Chapter 127 – Lily’s Preliminary Round (Part 2)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3110 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2118 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The heavy stone pillar flew towards the bald-headed Oyama Shin faster than when it was thrown by him. The giant man was flustered and scrambled to catch it with his hands.

Bang! A heavy shockwave spread out and the flying stone pillar surprisingly forced Oyama Shin to stagger backwards by more than ten meters, almost pushing him out of the ring. He only barely managed to stop when he reached the edge of the ring.

The girl in a crimson kimono flipped in the air and her slender legs streaked across the gray sky like a bright moon, stunning everyone into a momentary daze.

The girl1 landed lightly, her long hair fluttering.

The giant man clutched his stone pillar with numb arms and panted, “Who are you?!”

The crowd, the judge, and the other officials also focused their attention on Lily.

Lily brushed her fingers through her slightly messy hair, causing a faint ethereal fragrance to diffuse into the surroundings. It looked mesmerizing, but her gaze was incomparably cold.

“It’s already enough to win with your dishonorable means, but why do you feel the need to push things to the extreme?”

Oyama Shin looked Lily up and down, and couldn’t help but gulp. It was hard for him to associate the kick just now with the beauty in front of him. Maybe she was using some kind of arcane tool or treasure.

Oyama Shin showed a lecherous smile, “Where did this naive little woman come from? This uncle has killed more warriors than you have ever seen in your life! In this world, the weak deserve to die!”

“Hah.” Lily revealed a devilish sneer.

“What are you laughing at? Woman, since you are up here, are you going to have a match with this uncle?”

“If I didn’t come for a match, why would I be up here?” Lily gave a rhetorical response, “However, I think I should take him down to get treatment first.”

At this time, the attendants reacted and ran into the ring to carry Ikusei away. When they carried him past Lily’s side, he barely managed to utter a few weak words, “Thank you, thank you for saving my life…”

The junior supervisor and the chief supervisor discussed with each other, and after a while, the junior supervisor stood up and said, “When one stands in the ring, they should be prepared to face life and death at any time. This does not contradict the original purpose of the True Hero Selection Competition. The victory of Oyama Shin is valid and he will receive Ikusei’s bronze plate.”

The crowd booed in dissatisfaction while Oyama Shin sneered with a smug look on his fat face.

Lily stared at the fat man who was as tall as a mountain, but in her mind, she was calculating how many bronze plates he had now.

The judge looked at Lily and his eyes uncontrollably fell on her towering chest, but he still pretended to be calm and asked, “This girl, since you have come to challenge, state your name.”

“Cherry Blossom Valley, Lynne.” Lily said.

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She didn’t give her real name, partly because she didn’t want to encounter any unnecessary trouble. After all, although she had a big reputation, she also had many enemies.

“Cherry Blossom Valley?” Everyone looked at this extraordinary girl, “What is that place? Never heard of it.”

However, the Yoshitsune Memorial Competition did not track one’s true origins. As long as they were not caught, even fugitives could also participate, so the judge didn’t ask any more questions.

“Lynne versus Oyama Shin, let the match begin!” The judge shouted with his flag raised.

Oyama Shin’s attitude towards Lily was completely different from his previous battles. He stood still in the middle of the ring while carrying the stone pillar to put a sense of oppression on Lily. He didn’t rush to make a move but started to threaten, “Little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, look at your smooth and tender skin. I can’t bear to kill you! I’m tired of fighting for today, so how about you kneel down, surrender, and come down the ring to play with me? Maybe then, I’ll spare you from death, how about it?”

From the kick just now, Oyama Shin determined that Lily used some kind of arcane tool or arcane arts to save the opponent. It was okay when she used it to save people, but when the match officially started, it was prohibited to use such treasures. That being the case, Oyama Shin simply didn’t take Lily seriously at all. But of course, he didn’t want to let go of such a stunningly beautiful woman.

Lily was a little speechless and her chest rose and fell, which enthralled the crowd. She had just probed Oyama Shin just now and he was only a fourth level Awakened, but because he was born with extraordinary strength, his body was physically stronger and tougher than ordinary humans. This gave him the ability to defeat fifth and sixth level Awakened opponents.

Seeing that Lily lowered her head and didn’t speak, he thought she was afraid of him. Of course, he didn’t know that Lily was recalling and calculating how many bronze plates she could get from him. He grinned proudly, “What’s the matter? Little sister, if you are afraid, why don’t you surrender now and serve this uncle well for a while? I’ll just pretend to beat you a few times! What do you think? How about you kneel down and admit defeat?”

Lily raised her head to look at the giant man and slightly hesitated before grasping the sakura parasol that was behind her back and holding it in her hand.

“Hmm? Little sister, why did you take out your umbrella? It’s not raining.” The giant man asked.

“This?” Lily raised the sakura parasol which complemented her long red sleeves and made her figure inadvertently more enchanting. She said, “This is my weapon.”

“Ah?” Oyama Shin was stunned, “Hahahahaha, an umbrella is actually said to be a weapon. Little sister, were you really scared silly? Then what is that sword on your waist? Is it a decoration?”

Lily glanced at her own sword, “You are not worthy to let me draw my sword yet.”


Not only Oyama Shin, but even the spectators were shocked. This was a life and death battle, but instead of drawing her sword, she was using an umbrella as a weapon?

Many of the spectating samurai originally had some strong appreciation for Lily who dared to take action to save people, but at this time, they all expressed concern.

Oyama Shin was a born misogynist and simply despised such petite and weak things as women. Seeing a woman be so insolent made him so angry that his face turned red, his arms bulged, and the veins on his bald head throbbed, causing the entire ring to shake.

“Little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! How dare you underestimate me? Look how this uncle will strip you naked in public and then we’ll see how you dare to act presumptuously in this man’s ring as a mere woman!” Oyama Shin threw the heavy stone pillar to the side with a ‘boom’ before stretching his two big hands towards Lily’s delicate body! Although the giant man was tall and strong, his movement speed was also very fast! Not to mention this woman, even a normally swift female ninja at the sixth level of the Awakened Stage would get grabbed by him, and naturally, their ending would be extremely miserable.

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The crowd was shocked to see the big man grabbing towards Lily like a hawk swooping towards a chick, and they all sweated for her.

Facing the two big hands that suddenly stretched over, Lily’s eyes flashed with a strange purple light and she held the handle of the sakura parasol with both hands. For an idiot like Oyama Shin, if Lily really wanted to win, she would only need to exert her domain and crush him with a single thought, but she didn’t want to reveal her strength too early, lest everyone see through her identity.

In the Heian Dynasty, information was not easily accessible. Unless Lily was seen in broad daylight at close range, it would be difficult to recognise her.

After all, Lily’s reputation was legendary and few people really saw her appearance. Most of the onlookers here were ordinary people and warriors who rarely came out at night. As for the strong people, they had never seen Lily before.

So, Lily controlled her power and only used the strength of her female body which was strengthened by seductive intent without using spiritual energy or moon intent.

Lily lowered her body so fast that it was unimaginable. Her pure physical strength and reaction speed was far beyond Oyama Shin’s expectations, and everyone only saw her turning into a crimson phantom. Lily took a step and moved within Oyama Shin’s reach.

She held the closed parasol with both hands and swung it upwards. The strength of her female body which was strengthened by seductive intent erupted and the sakura parasol drew a beautiful arc with a ‘whoosh’!

Boom! The entire ring shook and Oyama Shin’s huge body was actually knocked into the air by Lily’s sakura parasol, flying up to a height of more than ten meters!

The crowd exclaimed.

However, Lily also bent her jade white legs slightly and jumped into the air before arriving in front of Oyama Shin who was knocked into the sky. She raised her sakura parasol and unleashed a flurry of attacks: Bang! Bam! Bam! Bang! Boom!

Oyama Shin was fiercely beaten by the parasol and his huge body was continuously smacked from side to side while falling. It gave people the illusion that he was being beaten and unable to fall2.

“Ahg…cough…” Oyama Shin became completely unresponsive and his eyes gradually turned white. His head was dizzy and blood spurted out of his mouth as he made indistinct grunts.

When they were halfway down, Lily slammed Oyama Shin upwards again. She fell to the ground quickly and crouched when she landed, looking strong and stable. Lily watched Oyama Shin fly as far as he could go and opened the sakura parasol with a fluttering sound.

At this moment, Oyama Sin felt as if his body was beaten by a heavy tree trunk an unknown number of times. He was half-dead, confused, and didn’t seem to realize that he was falling.

Lily suddenly rotated the sakura parasol in her hands like a spinning saw while facing the falling Oyama Shin.


Sparks flew amid flashes of golden light and Oyama Shin twitched on the spinning sakura parasol while screaming like a pig, which sounded particularly miserable.

Lily put away the parasol with a ‘whoosh’ and the huge mountain of flesh was about to fall to the ground.

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“If you land in the ring, this miss will count it as a loss.” Lily whispered to herself and put her hand on the ground as support before kicking the giant man into the air with her legs3.

Bang—!!! The giant 2.5 meters tall man was kicked out like a cannonball and knocked over the taiko drums on the side of the white flag before flying through the crowd. A ‘boom’ resounded as he slammed into the white wall of a house on the other side of Suzaku Avenue, punching a big hole in it where his fat body was stuck.


The judge stood up in surprise and looked at the giant man who was kicked headfirst into the wall in the distance. He eventually raised the red flag, “Ly— Lynne wins!”

The surrounding spectators were as quiet as wooden chickens, still recalling the continuous storm-like beatings that Miss Lynne had just performed. It took a while before they came back to their senses!

“Oh, wow—!
“Lynne is amazing!”

The crowd cheered like a tidal wave.

Amidst the cheers, several attendants pulled the giant man out of the wall with great effort. Oyama Shin, for the first time in his life, actually lost to a woman. At this moment, he was extremely angry but was too embarrassed to wake up.

However, one day, if he found out the identity of the woman he lost to, it would be enough to brag about for his entire life.

“Miss Lynne, your martial arts is very admirable and you have my heartfelt appreciation!” The judge complimented and gave a handful of bronze plates to Lily.

Now, including her own, Lily had a total of ten bronze plates in her possession.

“I won ten bronze plates in the first battle, which is not bad.” Lily said to herself and smiled in her heart.


  1. Robinxen: I hate using this twice but I can’t think of alternativessssss…
  2. Robinxen: Combo stun lock!
  3. LazyButAmbitious: Lily played cricket, tennis, and soccer with this man

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