Chapter 164 – Violet Moon Permanence Spirit

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3243 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1821 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily stood up slowly, allowing her long hair to cascade down and scatter at her feet as she bowed down and picked up her mirror, raising the moon-like item to the sky.

She had finally gained enlightenment with regards to the final barrier that prevented her from refining her lunar intent when she saw the moon within the mirror. Lily’s lunar intent had advanced to a brand new level after gaining perfection—Lunar True Intent!

At the same time, she had also broken through the final barrier needed to achieve Permanence and formed her Permanence Spirit!

And it was no ordinary Permanence Spirit. Lily’s enlightenment of lunar forces had brought her intent to the level of Lunar True Intent, and the fusion of this with the Application of Charm and Blade Maiden Spirit Power had given birth to an incredible Permanence Spirit that had never appeared within the history of ascension—A Violet Moon!

A Violet Moon in a world where moonlight didn’t exist. No one knew what this signified.

However, Lily had a vague feeling that the Violet Moon’s powers were terrifying and abnormal. She intuitively realized that she couldn’t reveal this Violet Moon’s powers unless it was absolutely needed.

Fortunately, this didn’t affect her current battle much.

Lily’s face was flushed and sweat poured down her body from her forehead like dew from flowers. Her jaw was covered in drool from her lips… and even though she looked so graceless, it still portrayed the true beauty of this transcendental girl.

Lily brought the mirror’s edge near her lips and licked it despite the spectators’ gazes, which caused her saliva to trail down the mirror’s rough edges before falling down to the floor and Lily’s slender arm.

“Ngh…” Lily moaned in pleasure1. If it weren’t for the mirror, she would’ve died this time as well and the addictive pleasure brought by breaking through to the next level in such an impasse wasn’t verbally explainable2.

Lily turned around slowly with a bewitching smile and Shenzu felt utterly shocked when she saw this. She couldn’t understand why Lily was smiling like this when she was on the verge of dying just now.

Beauty made people obsess, it made them jealous. As such, Shenzu felt greatly displeased when she saw Lily make such a bright face. However, Shenzu was still cautious about the dangerous aura coming off Lily and wondered if the latter had achieved a breakthrough.

Shenzu also realized that she couldn’t gauge Lily’s strength anymore!

Shenzu believed that Lily had broken through to the early-stage Throne level in the preliminaries of the tournament, so she felt confounded now and wondered if Lily had always been in the late-stage Permanence level and broke through to the Throne level just now.

However, even so, this sense of danger still didn’t make sense since Shenzu was a Throne as well.

Shenzu had inherited the vitality and spiritual essence of her teacher, who was one of the three apex powerhouses of the Empire, and believed that no early-stage Throne could match her strength since she was the strongest in that power level range!

“Enough of this charade, you shameless b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! I’m the strongest early-stage Throne3!”

Bzzt! A phantasmic azure aura shrouded Shenzu as she spanned out her six blades and shot towards Lily!

“Die under my and my teacher’s grudge! You should thank me for bringing your destiny of doom to you! Die, Kagami Lily!”

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The six blades powered by Shenzu’s flames of vengeance struck down simultaneously and they packed the strength of a peak-stage Throned General! However, Lily just descended her gaze onto her mirror calmly and extended her arm forward, summoning Yasutsuna back into her hand.

Shenzu’s six blades struck the blade of Yasutsuna in Lily’s hand simultaneously!


A powerful crimson shockwave generated as a result and transformed into a blooming amaryllis whose petals bloomed like wisps of fire with a bright, silver crescent moon as its pistil.

Shenzu got blown away by the terrifying power unleashed by the blossoming amaryllis and three of her blue-hilted grade 8 blades shattered instantly!

As for Lily, she continued to gaze at her own reflection within the mirror and used Yasutsuna’s hilt to wipe her lips with the back of her hand before fixing her messed-up hair.

“Arrggghhhh!” Shenzu flew across the sky, spewing out digestive fluids from her mouth because of the shockwave’s effects and commanded her moonflower’s stamens to catch and pull her back to the arena’s floor before collapsing down powerlessly.

Shenzu had just a black chest binder hiding her breasts now and her underbody also had just a petite, strapped black underwear covering her privates. Her breasts heaved intensely as a numbing pain assailed her whole body and she felt as if her organs had gone through the wrencher, feeling her lungs burn as saliva drooled from her mouth continuously.

She had used all her strength in the attack just now, yet Lily had still countered it with double the force, giving her considerable injuries.

Ayaka’s breasts also heaved intensely in the central region of the viewing platform, “Lily… you broke through to the next level!”

If it weren’t for her intuition telling her that Lily would be fine even though she was in an impasse, Ayaka planned to abandon everything and fall out with the whole imperial court to rescue Lily with her celestial treasure.

“The amaryllis that bloomed on Lily’s blade has the double strength of Lunar True Intent and Application of Charm. Her strength was already at the early-stage Throned General level when she was at the peak-stage Spirit Jade level and now that she has broken through to the Permanence level…” Ayaka blushed as even she found it unable to keep her emotions under control.

Even Minamoto no Yoritomo furrowed his brows faintly while he remarked internally, “Throned Sovereign!”

Although Yoritomo and Ayaka couldn’t see through the Ancient Mirror’s mysteries, powerhouses at this level were able to gauge Lily’s true power level with ease.

“This Kagami Lily has Throned Sovereign level strength even though she’s just in the Permanence level, and it’s not just in name too!” Yoritomo revealed a complicated gaze, “She has strength comparable to a Sovereign, so she can be considered a powerhouse of the Heian Empire now.”

Lily stroked her beautiful hair as she straightened her posture, her eyes filled with a paradoxical blend of innate gracefulness that expressed adoration towards all creation and pride that disregarded all life!

It made it difficult for the people to distinguish whether she was a regent that looked down on the world like an overlord or a compassionate saint that sacrificed her all for the people.

Lily’s true personality had become an enigma! However, she’d certainly captivate even more spectators now!

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Lily dragged her blade towards Shenzu slowly.

“Give up. I’ll spare your life if you accept the same condition that you gave me and become my slave,” Lily said coldly.

“What?! Does this lass think she can have a female slave now that she has Sovereign level strength?!” Ayaka furrowed her brows peevishly after hearing Lily’s words, but she cleared her thoughts again, “Maybe she didn’t actually mean it, and just said that in retaliation to diminish Shenzu’s battle will.”

“H-How dare you say such a thing to me, Kagami Lily!” Shenzu leaped up from the floor and struck Lily with her three blades.

Clang! Lily answered with a simple swing and unleashed a crimson sword beam that bounced Shenzu’s dual blades up and made them crash against her third blade, giving rise to a silvery spark that held the essence of Lunar True Intent.

Lily then executed a straight kick at Shenzu’s abdomen and sent her flying. She then caught up with the falling Shenzu and jumped above her, bringing her tachi’s blade before Shenzu’s eyes.

Shenzu felt the fear of death overcome her at this moment.

“Forgive me, Teacher…”

However, Lily didn’t sever Shenzu’s head and just brushed her blade past Shenzu’s eyelashes before she slammed Yasutsuna’s hilt into the latter’s chest, causing its hilt to sink deep into her breasts.

Bam! The powerful shockwave caused even Yoshitada’s—who shouldered the arena below—knees to bend.

As for Shenzu, she lost her ability to breathe for a short while after receiving the blow from Lily’s hit.

“Keogh! Keogh!” She gasped for huge mouthfuls of air when she finally regained her breath but still found it difficult to breathe.

Lily loosened her grip on the hilt and overlooked Shenzu from above with an incredibly cold gaze in her graceful eyes before she pressed her blade against Shenzu’s smooth abdomen and traced its curves.

The blade’s sharpness made Shenzu feel as if Lily had already cut open her abdomen. This frightening situation where death was just a moment away caused Shenzu’s bladders to relax and caused her to wet her underwear involuntarily.
“Ah… Hahaha…” Shenzu moaned in despair.

“How unsightly. Where did all the pomp you showed go to, huh?” Lily looked at Shenzu’s smooth underbody in disdain and revealed a faint smile on her luscious lips.

“I-I’ll kill you, b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” Shenzu slashed at Lily while lying on the floor, but Lily parried it away with ease. However, a spirit arm stabbed at Lily’s back at this moment!

Lily just spun around to respond and slashed the arm with a crimson sword beam, causing it to explode and dissipate after she severed it.

A decisive and ominous glint flashed through Shenzu’s eyes as she launched her final attack, stabbing at Lily’s waist the moment she turned around! However, Lily didn’t even give Shenzu a single look and just stepped on her hand to prevent her from launching an attack.

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Shenzu felt incredibly humiliated and infuriated, so she commanded the moonflower’s stamens to lash at Lily. However, sakura blades manifested in the sky and shredded these stamens into pieces!

Shenzu’s eyes flashed with powerlessness now.

Lily finally turned around and looked down as she caressed her hair sideways, “Do you have anything else left?”

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! I’ll kill—!”

Lily pushed her blade inside Shenzu’s mouth casually and pressed its pointed edge towards the surface of her throat, forcing her to shut up.

“Why aren’t you conceding, you damn b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

Lily narrowed her eyes and the gaze she directed at Shenzu was the same one that she gave to trash, not a proper opponent.

“Sob… I…”

Shenzu wetted her underwear again4

Despair welled up in Shenzu’s eyes. She had lost her former splendor and her eyes were empty, void of an ego. However, her cheeks were flushed red.

Lily pulled her blade’s edge out of Shenzu’s mouth, and found it drenched in the latter’s saliva5.

Shenzu’s breasts heaved intensely as she gasped for breath feebly. It seemed that she had given up resisting and just took short breaths.

“I… I concede… sob… sob…”

The flames of the fire beacons flared up as Shenzu’s sobs marked the end of this tournament’s decisive battle.


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  4. Silva: This author… seriously has a lot of fetish
  5. Silva: He sure knows how to turn serious fight into a lewd show.

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