Chapter 113 – Kagura Makes a Move

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3089 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1646 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Rokuhara Tandai, one of Heian-kyo’s three foremost powerhouses.

He is in charge of the defense of the capital, royal palace and royal family. Ever since he took charge of the palace, no monster or demon dared to infiltrate. His identity is a hidden secret and few people had ever seen his real face.

This is an existence among the peak powerhouses of the imperial court, just below the Shogun and Chief Advisor!

Lily dared to fight against Shenzu, but Rokuhara no Tandai? She had not a chance of winning. But she didn’t panic, she looked coldly at that armored six armed golden figure, “You deserve to die.”

“Madam Yoruko, Lily will avenge you!”

Even when facing Sugawara no Michizane’s nine deaths for one life, Lily had chosen to risk it. When facing Shenzu, the power difference placed her in an absolute disadvantaged position, only by remembering Yoruko’s teachings had she clawed a victory from the jaws of death. She had still not used her blood spirit magatama.

It had been saved for moments like this!

“Kagura——Kill him1!”

What Rokuhara Tandai? As long as you are Yoruko’s murderer, then today either you die, or I die. Lily did not hesitate and gave the death order.


The sky suddenly turned dark red. Rokuhara Tandai didn’t take Lily seriously, of his six arms, only one held a gold handled katana, he wanted to see what methods she would use to escape and slowly make her despair.

“What!?” Rokuhara Tandai looked up in surprise, an adept as strong as he could tell just how extraordinary this blood red sky was.

Returning his gaze to his prey, he saw a young girl with darkened eyes appear in front of Lily. She wore a red short skirted outfit, and in her hand was a gleaming koi brocade patterned tachi. This girl was cold and charming, but her aura radiated the eternal cold void, it carried with it the destructive aura of that famous world destroying battle.

Once Kagura appeared, the sky and space became disordered, everything slowed to a crawl, only Kagura remained the same.

High up in the sky, a red koi big enough to cover a city swam about flipping its tail.

“This……this is……” Rokuhara Tandai was an existence much older than the Shogun or Chief Advisor, his handsome yet coquettish eyes froze up seeing that koi.

“This is an ancient domain!??? You, who are you!??” Faint fluster could be heard within that masculine and feminine voice.

This was Kagura’s domain, Phantasm Sea.

It distorted the space and time of the area, providing its master a most favorable combat position. Nowadays, the path of Space-time has long been lost and passed into the realm of legends.

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Kagura ignored the question and soared through the air, flying straight at Rokuhara Tandai.

Her slim hand thrust her tachi at that golden armored figure, it was covered in a terrifying crimson red aura, the vibration and aftershock destroyed the very air.

Rokuhara Tandai dared not face this lightly, he claimed to be an ancient powerhouse, but the method this young girl was using, it would be legendary even to his ancestors!

Golden handled katanas appeared in his other five hands, and his entire body shone with golden aura as he dashed toward Kagura.


When Rokuhara collided with Kagura, a terrifying blood light swallowed the golden aura covering Rokuhara.

Pfft!!! Rokuhara spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated, his six hands weaving in defense. Just a single clash and his rhythm had been destroyed.

“Ah……” Rokuhara felt a burning within his body, “This, this power! You, you, female shikigami, what sort of entity are you2!???”

But Kagura ignored all questions, she didn’t have much time to complete her mission of extermination. Kagura chased after Rokuhara, though she didn’t look fast, Rokuhara was within her time dilation and she caught up easily and delivered another sky breaking slash of her Brocade-Patterned Koi!

Rokuhara dared not be slow, his six arms wielded his six swords together in defense.

Clank! Kagura’s tachi came down and crashed through Rokuhara’s six katanas, that terrifying force impacted his body as golden blood came splattered out.

Kagura withdrew her hand and thrust out again, her moves had no mystery to them, but it was fast and overwhelmingly powerful!

Pfft! Rokuhara resisted the burning within him and dodged, but the stab still drove through his shoulder.

Swish!!! A vibrating black ball appeared to the side of Rokuhara’s shoulder.

“Ah!!!” The black ball disappeared and suddenly Rokuhara’s shoulder was missing a chunk of flesh leaving behind a neat arc, one of his arms was removed and sent flying spraying golden blood.

“What!??” Shenzu could only look on in disbelief at the destructive battle before her. Her invincible, all knowing, godlike teacher, was reduced to this in only two exchanges with that female shikigami Lily had released.

Seriously injured in two exchanges!

“Impossible!!!” Rokuhara’s visage distorted and became hideous, his remaining five katanas came slashing at Kagura with all the force he could muster.

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But Kagura ignored it, a faint blood red sphere appeared around her.

Clank! Rokuhara’s ninth grade top quality katanas clashed onto the sphere, three directly snapped, the remaining two were bounced back, not a ripple was created on the sphere.

“What, this…what defense is this!??” Rokuhara felt he was going crazy.

Kagura stabbed out with unparalleled precision as the sphere disappeared. The blade stabbed into Rokuhara’s chest, close to his heart.

Swish! A black ball appeared again.

“Ah——cough!!” Rokuhara’s blood splattered all over, a terrifying hole appeared within his chest as he frantically retreated.

Gold blood poured from his mouth and wounds, Rokuhara felt the chilly claws of death clamp down on him.

He had been practicing in silence within the realm of the remnant jade, he had only come out to deal with a weak little girl from the eastern land. A simple slap would have been enough to deal with her, but who knew Kagami Lily carried around such a terrifying shikigami? Rokuhara Tandai was an ancient existence and rarely took risks, every battle he took in was an ensured victory, he never rashly challenged opponents stronger than himself. After all these years of existence, with his foundations it wasn’t impossible to ascend, but he never thought he would suffer such a loss from this little girl.

“This, cough——cough, impossible, this is impossible! How can there be such a powerful shikigami3!”

Rokuhara was losing great amounts of spirit energy every second, that annihilated hole in his chest, included a part of his heart.

Kagura ignored all wasted words, her hand hefted her tachi, and with the power of time and space, closed in once more on Rokuhara.

“No——” Rokuhara’s heart and spirit ocean had been devastated, he knew, the next strike would claim his life.

“Don’t kill me, you can’t kill me! I’m the imperial court’s Rokuhara Tandai! Kagami Lily, stop your shikigami! Do you want to rebel? Cough——” Rokuhara screamed painfully, golden saliva spraying from his mouth.

The tall slender girl standing to the side eyed him coldly and resolutely, “A living Rokuhara Tandai is the most dangerous threat of all. Kill!”

Kagura didn’t need Lily to say more, she hadn’t planned on stopping, as her domain slowed Rokuhara, she dashed toward him at full power.

But the blood red sky disappeared, the gigantic red coil slowly dissipated. Time and space returned to normal.

Kagura’s blood spirit power had been exhausted.

“Cough, what!?” Rokuhara clutched the hole in his chest, he felt time and space reorient and reconnect, his speed returned to normal. He ignored his severe wounds and flew full speed to Shenzu’s side, when he touched down, he fell over, gold blood splattering all over, looking beyond miserable.

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Rokuhara dared not wonder why Kagura’s domain disappeared, he grabbed and activated a talisman, it formed a glowing ancient script formation and a dim blue light enveloped them.

Rokuhara grabbed Shenzu, “Hurry, before that time space barrier reforms, we must flee!”

“Teacher…” Shenzu looked at Rokuhara’s missing parts in worry, those shockingly clean cut wounds, she had no idea what to do.

Rokuhara recited an incantation while coughing blood. The dim blue light brightened and the space distorted. Rokuhara and Shenzu disappeared from the area. All that was left behind was a pool of golden blood.

Kagura landed on the ground, she was unable to deliver the last blow before the blood spirit magatama was exhausted. If Rokuhara had realized this and fought back regardless of his wounds, then Lily and Kagura would have been easily defeated.

But who would consider that? Such a terrifying powerhouse converging her aura, who would think it was because the energy restoring her ancient powers had been exhausted?

Rokuhara only had escape on his mind and felt that he was blessed and lucky to have escaped.

But even if Rokuhara could see through this, Lily still had Kimiko’s token. Only, Rokuhara’s use of a talisman to distort space and escape was not something she had considered.

The heavens and earth returned to silence.

“Master, sorry……”

Lily gently shook her head.

Lily, exhausted, walked unsteadily to Kagura and hugged her4, “No, Kagura, thank you.”

“Master…” Kagura’s cheeks flushed, her face was buried in this woman’s chest, master’s feminine aura made her feel fascinated. Could this be considered a reward5?

“Master, don’t worry, though I didn’t kill Rokuhara on the spot, I left lasting injuries on his spirit ocean and spirit jade, even his soul was seriously injured. Rokuhara Tandai won’t live for long.” Kagura confidently said.

Lily hugged Kagura tighter and nodded, she let out a sigh of relief.

“Madam Yoruko, I’ve avenged you…”

Towards the east, inbetween the ancient walls of Heian-kyo and the mountains, a touch of morning glow was revealed, the light of dawn shown brilliantly on Lily’s back.

Heian-kyo’s morning, welcomed the long lost sun!

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  1. Robinxen: Release the Kraken!
  2. Robinxen: A cheat power.
  3. Robinxen: Cheat powers.
  4. Robinxen: Boobasmush!
  5. Robinxen: Kagura, you haven’t changed at all.

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