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Chapter 124 – The Color Of Cherry Blossoms

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3365 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2170 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

At this time, Sakura Blossom Valley was experiencing its first blooming of cherry blossoms of the season.

The food crisis had been solved and the outside of the valley was protected by Ayaka’s maze formation. Sakura Blossom Valley could be said to be safe for the time being. Unless an existence similar in strength or stronger than Rokuhara Tandai appeared, the possibility of breaking through the maze formation and threatening Sakura Blossom Valley was very small.

There were only a few such existences in the Heian Dynasty, so why would they come to the deep mountains of Kanto to break into Sakura Blossom Valley?

At this time, according to the customs of the Heian Dynasty, the sisters spread blankets in Cherry Valley and held a cherry blossom ceremony under the cherry blossom forest.

For Lily, who had traveled all over and fought many dangers in the darkness, this cherry blossom ceremony was a really different experience, especially with her sisters.

However, it also made Lily’s heart feel a little uneasy.

Lily was also an ordinary woman, and with so many beautiful girls gathered together, she would be deceiving herself if she said she had no physiological reaction. But Lily was also a very infatuated person; how could she wrong her senior sister?

In this way, Haihime, Shiu, Sakiko, and the others sat around the red carpet under the cherry blossom tree, drinking cherry blossom tea together with sentimental hearts.

A cherry blossom petal floated down and fell into Lily’s clear tea. It carried a faint flowery fragrance which reminded Lily of herself.

“Senior Sister, how exactly can I wake you up…? What am I supposed to do?”

Born without desire and lacking appeal— such a person couldn’t be considered a real charming woman.

Those who had a strong desire as well as a sensitive body and mind while preserving the body like jade were rare and remarkable.

Patience made women more beautiful. But it also made women sad.

“What’s wrong? Lily?” Haihime leaned over, causing her loose yukata to slant sideways and expose the shape of her full and mysterious breasts…

Lily had just inadvertently taken a glance, but she couldn’t help thinking about it.

What’s wrong with me? Is it because of the cherry blossom season?

“No, it’s nothing…” Lily didn’t know how to answer.

Kotoka said, “It’s rare to find a quiet place like this in such a turbulent time. Let’s dance.”
“Dance?” Lily was taken aback.
“Who’s going to dance?” Shiu asked.

“Hehe, do you really need to ask? Of course, it’s Lily.” Yukiko held a cup of tea and covered her face as she smiled, “Lily’s dance can even fascinate the four great vengeful spirits of the Heian Dynasty.”

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“Eh?!” Lily didn’t know what day it was today, but she was already feeling hot all over and everybody’s teasing made her face flush even more.

Looking back, it seemed that there would be a few days every month when her already sensitive body would become even more…

“No, no, today I’m…”

“What’s the matter? Is your body unwell because Aunt Flo came1?” Yukiko, who was sitting on Lily’s other side, leaned over to Lily’s ear and asked.

“That’s not it…”

“Lily, you can’t refuse. Men like Taira no Masakado could watch, but we can’t? Are you such a woman, Lily?” Sakiko didn’t know when, but at some point, she started drinking sake instead of tea, causing her to speak freely.

“Lily, won’t you dance for everyone? After working so hard to protect the valley, we can finally have some peace of mind. Shouldn’t we celebrate?” Kotoka also said.

Their encouragement was hard to resist so Lily eventually nodded shyly.

But as the Lord, she was everyone’s master, right? Why was she always the one serving everyone?

Lily got up and her long red sleeves elegantly spread across her arms. The long sleeves drooped down and almost touched the ground covered with cherry blossoms.

Lily’s expression was ethereal, but her figure was elegant and charming like a flower fairy in the blooming cherry blossom forest, stirring the dance of cherry blossoms for everyone.

At some point, the sisters began to sing a melodious song to accompany the beautiful princess under the flowers:

The flowers are in full bloom this evening,
The mountain road is also white with cherry blossoms;
I’ve never seen this scene before,
But how lonely and sad,
Try to smile.
The cherry blossoms are like parting,
That day is always sought;
Only on the lost path,
The past and present,
When will we meet again?
I don’t know about my past life,
Where will I return in this life?

After Lily’s dance was over, dizzyingly fragrant perspiration exuded from her body. Lily possessed extraordinary strength and her seductive intent had reached a certain level. The fragrance emitted after her dance had affected the cherry blossom forest, giving it an ambiguous and sentimental atmosphere.

The sisters’ elegant applause carried an indescribable rhythm as it echoed through the mountains and forests.

“Lily,” Haihime said, “There is something we want to discuss with you.”
“Hm? Please go ahead, Sister Haihime.”

Haihime looked at everyone and the girls nodded their heads.

So she said, “Sakura Blossom Valley is now safe and secure, and we are also protected by Ayaka’s maze formation.”

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“Therefore, I discussed with several sisters and decided that we also want to go out to practice.”

“Eh?” Lily was stunned for a moment. Of course, it was a good thing for her sisters to practice, but she was worried.

Seeing Lily’s expression, Kotoka said, “Lily, I know you will be worried about the safety of the sisters if we go out in today’s world, but don’t our hearts also worry when you go out on adventures every day? Sakura Blossom Valley can protect the sisters for a while, but it can’t do so for a lifetime. Even if it’s possible, everyone can’t stay in the valley all the time. Of course, Sakiko and I will take turns taking care of everyone in the valley.”


Yuki Mayumi added, “Lily, I also want to continue on my path as a female ninja.”

Haihime looked at Lily, “Although the world is chaotic right now, before we met you, who among us haven’t experienced danger? Speaking of which, if I hadn’t been defeated by you, I might not have lost. There must be countless adventures and surprises in the vast world. I accidentally passed a brand new place outside where the flowers and grass between the mountains and wilderness looked captivating. Lily, I want to go out and travel to create my own adventures and memories.”

“Then, everyone can come with me.” Lily was still worried about her sisters.

But Haihime shook her head, “Lily, a slash of yours can easily kill a mid Permanence Stage powerhouse. The path of adventure you are going to take is different from ours. We can’t keep up with your footsteps and our presence will only drag you down, which won’t provide us with any adventure or experience. Lily, we want to walk our own path. Regardless of strength or achievement, we have to walk our own unique and exciting path, and no matter where we go, our common home is here— the home we love and yearn to return to after we are tired from our journeys.”

After listening to Haihime’s words, Lily understood that taking her sisters with her would put them in considerable danger, and if Lily went with them to a place they could handle, neither party would gain any benefit to their practice. Although Lily didn’t mind traveling with her sisters, she had her own path to take to save her senior sister. It was still a mysterious and unknown path, and it was predictable that there would be many dangers. It was impossible for Lily to take her sisters, whose strengths were far different from her own, on a risky journey without regard for their safety and comfort.

In hindsight, Lily was always the one who worried about her sisters, when in fact, she was the one in the most danger every time she went on an adventure. But, did they ever get overly worried about her?

Everyone had their own path to travel.

At least, this was their home.

Lily nodded, “I understand. Please, everyone must be very careful. If…I mean, in case you fall into any danger that you can’t get out of, no matter where you are, I will definitely come to rescue you!”

The young girls and women looked at Lily and nodded as well.

“Lily, we are the same. If one day, you fall into enemy hands, no matter how monstrous and strong that demon is, we will do everything to save you.”

Although, if a demon that could make Lily fall really appeared, how could her sisters deal with them? But sometimes, it wasn’t all about force and fighting. Her sisters had their own determination and wisdom!

Lily took out more than a hundred magatama and divided them into several portions, “I don’t need these magatama for the time being. I hope that they will be useful for everyone’s practice.”

Everyone knew that Lily cared about their safety the most, so they didn’t refuse and each of them took some.

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Kotoka returned the remaining portion to Lily, “Lily, my strength is too weak. I really can’t use this. With my current strength, even if I use magatama as money, it will only attract danger. You should keep these for yourself.”

Kotoka then took a sip of tea and said, “As for me, there are still many things here that need someone to take care of so I have my hands full. Moreover, one day, when Lily returns, I will have to plan for you to recover the territories that were taken away.”

“Ah…this wine is really delicious,” Sakiko said a little tipsily, “I want to go back to the Takeshita Town Dojo in summer, but it’s not bad to stay here for the time being to help Kotoka…”

“Lady Kotoka; Lady Sakiko, it is really hard for you. In fact, Lily doesn’t care too much about those territories outside. As long as everyone is happy, it’s better than ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains.” Lily said.

“Hehehe, sometimes Lily’s words are a little manly, even though she’s usually such a small woman.” Sakiko said with a drunken laugh.

“Eh? This…” Lily blushed.

Haihime said, “Lily, can I use the teleportation formation? The other side of the teleportation formation is the chief advisor’s residence. I wonder if it’s appropriate?”

Lily replied, “There shouldn’t be a problem if you occasionally use it, I think? I’ll just take you in and out when the time comes.”

In fact, Lily wasn’t sure how Ayaka would view this matter, but how could she hinder the dreams of her sister because of this little thing?

“Although my ancient mirror is broken, I still want to go to Kansai. I heard that Kansai is no longer chasing and killing the mirror girls. I also want to find the source of my mother’s clan.” Haihime said with a distant gaze.

Looking at the young yet mature female samurai in loose clothes, who was about to travel far away, Lily could only silently approve, though she was reluctant to part with her.

Yuki Mayumi looked at the distant mountains vaguely visible behind the cherry blossom trees and said, “I plan to go to Iga, the land of ninjas, to take a look. Legend has it that the Moon Shadow Clan there is known as the world’s best female ninja clan.”

“Although the Musashi Province is chaotic, there must also be exciting and new things. I want to travel across Musashi, Sagami, and even further with my sword in hand. It is said that in the depths of the mountains and forests east of Musashi, it is possible to find the origin of the Mido Tribe. I’m not sure if I’ll have the chance to find it.” Yuki Mayumi’s eyes were full of expectations.

“Hmm…” How could everyone’s dreams not garner Lily’s empathy? The girls were like martial arts heroines who liked to travel around the world rather than small birds who preferred to perch in a corner. Listening to them talk excitedly one by one, there was a kind of indescribable feeling in her heart.

It seemed that only Shiu had yet to say anything so Lily couldn’t help but look at her.

“Master!” Shiu said with tears in her eyes, “Shiu is not going anywhere. If Master does not assign Shiu any tasks, then Shiu will wait here for Master forever…2

“Shiu…” Lily’s heart felt sour but also indescribably touched3.

Whether they were on a long journey or keeping watch, all the sisters were following their hearts, and just as Haihime said, this was their home!

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With a home that could be missed and nostalgic sisters behind you, the long journey would be more colorful, wouldn’t it?


  1. Period Slang
  2. Robinxen: Shiu is too pure for this world. Maybe I should get some art of her drawn instead of anything else. She’s so precious.
  3. Robinxen: Me too Lily, me too.
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