Chapter 171 – No…

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3221 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1802 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Sasaki dared to raise the flag marking the victory only after Tamamo left with her demon parade.

“No one could’ve imagined that a mere festive event would lead to such a shocking battle. However, the curtains have finally fallen on it, and the person to earn a kiss from Ms. Kagami—Heian’s prettiest woman—is Chief Advisor Ayaka! Please applaud for her, ladies and gentlemen!”

Sasaki swung the flags exaggeratedly, and the audience rejoiced enthusiastically in response to his actions.

Ayaka stood on the arena, which was still covered in the purple mist from her prior battle, while covered in sweat. She stored Izumomaru away and looked north solemnly, “I won? No, we can’t even call it a real fight since she didn’t reveal her true form…”

The people of Heian, as well as the samurai and the officials on the viewing platform, who had all breathed in the purple mist, all wore strange expressions on their faces now.

An unidentifiable voice spoke out at this moment.

“The Chief Advisor has won, so what about the prize?”
“Deliver the prize! Deliver the prize! Deliver the prize!”

The men and women among the audience, regardless of their age group, called for the prize to be delivered under the influence of the purple mist and the festive mood with no regard for public order and morals.

“The Chief Advisor has defeated Lady Tamamo, Ms. Kagami! Don’t tell me you are just going to watch and do nothing when such a shocking battle unfolded all for you? Why haven’t you descended to kiss the Chief Advisor yet?!” A drunken samurai from the audience called out to Lily with a bottle of sake in his hand.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!”

“Eh?” This was the best result for Lily as it wasn’t as if Ayaka hadn’t kissed her before. However, kissing her in public was something else entirely. Lily’s face flushed up in embarrassment on the platform as she wondered if she had to kiss Ayaka in front of the audience.

Ayaka just smiled internally after seeing the audience’s reaction and stepped across to the platform by walking on air, landing beside Lily in the end. She then offered her hand towards Lily, who was forced to take it under the circumstances.

Ayaka pulled Lily into her embrace, causing her hair and sleeves to flutter in the wind before cascading down again.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” The audience called for the duo to kiss, and Lily felt ashamed by their blatant demands1.

She had nowhere to run.

All she could do was raise her head and look at Ayaka to seek her intentions. She intended to look for some chance to escape from the predicament, but her gaze ended up moving towards Ayaka’s luscious lips subconsciously.

“God! Just where am I looking? I need to get rid of such thoughts,” Lily felt as if her body was on the verge of tiptoeing subconsciously and asked herself what she was even doing by preparing to deliver on the kiss.

No, that’s just impossible!

Lily still had a rational mind and command of words at the moment and believed that she could say “No” whenever required, which expressed how unwavering she was.

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Lily wondered if she could discuss the matter with Ayaka silently and kiss her back at her home instead. Ayaka was one of the top three powerhouses of the Heian humans and the fact that she had engaged in such an intense battle all to protect Lily made the latter willing enough to kiss the former. However, her sole desire was to perform the act in private and not in public.


Ayaka pulled Lily closer the moment she opened her mouth to say something and embraced her waist.

“Eh?” A potent2 scent flooded Lily’s senses and it was so irresistible that it weakened Lily’s resolve to resist. The intense battle with Tamamo seemed to result in the secretion of a thin layer of sweat on Ayaka’s skin, and there was also a possibility that other kinds of fluids had gushed out of her from the excitement.

“Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!” The audience cheered in unison.

A kiss from Heian’s prettiest woman didn’t come cheap. The receiver needed adequate strength to earn it, and this required unimaginable efforts.

There were a lot of Lily’s adorers present among the audience, but most of her male adorers weren’t filled with jealousy at the moment as the receiver of the kiss was also a beautiful woman equally admired by them. They were pretty satisfied with the development and really looked forward to seeing the kiss take place.

The audience speculated that the kiss would happen soon since the duo were hugging now.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!”

The audience cheered while dancing to the music.

“Lord Chief Advisor…” The emperor’s eyes filled with expectation and sorrow simultaneously behind the curtain. He never imagined he’d see Ayaka kiss someone on this day. He loved his empress, but his heart truly rested with Ayaka and nobody else as she was the sole authority who backed him. Emperor Go-Toba was unwilling to admit that he held feelings of love towards Ayaka as that would be bringing personal emotions into the court handlings, but he knew that his heart would’ve broken if Ayaka had earned a man’s kiss today instead of a woman’s.

Prince Narinaga also felt mixed emotions on the viewing platform as he watched two of his dream lovers prepare to kiss each other. No one could imagine how he felt at the moment.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” The lower-ranked samurai as well as the officials began to call for the kiss to happen now.

“Uhm…” Lily still intended to talk her way out of the situation, but Ayaka interrupted her again by circling her hand back to her waist and sliding it down across the curve of her buttocks.

“Kyah!” Lily’s senses were watching out for an ambush from Ayaka’s lips, so the sudden attack to her buttocks made her shudder and panic.

Ayaka’s firm and experienced touch contained a hint of softness as she caressed Lily’s butt, rendering the latter defenseless. Lily blushed, still in disbelief that Ayaka had committed such an action in public, and though she couldn’t see Ayaka’s palm, she could feel it sink into her soft butt cheeks.

Lily couldn’t bear it anymore after Ayaka’s teasing crossed her margin of tolerance and raised her head to warn Ayaka, but…


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Ayaka sealed the luscious, wet lips of Lily with hers the moment she opened them.

Lily’s dazed eyes opened wide.

The cheers below the platform had long turned into indescribable noise as she felt all her senses focus on the deep kiss that Ayaka had initiated, and the touch of the latter’s hand as well.

Lily had convinced herself that there was no escape from kissing Ayaka, but she wasn’t expecting to receive such a passionate and deep kiss, the kind that lovers engaged in, from her.

“Ngh…” Ayaka’s lips pressed against Lily’s without reservation and her tongue even passed through them in the next moment3.

Ayaka’s tongue then dominated Lily’s tongue as the two entangled with each other in a hot, wet mess.

Lily’s eyes narrowed gradually, and her eyes misted up with longing.

The platform was pretty tall, so it was in fact hard for the audience to see them kiss properly. Lily was the only one who knew how intense Ayaka’s kiss was as she was receiving it first-hand.

Lily tiptoed instinctively to prevent Ayaka from crossing the line any further for being uncooperative with her. This instinctive act from Lily’s end caused her to stand on Ayaka’s feet, enabling her to tiptoe higher, and even she was unaware of the implications that such an action held.

Ayaka continued desiring and dominating Lily, the goddess adored by the public.

As for Lily, she wasn’t exactly pleased with the judge and her adorers labeling her the prettiest woman of Heian as her pride and morals didn’t allow anyone to dominate her. She intended to deny any willingness in the matter if anyone inquired about it later on.

“I just feel ashamed for being dominated by her. There’s no way it would make me happy. There’s just no way!”

Lily’s eyes narrowed further as the deep kiss reached its climax.

Her hand moved to Ayaka’s supple back subconsciously and her mind convinced her that she was only doing this to stand firmly on the platform.

Ayaka’s kiss and embrace instilled a sense of security inside Lily4.

Lily realized how shameless and ingratiating her actions were when her hand began to caress Ayaka’s back in response to Ayaka’s caress, and this caused her to open her eyes wide and push Ayaka away frantically.


Ayaka’s face morphed in sorrow and doubt the moment they separated.

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“Ms. Ayaka’s eyes are so mesmerizing and she’s so passionate, too. How am I supposed to respond to her? I am Senior Rinne’s lover. I must not fall for other women’s enticements, and even if I do, I must confess everything in the end…”

Lily’s thoughts were interrupted by yet another passionate and wet kiss from Ayaka.

“No… I must focus… No matter how skilled Ms. Ayaka is at handling women, I must resist… I… must… resist…”

Ayaka locked hands with Lily at this moment, causing the warmth from her palm to pass on to Lily’s as their fingers interlocked.

“Locking hands… is so unfair, Ms. Ayaka…5

Lily closed her eyes submissively as her thoughts froze, leaving behind a pink mood. This sweet yet passionate exchange continued for a long time.

Lily’s mind blanked out as she leaned on Ayaka’s shoulders, not because of love but rather to express her gratitude for the latter’s considerations towards her, and also because she felt too ashamed to face the audience. Lily didn’t know whether the audience could see them clearly and hoped they couldn’t because of the distance between her and them, but she knew that she had lost this time, and it wasn’t on account of Ayaka’s battle prowess.

Lily convinced herself that she hadn’t leaned on Ayaka’s shoulder as a show of surrender and rather to hide her expression from Ayaka and the public.

“We shall carry out the awards ceremony for the Yoshitsune Memorial Tournament now! Please stand before His Imperial Majesty to receive the award, Ms. Kagami!” The Shinto High Priest’s voice echoed throughout the area at this moment.

“Huh?” Lily was stunned and scuttled away from Ayaka while covering her mouth, acting as if someone had caught her having sex red-handed, and fixed the creases on her ceremonial dress while blushing and exhaling cold breaths.

“Ms. Kagami… Do you hear me, Ms. Kagami? Please rise to the central platform and receive the award!”


  1. Robinxen: Whew that pressure.
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  4. Robinxen: Lily are you this easy.
  5. Robinxen: THE HELL IS THIS?!

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