Chapter 167 – Battle Between Peak-Stage Powerhouses

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2154 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1299 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Sir Hiromasa! Even though I’m weaker than you, I still can’t sit by and watch as Ms. Kagami falls into your hands! Ms. Kagami saved my lil’ sister and I’ll repay her for that favor!” Kasuga’s hands formed a seal, following which a cloud of white smoke rose up behind Hiromasa to reveal one more Kasuga, and the two Kasugas bolted towards Hiromasa simultaneously.

“A shadow clone, huh? As expected of a kunoichi! However, you’ve gone a bit too far with your words, Ms. Kasuga! I am just following my heart by taking part in this duel and have no intention of forcing Ms. Kagami even if I win it!”

Hiromasa summoned a pair of bow and arrows before he sprinted sideways and then shot at one of the Kasugas.

Whoosh! A cloud of smoke manifested around Kasuga the moment the arrow struck her, and she transformed into a block of wood.

The other Kasuga had long arrived in front of Hiromasa by now and spun her dual blades to attack him, “Grand Spinner!”

A massive, beautiful green shuriken that was 5m in length flew in from behind Kasuga and she jumped back to land in its center as it spun towards Hiromasa while releasing a dazzling glow!

However, Hiromasa was long ready for the attack and simply jumped up to kick Kasuga at the center of the shuriken.


Hiromasa’s powerful kick sent Kasuga flying down the arena. However, she didn’t get injured that heavily since he controlled his strength properly.

“Kasuga…” Lily looked at the fallen Kasuga worriedly and sighed in relief when she saw her stand up.

The white-armored Taira clan samurai couldn’t remain seated anymore and got up suddenly, “F̲u̲c̲k̲! I’m not going to let anything happen again! You better not stop me from climbing onto the arena now1!”

Slam! A powerful and mountainous spiritual pressure pressed down on the young samurai’s shoulders at this moment.

“Withdraw and let me go instead!”

The Taira clan youth turned around to see a lean and gloomy-eyed Taira no Mori itching to join the duels with a fiery aura oozing out from him.

“Um…?” The samurai shuddered in fear and was forced to sit down obediently when faced with Mori’s powerful aura.

“What?! Sir Mori’s going to take part too?” The spectating samurai were stunned as Mori was at the late-stage Throned Sovereign level and was the Taira’s clan strongest samurai publicly.

His strength placed him in the top 20 of the Heian Empire’s imperial court powerhouses!

Taira no Mori’s participation had raised the level of this competition for winning over Lily’s kiss by a whole level and left no chances for the average experts.

Mori’s aura oozed out like fiery mist from his body and was as steadfast as a mountain. His body steamed as he strode towards the arena determinedly and it felt as if the arena had turned into a volcano that was on the brink of erupting.

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Hiromasa bowed respectfully when he saw Mori come over, “I never thought someone at Sir Mori’s level would also take part in these duels to win over Ms. Kagami’s kiss. I know I am not your match, so I shall concede at this point, Sir Mori.”

“Hah! Looks like you’re tactful enough.”

Hiromasa withdrew respectfully and gave Lily a longing glance with a sigh when he reached the arena’s edge, “It looks like I’ve really underestimated Ms. Kagami’s beauty… I never thought Sir Mori would make a move too. I have no chance of pursuing her in the future as well. However, as a samurai, I won’t give up that easily! I’ll go on a journey to train! You must wait for me, Ms. Kagami!”

Hiromasa turned around and left like the wind with his desolate back to the arena.

“As if I’ll wait for you!” Lily muttered annoyedly on the platform, “However… Why did someone like Mori take part in the duels?”

Lily was already strong enough to gauge Mori’s strength now. The men were all taking part in the duel to win a kiss from her, so she hardly had any misgivings about probing their strength since they didn’t have any face to call her out for her rudeness right now.

Mori’s strength was at the late-stage Throned Sovereign level! Although Lily could survive against him if she used all her strength, the chances of her defeating him were next to nothing.

“What do I do now… Both Kagura and Yuki-Onna aren’t Mori’s match!” Lily worried.

She didn’t know what to do if Mori really won.

Mori stood at the center of the arena like a brewing volcano. Most of the samurai knew Mori, so they lowered their heads and didn’t dare to have any extravagant hopes now. It wasn’t a game that they could play anymore.

‘I never imagined Sir Mori would come forward despite his seniority for this little lass’ kiss. You are really charming, Ms. Kagami Lily, but I’m afraid that this charm of yours is more of a curse rather than a blessing now, isn’t it?’ An aged, bamboo-hatted wandering samurai remarked internally.

“Fear not, Ms. Kagami—Your brother’s here now!”

A voice cried out from the crowd, following which a filthy and chubby samurai with a bamboo basket on his back pushed past the crowd and climbed onto the arena! The chubby, oily-haired samurai wore a pair of outlander spectacles, and his split chins were drenched in saliva!

“Do you still remember me, Ms. Kagami? I’ve chased you all the way from Kanto to Omi, and even saw the deadly duel you had with Kyūbōzu in the Biwa Palace! Lil’ Sis Lily! You are my goddess! I love you! Oh Lil’ Lily! Hohoh!”

The chubby samurai danced fanatically and took out picture scrolls one after the other from the basket on his back!

“I spent all my assets to buy your picture scrolls, Ms. Kagami! Just look at them! This one depicts you going on a night stroll while holding an umbrella in the streets of Kamakura while this once depicts you beheading Hojo Dijon in fury while surrounded by sakura petals! As for this one, it’s the latest picture scroll! I spent a huge amount to buy it and it depicts you severing the Rashomon Spirit’s hand2! These scrolls are more important to me than my life!”

“H-How the hell did this guy come here… Can’t someone shut him up? I’m so embarrassed up here!” Lily felt fidgety on the platform.

The chubby samurai placed the basket in front of Mori, “Although they are my beloved treasures, I’m willing to give them up to prevent Ms. Kagami from kissing someone she doesn’t like! I’ll exchange these pictures for the right to kiss Ms. Kagami! What do you say?”

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Veins popped out of Mori’s forehead and his aura flared up like an active volcano as he thundered at the man, “Where did an idiot like you come from?! Scram off unless you have a death wish!”

“Uh-huh? Looks like we aren’t in agreement. We can only battle then!”

The chubby samurai’s spectacles glistened under the fire beacons’ light as he took out his dagger and sauntered towards Mori, “Watch my heroic appearance as I fight for you, Ms. Kagami!”

Bam! However, the chubby samurai tripped on one of the scrolls that had fallen out of the basket as he sprinted forward and crashed to the arena’s floor head-on… losing his consciousness with froth coming out of his mouth.

Mori also slapped his forehead, feeling as if he had lost in a certain sense.

The attendants came up to carry the chubby samurai out and he could be heard talking in his dreams while this happened, “Did I win, Ms. Kagami…?”

Lily felt incredibly ashamed, “Why do I always get such worshipers…3?”


  1. Silva: I kinda pity this guy now
  2. Robinxen: It’s my spirit character! Ganbaru art connoisseur!
  3. Robinxen: At least she’s aware.

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