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Chapter 161 – Intense Battle

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3012 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1854 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The fire beacons’ flames soared up while the lanterns dotted the ground like starry skies.

The 800 Genji youths shouldered the massive battle arena untiringly under the flames’ illumination and stepped left to right with their feet splayed outwards.

“Hey ho! Hey ho!”

The 100m wide arena rocked sideways along with their movements.

Lily and Shenzu stood on the opposite ends of the arena and were drenched in sweat from their clash just now. The lighting from the flames’ made their skins shine with an alluring glow now compared to their state prior to the fierce exchange.

Lily drew in rushed breaths, not from fatigue, but rather because she had entered the zone and brimmed with battle intent. The sweat on her forehead trailed down her cheek and neck before disappearing into her cleavage, bringing a slight, chilling sensation to her burning hot breasts that pressed against each other.

“Heh! How about we end the warm-up now, Kagami Lily? Let’s show our true skills,” Shenzu stated while licking the sweat on her arm with her tongue.

The spectators on the viewing platform who were captivated by the fiery exchange of these two stunning women were shocked when they heard Shenzu’s words, “What? The exchange just now was a warm-up?”

“I have no time to play with a spectral beauty like you!”

Lily released sakura petals via her domain and engulfed the whole arena with them suddenly.

Shenzu was taken aback by this for a moment, but she too manifested her hellish powers behind her, leading to the appearance of the massive azure moonflower with translucent, wriggling brambles.

“I’ll bind you with the thorned stamens of this moonflower so that all your adorers can see how you scream in pain!” Shenzu’s eyes lit up with a demonic, azure flame.

The massive moonflower shuddered as it bloomed open and even though it was just an energy construct that embodied her intent, it exuded a mesmerizing violet aphrodisiac mist.

Lily’s skin flushed red when she breathed in a large amount of this violet mist and her deep breaths also changed into fainter ones.

“Oooohhhh!” The gazes of Lily’s adorers were affixed on her right now.

“Sakura Blizzard!” The storm of sakura petals turned harsher and scattered the violet mist away. However, the mist ended up blowing down the arena and entered the mouths and noses of the spectators, causing a few of them to lose their senses while some hugged and kissed the women beside them crazily before engaging in the deed publicly!

The area had turned chaotic in seconds as a strange mood filled the surroundings.

“Activate your spirit power to resist this violet fume!” Minamoto no Yoshitada thundered.

The young and vigorous samurai showed an iron will as they shrouded their bodies in a faint barrier that warded off the violet mist. However, one of the weaker samurai still ended up losing his senses and engaged in a maddening fit of kisses and bites with the samurai women beside him.

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Wham! Yoshitada punched towards him from far away and knocked the samurai out through an air blow to the back of his head, “Trash. Take him away from here!”

At the central area of the viewing platform, Ayaka waved her hand and summoned a bloom of petite white lotuses in the sky. These lotuses produced a light rain shower that condensed the violet mist into violet fluid that rained down in front of the eaves of the three emperors’ rooms.

However, the old man in the central room, Cloistered Emperor Go-Shirakawa, commented at this moment, “Ahem. I can’t see the match clearly because of this violet rain.”

The Cloistered Emperor’s aged voice seemed to contain hints of hostility. He waved his hand and vanquished the white lotuses with a cloud of dark mist. This caused the violet mist to enter the three emperors’ rooms.

The Emperor Emeritus and Empress Dowager weren’t that powerful, but they were in their late years, so the mist didn’t influence them much. However, the empress was still in the prime of her youth. Her breaths became rushed after she breathed in the purple mist, and she rubbed her legs together uncomfortably.

As for Minamoto no Yoritomo who inhabited the right room, he acted as if nothing had happened and continued to watch the match with keen interest. However, Ashikaga Makoto, who served tea to him, also felt her skin flush up because of the mist.

It was as clear as the skies that Shenzu’s violet mist had a bigger effect on women. Ayaka constructed a thin barrier around her body to ward off the mist, so she wasn’t influenced by it at all. She then fanned the paper fan in her hand lightly to produce a gentle wind that slowly dissipated the violet mist by blowing it far away from the central region of the viewing platform where the empress, Ashikaga Makoto and few other women were seated.

Lily could naturally see the circumstances of the surroundings and was thus forced to give up on dispersing the violet mist with her Sakura Blizzard, allowing the mist to invade the arena once again.

“Hahahahahaha! This silly kindness of yours will prevent you from truly winning, Kagami Lily! A weak woman like you needs someone like me to bind you up, step on you and reward you with lashes as you’re ravaged! This is fate of all kindhearted women! Hahahahahaha!” Shenzu shot the moonflower’s thorned stamens towards Lily.

“My kindness is the reason I require higher strength to protect my beloved!” A powerful aura emanated from Lily as she dodged the stamens’ attacks through swift and unpredictable movements even as the luscious glow around her grew stronger from the large amounts of violet mist that she had breathed in, leaving behind afterimages similar to the dance of the celestial maiden from the mural in the mirror space.

Lily used the celestial footwork to blitz through the stamens and charged towards Shenzu, leaping across the sky like a faerie as she struck out with force using Yasutsuna!


Shenzu remained still and manifested the spirit arm constructed from runes in front of her to block Lily’s blade with the arm’s gold-hilted tachi!

At the same time, Shenzu seized the opportunity to double back behind Lily and stabbed towards her back!

Lily had already raised her vigilance, so she pushed the arm away from her and spun back to parry the heavy strike.

Clang! The force from Shenzu’s dual blades smashed Lily to the floor and made her legs slide apart from the pressure, forcing them to do a complete split on the floor.

The force behind the attack even caused the whole arena beneath them to shake.

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A bunch of the youths shouldering the arena tumbled down from the pressure, but they got back at once with their iron wills and continued shouldering while singing the chants energetically.

Lily used this chance to push back with her tachi and sent Shenzu flying backward.

“You have some decent strength, Kagami Lily! However…”

The spirit arm slashed at Lily once again and even though she dodged it with a roll, Shenzu followed up with yet another attack!

Lily parried with her blade once again and pushed back Shenzu to the corner of the arena with her Throne level strength. The strike packed so much strength that it had caused that corner of the arena to sink down and give rise to sparks as it grazed the ground while moving.

“You wicked phantom! Come at me if you wish to take vengeance, but don’t bring the innocent into it!” Lily shouted at Shenzu as she pressed on towards her.

“It’s your fault for shattering my teacher’s soul, and you shall pay a hundred times over for it, Kagami Lily! It’s all your fault if the people are harmed because of it!” Shenzu laughed grimly as the force from Lily’s tachi made her kneel on the floor and almost slide off the arena.

The spirit arm stabbed at Lily’s heart from behind her at this moment! Lily had already predicted the attack, so she dodged it at once, causing the blade to almost stab into Shenzu, startling her to no end. Lily seized this opportunity to arrive beside Shenzu and slashed at her!

Splatter! However, a blade sliced at Lily’s back suddenly at this moment!

Another spirit arm that held a blue-hilted tachi had manifested without anyone’s notice and slashed at Lily’s back.

“Arrggghhhh!” The back section of Lily’s priestess dress was sliced open, leaving behind a deep wound on her exposed back. The celestial maiden underwear unleashed its spirit defense to resist the blade, but this ended up spending a massive amount of Lily’s spirit reserves. A deep, crimson mark was left behind on her back and the sharp pain made Lily lose consciousness momentarily, causing her to slip and fall down.

A dozen or so stamens lashed at Lily and snaked beneath her hands, waist and crotch, entwining her body as they bounded her before hoisting her towards the sky.

The thorned azure stamens bit firmly into Lily’s breasts, waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, emphasizing her body’s form in an ambiguous yet luscious manner.

“Arrggghhhh!” Lily cried out in pain.

“Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! This is what a hypocritical b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ like you deserves! I’d have conquered you and made you give birth to my child if I were a man as that’s the highest possible humiliation that I can give you as a foe! Yet I’m forced to kill you because I’m a woman! However, I’m going to ensure that you receive enough humiliation before you die! You should thank me for this. Adorers of Kagami Lily! You were wishing for your goddess to receive such treatment all along, weren’t you? Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!”

Shenzu continued lashing with the stamens and made Lily issue painful moans, which filled the crowd with excitement in the beginning yet soon filled them with pity towards their idol for receiving such treatment.

However, Lily’s eyes still remained tenacious even as she moaned in pain.

“Hah! You’re quite the superficial woman if this is what it takes to fulfill your twisted grudge!”

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Lily had already recovered from the pain she received because of the ambushing attack and summoned sakura blades to disintegrate the thorned stamens!

Lily’s domain vanquished Shenzu’s intent with ease and if it weren’t for the unexpected attack she received to her back, there was no way she would’ve allowed these stamens to humiliate her like that.

“How dare you call me superficial, b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! I’ve experienced the depths of the underworld, you know? Let me show you what’s true hell so that you’re prepared for it when you go there! Hahahahaha!” Shenzu laughed maniacally.

A primordial, grudge-filled, ghastly aura exuded from the spirit arms as they flew behind Shenzu and split into four spirit arms with one of them holding a gold-hilted nodachi while the other three held azure-hilted nodachis!

The grudge-shrouded Shenzu wielded a total of six nodachis now and looked ever more menacing!

“Hah! Is it really that guy’s ghost?” Lily’s eyes lit up with a crimson glow.


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