Chapter 23 – Leaving the Bureau of Divination in Anger

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3107 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1630 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Hearing the Chief Advisors decree, the officials could not believe their ears. Seimei continued his mission by announcing in a loud superior voice, “Lord Kamo Tadayuki, this is the Chief Advisor’s decree!”

This was the tradition of the Heian Dynasty when transmitting orders, the conveyer represents the superior’s identity and authority. Though Seimei was Kamo’s student, right now he was the supreme Chief Advisor.

“Yes! This Kamo Tadayuki obeys.”

“Lord Kamo, this… the Chief Advisor’s decree, it’s unbelievable!” Ichijo’s face was filled with disbelief, doesn’t this decree mean that woman gets to go free? Interrogation is allowed if she fails to capture the thief in a month? Won’t she escape if she gets the chance? Ichijo continued “Though that phantom thief has been running rampant and committing crimes in Heian-kyo, there’s nothing linking that thief to this case, why is the Chief Advisor making such an excuse?”

“Lord Ichijo!” Seimei coldly lectured, “Is the Chief Advisor’s intent something we can argue about?”

“No……” Ichijo lowered his head and grit his teeth to stop from saying anything disrespectful.

Kamo rose and with a wave of his hand, the gigantic ghost hands released Lily.

The lingering numbness prevented Lily from moving her arms. Spirit armor could defend against sudden impacts, however against grappling or capture abilities, the defensive capabilities were far less effective. It is like wearing steel armor. Being punched doesn’t hurt, however getting grappled or twisted can cause internal damage.

It took Lily a while to recover and get up. In her heart, she also couldn’t guess what the Chief Advisor was thinking, but at least the aid had allowed her to survive this stage. Otherwise, even if there was no evidence she would have been interrogated. As a woman, being interrogated in front of so many men would not only be painful but humiliating. Lily would fight to the death before accepting such treatment. However, if that happened, the secret of her processing treasures the clairvoyance mirror could not detect would be exposed.

She got up, and knelt down to pledge, “Lily obeys the Chief Advisor’s decree, Lily will definitely capture the phantom thief.”

“This woman, acting as if she’s a loyal retainer. Can we really do nothing about her?” Ichijo complained, but there really was nothing he could do.

Kamo ordered, “Since this is the Chief Advisor’s orders, we will obey. Seimei, go record how many treasures and materials have been stolen and report it to the Ministry of Interior.”

“Understood, teacher.” in Seimei’s hands appeared a brush and a booklet.

Kamo then walked over to help Lily, “Lady Kagami, I still have my suspicions of you. However, since the Chief Advisor has decreed, I will cooperate with the investigation. I was a bit heavy-handed, are you fine?” Kamo’s hand landed on her arm.

“Release me! Don’t touch me!” Lily flicked her long sleeves, her tone frigid1.

Being imprisoned on the ground by his spells had not only injured her arms but had humiliated her. It had also allowed her to grasp the gap between her and the powerhouses hidden in Heian-kyo. Kamo was only the head of the Bureau of Divination. The peak powerhouses of the Heian Dynasty such as the Chief Advisor, the Shogun, and the left and right inner palace guard should be many times stronger than she could imagine.

Lily was quite carefree and casual in the Kanto Region, however here in Heian-kyo she should be cautious and careful, otherwise she’d really suffer. She could not forget to maintain humility, the depths of Heian-kyo were far deeper than she could imagine.

Kamo could understand Lily’s attitude, but he still said, “Lady Kagami, you are free for this month, however you may not leave Heian-kyo.”

“I don’t need you to tell me something so obvious.” Lily coldly retorted.

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“Lady Kagami, though the Chief Advisor has put you in charge of the case, we can’t let an Onmyo no Jojo investigate. How about I assign you the position of an exorcist, what do you think?”
“Do as you want.”
“I will assign Seimei to inform you of details regarding the phantom thief.”
“You don’t need to bother, I will investigate myself. I don’t want to spend another moment here.” Even now Lily’s arms hurt, she had been truly infuriated.
“Wait,” Kamo ordered.

He pulled out a jade bead threaded by a red rope and handed it to Lily, “Lady Kagami, during this month please carry this, it will track your location.”

Lily coldly looked at the demeaning object, with a wave of her hand. “Clink!” The rope broke and the jade bead shattered. “Within a month I will return, with or without that phantom thief. If you can’t accept that, then arrest me now!”

With that, Lily turned around and left, Kamo and the rest staring blankly at her.

“Lord Kamo, this, this Kagami Lily is too rude! Why won’t you teach her a lesson?” a frustrated Ichijo asked.

Kamo shook his head, “If I pursued every little issue it might affect the case, that would be disobeying the Chief Advisor. For this month let us try to cooperate.”

“But what if she flees?”
“I naturally have a method.”


Lily directly left the Bureau of Divination, walking along the cold chilly streets of Heian-kyo, she wanted to cry but held back. Kamo had been reasonable, though there was a decree from the Chief Advisor, if he had wanted, he could still find plenty of excuses to imprison her.

“I need to get stronger! To awaken my senior sister2, to protect my sisters, to live with freedom and dignity!” Only… she had run out in a fit of anger, and now she had no idea where to search for the phantom thief.

Forget it, she would find a way.

With the cold wind blowing, Lily had calmed down. She gradually began to discover the Chief Advisor’s aim. She and the Chief Advisor had only a one-sided meeting, on top of that she had only seen the Chief Advisor’s hands and not face. At that time the Chief Advisor had not been willing to meet her, but now, what meaning did that decree have?

Perhaps the Chief Advisor really suspected the phantom thief? No. Even an idiot like Ichijo found this implausible. Then it could be assumed that the Chief Advisor meant to help her even if she was suspicious, but why?

Perhaps it’s because she had received Prince Narinaga’s letter? But if it was to protect her, wouldn’t it be easier to have the Onmyoji hand her over to the Chief Advisor? Why involve this phantom thief? Maybe the Chief Adviser didn’t care about the Bureau’s treasury being robbed. Her purpose was to have Lily chase after the phantom thief.

In conclusion, the Chief Advisor had sent her to the Bureau of Divination to hold an official post. She had arrived, and though she had caused quite a bit of trouble, it seems like the Chief Advisor didn’t mind. Since she was assigned to chase the phantom thief, then she would chase.

Lily continued to walk but felt stalkers behind her. She turned around a corner and into a dark alley. Not a while later, two attendants snuck into the alley. As expected, she was being followed.

“Boom!” Lily smashed a foot into two faces sending them flying. Lily strode forward and stomped down on one of them, “Speak, why are you following me?”

“Arghh, mercy! Lady Samurai mercy! We lowly ones are only following orders.”
“Orders? Who’s orders?”
“Ku, Lord Kujo ordered us to follow you, we were to prevent you from fleeing……”
“Tell Kujo I won’t run, if I wanted to run you wouldn’t be able to stop me. Get lost!”

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“Yes! Yes!” The two experienced Lily’s strength and fled. Though she had sent back the two attendants, Lily still felt uneasy. She deployed her domain. As expected, in the distance there were two suspicious looking crows. She grabbed her blade and directly beheaded the two crows. The slashed crows turned into destroyed talismans.

“If it isn’t Kamo, then it’s Seimei. Deliberately allowing Kujo to dispatch easily discoverable attendants to lower my guard. These talismans are the real pursuers3. Only… unless Kamo personally suppresses my domain, these tricks cannot track me.”

After finishing the trackers, Lily traveled to the Suzaku Avenue. She had been too impulsive and hadn’t collected information on the phantom thief, now she had no idea where to go. Suddenly Lily thought of a place.

Lily’s sense of direction was excellent, she found the direction immediately. She found herself at the monster pub near the river, though it was daytime, the skies were still dark, so the pub was still open. Lily wandered the backyard instead of entering. She didn’t want to meet Masakado. She had left without bidding farewell last time, though it was a small issue, she didn’t want any trouble.

As Lily circled the backyard, she gained a tail. A chubby little boy with a ruffian’s face. The boy silently stalked up behind Lily and then extended a hand to grab her rear. Lily had been long prepared, she twisted around with a kick.

“Oof!” The little kid was kicked flying.

In midair with a puff of smoke, he was forced back into his original form, the fat racoon Yuuta.

“Agh! That Hurts!” The raccoon sat on the floor howling, “You’ve clearly come to find me, why the kick? Owe!”

“Yes, I’ve come to see you, but not to get molested.” Lily put a hand on her hip, “Do you want me to kick a few more times?”

“Yes, yes, ah! No! No! NO!” Yuuta cried, “I was only joking around.”

“Next time, try a different joke!” Lily admonished, she continued, “What do you know about the phantom thief?”


  1. Robinxen: While he did go to extremes I fail to see why it warrants this response honestly.
  2. Robinxen: Kind of feel sorry for the new translator honestly, this novel has weird technical terms and a lot of nuance in character naming.
  3. Robinxen: Wow she displayed intelligence.

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