Chapter 29 – The realm beneath the pear blossom trees

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3189 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1645 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“I wanted revenge against Tokugawa, but my benefactor didn’t allow it. She said, if I went then I would be killed by Lord Kamakura.” Nariaki clenched her fists trembling in anger, “She told me, unless I gained strength equal to Heian-kyo’s peak existences, I would only die. Any archdemon at or above the permanence stage daring to enter the eastern cities would be attacked by Lord Kamakura. After that I could only search for Fuji-san, I investigated and found out that Tokugawa didn’t get Fuji-san so I started stealing. Gradually it became fun and it became my job, also… if I could steal more treasures, I’d be able to repay my benefactor.”

Nariaki gently caressed Fuji-san, smiling as she remembered old joyful memories of her family, but time would not rewind, those joyful times would never return, her smile was so sorrowful. Lily looked at Nariaki, she could not bear capturing her and dragging her to the officials. But if the task was not complete, in half a month how would she handle the chief advisor’s decree? If Lily disobeyed again, then she would really be unable to stay in Heian-kyo.

The rule was that convicted female monsters were to be stripped and displayed in front of the Suzaku gate. Lily would not allow Nariaki to end up in such a horrific state, either way, dragging her to the officials was not negotiable.

“Thank you sister samurai, though I’m unable to get revenge, at least I have a memento from my brother…”
“Sorry. Back then I had already arrived too late, I was unable to save Yasutaro.”

Nariaki shook her head, “This… this is fate, I guess. If my brother was still alive, I don’t know if he could accept a monster as his sister. If he treated me like those other people, then I really would have no will to live. In Heian-kyo, though humans and demons still coexist in night-markets, they’re mostly feared and hated everywhere else.” Nariaki wilted from the deep sense of loss.

“How could that be, I’m human and I still think you’re cute and lovely.” Lily complimented. She was not comforting but expressing her real opinion. Nariaki had experienced such misfortune, and her immature beauty made Lily sympathize.

“Sister samurai……” Nariaki lifted her head to look at Lily, her cheeks blushed red. “Sorry, I didn’t think you were a good person. Such a treasured tea set, most people would keep it, but you returned it to me… a monster who attacked you and tore your clothes.”

“Don’t say that, Yasutaro used his life to entrust me with this task, of course I would complete it.”
“Sister samurai, how great it would be if only all the samurais had a righteous heart like you…”
“Nariaki, I’m not as good as you think I am, big sister is also very bad……”
“I don’t believe that, oh right, I forgot to ask but what are you called?”

“I’m called Kagami Lily,” Lily announced with a flick of her long beautiful hair.

“Can, can I call you sister Lily?”
“Hehe, of course.”

“Sister Lily…… are you… really going to drag me to the officials?” Nariaki hugged Fuji-san with both ears lying flat and big moist eyes shining.”

“How could I? Absolutely not little sister.” Lily warmly replied. That was an ironclad decision, as for how to handle the fallout, Lily could slowly consider that later.

“Sister Lily, if you don’t catch me, you won’t be in trouble will you?”

Though Lily was troubled, she still denied “There’s no problem.”

“Sister Lily, you helped me find my father’s tea set, I will definitely repay you. I want to take you to a place.”
“Where to?”
“To the night market’s guardian god, the place where my benefactor is.”

“Ah?” Lily was a bit worried, though she was also a bit interested in the guardian god, it was possible he was an immensely powerful demon?

Nariaki understood Lily’s concerns, “You don’t have to worry sister Lily, my benefactor is a good person. She’s kind and gentle to both humans and demons. I feel like sister Lily is troubled about something, I thought a consultation with my benefactor would help. You helped me so she will definitely give you advice.”

“That, that’s true…” Lily was a bit tempted, at the moment Lily was also in a difficult situation.

“Sister Lily, follow me.”
“That… sorry, your clothes…”
“I can turn into a small cat so I’m fine, but sister, what will you do? Though it’s night, you can’t go out into the streets like that. You’d be treated as a perverted female demon.”
“Don’t be silly. Wait here, I’ll go change clothes.”

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Walking behind a tree, Lily pulled out a gorgeous long-sleeved short-skirted black outfit and dressed. In Heian-kyo, though storage treasures are rare, Nariaki was under that person’s protection so she had naturally seen them before, but when Lily walked out, Nariaki was still pleasantly surprised.

“Wa, sister is so beautiful…”

Lily blushed, “Don’t be like that, do you want an outfit?”

“I’ve already received such a great favor from you, how could I ask for more? I’ll lead the way as a cat.”

Nariaki led Lily to the rooftops, this was indeed the path of a cat. The two traveled fast through Heian-kyo.

“Nariaki, is the location not near the night markets?”
“Ahaha, the night markets are only a little part of her territory, I’ll be taking you to her house.” The little black white cat ran swiftly over the roofs. Arriving, she halted.
“Sister Lily, wait for me here.”

Lily had no idea what Nariaki was doing, so she just sat down on the roofs and waited.

After a while, a pink yukata-wearing cat-eared girl agilely jumped onto the roof, tail swaying happily.

“Nariaki! You stole again?”
“I’m used to it already.” Nariaki stuck out her tongue.
“Mm.” Lily nodded her head, helpless against Nariaki’s antics.

Returning back to human form, Nariaki led Lily back down to the streets and up to the base of the Heian Palace.

“Nariaki, your benefactor couldn’t possibly live in the palace right?” Lily looked up at the dimly lit towering ornate palace.

“Of course not, she hates nobles and royals the most. Follow me.” Nariaki led Lily past the Heian Palace walls, the length of the walls displayed the size of the Heian Palace. Only, for some reason, Lily on the outside of the wall could hear grief-filled cries and some angry howls from beyond the walls. It seemed that the Heian palace, was not some nice place.

Lily involuntarily thought up of her Cherry blossom valley, that place was without a doubt better. Though not as elegant and luxurious, her valley was filled with her sisters and life was much free and unfettered. Lily had been gone for several months, and she was only now wanting to go home.

“Oh right, Nariaki, do you still remember Yukiko?”
“Yukiko? Do you mean my step-mother? She followed Tokugawa in the end! I remember her, though she treated me well in the past that was probably an act! To live, she actually became Tokugawa’s woman! Shameless!”
“This……” Lily felt troubled, she would have to slowly explain things later.
“What is it? Sister Lily?”
“Nothing, let’s keep going”

Nariaki led Lily past the palace, to a mountain behind the palace. There were rivers and lakes in the area. Lily felt that this should be the flower gardens of the palace, only beyond the circling river, there were many more mountains. None of the mountains were too high, but they were all still within the walls of Heian-kyo.

Nariaki led Lily to the green mountains beyond the river. They walked up the long winding mountain road where there were old twisted enchanting and strange trees. The batches of trees, the groups of ancient glowing stone lamps, and the mist all made it seem like a hidden realm.

Climbing over the mountain, they arrived at a valley filled with blossoms and ancient pines. Gurgles of aquatic life came from the mountain stream flowing down the ravine, on both sides of the ravine was a weirdly shaped lamp flickering, showing the elegance and mystery of the stream. The two followed along the mountain stream leading them to a beautiful pavilion under a grand pear blossom tree. The pavilion was a rare yellow color, even at night, this pavilion would be exquisite.

At the side of the pavilion, was a pond with shimmering mirror-like water, it reflected the beautiful scenery of nature. Walking up to the pavilion, they met a tall enchanting woman holding a lantern walking along the stone road.

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“Lady Kimiko!” Seeing the woman, Nariaki was filled with happiness, “Sister Lily, this is the guardian god of the night market, my benefactor and savior. Also… also my current master, Lady Kimiko.”

“Oh……” Lily couldn’t help but look at the tall lantern holding woman.

She had a head of mature golden hair twisted in an elegant hairdo, wearing a vermillion red furisode lined with fur, her neckline revealed to a degree that Lily dared not imitate. Her shoulders were completely exposed, and the neckline opening continued down to her waist, a pair of large full breasts squeezed together created an enchanting sight. Her waist could be compared to Lily’s and her rear, soft and beautiful. When she walked, a pair of white slender thighs could be seen between the high slit of her furisode. Her walking posture radiated femininity and was even more enchanting than Kagami-hime.

Before she knew it, Lily swallowed her saliva, with her level of soul sensitivity she was shocked, “I, when did I? How was I unknowingly enchanted by this woman?”

That woman’s steps seemed to carry with them a natural enchanting power.

“Nnn?” Lily’s mind grew clearer after the discovery, above that woman’s hairstyle grew two pointed fox ears.



  1. Robinxen: Is it just me or have the past two chapters been REALLY wordy?

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