Chapter 107 – Reflected Light

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3126 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1470 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Shenzu looked down Lily’s open neckline, “Ohh——you’re a really powerful female samurai, since you’ve come, Keiko can only be number two.”

Lily couldn’t tighten her sash as she was, she could only turn her eyes away from that blasphemous gaze, “What do you want?”

Shenzu pinched her chin, “What a beautiful, flawless face, but why is it matched with such a lowly body? Is this the so-called perfect woman? Falling easily into the clutches of the strong because of that perfection? Don’t you feel sad?”

“What a ridiculous argument!” Lily retorted.

Shenzu looked at Keiko, “Keiko, as the number two, do you have anything to say to this number one?”

Keiko crouched in front of Lily, her expression dazed and her eyes dark, “That…that…Miss Kagami, you saved Kasuga and I twice already. I don’t want to see you like this, can’t you just…join us and obey Lady Shenzu? Only by obeying Lady Shenzu will you receive the happiness of a woman, and Lady Shenzu, though a woman, works hard to control us, guide us. Keiko is… truly grateful.”

“Keiko…” Lily stopped her words, even she was reduced to this by the power of the remnant jade, Keiko was completely controlled, it would be foolish to try to persuade Keiko, she should keep herself clear headed first.

“Keiko, Kasuga is miserable, when you left, she couldn’t stop crying.”
“Sister Kasuga, wasn’t that her own fault? If she had joined Lady Shenzu with me then wouldn’t we sisters have an eternity of happiness? We’re all women, isn’t there no problem?”

Lily had no words for that.

“Miss Kagami, why won’t you submit to Lady Shenzu? Will you really continue to suffer?”

Lily shook her head1, unwilling to speak, her weight was pressing her deeper in the vine horse, it was already hard to speak in a normal tone.

“Not willing to submit? Miss Kagami, you’re so foolish.” Keiko’s eyes turned darker, “I don’t care if you’re the first or whatever, don’t you find your attitude annoying?!”

“Slap!” Keiko’s hand slapped Lily’s chest.

Lily was barely keeping herself upright on the horse, but when the slap came she couldn’t avoid whimpering.

“Lady Shenzu, can we play with that? This sister, maybe she’ll listen if we give her some stronger toy to play with?” Keiko’s expression was of morbid excitement.

“Hmm, up to you.”

Keiko pulled out a small magatama, and placed it in the vine horse’s mouth. The pony’s eyes shone as its mouth moved, it ate the magatama.

Lily could only feel a chill travel down her spine.

Shenzu walked over, stroked Lily’s hair, then lifted the strands to kiss her ear before whispering, “A good show is about to start.”

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She drew a sword and cut through the white silk before smacking the vine horse’s rear. The horse reared and galloped around the room.

Lily’s arms were still tied by the white silk, her entire weight rested on the vine horse’s back, bouncing up and down…

“You’re not allowed to fall off! If you fall, then tonight, my sisters and I shall be enjoying you tonight!” Shenzu’s taunt echoed out.

The horse ran in circles around the room, the violent galloping making Lily cry out in pain. Since she had her hundred-fold Spirit Armor and the Celestial Maiden Garment, she wasn’t injured, however the side effects of her Celestial Maiden Garment was increased sensitivity. She was suffering more than if she had worn nothing.

She didn’t know if it was the fifth or sixth lap before she could only weakly slide off the horse and collapse bonelessly in the middle of the room.

The horse was sealed and set aside while Lily remained motionless on the floor panting. her eyes overflowed with tears, yet she stared at Shenzu stubbornly.

Shenzu smiled unfazed, “There are indeed women like you, you all look and act stubborn until death, yet when I conquer you, you all become just as pitiful as all the other women!”

Shenzu’s foot pressed down on Lily’s crotch and suddenly she discovered that Lily was still wearing shoes.

“Shameless! You dare wear shoes in Lady Shenzu’s room?” A jade maiden rudely yanked off Lily’s shoes.

Shenzu squatted down, caressing Lily’s legs, “Your legs are really beautiful.”

A fingertip gentle trailed over the Lily’s soles, sending uncontrollable trembles into her, “No——”

“Aha, so your feet are one of your…weak points?” Shenzu seemed delighted to explore and discover her weak points.

“After discovering a weak point, do you think I will let it go easily? It must be attacked immediately!” Shenzu’s finger drew circles on Lily’s feet, her nails trailing her sensitive skin at times lightly and at times heavily.

Lily couldn’t help protesting “You pervert! Feet, what’s so fun about that! Let go! You won’t get what you want!”

Shenzu smirked, handing Lily’s bare foot to another jade maiden, “I’ll let you handle this.”

Several jade maidens grabbed each of Lily’s feet, spread them and proceeded to tease and humiliate her.

Although they weren’t as skilled as Shenzu, there were many, Lily was teased until she couldn’t think2.

Shenzu grabbed the white silk wrapped around Lily’s hands and pulled her up, leaning close to Lily’s face and taunted, “I heard, not long ago you were rescued by that Ayaka from the heavenly prison. I heard you shyly snuggled into the arms of the Lord Chief Advisor, how shameful. Why do you resist me so much?”

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“Shut up! I don’t have that sort of relationship with Lady Ayaka! Don’t you dare frame Lady Ayaka! As for you, how can you be compared to Lady Ayaka!”

“You’re obviously a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! Yet you pretend to be cold and arrogant?” Shenzu pressed Lily down onto the Tatami, sat on her hips and slapped Lily across the face several times.

All that was returned was Lily’s disgusted gaze.

Shenzu, seeing that her residual jade could only make Lily powerless, was also annoyed. What she wanted was Lily’s complete surrender. “Fine, then we’ll start today’s main course!”


“Kagami Lily, as a mirror girl, you should know how the purest true mirror girls transfer their bloodline.”

Seeing the confusion in Lily’s eyes, Shenzu could only shake her head helplessly “No way…you truly don’t know? Very well, then we’ll give you a surprise today.”

Within Shenzu’s hand appeared a slightly curved long halo. That halo slowly sublimated into a crystal jade like substance, both ends seemed to be a half physical half spiritual mysterious substance3.

“This, is called Spiritlink Jade, afraid? Or perhaps, you like this?”

Lily could only stare dumbfounded, shaking her head “Stop, you degenerated woman! What are you doing? No, don’t…”

“Sisters, help Kagami Lily out of her clothes——”

Several beautiful jade maidens flocked together, some helping Shenzu disrobe and the others stripping Lily of her remaining clothes.

“Stop! Release me! You can’t do this! Let go! You’re all women, what are you doing?” Lily’s body was unresponsive but her mind was clear and awake, the humiliation was thorough.

But Shenzu didn’t seem to want to wait for Lily to be completely stripped, she stepped behind Lily, one hand holding the half physical half spiritual object, the other lifting Lily’s red skirt.

The crimson light shone deeper, affecting Lily’s consciousness severely, she could only mentally resist, she couldn’t physically resist or summon her shikigamis. Even so, the last bits of her reasoning made a move. Her Ancient Mirror was released from her storage jade, right into her hands.

As soon as the ancient mirror touched her hands, it emitted an invisible aura, entering Lily’s body. The aura immediately arrived at Lily’s Spirit Palace and cleansing her and expelling the crimson aura.

Instantly, Lily’s consciousness and body were back under her control.

“Bang!” Lily kicked out and tore the white silk wrapped around her wrists and somersaulted back into a corner of the room. Quickly pulling out Yasutsuna, the sword glowed coldly while her ancient mirror floated beside her under her domain.

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“What!?!?” Shenzu startled, “Im-impossible!?? You, you, how did you break free of my residual jade?”

That archaic mirror was something every mirror girl had, Shenzu did place her suspicion on it.

“It seems, for a stubborn woman like you, more violent measures are needed——”

Shenzu waved the residual jade in Lily’s direction, the crimson light lit up several times stronger. The light shone on Lily and the other women, wrecking their bodies with tremors, one by one their eyes turned white as they collapsed.

But Lily’s ancient mirror flew in front of her, the originally plain and dull surface turned reflective and shiny, capturing the crimson light and reflecting it back4.

“Ah——!” Shenzu was struck by the reflected crimson light, with a coquettish cry, her waist bent, and her huge chest bounced from the impact, her slender body trembled and finally collapsed onto the ground5.


  1. Yuki: thought she couldn’t control her body…
  2. Robinxen: This is an actual torture method
  3. Robinxen: Is this the legendary double ended….?!
  4. Robinxen: Uno reverse!
  5. Robinxen: Welcome new pet.

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