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Chapter 149 – The Blighted Cursed Blade

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3262 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1670 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Uesugi Rei and Minamoto no Kenki looked from the shadows beneath a cave wall.

“As expected, Hatano’s held captive here.” For some reason, Rei was reminded of the time when she and Lily practiced the art of restraint and escape.

“Sister Lily…I wonder where you are and how you are now?” Seeing another woman tied up like this and about to be r̲a̲pe̲d̲, she thought of her beloved and her body was suddenly covered in a flaring aura.

“Wait, Wait!!” Kenki protested, “Don’t attack so hazardously, it may be a trap!”

“Even if it’s a trap, I don’t care!”

Uesugi Rei’s spirit power turned crystalline-like as she instantly dashed into the middle of the lair, her sudden appearance was like a white lotus blooming in the mud.


The wild samurai were caught off guard and shouted in shock, but they were a ruthless and ferocious group. In their panic, they drew their weapons and attacked the silver haired woman.

The torch light cast shadows as blades clashed and sparks flew.

Uesugi Rei’s tall beautiful figure cast a strange beauty in the firelight as her long cursed blade glowed with silvery resentment. Her blade beheaded the ferocious, disgusting samurai one by one.

Her blade was immensely heavy, though not as sharp as Lily’s Yasutsuna, it was still capable of shattering the weapons of the wild samurai.

For a few short moments, limbs, shattered armor and broken blades were flung out as row after row of wild samurai were beheaded!

“Sister Uesugi!” Seeing that silver haired goddess of war, Hatano felt a feeling she had never felt before.

As shining arcane artes bombarded Uesugi Rei from the dark corners of the room, a translucent crystalline spirit veil materialized around Rei. The spatial distortions appeared where those arcane artes impacted but nothing got through Rei’s domain defense.

Compared to Lily’s Sakura Blizzard, Rei’s domain was inferior in attack, but when it came to defense and boosting companions, Rei’s domain was superior. Rei could only display the full potential of her domain when she was in command of thousands of troops.

Her Goddess of War nickname wasn’t without basis.

Seeing Rei attack, Kenki rushed in and also engaged several wild samurai! But more and more wild samurai poured into the cave!

Rei didn’t care, all she wanted to do was kill! Her spirit power surged as the fallen samurai’s souls turned into white streams of light absorbed by Rei’s ancient tachi, filling her with power!

However, the wild samurai’s spirits were filled with intense resentment, causing a backlash to Rei. Her ridiculously white skin gained a blush and her breath became more rapid.

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“Szhhh——!” Though Rei avoided a blade light from a spirit jade opponent, it still tore through her short skirt!

Those wild samurai who thought Rei would be embarrassed were greatly disappointed as her spirit power exploded over her form, removing her torn clothes!

She was revealed in her underclothes, a low-cut black leather vest tightly cupping her voluptuous bust, and beneath that vest was a form-fitting white silk one-piece underwear.

That white silk one-piece underwear was nothing more than a thin string of silk. When she was standing, it was wedged so far up between her rear that it could not be seen between those rosy white buttocks, only from the front, was that inverted triangle silk cloth decent.

That black leather vest and white silk underwear were both treasures! Extremely resistant to damage.

Her creamy jade legs looked endless, the black leather lace up boots, showing off the graceful curves and beautiful figure worthy of a northern queen!

“Kill!” Just imagining that the captured woman was her Lily filled her with endless power. Streak after streak of silvery blade light pierced through the enemy, chopping them into pieces and sending blood and armor fragments flying.

“Hah!” From the inner cave, an extremely muscular wild samurai wearing a terrifying horned helm stood up from his hidebound chair, this was the leader of the wild samurai. He grabbed his bloodstained sawtooth machete and attacked Rei.

“Pow!” This one powerful slash clashed harshly with Rei’s tachi, the shockwave shook the earth!

Countless stones fell from the ceiling, giving an impression that the cave was about to collapse. The force pressing down on Uesugi Rei was immense enough that her legs bent down. But Rei’s eyes lit up in battle fever, excitement and madness from slaughter!

“Bam!” From behind Rei, the towering figure of Bishamonten appeared, making her more imposing. Against the massive muscular wild samurai leader, Rei’s slender form was much smaller, but she was able to use the rampaging power to deflect the machete away, and through expert manipulation of her strength she gently pulled back her tachi back onto a path through the wild samurai leader’s waist.

Leaving behind a horrific wound!

The slash sent the wild samurai leader staggering back as a large amount of blood spilled all over the ground.

Even more wild samurai came rushing up, but Rei had become even more valourous and excited. Ignoring the possibility of a cave collapse, with a wild and beautiful smile, she performed a silvery dance of death!

The blade lights were like a hurricane, shredding all those samurai!

The Bishamonten phantom dissolved into a glow surrounding Rei, making her seem as an incarnation of Bishamonten himself.

And those samurai and onmyouji besieging her were like a bunch of turkeys attacking a god!

Rei still had plenty of energy while slaughtering the samurai, she sent out slash after slash of blade light at the onmyouji in the distance. Her attacks struck true, beheading, slashing through waists, or cutting off arms. One by one the onmyouji targeted fell down screaming or dead.

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On the side, Kenki could only stare in shock. He had a feeling that there was no need for him to fight at all. In his upright determined eyes, an undetectable strange light flashed.

His eyes were filled with admiration but also a strange feeling overcame him as he looked at the soft fragrant body of that beautiful female samurai, silently whispering “Beautiful…really beautiful, this is the true beauty of a woman…”

The fierce, wild and arrogant Uesugi Rei cared not about his gaze, but Hatano, still tied to the wooden frame, saw the look of his eyes. For some reason, the gaze of this man who she once secretly loved, made her feel uncomfortable and disgusted.

“Stab!!” Uesugi Rei’s tachi rested on the chest of the wild samurai leader.

And the surrounding enemies were either dead, dying or grievously injured, none could get up. With the power of one, Uesugi Rei had destroyed the entire gang of wild samurai.

That leader was an adept at the early-stage of permanence, but when facing Rei, only despair was left, even Rei’s moist beautiful skin glowing in the firelight could not draw his attention.

“Don’t, don’t kill me…you can’t kill me…if you kill me, you’ll regret it!” He trembled as he backed up slowly.

Rei followed, her blade remaining unerringly on the wild samurai leader’s chest.

“If the one you met was my little sister, perhaps she would have forgiven you. She’s that sort of woman.” There was a rare tenderness within her eyes as she spoke of Lily, bringing hope to the wild samurai leader.

“But…the one in front of you is me.” She had never had pity on her enemies, there was only those who needed to be killed, or those who shouldn’t be killed.

“Wait! Miss Uesugi, don’t kill him.” Kenki suddenly called out, “I feel a disturbing type of force within that samurai’s body!”

Rei gave Kenki a cold glance, letting out an excited smile that her slaughter could not hide, “Then let me destroy that force.”

“Pfft——” Rei’s ancient tachi effortlessly pierced the leader’s heart1.

“Nooo!! Argh!!!” The wild leader screamed as terrifying black resentment leaked from his mouth, nose and eyes, “You!! You will regret this! Feel my curse! Yomi’s curse! Agggghhhhhhh!”

The wild leader’s body trembled uncontrollably as his voice twisted into a heart twisting ancient-like howl. Ancient black curse flames appeared all over his body, twisted up Rei’s tachi and entangled the entire sword.

“Get away! Hurry! Get away from that guy!” Kenki shouted.

In no rush, Rei stomped one foot on the leader’s empty shell and pulled her tachi out.

The black cursed flames stuck to her tachi, flowing around her blade. The black flames slowly faded into multiple faint runes imprinted onto Rei’s cursed blade. Wherever the runes were imprinted, the tamahagane of her sword turned dull.

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“What happened? Miss Uesugi, are, are you ok?” Kenki worried.

Uesugi Rei’s body still looked so healthy, her skin covered in a layer of sweat after the intense battle and covered in a mesmerizing feminine scent.

She scrutinized her tachi, looking at it left and right…

Her eyes were calm as she responded, “My cursed blade’s power…has disappeared.”

“What!??” Kenki and Hatano were both shocked.

“Let’s get Hatano down first.”

Rei walked over before cutting off the rope binding Hatano and helped support her still unstable body.

As Hatano leaned on Rei’s shoulder, a pure mesmerizing feminine scent filled her nose.

“Sister Uesugi…” For some reason, Hatano felt her body heat up, her face blush and her heartbeat echoed within her ears.

“What…what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like this from being supported? This strange feeling, why does this feminine scent make me feel like I’m floating…”

Rei searched the wild samurai leader’s corpse and found a bloodstained map in his armor. Holding the map open with one hand she said, “Let’s leave this place.” and started walking toward the exit while still supporting Hatano.

“Miss Uesugi, the souls of these wild samurai…” Kenki reminded her, he remembered that after every battle, Uesugi Rei would replenish her spirit energy using a soul controlling method.

“…My cursed blade’s ability isn’t working.” Rei lightly responded.

“What?? This…is this the death curse of that wild samurai leader?” Kenki asked, eyes wide with worry.




  1. Yuki: Huh…? I thought she wanted to interrogate them of the exit?
    Silva: She’s too bloodthirsty for that, battle high
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