the plum wine.

Before she knew it, she was engrossed in her talk with Kimiko, unknowingly drinking several more cups of wine.

Face rosy red, Lily swayed unsteadily, “Lady Kimiko, I, I don’t think I can drink anymore.”

“Ahaha nonsense, we’re just starting. Come, let’s finish this pot.”

Kimiko’s small wine flask was strange, so many cups of wine had been poured, yet it was not empty. Kimiko sat down beside Lily, one hand wrapping around Lily’s waist and pulling her into an embrace, the other hand pushed the mouth of the wine flask to Lily’s lips.

“I, I can’t, I can’t drink anymore…… Nariakoo……” Lily dizzily looked for Nariaki. Nariaki was dead drunk on the floor after a cup of wine and several dumpling skewers.

“Come, Lily, drink some more.” Kimiko gently and implacably poured more wine down Lily’s throat3, somehow Kimiko no longer called her Lady Lyn-hime, but just Lily4.


  1. Yuki: Shouldn’t this make Lily more vulnerable to this fox youkai?
  3. Robinxen: Oh no…
  4. Silva: The yuri magnet is hard at work today.

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