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Chapter 135 – Genji’s Top Genius

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3142 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2131 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Honda Yahatarou and Taira no Hachiro are in the same half as me.” Lily said while secretly looking at the matchup chart.

At the end of the lottery draw, the paths of the thirty-two strongest contestants leading up to the championship were clearly outlined.

At this time, in a corner near the matchup chart, several young warriors of the Genji Clan were gathered together. Minamoto no Yoshitada walked over to them and everyone saluted.

Yoshitada looked at the matchup chart and regarded a stocky young man with tousled hair, dark skin, and a short stature who stood at the front of the group.

“Tsukawa, how do you feel about this matchup arrangement? You and Taira no Shizuru are in different halves.” Yoshitada asked.

This man was young, but he had a head of wild, black hair and thick eyebrows which exuded an inherent fierceness. He also had a sword scar on the side of his face.

“Uncle, does it matter who is on the matchup chart?” Minamoto no Tsukawa’s voice carried a kind of maturity and confidence that didn’t match his age.

“Haha, I’m relieved to see that you are so confident. The Lord Shogun has high hopes for you. The Yoshitsune Memorial is a tribute to our Genji Heroes, but this time, the Kawachi Genji’s overall performance is not good. The task of upholding the prestige of the world’s number 1 martial arts family rests on you.” Minamoto no Yoshitada said.

“Hmph, in my opinion, why did the Genji Clan send so many people to participate in the competition? I don’t want to hurt my brothers along the way. I am the only one who will win the championship in front of the three emperors and the Shogun. It’s no problem!” Minamoto no Tsukawa laughed arrogantly.

“Hahahahaha! Good! This is what I want to hear, your confidence and arrogance. I can rest assured! I’m sure you will live up to the Lord Shogun’s expectations! If we don’t win the championship of the Genji’s Hero Memorial, who else can1?” Yoshitada was also in a good mood.

On the other side of the matchup chart, several warriors from the Taira Clan were also gathered nearby. They all sneered when they heard the laughter coming from the Genji’s side.

Taira no Iemori, a commander of the imperial guards, held a fan painted with an image of the setting sun and waved it lightly, “The new generation of the Genji Clan are not to be feared, except for that Minamoto no Tsukawa. He is only sixteen years old, but he is undisputedly the strongest among the younger generation of the Genji Clan, and the gap between him and the other youths is not small! He is indeed the top genius youth of the Genji Clan, and some people even compare him to Yoshitsune back then!”

“Shizuru, fortunately, you are in a different halves from him this time, but even so, he’s still your biggest opponent! As for the rest of you, you’ll be lucky to win if you meet that Minamoto no Tsukawa, but even if you can’t win, you have to do everything you can to consume his energy and injure him. That way, we can lay a good foundation for the decisive battle between Shizuru and him, do you understand?” Taira no Iemori loudly instructed.

“Yes—” The Taira Clan samurai bowed in acknowledgement

This time, the Taira Clan had entered the top thirty-two with a total of eight people, which was more than the Genji Clan. They stood a very good chance!

Taira no Shizuru was also staring at the cheerfully laughing, arrogant and sunny teenager, Minamoto no Tsukawa.

The two of them were the most dazzling top geniuses of the younger generation of the Heian Dynasty2.


Taira no Shizuru felt unconfident when comparing herself to this young man.

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“Damn it! Since god has given me such talent, why did a guy like Minamoto no Tsukawa have to be born?! It’s really hateful! This time, I will win against you and prove that I am the number one among the younger generation!” Taira no Shizuru also made up her mind.

“Uncle Iemori, if there’s nothing else, I’m going back to practice!” Taira no Shizuru said coldly before turning around to leave.

Taira no Iemori did not blame her for being rude but instead looked at her with appreciation, “This child, Shizuru, is not only talented, but she also works harder than anyone else. If only she could be more open, it would be even better.”

At this time, behind the people of the Taira Clan, there was a red-haired person dressed in a gorgeous yet strange way, who looked eccentric. No one paid him any attention, neither did they even want to count him as a member of the Taira Clan.

“The genius girl of the Taira Clan versus the genius boy of the Genji Clan. The showdown between the two prides of this competition— is that really the case3?” Taira no Hachiro shook his head and muttered to himself inexplicably.

“Countryman!” When two Taira Clan warriors went back to practice together, they spat out this word in a low voice.

At this time, Lily had finished drawing lots and had long since sneaked away while everyone was viewing the matchup chart. In a sense, she had too many acquaintances here, and most of them were not on very friendly terms with her, or were eager to make trouble for her.

Lily also went straight back to practicing.

The competition was arranged to begin in three days.

In the lower half of the competition where Lily was placed, the semi-final would be held at the Taira main dojo.

“I need to hurry up and continue training my body.”

When Lily returned to the chief advisor’s manor, she put on her lingerie and started to train her body.

Although her seductive intent had reached the stage limit, there was still some room for strengthening her body.

Lily was in the room and her face was flushed red as she immersed herself in practice.

Whoosh— The door was pulled open all of a sudden.

“Lily, you scared me. Because you used a pseudonym, I thought you didn’t…”

Ayaka, who was dressed in a slim white dress, directly opened the door of Lily’s boudoir, only to see her sitting there cross-legged in only her underwear.

“Eh?” Lily was also stunned and unable to react for a while. She was integrating the seductive intent into her body, which caused her delicate body to turn hot, her eyes to become misty, and her breathing to emit the scent of orchids.

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She panicked and turned to the side before covering her large breasts with her small arms, though it was of little use, “Lady Ayaka, I’m sorry. Lily is practicing, so My Lady…please go to the study room first and allow Lily to change clothes before reporting to you.”

These past few days, Ayaka was busy with court affairs and did not come to see Lily even once. She originally thought that there was no suspense for Lily to pass the preliminary round, but she got anxious when some people from the Fujiwara Clan came to complain to her in the morning. But after reading the ranking list, she knew that it was a false alarm.

Ayaka’s gaze fell on Lily’s stunningly beautiful body. She was busy running around due to court affairs recently and her eyes were full of authority and assertion. But now, seeing such a pure thing in the world, she couldn’t help feeling deeply attracted for a while.

She was compelled to lean over and sit beside Lily, “Are you training your body? Raise your hands and put them behind your head, and let me see the results of your practice.”

“Eh?” Lily was dressed like this, so how could she dare to perform such an action? She was too shy.

“What’s the matter? I said that I want to check your improvement. Be obedient.”

Faced with this justifiable reason, Lily couldn’t seem to refuse. After all, Ayaka took care of her a lot so she had to obey. Lily raised her hands and clasped them behind her head, causing her large breasts to bounce out and shake uncontrollably as she raised her chest4.

“Not bad, Lily. You understand the essence of female body training. It feels like they got bigger again.”

“Let me see how strong your body is…” Ayaka said and reached out to grasp them, but apparently, even with her strength, it was futile to try to grasp some things with one hand.

“Mmhm…” Lily bit her lip lightly. She was interrupted during the process of training her body, and the feeling of being unable to move around, coupled with Ayaka’s current inspection, made her feel an incredible emptiness…

“Don’t, don’t do that… Please, please check properly.” Lily said with a red face.
“Hmm? What do you want me to check? Why don’t you say it yourself?”
“Eh? This…”

“Not speaking? If you don’t say anything, then I’ll do what I like…” Ayaka grabbed Lily’s chest with one hand and lifted her chin with the other before initiating a sudden kiss.

The boudoir was filled with the fragrance of flowers and there seemed to be an unusual seductive intent flowing between the lips of Lily and Ayaka.

This…could it be… Lily seemed to feel the thin barrier obstructing further progress of her seductive intent.

Could it be that being forcibly kissed by Lady Ayaka can make me perceive a deeper level of seductive intent? Is it because I am mingling with a woman who has a higher level of seductive intent?

A fervent desire to practice and become more powerful made Lily act subconsciously, awry from her original intention. She actually reached out to wrap her arms around Ayaka’s equally slender waist, even though this was a woman who stood at the top of the Heian Dynasty.

“Eh?” Ayaka was sensitive and naturally felt Lily’s movements. The fact that this little woman, who had always been powerless to resist, surprisingly made a move caused Ayaka to blush and feel a little nervous. But she quickly adjusted her breath to take control of the situation.

Lily was her woman and only she could conquer Lily, treat her as a wife, and play with her like a lover. The reverse was absolutely unacceptable to Ayaka and she even felt repulsed by the thought. This was a really incomprehensible concept to her.

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Ayaka changed the light kiss to a deep and intense one all of a sudden, which forced Lily to let out some indistinct sounds.

If things went on like this, the two women might really lose control. As for Ayaka, she didn’t mind taking this chance to completely conquer Lily right here.

However, at this time, another person rushed to the entrance of the doorway, “Lady Ayaka, it’s not good. The Fujiwara Clan…”

Hoshi Murasaki looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief.

Lily was only wearing underwear, and even the shoulder straps of the purple bra had somehow slipped onto her arms during the two’s aggressive fumbling.

Ayaka’s originally straight court clothes were also messy and some long strands of hair hung at the corner of her eyes.

She held Lily’s chin, and although she was clearly seen by Hoshi Murasaki, she wasn’t nervous at all. She casually moved her warm lips away from Lily’s mouth, causing a faint mist like pure white clouds to disperse as the lips of the two young women separated.

“What’s wrong? What is so alarming?” Ayaka looked back and smiled. Her charm and the strong overpowering aura of the Lord Chief Advisor were exuding almost at the same time.

“This…that…” Hoshi Murasaki forgot how to organize her words for a while. The stabbing pain in her heart nearly caused her to vomit blood, but she had to swallow it back at this time. She was just Ayaka’s subordinate and only came to convey that the Chancellor and the others were secretly engaged in talks that were unfavorable to Ayaka…

“The Chancellor and the others, they…”

“You don’t have to say anything, it’s just a trivial matter. Is it worth you panicking over?” Ayaka got up, and instead of tidying up her court clothes —whoosh— she took off the outer garment and covered Lily, who was feeling shy in only her tiny underwear.

“Let’s go, I just happen to have something for you to do.”
“Then the Chancellor and the others…”
“Ignore them for now.”

Ayaka strode away with Hoshi Muraski.

Only Lily was left sitting in the boudoir with her beautiful hair scattered and the court clothes which exuded Ayaka’s body fragrance draped over her body. Why was it so warm…?



  1. Robinxen: How about the female samurai who literally got the Genji inheritance?
  2. Robinxen: For now.
  3. Robinxen: Finally someone with wisdom.
  4. Robinxen: Art?
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