Chapter 116 – Yoshitsune Memorial

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2344 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1349 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Fujiwara’s ancestral residence was characterized by its ancient and antique essence.

Currently, within the ancestral residence, the top members of the Fujiwara clan had gathered. The ten something people all wore luxurious and extravagant outfits.

Sitting at the head was not Ayaka, but an elderly man in golden hunting clothes. His forehead was extremely high and bulging out, his thick and bushy eyebrows fell to his chin, and his slender white beard formed an impression of an immortal god of wealth.

This was not a court meeting, but a Fujiwara family meeting. This elderly man was the 126th generation family head, the current patriarch of the entire clan.

Ayaka sat on his left, and on the right was a middle late aged fat man with dotted eyebrows wearing a gorgeous court uniform, the current imperial chancellor, Fujiwara no Renbo.

Ayaka was dressed in a white satin court dress wearing a high hat, she looked elegant and virtuous.

A purple wearing Fujiwara man with an anchor beard said, “Lord Patriarch, Lord Chief Advisor, as well all know, the Yoshitsune Memorial is about to open. Lord Patriarch, dare I ask what are the plans for our Fujiwara clan?”

“Uh, this…” The tall bulging forehead elderly stuttered and shook his head for a while without coming out with an answer.

“The Yoshitsune Memorial is Genji’s business, why should our Fujiwara clan be involved?” A minister in a luxurious brown kimono questioned.

“You can’t say that, Lord Tohei. Lord Yoshitsune is a great hero of our Heian Dynasty, the world worships him. Not only do the results of the Yoshitsune martial competition directly affect the glory and prestige of all factions, but this year’s victor can receive five official positions and enter the court immediately as military officers. Our Fujiwara clan has always prized the literary over the martial. Our ministers and onmyouji are talented, but we have always lacked influence among the military officials. How can we abandon this opportunity to expand our influence?”

“The Yoshitsune Memorial is a competition of martial might with real swords. Arcane arts, shikigami, and mystic treasures are all forbidden, you must also be below the age of 30. Is there a suitable candidate among the younger generation?” A skinny minister in colorful clothes with a fan asked.

“How about the third son of the Uma Family?” A middle aged mustached onmyouji asked.
“Last month, one of Genji’s younger sons broke his leg1.”

“Lord Renbo, I heard your second son has earned the favor of Yamato’s Eight Legions’ Tekai Ukyo and learned his true battojutsu skills, can he take the field?”

The group looked at the imperial chancellor, Fujiwara no Renbo, who covered his face with a fan, “No no, that son of mine only received some advice in exchange for a huge price. He can deal with regular sparring, but to fight against those savage battlefield warriors? He’d be lucky to get into the semi-finals, as for the championship? Forget it. Don’t forget, the warriors from Nara’s Sinless Domain will be joining!”

This time a bald fat man with a chevron mustache interjected, “How about my nephew, Fujiwara no Ohira participate? He’s a well known strongman.”

“What a joke!” A thin pale faced man scoffed, “That nephew of yours, he’s only capable of bullying the commoners and womenfolk, you want him to to compete with that band of suicidal Genji warriors? And with real swords at that? Why don’t we just announce we can’t participate, we’ll lose less face!”

“You!” The bald fatty raged.

“You bunch shouldn’t be here laughing, it’s nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black. Our Fujiwara clan has had famous generals, but the current younger generation… there are genius onmyouji and mikos, but a genius samurai? We…really can’t find a single one! If this goes on, it won’t be a simple matter of five official military positions, but even the fate of the Fujiwara clan will be impacted!”

“Fate? That may be a bit harsh, but it isn’t without logic…Sigh!”
“Can you people stop competing? Can you not come up with a decent candidate for this martial tournament?”
“What’s the use of taunting each other here? Can we not come up with a solution?”

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The group fell into silence, one by one turning their gaze to Ayaka.

However, Ayaka was looking out the window, viewing the sakura blossoms. “It’s the season of cherry blossoms again…the blossoming in early spring and the beauty of withering.”

“Lord Chief Advisor!” A high-ranking official in blue called for attention, “We’re all trying to find a candidate for our Fujiwara clan! We’re all getting white hair from the trouble and you still have the mood to appreciate sakura flowers?”

“Lord Chief Advisor, we know you whole-heartedly work for the heavenly way, and take charge of the new policies, but the new policies are also for the heavenly way and do not benefit our Fujiwara clan at all. You should think about family affairs too!”

“Lord Chief Advisor, though you are the foremost invincible onmyouji, if we old men didn’t support you, it’s uncertain if you could have obtained the position of Chief Advisor. Don’t just focus on the ways of the heaven and your own practice, do something for our Fujiwara clan!” The Imperial Chancellor persuaded.

Everyone started to complain about Ayaka.

“Hm? What were you talking about2?” Ayaka gently shook her fan, her gaze soft as she asked.

“Lord Chief Advisor——!!!”

At this time, the long eyebrowed patriarch interjected “Alas, Ayaka, everyone is discussing the Yoshitsune Memorial Martial Competition. We’re all troubled about what candidate our Fujiwara clan will send, perhaps you can provide an idea?”

Ayaka’s paper fan slid across her lips and she smiled “Ah, so it was this issue. Elders, you do not have to worry. I already have a candidate3.”

“Huh——???” The group was stunned.


Within the Chief Advisor Mansion, a vision of spring had appeared, the chilly air carried no fragrance, but carried with them the falling cherry blossoms.

After taking a bath, Lily put on her Celestial Maiden’s Garment and sat within her room, training her charm intent.

Afterall, compared to her lunar intent, her charm intent had been improving slower.

But that mortal battle had reminded Lily of the importance of having a strong physique. No matter how mighty the spirit armor or treasure, a woman’s body was still weak. You have treasures, but you think your opponent doesn’t? How foolish. Under the same conditions, a woman’s weak body would become a fatal weakness in battle.

Her attack power could forcibly be called equal to a throne rank, but her physique was a hundred times inferior.

Lily realized that her physique practice and refinement must be maintained. She was currently merging her charm intent into her body, constantly improving and refining her delicate physique while integrating the meaning of charm into herself. Not only would this strengthen herself, but it would also maintain her delicate sexy beauty, it’s the most suitable way for Lily to train her body.

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As Lily practiced, she was covered with sweat, making her skin glossier and shinier.

But suddenly, her door was pushed open!

“Miss Kagami!” A rash miko called out.

“Kyaa!” Lily let out a coquettish cry covering her body, “What is it? Knock on the door!”

“So, sorry Miss Kagami!” The miko looked down face red, if it were a man, Lily would have directly thrown the wooden tub at him, but this was a woman… if she reacted too violently, it would be strange.

“Enough! What’s the matter?” Lily covered herself with a towel.
“It’s, it’s out!” The miko breathlessly said.
“What’s out? Speak clearer!”
“The prize for the Yoshitsune Memorial Martial Contest was announced at the Suzaku Avenue today!”

“Oh.” Lily brushed her hair back and fanned her chest with her hands, she was still sweaty and hot.

For the Yoshitsune Memorial, she would definitely go pay her respects, but she had no interest in the marital competition. That competition was for the younger generations of the great factions and had nothing to do with her4.


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